EPILOGUE – Past and future

The war had ended and Hermione sat on the ramparts overlooking the lake and the forest beyond, letting her gaze wander idly on the horizon. Down in the castle the others were tending to the wounded and gathering the fallen; she knew she should have been helping, but she didn't have the willpower to face the toll the war had forced on them, to see who wasn't going to be around the following day, so she sat contemplating the situation from up there. Once Chandra had slain Voldemort, many had thought the Death Eaters would surrender, but they had instead felt like wounded animals backed into a corner. The result were too many useless deaths, which had piled upon the already large death toll from both the Ministry battle and the days in between.

The war had ended and they were left to pick up the pieces. Chandra, Liliana and their friends had left already, off to another plane to fight another war. Hermione was somewhat glad her life would probably see just that one battle, she wasn't sure she could stomach any more. Unfortunately she was sure she was going to be in the thick of things as soon as everything settled down, what with how people had looked up at her for her closeness with Chandra and Liliana. If they couldn't have the Girl-Who-Lived-To-Win, they were going to get the next better thing, even if it was just a bossy sixteen years old bookworm. Sure, professor Dumbledore and Madam Bones were still around, but they weren't the big heroes this time... Not that she was one herself, but good luck in making people see it.

The war had ended and a new day was starting. Well, metaphorically speaking since it was around midday. She just hoped it would be a brighter day for Wizarding Britain. Maybe she should pull a Chandra and disappear in the night, she had heard good things about Beauxbatons... And knowing the history of her home, more or less nothing was going to change. Maybe she should stay and be what the populace wanted, instil change herself.

Hermione sighed.

The war had ended and she was still insecure. Well, she guessed it was normal: she was just an ordinary teenaged witch.

She got up, dusted her jeans, and went back down. Maybe she could actually help someway that didn't involve knowing how many friends she had lost. Maybe she could start working on the future rather than the past.

AN: and that's it, the end. There won't be a sequel, a prequel, nor anything else. The prequel is the Amonketh storyline, the sequel is War of the Spark, you can read them on the WotC website.
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