Woo-Bin P.O.V

It had been almost 4 days since we came here. The doctors have been getting worried as more time passed. Kenzie was still not awake. They said she should have been up already. I looked down at her hand that was in mine my thumb tracing the IV in her arm. I hated seeing her like this...

"Woo-Bin?" I looked up seeing Mitchell walk in with a teddy bear in his arms. "Any change?"

I shook my head looking back at Kenzie. "No."

Mitchell walked over setting the teddy bear on the bed for her. He sat on her other side taking her other hand. He looked over at me. "Maybe you should go home for a bit."

I shook my head. "No! I'm leaving till she wakes up."

"Woo-Bin you've not been home since she came here and other then the change of clothes Yi-Jung brought out you you've not changed. Not to mention you've not had a decent meal or decent shower since she got here."

I sighed before looking up. "I don't want to leave. I want to make sure she wakes up and is okay first."

We sat there for another hour in silence when Yi-Jung came in with a bunch of flowers. He sat them on the table before moving to my side his hand going to my shoulder. "You look like you could use some rest."

"I'm fine."

He handed me a bag. "Here take this and go up to 's office. She said you can use her private bathroom to shower and clean up."

I looked up. "Isn't she there?"

"No Segi has her out they are getting what evidence they can to make things worse for Haje."


There was a knock on the door and Rion walked in. He moved forward. "Any chance?"

"No she still won't wake up."

He moved closer placing his hand on her head. "Don't worry about her. The young woman I met is strong I know she will fight a pull through. She is just getting some rest she needed." He looked over at me. "I'll show you up to Rijin's office, you won't be gone long from Kenzie and your still in the same building. If there is any change we will let you know."

I looked up smirking. "Is this your guys way of telling me I stink."

Yi-Jung rubbed his nose. "I didn't really wanted to say man."

"Okay I'll go." Getting up I leaned down kissing Kenzie's forehead. "I'll be right back." Taking the bag from Yi-Jung I followed Rion up to Rijin's office.

Kenzie P.O.V

I looked around still confused about where I was. The last thing I remember was Haje stabbing me as I tried to save my family. An now I feel like I am in Stranger Things in the upside down. Hope there wasn't a demigordon here. As I turned I noticed a grassy hill to the side. Moving toward the grass I sighed at the feel on my bare feet.

I sat down looking up. "Where am I?" I plucked on grass picking it apart. "Why am I here?"

"It is where we can talk."

I jumped looking up. It was me! I stood looking at myself, but the other me wore the black trench coat... "Lisk?"

She smiled."That I am? Do you know why your here?"

"I don't know. The last thing I remember was Haje stabbing me."

She put her hand on my side. "He did. You faced your fears to fight for your family." She looked up. "Even when I tried to take over you didn't allow me... You didn't even notice I tried to take over."

"No I didn't notice."

She smiled tugging on my hair. "An that make me happy... If you can overcome your fear of this them you can overcome the true fear and you won't need me anymore."

"How do I do that?"

She stepped to the side and a deep laugh made me freeze. Out of the darkness walked.


I took a step back as he walked forward.

"You think you can have a happy ending? Don't ever forget your nothing without me." I felt my heart pounding as he got closer. "You'll never get away... Your mine." He grabbed my arms pulling me to my toes.

"You are nothing."

I could feel the tear flow down my cheeks as Lisk leaned closer."Take control Kenzie don't let the fear consume you."

"I can't..." Kristoff shook me making me whimper before his fist connected with my cheek. I fell to the ground with a cry.

Lisk leaned closer. "Fight Kenzie... Your stronger then him. Fight him..."

I cried as I looked up. "I can't..."

She shook me. "You can! If you don't others will get hurt."

I looked up to cry out as I saw Kristoff his Jan-Di knocking her down. Suddenly Jun-Pyo attacked him fighting him but Kristoff knocked him down.

"Quit! Leave them alone!"

As he began to Yi-Jung and Ji-Hoo I jumped up grabbing his arm trying to pull him back. "Leave them alone! Please!"

He threw me to the ground glaring. "No! You will see what happens when you disobey me."

Suddenly he had Woo-Bin by the collar as he punched him in the face. Lisk came to my side. "You have to face your fear. He'll hurt everyone we love if not."

As he continue to punch Woo-Bin I slowly stood my hands clinched as my anger rose.. Then suddenly as I looked at Kristoff he didn't look as scary as before. In fact I saw Haje and the other men I had fought and defeated...

"Leave him alone asshole."

Kristoff threw Woo-Bin to the ground before turning to me. "What did you say?"

I took a step closer growling. "I said leave him alone!"

He grabbed my arm. "You think you are brave? You think your strong then me? You forget I own you you stupid bitch!"

He went to slap me but his hand passed through my face as a ghost. I smiled. "You no longer have any power over me." With that I threw a punch at his face knocking him back. "Your never gonna have power over me again." Another punch. "I...AM...NOT...AFRAID!" I kicked him sending him back. As he landed me broke like glass shattering.

Turning I saw Lisk smiling before nudging her head toward Woo-Bin. Taking her guidance I went to his side pulling him to his feet..

His hands went to my face. "Are you okay?" He traced my face with his hands.

I smiled before kissing the palm of his hand. "I am great. You guys taught me how to be stronger."

Woo-BIn smiled before pulling me to my toes his arms going around me as his lips captured mine. I knew this wasn't real. I knew in real life the real Woo-Bin would not kiss me in such a way so I took advantage of the situation to enjoy the moment. Wrapping my arms around his neck I deepened the kiss causing a moan to escape his throat as he pulled me closer.

"It's time to wake up, Kenzie... You no longer need me."

I pull away from Woo-Bin with a gasped as Lisk merged with me making my heart race. I looked up to Woo-Bin he smiled before kissing the tip of my nose.

"Time to go back."

I held onto him. "But I want to stay here with you."

"Naui aleumdaun neugdae (my beautiful wolf) I am not really here. I am out there. No you need to get back to me."

I nodded pulling him down kissing him one more time before I felt my heart jolt.

Woo-Bin P.O.V

I returned from getting cleaned up sitting my bag on the chair at the side as I leaned against the wall with Yi-Jung looking at Kenzie. Jan-di and Jun-Pyo has showed up with Ji-Hoo on the way. Jan-di was sitting at her side holding her hand.

"Come on Kenzie, please wake up. I'm sorry for everything I said.."

Jun-Pyo patted Jan-di's shoulder. "It isn't your fault."

"If I had listened she wouldn't be in this condition."

Beck looked over at Jan-Di. "Still not your fault."

I had a sudden though. "Beck?"


"Are we sure it was Kenzie and not Lisk who went to the warehouse."

He and Mitchell looked at me in shook. "Lisk?"

I sighed. "Don't treat me like I'm ignorant I figured it out. It never added up otherwise..."

Beck sighed. "No the last time we saw and heard from Kenzie she was in control."

"Then what..." We froze when Kenzie's heart monitor took off.

Mitchel hit the help button and suddenly a doctor came in moving to her side..

"What's going on?"

"I don't know yet..." He went to look at Kenzie's eyes when she her eyes shot open as she tried to get her breathe.

Yi-Jung patted my shoulder as he watched the doctor calm Kenzie down. When he left Beck moved to her side.


She looked up at Beck before starting to cry. "Beck!" He wrapped his arms around her pulling her close rocking her as she cried... "She's gone."

We all froze as Mitchel moved closer. "What?"

She looked up at me her breathing slowing down. "Lisk is gone. She said I didn't need her anymore, that I faced my fears.."

I breathed a sigh of relief as she calmed down. Moving over I hugged her letting my face rest against her neck. "I'm glad your okay."

"Thank you."