As he walked out of the great hall he said goodbye to everyone he passed and knew. He did not want to see anyone else die because of him. Not after he watched so many die already. First it was Tonks, Lupin, Thomas, Pansy, Luna, and the list goes on. He didn't want to see anyone else die. So he took Voldemort up on his deal. Just him instead of all. Like the old goat always said. "For the greater good"

He noticed that there were just so few left of them, as he left to take up Tom's deal. Him for the rest to live, no one else had to die for him. He knew them all by name now, but didn't dare say any of them. Knowing that there was a lot more gone. Though as he left he couldn't spot his best friend Ron, with the rest of the Weasley clan. And neither did he see Hermione. That hurt him the most as he moved across the bridge toward the forest to find Tom and his death eaters to finish this.

Though as he entered the forest his thoughts left him as he knew he got close. He stopped in a small clearing and pulled out the resurrection stone. Suddenly he was surrounded by familiar faces. His mom, and dad. Sirius, Lupin, Tonks. Dumbledore a few others but his eyes stopped on one that he wasn't prepared to see.

Tears were streaming down Harry's checks before he noticed. His knees gave out as he crumpled to the forest floor. Standing right in front of him was the slightly misty form of Hermione Granger. Hermione knelt down and pulled Harry's head into her chest trying to comfort him as much as possible. "It's alright my knight, you are still alive and that is all that matters." The ghostly form said to the young man in the middle of the group.

"How?" Harry choked out between gasps of air as his emotions just took the better of him.

Hermione looked down at him sadly as she thought of how to tell him. "... It was Ron. I didn't even see it happen. We were in the chamber of secrets trying to get a fang. He was trying to convince me of staying there with him. 'Riding out the storm.' As he put it." Hermione said to him. Light tears start to trickle down Hermione's checks. "And then he admitted it when I told him no. Um…" She was forcing back tears, "He said that the love potions were fading and that is when I felt a fang pierce my chest." She said nothing as she let go of Harry and moved back so it was just him in the middle.

Harry didn't know what to say or to do. So after a few minutes he stood up, dropping the stone to the ground and moved to Hermione, looking her in the eyes. "Stay with me." He said less than a question and more of an offer.

Hermione smiled and just nodded her head up and down. With that Harry moved deeper into the forest leaving the stone behind to be forgotten. And yet Hermione stayed beside him silent but ever there, for him.

Sooner than later he stepped into a larger clearing. Tom standing in the middle of it, his pet snake by his feet and his army behind him. Obvious marks of the war on all of them, and he knew some were killed or taken back at the castle.

Before he let Tom even talk, he started off the talk with a spell chain. "Sectumsempra! Aguamenti! Stupefy! Bombarda!" Harry yelled as the spells flew from Harry's wand all toward Tom. But Tom wasn't surprised as he put up a simple but more powerful, than he would like, shield up. Directing the spells around him hitting the death eaters behind him.

Tom started to laugh at this display of power, and rage. "Is that it Potter! Is that all that I can get out of you for all of this?!" Tom laughed mocking Harry as he was breathing heavily from all the magic he just used.

"YOU KILLED HER!" Was all Harry got out before the killing curse was shot between the two lighting the whole clearing in green light. Though it wasn't Voldemort's wand that it came out of, It was Harry's. Tom was prepared for something big but not for this, and thankfully for his agility he dropped to the ground, dodging the spell as it hit the death eater behind him but what shocked all around was the fact that it continued in the path hitting Death eaters behind him finally ending at a tree that instantly died from the spell and fell from its own weight.

Voldemort slowly got up as most of his death eaters wanted to run, he could tell but they knew he would kill them if they did. As he got up he laughed. "That's it, feel that rage let it burn! Let it use you, let it consume you!" Voldemort yelled at Harry. It fell on deaf ears as Harry started to cast everything he knew, dark spells, light spells, and grey spells. But as he did Voldemort grew disappointed. "Is that it Potter?! A few dark spells and that is it? The Hero of the light, knight of Hogwarts, The boy who lived! Pathetic." And to prove his point he cast expelliarmus at Harry who did nothing to dodge, his wand flying through the air to land between Voldemort and Harry.

"How the mighty have fallen." Voldemort said quietly as he finally casted the killing cures, striking Harry in the chest and watching the young boy fall and finally die.

Harry woke up some time after, unable to tell how long. But what Harry could figure out is that Hagrid was the one carrying him. But what he heard almost made him laugh.

"Harry Potter is DEAD!" voldemort exclaims, a few exclaimed gasps and screams from people nearby but it was washed out by the forced laughs from the death eaters.

"That's right, your hero is dead. Now is the time to pledge your allegiance to me, to place your faith into me." Voldemort went on like this for a few more minutes saying that all will be welcomed.

Harry couldn't turn and face the crowd that Voldemort was talking to, but he could feel the eyes on him, Ginny's sobs every once and a while.

"What's your name?" Voldemort broke out. A student must have stepped forward to take up his deal.

Harry was expecting it to be a slytherin or just a random person that was an alumni. But to his surprise it was someone much closer than that. "Ron Weasley." Ron's voice echoed around the courtyard.

It was Neville who broke the silence. "HOW COULD YOU!" His voice booming in the courtyard. Much louder than it ever was before.

Only to be dwarfed by Harry's booming voice as he rolled out of Hagrid's arms and pointed down at Ron, His intent was clear, his magic knew what to do normally. The power would lessen in wandless magic but the magic that Harry was giving out was everything that he had left. Every ounce in his body. "YOU FUCKING RAT! SHE TRUSTED YOU! BOMBARDA!" It was the most powerful spell that almost all around witnessed but the fact that it was Harry who cast it was the more shocking event, as all thought he was dead.

The blast hit dead center with no delay in it. Where Ron stood just a second before Voldemort was just a crater and red mist in the air, the death eaters covered in dust and blood. At least the ones that were left standing. But before Harry could parade around in his victory, in avenging Hermione. Once again green filled his vision, and then nothing.

Most death eaters were terrified that Harry survived the killing curse twice, in front of them. Most started apperating away from the battlefield in a panic. Though the ones that stayed were enough to finish the job. As Voldemort killed Harry for the third time in his life, spells were being flung from the remaining defenders. But as everyone was gathered on both sides it was all too easy to hit someone. As this last exchange of magic was deadly the death eaters still came out on top.