Crona's Gender

by BloodySimpsonChibi

Disclaimer: I do not own Soul Eater

Chapter 1: Gender Confusion

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and the whole gang were hanging out at Soul and Maka's house. Soul and Black Star were playing video games while Liz watched, Maka and Tsubaki were in the kitchen making snacks for everyone, Patty was messing around in a coloring book and Kid was snooping around the house looking for any asymmetrical mess to straighten out.

"Come!" Soul shouted as Black Star beat him for the 15th time. "Sorry Soul." He teased. "I'm just too good to lose."

"Shut up!" Soul shouted. "One more time! I swear I'll beat you!" Black Star just shook his head. "Kids just never learn. But alright." Soul and Black Star began a new game just as the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." Liz said as she walked toward the door. She opened it and on the other side was Crona, who had a small bag.

"Hey Crona." Liz greeted. "What's up?"

"Lord Death told me to drop off this." Crona said pointing to the bag. "It's for Kid."

"This must be his infinity figure." Liz mused. She reached into the bag and sure enough, she pulled out a small metal figure of the infinity symbol. It helped to calm Kid down if he saw too much asymmetry.

"Thanks Crona." Liz chirped. Crona blushed slightly at Liz's smile and turned away. "G-Goodbye." With that, he left.

Liz closed the door and approached Kid who was burrowing under the couch.

"Kid!" Liz kicked him in the butt.

"Ow! What the hell Liz?" He climbed out from under the couch.

"Your comfort toy." She presented him the infinity symbol. Kid yanked it out of her hand.

"It's not an comfort toy. It is a stress-relieving therapy object and I would appreciate if you addressed it as such."

Liz rolled her eyes and went back to watching Soul and Black Star play their game. Soul was on the floor having a panic attack while Black Star cheered. "16 times in a row! Undefeated!"

"Good for you Black Star." Liz stated.

"Hey guys! We got the snacks!" Maka and Tsubaki come out of the kitchen with nachos for everybody. The smell of melted cheese and salted meat revived Soul form his stupor.

"By the way, Maka turned to Liza as she gave a plate of nachos to Patty. "Who was at the door?"

"Crona." Liz replied. "Lord Death sent her to give Kid his comfort to-"

Kid growled.

"Therapy object." Liz moaned. "After she gave me the figure, she got a little embarrassed and left in a hurry. So cute!"

"I think Crona has a crush on you." Tsubaki teased.

"I hope not. I mean I have nothing against gay people but you guys know I'm straight. I would hate to have break Crona's heart."

"What are you talking about?" Soul muttered with a mouth full of nachos. "Corna's not gay"

"What makes you say that?" Maka asked angrily

"Because he's guy." Sou said with a as-a-matter-of fact tone.

"What?" Tsubaki cried. "No she's not. Crona's a girl!"

"Nah." Black Star butted in. "Crona's too ugly to be a girl so he has to be a boy."

"That's stupid." Liz growled before turning to Kid. "Kid, what do you think Crona is?"

Kid looked up from his plate of symmetrical nachos. "Crona's obviously a boy. Otherwise the balance of our group is asymmetrical."

"What?" Everyone said in unison.

"With Crona included in our group, there are a total of eight people. Eight divided by two is four so to make our group perfect, we need to be comprised of four boys and four girls. The girls are Maka, Tsubaki, Liz, and Patty and the boys are me, Soul, Black Star and Crona."

Liz started strangling Kid. "Your reasoning is even more stupid than Black Star's!" She yelled.

"Well I say Crona's a girl." Patty injected herself into the conversation. "She wears a dress so she's a girl."

"She's got you there boys." Maka beamed. "Why would Crona wear a dress if she wasn't a girl?"

"Oh please." Soul groaned. "That's not a dress. It's a robe. Crona's a guy."

The group continued to bicker about Crona's gender until Soul thought of something.

"I have an idea." He exclaimed. "Let's just find out Crona's real gender."

"How?" Patty asked.

"We'll follow him around. At some point he's gotta do something that will prove he's a boy."

"You guys sure seem sure of yourselves." Liz stated. "Care to put a wager on it?"

"What do you mean?" Black Star prodded.

"If Crona turns out to be a boy, we girls have to do whatever you say for a whole day."

"A whole day?" Soul asked.

"Whatever we say?" Black Star added. Both boys became red in the face and started drooling at the thought of what they would have the girl do, much to the girls disgust.

"But if we prove Crona's a girl." Liz continued. "You have to do whatever we say for a whole day."

Maka and Tsubaki smiled at that.

"It's a deal!" Sou shouted. The group put all there hand together in a circle and on the count of 3, the shot them back up.

"But how are follow Crona around without her noticing?" Patty asked again."

"Don't worry." Soul smiled. "I got just the plan.