Chapter 3: Pokemon

A week after the shameful event down the halls, Crona finally felt like returning to school. As he approached the entrance, he found Soul and Maka waiting for him. He immediately started sweating.

"Hey Crona!" Maka greeted. 'How are you today!?"

"F-F-Fine." Crona muttered.

Soul seemed to be annoying the two, playing on his DS. In reality, he was waiting for Crona to glance in his direction which Crona did.

"W-What are you doing Soul?" Crona asked.

"Me? Oh I'm just playing this great new game called Pokemon."


"Yeah it's cool. You catch these animals and things and then you make them fight. "Wanna try?"

"I don't think I could deal with it."

"Oh come on!" Soul shoved the game into Crona's hands. "I started a new game just for you."

"Well, ok."

Crona started up the game and was soon met with the face of Professor Oak.

"Welcome to the world of Pokemon!" Oak said. "Before we begin, tell me about yourself. Are you a boy or a girl?" A text box containing both choices popped up besides Oak. Crona sweatdropped.

"We got him!" Soul thought triumphantly.

"We got her!" Maka thought triumphantly.

Just then, Ragnarok popped out of Crona's back.

"What are you playing?" He demanded.

"P-P-Pokemon." Crona answered.

"Let me play!" Ragnarok tried wrestling the game away from Crona.

"Let go! Come on!" Ragnarok yelled.

"I don't know how to deal with this!" Crona shouted.

Maka and Soul both tried to save Crona at the exact same time which resulted in them accidentally pushing Crona down the stairs leading up to the school entrance. The black-blooded child continued to tumble down the stairs until said child landed on the last step with a sickening splat.

Soul and Maka winced. "He's gonna need more than a few stitches."

(Short chapter I know. Really sorry! Couldn't think of anyway to extend it.)