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The world was collapsing. The sound of churning earth and collapsing rocks reverberated in the near distance, each passing second amplifying the volume of the approaching void. The culmination of all their efforts had finally resulted in the destruction of not only the corrupted Grail, but also the entity that existed within it, the entity that brought forth the corruption in the first place. At the very center of what was left of the world, four figures awaited the end. Neither surprise nor fear painted their faces. They had known the consequence of erasing the Greater Grail from existence, putting an end to the wicked rituals it called forth, and ending the evil that heralded the extermination of mankind. One of the four figures, a red-haired adolescent body, observed the world's collapse while ruminating through his thoughts.

He did it. He had finally become what he had always strived for; a Hero of Justice. He had managed to save the world of the murderous curse that was Angra Mainyu, and saved innumerable lives in the process. However, this victory came with a heavy price; a price that he, now that the battle was over, started to doubt was worth it. With him were three girls. These weren't mere high-school friends or classmates, but people he considered to be the most precious to him. They had fought, laughed, despaired, and cried together … and now they would die together as well.

Looking down at Illya's fragile body that he cautiously held in his arms, a strange thought crossed his mind. Despite being older than he was, she would insist on referring to him as her Onii-chan. Shirou considered that this may have been a tragic remnant of the scars Kiritsugu's disappearance, or rather the fabricated lies that labelled his exile as betrayal, left in her tender heart. She had long since discovered the truth, but it was only natural for injuries of the soul to take longer to heal.

"I am sorry Illya, I shouldn't have dragged you into this, I should have been able to prevent it. This wasn't supposed to happen, not like this…", Shirou apologetically pleaded, his tears framing Illya's faint smile.

Though faint, it showed not a single trace of regret. The light in her eyes had already begun to fade.

"It's ok Emiya-kun", Shirou looked up and met with captivatingly azure eyes.

"We knew that it was going to end this way. If anything, I should be the one apologizing. For years I purposefully avoided Sakura, thinking that she was happy, that my father had made the right decision. But in the end I was just trying to convince myself because I was afraid to face the truth", supporting Sakura's body much like Shirou held into Illya, Rin regretfully regarded her sister's unconscious expression.

"I should had been a better sister, should have never trusted my father. But now is too late. All I can do now is be with her until the end and hope that we can be sisters again in the next life, only this time I will make things right and care for her."


The weak voice startled both the girl in red, and the boy opposite her.

"Sakura!" was their instant reply.

"I am sorry for everything…", she whispered in the same weak voice.

"You should have left me behind. Because of me all of you are going to.."

"Shhh", Shirou interrupted her with a gentle tone before Sakura started sobbing.

"It is all right Sakura. We are here of our own free will, and believe me when I say that I would prefer to be with you right here and now than in any other place in the world. After all… you are the people I cherish most…"


"Emiya-kun is right. Besides, we already have too much regret in our lives, there is no need for any more", Rin assured with a fond expression.

"Toh-… Nee-san. What you just said … about wanting to be my sister again… do you really mean it?"

There was no need for verbal confirmation, as Rin simply assured Sakura with a resolute nod. That alone was enough for tears to blur her vision.

"Me too! I also want to be your sister again. I want to be with Senpai and Illya-chan again, I want us to be together in this life and the next. I don't want to be separated from you again."

It was at that moment that an earsplitting noise forced their attention back to their unavoidable predicament. The collapsing world had finally caught up to them. A strong gust of wind accompanied the splitting earth and lifted everyone off their feet. It was now or never. Dragging every shred of remaining energy from his broken body, Shirou traced the heaven's golden chains, Enkidu, and used a single swing to bind the four of them together. Surprise was prevalent on the Tohsaka sister's faces when they witnessed Shirou's final act of defiance.

"I may not been able to do anything about what is going to happen, but I can make sure that we will all be together when the end comes!"

That single verse echoed infinitely in the blackened void that was nothingness, and just like that, the world had ended.

Unknown to the trivialities of mortals, two greater entities observed the unfolding events with great interest. One distinguished itself as the planet's enduring survival instinct, while the other … was slightly more infamous, though that subjective evaluation may differ from person to person.

Gaia, the representation of the plant's will, if not the not the planet itself, had been paying close attention to the fight that shouldered the fate of all living organism's survival, and welcomed the defeat of Angra Mainyu, the personification of all evil, with joy and pride. Kaleidoscope, summoned by Gaia to this ethereal plane for the purpose of cementing this defeat within all dimensions to prevent Angra Mainyu's victory over life, seemed unfazed by this course of events. Kaleidoscope had likely already expected this outcome.

"Well, I have to give it to the kids, they sure know how to put on a show."

Kaleidoscope was slightly sarcastic but Gaia payed it no heed.

"I am grateful for their efforts. Thanks to them the other realities will have a renewed chance at facing Angra Mainyu, but I do regret their sacrifice", Gaia melancholically stated.

"You already interfered with their deaths, is it alright to involve yourself to this extent?"

"I've done three things. That wish of theirs at the very end … I felt that the least I could do to reward their efforts and fulfill it to the best of my ability, though I don't know to which extent I can alter fate. Second is the body of that sad child. With that unnatural body structure of hers eating away at her life force, it would be too pitiful to die at a young age even after all my efforts. Lastly is Angra Mainyu's influence on it's host. His influence tainted her body and mind, so I cleansed her of his corruption and freed her from the Grail within her. Alas, all I can do now is hope that they will find happiness in whatever life they find themselves next."

Gaia, seemingly satisfied with her efforts, stepped back from influencing the laws of the world and returned to her passive state of rest. She had done all she could, and the fate of the world would continue with it's normal course.

That is, if it weren't for the additional presence still active in her realm.

"Wait until their next life to see the next chapter of their history? Hell no."

Kaleidoscope selfishly complained with a dark tone chilling his non-existent expression.

"Those kids provided me with the best entertainment that I had in years; such entertainment can't be easily found in most realities after all. There is no way that I am going to wait a lifetime to see what happens next! Oho~ especially with this new reality I found. A world where there is no border between magic and science … now this ought to be entertaining!"

Kaleidoscope looked towards the spot where the heroes had supposedly been swallowed by nothingness, and revealed the Boundary Field containing them. Enkidu had somehow persisted to exist and continued to link the four together, as if honoring it's user's wish to remain connected to his friends. The peculiar thing about this Boundary Field was that it trapped it's contents in a space between realities, and with their presences having seemingly vanished, Gaia had assumed that they had successfully started their reincarnation process. In fact, Kaleidoscope intentionally sent them to the rift between realities in a successful attempt to fool Gaia.

Gazing at the children before him, Kaleidoscope couldn't help but voice his thoughts.

"A world where magic is known by everybody and where magi no longer need to hide themselves. Seems to be entertaining enough. On special with those strategic class, I wonder how those square class magicians will react with magus at the level of heroic spirits"

Moving towards the center of the four magi, Kaleidoscope regarded golden chain that linked them together.

"This chain as well as Gaia's help… Fufufu, it's almost too easy", Kaleidoscope chuckled sinisterly.

"Enkidu, the chains of the heavens that can bind gods, I wonder what will happen if it were to continue to exist in a conceptualized state…"

Suddenly the projected chain that was already on the verge of collapsing, burst into a myriad of golden iridescence and sought shelter in the bodies of the four unconscious mages.

After this was done he turns to see where Sakura and Illya were. "Gaia, I thank you for showing me how to change the core of a person magic circuits, but now I am a little curious, I wonder if I will be able to do the same and what to do, Oh well because I can waste too much time I will just see what happen if I take a set of their core magic circuits" after that he proceed to rice both hands up and on that moment the bodies of the young heroes moved their chest out and on that instant three spheres of light come out of their chest and remain floating in front of them, the ones in front of Rin were red ones, the ones in front Illya were yellow ones, the ones in front of Sakura were green ones and the ones in front Shirou were blue ones. After a few moment they moved to Kaleidoscope hands where they started to flutter for a moment until they stopped and then moved back to be in front of the young magus, but this time they didn´t have the three spheres of light of the color that come out of their chest, this time each of the three spheres of light were of different colors, one coming from each of the other young magus that were unconscious, and a moment after that the spheres of light got inside their chest.

"All right with this they've joined not just their fates but also their very cores along with their Magic Circuits. I am not too sure what will happen with things having turned out like this, but I am sure that it will be interesting! Now just one little stop before you can see your new home", the embodiment of eccentricity, visibly pleased with his work, murmured to himself.

There were two things associated with trans-dimensional travel. The first, if he simply placed something into a different reality, then much like visiting a neighboring city, you would have no history or knowledge of the world. While it would have indeed been grandiose entertainment to see how the heroes before him would try to make sense of the situation, he refrained from doing so this time due to a rare feeling of empathy he felt for them, and thus settled with for his next best plan. Secondly, he had learned from Gaia that the self-correcting mechanisms of the worlds always keep a certain balance, regardless of the dimension, meaning that if Kaleidoscope were to simply toss the youngsters into a new reality from Gaia's realm, the fabric of that reality would be rewritten to welcome their arrival, assimilating them into it. He only needed to act quickly so that Gaia wouldn't notice and prevent him from doing so. With a final compulsory glance over the floating bodies before him, he tossed them out into the foreign world.


As opposed to science, which was meant to be studied and learned by all, it could just as likely be worshiped as a religion. Such was the case in the fantasy-like world of Halkeginia. Gathered in the courtyard of an ancient medieval castle, a group of robed students were currently engrossed in a traditional ritual which served as their rite of passage. The summoning of one's personal familiar held much importance for the nobles of Halkeginia.

However, a certain pink haired magician seemed especially eager to summon her familiar on that destined day. Rather than completing this rite for the sake of summoning a life-long companion, this particular girl cared little for the familiar itself, but rather the qualities associated with it. She eagerly awaited the ritual not for the summoning, but in order to prove to her classmates, her family, and most importantly to herself, that she wasn't the laughable failure she had been ridiculed as. She wanted to prove that she was not, and never would be, Louise the Zero.

"Now, was that everyone?" a hairless teacher asked the colorful mix of students and familiars before him.

"No, we still have Miss Vallière to go."

"Louise the Zero!"

"What will she summon?"

"There's no way she can summon anything!"

"We'll just have another explosion, nothing else!"

"After all that boasting, you'll summon something more amazing than this little guy, right Louise?"

"Of course!" Louse shouted in response to the last provocation, made by a voluptuous red-haired girl, while trying her best to control the shaking of her arms.

She was nervous, and rightfully so. Not once had she succeeded in casting even the simplest of magics, so why would this summon ritual be any different? Desperately clinging to a prayer deep within her heart, Louise the Zero raised her wand and focused her magic.

But unfortunately for her, the same result as usual occurred, and a big explosion happened. Once the smoke ended, they could see 4 bodies lying on the ground, all of them in bad condition.

"Louise, what were you thinking, calling 4 commoners with 'Summon Servant'?" mocked a student once he got up after the expected explosion had subsided.

"I-I just made a little mistake!" the pink-haired girl, who was standing in front of Shirou at the time, shouted in a refined voice that carried like a bell.

"What mistake are you talking about? Nothing unusual happened."

"Of course! After all, she's Louise the Zero!" someone else said, and the crowd burst into laughter again.

"Mr. Colbert!" the girl, apparently sick of the distasteful jeers, turned to the man seemingly responsible for the class of students.

"What is it that you want from me, Miss Vallière?"

"Please! Let me try the summoning one more time!"

As if pitying the expected plea of the small girl before him, the man by the name of Colbert dejectedly shook his head. "I cannot allow that, Miss Vallière."

"Why not?"

"It's strictly forbidden. When you advance to a second year student, you must summon a familiar, which is what you just did. Your elemental specialty is decided by the familiar that you summon. It enables you to advance to the appropriate courses for that element. You can't change the familiar once you've summoned it, because the 'Springtime Familiar Summoning' ritual is a sacred rite. Whether you like it or not, you have no choice but to take him."

"But... I've never heard of having a commoner as a familiar, especially four!"

As if rekindled by Louise's desperate voice, the crowd's laughter became even more audible.

"This is a tradition, Miss Vallière. I cannot allow any exceptions. They-" Colbert intentionally paused as he pointed towards the commoners with his fingers, "-they may be a commoners, but as long as they were summoned by you, they must be your familiar. Never in history has a human been summoned as a familiar, but the 'Springtime Familiar Summoning' ritual takes precedence over every other rule. In other words, there's no other way around it; they must become your familiar."

"You've got to be joking…" Louise drooped her shoulders in disappointment.

"Well then, continue with the ceremony."

"With them?"

"Yes, with them. Hurry, the next class will begin any minute. How much more time is this summoning going to take? After mistake upon mistake, you have finally managed to summon them. Hurry and form a contract."

Seeing that she had no other option, she began to say the final words for the familiar contract. But when she was getting closer to the only male of the group, she heard a voice start to shout. She didn't understand the language, but when she turned to see where the noise came from, she saw that it was the girl with a red jersey who was speaking in the unfamiliar tongue.

"Be quiet dog! After I mark him as my familiar, it'll be your turn." Louis said as she got event closer to the unconscious male. However, before she had the chance to seal the deal with a kiss, the girl with the red jersey had gathered strength from somewhere and, grabbing Louis from behind via the neck of her shirt, threw her with great strength a couple meters to where the other students were, impacting at their feet.

The comments about Louis come a second later.

"As expected of Louis, even the actors that she hired are against her." said a red haired girl.

Felling her humiliation grow, she took her wand and was about to punish the commoner for attacking a noble, but what happened next silenced all present. The girl pointed at Louis with her fingers, and a ball made of magical energy shot forth and hit Louis's wand, breaking it into multiple pieces.

All those present, even the teacher who got closer to prevent things from going out of control, froze at this.

The girl stood there in defiance. She said a few words in her strange language as she dropped a jewel from her pocket, and in that moment, a magical barrier appeared and covered the four of them just before she also fell unconsciousness.

"A noble! By the Founder, Louis just summoned a noble!" shouted one student.

"Not only that, but she also tried to turn her servant into her familiar!" said another student.

"How do we know that the others aren't nobles as well?"

"What if they were fine in their home when Louise summoned them, but got hurt by the explosion caused by Louis?"

"The Vallière family will have to pay a lot for this depending on how noble their houses are."

Many more comments could be heard, but Louis didn't pay them any mind as she was too busy watching the scene before them. Professor Colbert moved closer to study the barrier that the girl used to prevent the mages from getting closer to them while they were unconsciousness.