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Within Shirou's UBW

In Front of the Emiya house within the expanse of endless blades we can see Saber sitting on the porch; she was so deep in though that she did not hear when someone sat next to her.

"Are you ok, Saber?" asked Rin.

"Yes, I was just thinking about the past."

"Do not worry, I am sure that we will find that idiot and then he will have to make our favorite dishes for worrying us so much." Rin said in an effort to cheer her up.

"This time I wasn't thinking about Shirou, well not the whole time. I was thinking about a friend of mine."

"A friend?"

"Yes, in my time as a living human, I did not know what happened to him. It was until I was summoned to the four grail war that I learned of what befell him"

"And who is this friend?"


"Merlin! You mean the Merlin, the famous magician that had ever existed?"

"The same."

"I guess that I should not be surprised, after all he was part of your legend."

"Yes he was."

"How was he, as a person I mean?" She asked with beaming eyes.

"He was a prankster, a party lover, a womanizer, always wanting to be the center of attention. He refused to do anything that he considered boring and had a talent of getting on your nerves" Saber said with a sigh.

"Really?" asked a disappointed Rin.

"Yes really." Saber responded ruefully, "But he was also a wise adviser, a loyal friend and the best magus that I would ever meet."

Rin's mood changed for the better, but then she jokingly asked, "Even better than me?" That actually got Saber to stop and think for a second, surprising Rin. Nervously, she called out to Saber to continue

"According to the legend he is still alive inside Avalon, but as a prisoner in a tower where he cannot leave. So I was wondering if this is how he felt, spending the rest of eternity in a beautiful place, but without the freedom to leave and meet the people that he cared for, or having the chance to meet new friends and have new adventures"

"I see." said Rin after she understood what she meant.

"Now, not only do I regret that I may never see him again, but that I may suffer his same fate. But, at least I have good company." Saber finished with a smile.

"Do not worry; I am sure that we will manage to get out of here." Rin responded with confidence.

"How can you be so sure about that?"

"Because that idiot will get himself into a big trouble in no time and somehow his luck will make us all part of it."

"Aren't you a little harsh?"

"Can you deny that it will happen?"

The two friends looked at each other, with silent and serious expressions until their masks broke and they began to laugh.

Back with Shirou in the real world.

Shirou had been trying to get any clue that could help him find the girls. He had spent a lot of his time in the academy library, not that it helped, considering that all the books there are meant to teach students. So if there was any book or artifact that could help him, it wouldn't be there.

So, instead he began to spend his time trying to find any new clues outside the academy. So far, he had been doing small jobs at the adventurer's guild, trying to not only make money, but also acquire information about what he could do in the future.

Flash back

It had been a couple days after Shirou became an adventurer, and he had been doing small jobs while he learned more about this place.

When people at the guild learned that he was living in the academy, they believed that he was a fallen noble. So, a couple of veterans adventurers thought that it would be a good idea to teach him his place in the guild. And they, and they did a fantastic job because after Shirou beat them black and blue, all the adventurers learned that they did not want to mess with him.

Normally he would not bother with this, but the need for money and the fact that the guild provided an ID that allowed him to easily move between cities, becoming an adventurer was too tempting an offer.

Now he is walking towards a weapon shop in order to acquire a better weapon than the knife that Siesta let him borrow. Normally he would be the last person that would need to purchase a sword but because his powers had not come back, he had no choice. So for a few days he got a few low paying jobs to gather enough money to buy a (temporary he hoped) sword.

Now he was standing right into the main door of a weapon shop that someone at the guild had recommended to him. He was about to go in when a blond girl with short hair and some kind of uniform walked out with a sword in hand. Normally this would not be unusual, if not for the fact that the sword was talking!

"HA, finally out of that third rate shop, now I can take a look at the outside world after so many decades."

"Listen well, I only bought you because someone told me that you had the skill to adsorb magic and that is a skill that I will need if I am to defend the princess from any mages that wish to attack her."

"Excellent, now I will be part of the royal guard! You can be at ease, because the great Derflinger will show you his immense power." THe sword shouted as the woman walked off.

For Shirou this was a surprise because even inside of his arsenal, he did not have any sentient weapons. "Oh man, if I had arrived just a little earlier I could have bought that sword. I hope that they still have some swords as interesting as that one." he murmured. With that hope, he entered that weapon shot.

End of the flashback. Back to the present

Sadly, they did not have another talking sword.

The strange part was that the owner said that talking swords are a pain to deal with and that he will never accept another one in his store. That was something that Shirou didn't understand, but he did not have time to worry about that. Shirou had accepted a quest to go hunting goblins in a town that is a couple days of journey from the city, and he needed a weapon.

While this was a low class mission, there was something that attracted his attention. Apparently, there were some kind of ruins in the forest that is close to that town. Rumours say that within that forest there is some kind of sword in a stone that no one has been able to remove in centuries.

Hearing that he could not help, but remember the legend of Excalibur and Saber. Could it be that there is another legend like the one of Excalibur here?

Could it have some relationship with Saber?

Even if that is not the case, this was the only clue that he has gotten since he woke up and he needed to see it for himself.

He had already arranged the transportation to get there, but it would not leave until tomorrow, so he still had some time to go to the cabin where he was staying and get ready for the trip. As he was getting closer to the cabin, he sensed something and a moment later he jumped to the side and a large red lizard landed where he had been just a moment ago.

"It is a good night for a walk, isn't it Miss Kirche?" said Shirou to the red haired girl that was stepping out from her hiding spot.

"Mow, I thought that we finally had you," Kirche said with a pout.

"Better luck next time." Shirou said with a slight smile as kept walking.

"By the way I hear that you got a new sword," said Kirche.

"While it is true that I got a sword, I wouldn't call her a new one." Shirou said as he pulled the sword that he bought. While not dull, even a novice could tell that it had already been in use for years.

"But, Why buy such an old sword?"

"It was the best one that I could afford." Shirou said while scratching the back of his head.

"Well, if that is the case, then you're in luck, because I have something for you." Kirche said proudly, as she showed him the package that she was carrying behind her. When she took off the blanket that covered it, an ornate golden sword with jewels was unveiled. "With this sword you will be able to fight all you want." said a happy Kirche.

Shirou for his part took the sword and after a few moments returned to her.

"I appreciate the offer but I must decline."

"Why? It is because of Louise, you do not need to be so worried about her."

The day after he beat that blond kid he was surprised when a red lizard came after him. Thanks to his reflexes he managed to avoid it when it attempted to jump him, fearing an enemy attack he began to look for a weapon when he saw a bronze candlestick over one table, he reached out and grabbed it and was about to try to hit that lizard when he heard someone scream, "STOP!"

It was Kirche and that was how they met, he later learned about how she and Louis did not get along too well, something that was obvious when Louise arrived to see what was the commotion and began to argue with her.

"No, it has nothing to do with her"

"Then could it be that you are too shy, or maybe it is your pride?"

"It is nothing like that, if you are too shy you will never do anything and pride is something that is useless and does not allow you to protect your loved ones." said Shirou with intensity.

"Then why do you not want to take the sword?" asked a surprised Kirche.

"I saw that the metal of that sword wasn't forged in the right way at the part that connects the blade with the handle. If I were to use this sword in battle, it would break at any moment. In a few words this sword is only for ornament, but I appreciate your intentions."

"You are a strange one, do you know that?"

"I hear that a lot, even in my hometown."

"You could take that sword and get money from the gold and jewels that it has, but you didn't. If you say that you do not have pride, and then what is stopping you from doing that."

"As you said I am a strange one, have a good night Miss Kirche." Shirou said, as he began to walk towards his cabin.

"Shirou Emiya, you are a strange one, but that is what makes you interesting," said Kirche as she headed towards her room.

The next morning

Shirou was at the main gate, about to leave when someone called out to him.

"Waking earlier again I see," said a voice from behind.

"Good morning Siesta."

"Good morning Shirou, heading to the Guild?"

"Actually I have a mission and will have to leave the city for a couple of days."

"I hope that it is not too dangerous."

"It's something simple, but I heard about a place close to the quest location that may have some information about one of my friends"

"Really? Then I wish you good luck"

"Thank you, I will see you when I get back"

With that Shirou left that place, never seeing the carriage that was passing by.

"Hold" said the passenger to the driver.

"Something happened my lord?"

"That maid, that has just walked back to the academy, she is beautiful and exotic with that black hair, I must have her" said the passenger as he began to make plans about how he can get that maid. She would be a nice addition to the maids of his home until he got bored of her.

Time skip two days later

"Thank you so much!" said an older man that was in front of a large group of villagers.

Shirou had arrived at this town late in the afternoon the day before to answer their request for help. It was a farm town, but he could see how they had entrenched the best that they could. Even with that the damage was evident, in particular the casualties when he saw bodies covered with blankets.

Normally the idea of seeing some creatures that he has only read about would be something very interesting for him. However after seeing the death and destruction that they caused, the only thing that he wanted to do was help these people.

When he was in the middle of his meeting with the elder of the village, a voice of alarm could be heard and Shirou knew what he needed to do.

It was a surprise to see those small green monsters, but the surprise was short lived as he took his sword and jumped into action killing the first one via slicing him in half.

There were eleven in total, but that meant nothing to him as he began to kill them one by one. Even the ones that tried to escape didn't manage to run too far before Shirou caught up to them.

That night the town celebrated the end of their troubles, and some of the village girls wanted to "show him" their gratitude, something that he rejected to their dismay.

However, he began to ask questions about the ruins and the sword in the stone that he had heard about. The elder started to tell an old story that the entire villager knew, but they all got quiet so they could hear it again.

It was the story of a hero who had to face a demon. With help of his friends, a group of nobles maidens and the power of the Holy Sword Venus that was created by Vigne, Goddess of love & victory. The hero managed to defeat the demon and at the end of his life the hero placed his holy sword into the stone inside of the temple, where it would wait until a new hero could pull it out. Even now, within the temple in ruins after centuries, Venus still remains in the stone, waiting for the chosen hero.

The next day, Shirou headed to where the sword was supposed to be. After walking for a few hours he managed to find the ruins. There in the middle of what it seems to be the remains of the main chamber, he saw it. A magnificent sword with a golden guard and a blue handle, in a way the presence of this sword reminded him of Excalibur and Caliburn even if their forms were different, but the aura that they have were something that he could not explain.

Shirou wondered if this is how Saber felt when she first pulled out Caliburn and began her legend.

Shirou was hoping that this sword would somehow be related to Saber. However he now saw that they have nothing to do with each other. Even then, Shirou felt a great curiosity about the blade and wondered if he could pull it out, but you know what they say about curiosity.

"All right, let's do this." well maybe Shirou did not know what they said about curiosity.

He got ready and as he put his hands on the sword a light began to shine from it, that was a surprise but he chose to continue. In the next moment the sword slid out very easily.

But what happened next was a surprise, the light became stronger, so much so that he had no other option but to cover his eyes. When he opened them again, he wasn't in those ruins, he was back in UBW, to be more precise right in front of the Emiya home.

"How can this be?" said a surprised Shirou.

"You can thank me for that." said a voice next to him.

Shirou quickly turned to see the person that had talked, only to find a silver haired girl.

"Who are you?"

Before he could get an answer, a voice caught his attention.

"SEMPAI!" That voice was Sakura, he raised his head only to see her running towards him. Sakura for her part, slowed in front of him and walked little by little until she could rasie her hand to touch his face. However her hand went through him, like he was a ghost.

"Sakura, are you all right?"

"Sempai, you are here, but how? And what happened to you? Why can't I touch you?" Asked frantically as her hands continued to pass through him.

"Sakura has something happened?" asked the voice of Rin. She then came walking out of the house in the company of Rider and Saber. When they saw him, they froze.

This has to be a dream that is what Shirou was thinking. He tried to move closer to the girls to hug them and tell them how much he had missed them. But when he was about to walk towards them he felt a little pull in his hand.

"Wait a moment, lover boy, if you release my hand you will be sent back to that forest." said the silver haired girl.

"Who are you?" asked Shirou, surprised by what this girl had said.

"I am the legendary sword Venus, the greatest creation of Duncan the God of Blacksmithing that was blessed by Vigne, Goddess of love & victory." said the girl with great pride.

"You are a sword?" asked Rin as she got closer.

"Is this some kind of game to you?" asked Illya.

"Wait, I can feel familiar power from this girl, something divine," said Rider.

At that moment Venus turned into her sword form which rested in Shirou's hands.

That was a big surprise for all present, after a few seconds she turned back into her human form.

"Is that enough to prove it to you?"

"Yes, it is" said Saber as she got closer.

"This means that we can finally be together?" asked a happy Sakura with tears in her eyes.

"About that, there is still a little problem that need to be fixed before that"

"What problem?" asked a worried Shirou.

"I believe that it will be for the best if we talk about this inside your home."

While this was happening.

Back in the magic academy, we see a worried Siesta heading to the headmaster's office. This was the first time that she had been called and as far as she knew she has not done anything wrong, so she was wondering what it could be. Once she arrived at the office, his assistant told her to wait for a moment while she told the headmaster about her arrival. A moment later he told her to come in.

"You sent for me?" asked Siesta as the bad feeling grew stronger when she saw the expression on his face.

"Miss Siesta, I just received a letter from Lord Mott, he asked to hire your services." Osmond could not see her in the eyes, in particular because he knew what services she would be forced to do.

For Siesta, this was her worst nightmare becoming reality. She could try to resign and go back to her home. However, she knew that once a noble wants a new toy, they will stop at nothing until they have it.

"When should I report to his mansion?" asked a resigned and sad Siesta.

"He is in the capital at this moment and should arrive in two days. You can take those days off, in case you need to prepare something."

"Thank you."

Without saying another word Siesta left that office, not wanting anyone to see the tears that were forming in her eyes.

Back with Shirou and the others.

"Now, I believe that it is time that we get an explanation."

"Indeed, but we need to hurry, the time that we can be here is limited."

"What do you mean? We had been waiting for years," said a mad Illya.

"Years? But we have been apart for only a few weeks" said a surprised.

"It has been years for us, Shirou." said a serious Saber.

"But how? I mean you look the same."

"We do not have an answer for that." said Rin.

"However, I do." Venus said.

All the presents focus her attention on her.

"It is because you are trapped between life and death."


"When you sacrificed your lives to stop that demon from destroying your world, it qualified you as heroes worthy to be in the throne of heroes, other than Saber and Rider over there since they were already heroic spirits."

"But you need to become a legend to enter the throne. People need to sing your praises and your name be put in the history books, or written down in legend in order to become a heroic spirit. When that battle happened we were alone, there was no one that should know about us." Illya said.

"There were two entities that know of your efforts."

"Who?" asked Rin.

"Gaia and Alaya."

Those names needed no introduction, and they began to worry about the direction where this talk was heading.

"Why would they know about us?" asked Sakura.

"Your battle decided the future of your world and your people, it is only natural that they will pay attention, even if those entities knew of your sacrifice. They are two of the most important and powerful entities in your former world and that alone is enough to make you heroes. However, more importantly, it joined your legends, by working together to stop Angra Mainyu you joined your fates together, forever."

"If that is true then why are we here and why did Shirou go to .." after a moment Saber turned to look at Shirou and ask. "By the way, where had you been all these years?"

"About that" said Shirou as he began to tell them what has happened to him ever since he had awakened in that magic academy.


"Two moons?"

"Magic is openly used?"

"Middle aged civilization?"

Were the questions asked by the girls as Shirou told them his story.

"But that does not explain why sempai was transported to that world while we stayed here, and why the difference in the timeline?" asked Sakura.

"That is because all of you were sent here by a person that interfered in the process of your ascension to the throne. Shirou was the only one to awaken in my world because there is a link between him and this world. However, since you have met again you do not need to worry, the time flow for this place is now synchronized with Shirou's."

"Are you talking about the strange man that appeared in the academy and released Rin's Bounded Field?"

"If you are talking about that trouble maker Zelretch, then you are correct"

"Zelretch!" Rin and Illya screamed.

"But, what does he have to do with this situation." Asked Sakura

"I believe that it will be better if I told you what happened."

Flashback previous night

We now see a sword trapped in a rock in the middle of a forest. However, imperceptible to the human eye, the form of a silver haired little girl is sitting next to it looking at the moon.

For a thousand years, she had been looking at the sky as her only way to pass the time, save for the few times that someone had come and tried to pull her from the stone. They always failed however, and lately they have been coming less and less.

"You know, in normal circumstances I would say that a little girl shouldn't be outside at this hour of the night."

When Venus turned to see who was the one that said that, she froze, after all she did not expect to see this man ever again.


"OH, I was hoping that someone would be happy to see me again."

"After the mess that you caused, you still have the gall to expect that someone would be happy to see you!"

"Hey, believe it or not, it was an accident."

"An accident?! You caused the discrimination against the Elfs, you promoted the slave trade of demi humans, you create the idea that the magi should rule over everyone else and you are the reason that none of this has changed in six thousand years!"

"It was not on purpose, I mean the only thing that I said was that the Elves shouldn't be so stingy and share more of their beer. And how was I supposed to know that by saying demi humans girls were so pretty that, if I could, I would take them as pets. The people from this world then began believing that it is fine to make them slaves. Also how would saying that the magi from this land are nice people and that this place is beautiful because of them make them believe that I chose them as the rulers of this land and that they have to keep things exactly the same."


"As I said it was an accident!"

"Caused by the way that you used your powers irresponsibly and then you just left this place and left us to deal with the aftermath for six thousand years."

"It may sound bad, but for me it has only been a few decades since the last time that I was here."

"It doesn't change anything."

"But what if I told you that I came here with a solution?"

"A solution? You?"

"Well. I believe that it will be better to say that I brought some people with me that will be the solution for this problem."

"And who are these people that can fix this six thousand years old mess?"

"A group of young heroes that sacrificed their lives to save their world."

"Sacrificed their lives? I hope that you aren't planned to bring some undead creatures here."

"Of course not, but tell me. have you heard about the heroic spirits?"

"Of course that I know about them, but what would be the point? They need to be linked to a magi of this world to be able to stay here and even with their power that will not be enough."

"But they will not be heroic spirits"

"But you just said that.."

"That was only as an example. You see, I happened to be there at the exact moment when their souls were ascending to the throne of heroes. So I can made a small change in the process"

"The throne of heroes is where the Akashic record are stored, there is no way that you could interfere, its guardians will kill you"

"You know that the Grail didn't send the real heroic spirits, it creates a copy and sends them in the form of a vessel"

"I know that, but why is that important?"

"There was a danger in one of the many worlds that my Kaleidoscope magic allowed me visit, the danger was so great that even Alaya and Gaia chose to work together to save themselves. They needed this group of young heroes, so when they were ascending to the throne of heroes, they created and sent their copies and with a little of my help, they sent them to that world."

"If that is true, how will all of this help my world, unless... oh you wouldn't dare." said Venus as she saw the look on Zelretch. "You created your own copy and sent them here?"

"Actually, Gaia and Alaya were the ones that created the copies, I just made a paradox where they were sent here as well."

"Either way they will still need something that links them to this world."

"You do not need to worry about that. You see one of them is heading here and when you meet him, you will see why."

After Zelretch said those words he left in the same way that he came.

End of the flashback.

"So we really died that day and it was my fault." said a sad Sakura.

"Please don't say that" said Rin, who came to comfort her sister.

"But you all had a great future ahead of you, before you died. Maybe it would have been better if I had died alone"

"I would never allow that, none of us would," said Shirou.

At that moment Rider stood in front of her.

"Tell me Sakura, do you believe that I am fake?"


"Do you believe that I or Saber are fakes?"

"Of course not, you are my friend, all of you are"

"Well, Saber and I were summoned from the throne of heroes before, a couple of times actually and each time we remember the experiences that we life, the people that we meet, all the memories good or bad were back to our original soul and each time that we were summoned we keep those memories, and for us that is real."

After Rider said those words, she hugged Sakura to console her.

"But, that is what you said. If that is true then why did I get hungry in the academy? Why did I need to sleep and, if I am a servant, why am I not taking energy from a magus in this land to keep my existence intact? And don't forget that I cannot use my powers."

"That is because you are alive."

"What?" asked Shirou

"But you said that they had turned into heroic spirits." this time it was Saber who talked.

"I finally understand what that old vampire said." Said Venus as she rose the hand that she was holding with Shirou to show the marks that he has.

"In this world, there exist old deities that rule over its destiny. They are Emroy, the God of War, Hardy, the Goddess of the Underworld, Elange, the God of Knowledge, his twin Ral La, the Goddess of Learning, Duncan, the God of Blacksmithing, and finally Vigne, the Goddess of love & victory. The last two were the ones that created me."

"But what does that have to do with all of us?"

"Because Shirou carries both Duncan and Vigne's marks, in few words he is their adopted son, a demigod."


"Wait a minute, you said that he is their son because he has these marks. Does that mean he is their chosen one?" asked a surprised Illya.

"Normally that would be the case, but I can feel the energy of both of them, Duncan and Vigne on those runes, believe me Duncan was the one that forged me and Vigne gave me life, in few words they are my parents and that would made me your big sister"

"Wait a minute, that is my job!" Illiya said as she began to walk threateningly towards Venus.

"But how can you be sure of that?" asked Saber, trying to change the topic.

"Because of Shirou's powers. You see when you connect with a sentient weapon, that union goes in both ways. This means that the weapon is also connected with you, thanks to that I know that all I have said is true."

"That still does not explain how he can be alive." Rin said.

"I don't know anything about your former world, but this world has many stories about how deities have children and they are born in interesting ways. Many of these stories are fake, but some not, and by rewriting your origin in this world you are now a demigod."

"But why can't I use my powers?"

"Because you are incomplete," Venus said, she then looked at the other girls. "In this world your previous actions don't matter, only the legend that you have when you arrived here, and in that legend you are linked to each other via destiny, unless you are together in the real world you will be incomplete and the same goes for your powers and skills."

"But is there a way to get us out of here?" asked Rin

"Yes, it is but you will need to do what I say," said Venus as she looked at Shirou.

Now all present were paying even more attention to this sword.

"The first thing you need to know Shirou is that if you die, all of you die because at this moment you are the only reason why this place exists." Said Venus talking about UBW. "In this moment your life is not only yours."

Shirou gulped.

"The second thing you need to know is that on this continent you will be seen as a heretic, because for the last six thousand years they have followed the religion of the founder Brimir."

"Founder Brimir?" asked Illya

"The religion that was founded after Zelretch visited this world and did all the crazy things that he does. So if the people of this land believe that you have any relationship with Duncan and Vigne they will try to kill you, and in your current state even if you can kill many of them you will die."

"I seeā€¦." said Shirou.

"But you haven said anything about how we can get out of here." Rin said.

"I am getting to that!" Venus snapped, she then turned to Shirou once more. "And you should be thankful that you found me. You see as the sword that was given life by the Goddess of love & victory, if you use me to achieve feats of love and victory, that will give me the power that I need to be able to get the girls out of here, one at the time."

"What do you mean?"

"That you can get one girl out of here at the time, but the price for each one will be a feat that combines love and victory"

"I see you, so you need a quest to increase your power" said Saber understanding the need for such action.

"I get the part of victory, but how can I acquire the part of love?" asked Shirou with energy, he finally has a way to rescue the girls.

"That is pretty simple," Venus said. She then raised her hand towards the girls and, in a fast motion, she put her left index finger between the middle of her right index finger and thumb. "By having lots of sex!"

Now all the presents fell to the ground. But when the girls recovered they were not happy.

"What that nonsense are you saying!?"said a mad Rin.

"What do you mean by nonsense? He is perfect for this"

"The hell he is!" said Illya.

"Are you sure about that" asked Venus.

"Of course we are, Shirou is a gentle soul that will not take advantage of any maiden," said Saber.

"Really?" said Venus that with a little of magic create a small mirror that shows a scene of a forest, but it wasn't an ordinary forest, because they could see a cabin on it, but not any cabin, it was a cabin that Shirou, Rin and Saber knew very well because it was the one that they used to hide from Illya and Berserker. It was also the same cabin where they had to use 'that' ritual to help Saber, but before they could ask what the meaning of the image was, sounds of ecstasy and love making could be heard. In that moment the images changed to reveal what was happening inside the cabin; yes it was showing that time, and the view of the beautiful bodies of Rin and Saber covered in sweat as Shirou was over them, taking everything from their bodies and they were happy to offer them to him.

For Illya, Rider and Sakura they already knew about that event after Shirou and the girls had told them about it, in the year that they spent together here, but knowing about it and seeing it is a big difference.

"Did you say something?" asked Venus with a little smirk.

"THAT WAS DIFFERENT!" said a blushing Rin.

"THAT'S RIGHT! IT WAS A CASE OF LIFE AND DEATH!" added Saber with the same red face as Rin.


The images suddenly changed to show a new view, this time it was a room, one from this very home, in it we saw Shirou was over Sakura, but unlike the previous time, he was being gentle and caring as if he was trying to assure her that everything will be alright. Sakura's expression showed happiness, and the group realized that this happened the night before their final battle with Angra Mainyu.

Also, unlike the embarrassed look on Saber and Rin's face, Sakura currently had a lustful expression, one that she has been trying to keep under control. However, the interesting part was that she didn't seem to care that her friends had seen her special moment with Shirou or that she had seen Shirou do it with her sister and Saber. She only cared about feeling the pleasure she had felt that night again.

"You can deny it all that you want, but it will not change the fact that your destiny is marked by swords and sex. Even the other two that you haven't done think of you as attractive and you them. In fact there has been a close encounter where you almost crossed the line with them"

"It is true, Onichan? Do you find me attractive?"Illiya asked after she got over the shock from seeing those images.

"I appreciate the compliment, if the opportunity ever shows up again I do not have any problem with participating in those activities with you," added Rider stoically.

"How can you say that so calmly?" asked a surprised Saber.

"I came from Greece; Many great heroes had more than one romantic partner, so to me this is something that is normal and I also respect and like Shirou so I do not see any problem with all this."

"You have to be joking, right?" asked Shirou, with the hope that all this is nothing but a joke.

"You better resign yourself." Venus cut off his hope. "The power of Duncan and Vigne will attract many situations of this nature to you. The best thing that you can do is accept your fate. However there is something else that you need to know, there has to be a meaning in each feat. You can't go and take a prostitute and pay for it hoping that one of them will suffice. No, a combination of factors must be met for me to receive power or it will be impossible to allow these girls to get out of here. Also, I cannot stress this enough, if you die, they die."

"Is there any other surprise that we must know?" asked Rin.

"Just two more, the first one is that like Shirou you won't be at full power until all of you are out."

"I see, and the last one?"

"After after you come out either you or the girl that Shirou just had with sex will not be completely human"


"You have no origin history in this world, so even if you come out in this moment it will be like some kind of ghost or spirits reincarnating. To be honest it would be for the best if you had other versions of yourselves in this world, so when your souls had come they could have merged without the loss of your previous powers. However, there are no versions of you here, so the only option is to alter your spirit origins so you can come out in your actual form and because of Shirou's status as a demigod, it will not be strange for him to be surrounded by forest nymphs or fairies"

"Turning human girls of this world into something else isn't that too cruel?" asked Sakura.

"For that reason it has to be voluntary, besides many girls in this world this will be change for the best, that is why you have to work hard to fix the mess that Zelretch made."

Venus remained in silence for a few moments before she turned towards Shirou.

"It is time to go."

"But we just got here."

"This connection's time was limited, but do not worry you can meet them again tomorrow. Besides, your real body is still in those ruins and it would be a good idea for you to get out of there before wild animals arrive."

Seeing that there is a good reason behind her request they agree that the next time that they will meet will be in a safe place.

Back to the real world

Shirou opened his eyes and saw that he was back in the ruins where he found Venus. The sword sat in his hand and he wondered if that was all a dream.

"No it wasn't" he heard her voice in his head.

"I see, so tell me, is it true that I will be able to rescue the girls?"

"Yes, if you do as I just told you it will be possible"

"I see." said Shirou as he dropped the old sword that he had bought for this mission and put Venus in the sword sheath.

"This sheath is cheap and old, I want a new one."

"For the moment this is the best that I can buy so you need to give me more time." said Shirou as he hurried to the place where the cart would pick him up to take him back to the city.

"You know that you can also go to a brothel and have a good time."

"Hey didn't you say that it has to be a deep meaning of any interaction that I may have with any girl of this world."

"Yes that is true."

"Then why are you telling me that I should go to a brothel?"

"To practice." was the simple answer in a joking tone.

"I can't believe that you are a sword given life for the Goddess of love."

"In fact that is the reason you know, Vigne loves harems stories and I know that she must be talking Duncan into taking more than one wife."

"Forget that I even asked."

With that said Shirou continued on his way.