A month passed by and Six quietly crept through the alleyways, searching for the next objective. The news covered him and did anything they could to either find him or try to get the latest scoop on his actions. He dragged an unconscious body to the dumpster before chucking it inside, slamming the metal lid on their legs and breaking them in the process. Walking away, he hid in the shadows when he heard a couple of the homeless talking.

"You hear about what's been going on?" One of them asked.

"No, besides the countless murder of the scum in the city?" Another one asked.

"Ha ha, very funny. I mean that supposedly there's some really big price on that cloaked fellow." The first one rolled his eyes.

"How much?" The second one asked.

"It was four million last month. Now though, I hear it's been bumped up to forty million." The first one said.

"That's enough to set us up for life." The second one whistled.

"At the price of your life? No way, I'd rather be poor than mutilated somewhere. Plus, the guy ain't so bad if you can get past his whole threatening demeanor." The first one shrugged.

Six narrowed his eyes as he listened to them for a while longer before departing. It seems someone had decided to place a price on his head. While it was somewhat of an issue, it also served in his favor a bit. He wanted them to come after him. It just made it easier for them to arrive at death's doorstep. Even though they were signing themselves to their own deaths, he couldn't afford to get sloppy. One set of scum might learn from the other's mistakes.

He went around the city and eventually settled for a shadier part of it, a place where he knew the worst of the worst resided. His eyes settled on a pawn shop and the lone clerk inside. Making sure to enter just before close, he shut the door and looked around carefully. The man behind the counter glanced at him for half a second before going back to his miniature TV, watching it with boredom. A yawn escaped his lips as he picked up a beer bottle and opened it, taking a sip shortly after.

Six just looked around before walking up to the counter and staring at the man.

"What?" He asked rudely.

"I need a Mistral mobile communications rig." Six answered.

"What kind?" The man asked.

"The kind that gets encrypted frequencies." Six answered.

"I'm not an electronic store, you know. You think I have that shit lying around here?" The man asked.

"..." Six looked at him before looking around and getting out a wad of lien, throwing it on the counter. The man inspected it and went to the back, bringing out a key to a metal container. He unlocked it and brought out a duffle bag, grunting as he set it on the counter and unzipped it, revealing a rather large radio set. Six listened to him explain how to work it; although he already knew how to use a radio. He was more interested in the frequencies to be honest.

After a lengthy explanation, he took the bag and zipped it up before walking towards the door.

"You interested in some other things?" The owner asked.

"No." Six answered calmly, continuing to walk.

"I got it all, man. Guns, Dust, knives, movies of all kinds. You name it. What kind of kink do you have? Something soft or hard? I got it all. I'll even throw some movies in that are really realistic in terms of violence. Almost as if the deaths were real." The man said.

"..." Six stopped and clenched his fist underneath the cloak.

"That got your attention, come on to the back and I'll show you my collection. Got some younger audiences in there as well. The oldest one is eight or nine, give or take. Some real sick shit." The man continued.

Six narrowed his eyes dangerously and set the bag down. His footsteps barely made a noise as he went to the door and locked it with a loud click, flipping the sign to closed before turning around. He saw a darkness in the man's eyes as his grin got wider when Six got closer. The man quickly and excitedly darted to the back while Six stopped and grabbed a metal baseball bat off one of the racks, hiding underneath his cloak.

He walked in the back and followed the man into a basement area. The man unlocked a metal door and he followed him inside before shutting it, encasing the room in darkness. Six's eyes widened and his pupils shrunk considerably when he saw the room.

It was a dingy basement with a bloody bed and chains all around. The walls were soundproof and he saw a camera in the corner while a large table with a circular saw was in the corner. There was a shelf with countless movies and he saw the man carefully sort through each case. Six just quietly brought out the bat and raised it as the man stood up after finding the right movie.

"This is probably my favorite one of all-" He didn't get to finish as he turned around and was smacked in the head with the bat, dropping to the ground with a loud thump.

Six dropped the bat and it rang out loudly throughout the room while he gripped the man by his feet and slammed him onto the table with the saw. He restrained his arms first then his feet while his private area faced the saw. Once that was done, he went to the camera and turned it on, looking through the footage before squeezing it slowly. A crack was heard when he saw the countless people tortured and killed on video.

After a few more minutes, he crushed the camera and stomped on it for good measure before going to the TV and kicking it. It broke like glass and he stomped a majority of the films before he turned his eyes on the man, slamming his fist into his ribs and startling him awake.

"What the fuck, man?! I thought we were cool?!" He shouted.

"How long have you been doing this?" Six asked.

"Why does it concern you?" The man asked. Six said nothing before he brought out his knife and stabbed him in the eye, twisting it before pulling it out of the socket. He ignored the scream of agony.

"Either you tell me, or I take you apart. Piece by piece... as you have done to others." Six tilted his head, flicking the mutilated eyeball away like a piece of trash. The man glared at him hatefully then blanked in terror when Six turned on the saw, pushing him closer and closer until he started talking. The man sobbed in fear and started to blubber out whatever information he knew. Snot and tears dribbled down his face as he spent the next hour and a half telling Six information, pleading for his life pathetically. Claiming that he would be a better person if he was let go.

Six stared at him coldly before pushing him towards the saw. Blood and gore sprayed out like a geyser; spraying the walls, ground, and ceiling as the saw easily cleaved through the man's genitals. He arched up trying to avoid any more agony. A large hand slammed him back onto the saw and was slowly cut in half. Blood, bodily fluids, organs, and even bone became joined together as Six continued to cut the pawnshop owner in half.

The screams stopped and wet gurgles were replaced before the scum went quiet. Six continued until the saw eventually cleaved through the top of his head and the body was split in two. The viscous, crimson liquid dribbled off the table and a steamy pile of organs squelched on it. He observed the mutilated corpse for a second before turning his head, spotting another room and noticed the tub in the back.

His cloak was caked in blood and he sighed a bit before turning on the water and setting his bag down. He cleaned his cloak and watched the water turn crimson, swirling down the drain. The red water splashed around and he let his thoughts run for a while. His eyes were locked on the water's activity, drawing a parallel between two different things.

He often wondered how long until the tsunami of blood flooded the city; eventually throwing it into a endless whirlpool of death.

Several days passed by and it was clear people were cautious now. The violent murder of the pawn shop owner had everyone cowering in their homes, the elite were anyways while the homeless merely stayed together. Turns out the radio the scum had sold him barely worked, but it had given him enough information to go off of half the time. Although, he was glad he took his lien back from the owner's register.

The news covered it and tried to keep the man's deeds under the rug but people always found out one way or another. One bold reporter always found a way to get the evidence and posted it online. The citizens were divided. The lower class and homeless celebrated that another vile person was gone, but some of the elite were demanding for justice. It was more to keep their status and to cover their own hides than to actually bring him to justice.

Another week passed by and a complex of White Fang were found dead. Each one strung up by their feet and dangling from any sort of higher elevation. The evidence of their crimes was left out for the authorities to find. In the span of several weeks, an entire morgue was filled to the brim of bodies that Six left behind in his bloody crusade. People knew the city was corrupt and filthy with scum, but it disturbed them that someone decided to scrub whatever filth was stuck to its foundation. It terrified them that the person was actually succeeding in doing it.

Six slept in a dark corner of a train cart inside of a abandoned metro station. He managed to find it after searching for a while and it offered him some semblance of peace. Nobody entered the area unless it was some unruly teens or drug addicts. The surface was too hot with how the authorities were patrolling and asking around for him. Despite them working overtime to try and find him, he still managed to slip away.

That wasn't to say he didn't encounter a few of them and had no choice but to render them unconscious. He knew that there were countless corrupt officers throughout the city, but the last thing he needed was to create another set of problems. Broken bones that put them out of commission for a while was the next best option. He didn't care about the public's opinion of him, but he wouldn't have them getting in his way either.

Despite it all though, not a single civilian was killed. Something only a few people seemed to take notice of.

He slept for a few hours before waking up when the Monitor tapped his helmet with her chassis. He looked up at her and sat up, stretching a bit before picking up his bag. She floated near him and hovered in place before disarming the grenade trap he set. He plucked the grenade and put it on him before peeking outside the door. In the distance, he could faintly hear voices before flashlights could be seen.

The unknown party got closer and he crouched down, activating the active camo when their flashlights brushed over his position. His eyes narrowed when he heard them speak about a bounty, specifically the one placed on his head. This was troublesome; although it just meant he needed to wrap up his hunt in the city faster. Too many people could be caught in the crossfire and he refused to let that happen.

One of them entered the train cart he was in and he went still, observing their gear with interest. Nothing gave their affiliation away, but that was fine... he'd just have to squeeze it out of the last one. The person in front of him looked professional, but deep down he knew they weren't. When they turned away from the spot he was at, he wrapped his hand around their mouth and pulled out his knife, sliding the blade across their neck.

He plunged the blade into their chest with enough force to pierce the Kevlar. The tip of the knife sank into their heart and they gave a quiet, muffled scream as they looked up at him. He stared at them coldly before letting the life slip from their eyes. The body slumped down and he set it down quietly before heading outside of the cart. He hid behind the corner and focused his hearing.

Each one gloated on who would be the one to take his head and all he could do was narrow his eyes some more. He went back to the cart and gripped the mercenary's hair, bringing out his kukri and removing the head. Blood dribbled onto the ground and he walked out of the cart. Rearing his hand back, he threw the head forward and it rolled in front of the group. The first one fell onto their rear and scooted back as they recognized their comrade's mutilated head.

His mind kicked into overdrive and he quickly found the highest ranking individual, deciding to save them for last. They turned around when they heard a metallic noise and saw him bring out the Suppressor. He aimed it at the one in the front and fired several times. Meta-stable shards easily pierced through their body armor and into the flesh, drawing a quick gasp of agony before an explosion occurred. The force knocked the others over and Six wasted no time firing into the next one, watching as the shards penetrated the flesh of the unfortunate victim. Another explosion occurred and he watched them disintegrate, their cells breaking down and turning into ash.

The others quickly recovered and took cover behind whatever they could, firing at him and cursing when he dove out of the way and into cover. Gunfire echoed throughout the abandoned tunnel and he reached inside of his bag, grabbing a smoke bomb and throwing it forward. Once it exploded, he threw a grenade and listened to it detonate, briefly hearing the scream of two individuals before they faded into nothing.

He rushed through the smoke, sliding and bringing out his shotgun. Once he was through the smoke, he brought it up to the nearest one and fired into their skull. It showered the area in a display of gore, splattering all over the walls and onto the ground. He turned to his left and fired into the next person's leg, a scream of agony echoed throughout the tunnel as blood sprayed from their mutilated leg. They were silenced when he fired again, their head turned into a mist of blood and gore.

The last one cursed and charged at him, bringing out her knife and stabbing towards him. He blocked it with his shotgun before slamming the barrel against her stomach. A choked gasp escaped from her lips before he shoulder checked her into the wall. She tried to bring out her sidearm but he brought out the kukri and slashed at her hand, cutting off four fingers. A scream barely escaped her lips before Six's hand clamped around her throat and dragged her up the wall with one hand.

"Your reason for being here... what was it?" He asked calmly.

"Fuck... you..." She choked out.

"..." He stuck his knife into their stomach and began to twist slowly. Her scream was ignored until she begged him to stop, him only doing so until she started talking.

"You have a forty million lien bounty on your head. Practically everyone in the city knows." She held her wound.

"..." His eyes narrowed and he let his thoughts mull over for a minute.

"Who all knows?" He asked.

"All the big shots in power. Rumor is that even the Headmaster of Haven knows." She said.

"What?" He said quietly.

"Heard it from some of the cocky rogue Huntsmen and Huntresses." She said.

"..." He just stared at her before tightening his grasp a bit.

"Who hired you?" He asked.

"We did this on our own accord. We should have just let the others do the work before taking the credit-" She stopped when his grasp tightened and he pushed her further up the wall. Her legs dangled and kicked around as she tried to get out of his grip. The kicking in her legs started to lessen bit by bit and eventually it ceased all together. He tilted his head when the life slipped from her eyes. The corpse crumbled to the ground when he dropped it and he reared his foot back, sending it forward and crushing her skull. More blood caked the area and he scraped a bit of brain matter off the bottom of his foot.

He walked away from the carnage and into the dark tunnel in silence. Nearly everyone in the city knew about the bounty, so no doubt they'd want to try and get it. That was fine though... it just meant it was easier to get rid of the scum.

If they wanted his head, then they could come get it. Hell would be filled with their souls soon enough.

Everything was deathly quiet in the city. A curfew was set into place and the authorities patrolled the streets in groups of ten, thinking it was safer this way. Six's body count soared into the hundreds by now and the weaker gangs knew better than to try and take him. They saw the aftermath of one of Six's massacres and were smart enough not to attempt the same action. At this point in time, the council viewed him as the devil and did everything to have him taken out of the picture.

Six had decided to let the heat die down a bit as he listened to the rain. He chose to lie low in one of the more barren parts of the city and rested a bit. All he did was plan his next move and let his thoughts run for a bit. He already slaughtered a couple of trafficking rings, sabotaged several drug labs, and rescued a couple of missing people from being tortured to death. Criminals were running scared now, with the exception of the more hardened ones.

Through the countless White Fang victims, he soon found out that Taurus was somewhere in the city. He'd have to find him and gather as much information he could on the terrorist before killing him. The amount of research he did on the faunus was something he was used to. Going in blind and underestimating would cause complications and lead to mistakes, something he couldn't afford at the moment.

The Monitor had decided to get into the news and keep him posted about everything. He would have her trace whoever set the bounty on his head, but he needed to find the person who was connected first. In the meantime, he would work on dismantling whatever major crime syndicates there were while he eradicated the remaining White Fang. They were slowly breaking, bit by bit. Each complex he managed to find out about led him to the next one. By the time they realized he was there, nothing but sheer terror filled their hearts and minds.


He wanted them to be terrified of him. It just made eliminating them easier since they were prone to make more foolish mistakes. Each time they made a poor decision, it was another opportunity that he took. He knew that they were slowly eroding and getting sloppier, more desperate than what they actually were. The countless faunus saw a violent death should they join the White Fang, and a majority didn't want that.

"Reclaimer, I must inform you that your actions have caused a surge in Grimm activity." She said.

"..." He expected this would happen. The Grimm feasted on negative emotion and he was giving them a buffet to enjoy to the fullest.

"It will need to be addressed sooner rather than later." She suggested.

"I know, which is why I want to wrap this up." He said.

"What do you plan to do?" She asked.

"Eradicate the White Fang and find out who put this bounty on me, then take them out of the picture." He stood up and walked out in the abandoned area. The rain pelted against his body and it was relaxing in a sense.

"Then what?" She asked.

"Handle the Grimm and get the facility up and running. I won't risk civilians being put in harms way due to the bounty on my head." He said.

"How noble of you." She commented.

How ironic of her to say that; it felt odd in some way though. As he walked in the rain, he stopped for a while and listened closely to his surroundings. There was a sense of unease festering within his gut and his gaze hardened a bit before he pulled out his DMR. His legs spread apart a bit and his fingers curled around the rifle calmly. Everything was quiet, with the exception of the rain, and tense. Although he didn't see anything, his instincts blared that something was watching him.

The silence seemed to drag on for a few minutes before three individuals sprang out from their cover. He quickly turned around and narrowed his eyes, firing into two of them quickly. Both rounds impacted their skulls and they dropped to the ground while the third one tried to kick him. As they got closer, he quickly moved to their right and gripped their leg. He saw their eyes widen before using their momentum to swing them around.

Their face impacted the ground and splattered blood and brain matter all over it. Six swung them over his shoulder and slammed them into the ground once more, listening to several bones snap violently and even more blood paint the concrete. The rain mixed in with the blood and he dragged the body around him before flinging the broken corpse away.

He heard the distinct radio chatter and walked up to one of the bodies, bending down to listen.

"You lot done yet? The storm is picking up and I don't wanna be out here any longer. Hurry up!" The person on the other side exclaimed. All he did was crush the radio in his hand and let the shattered pieces fall to the ground. He put his DMR away and gripped the other two corpses by their collars and dragged them out of sight, throwing them into a dark corner before continuing forward. There were probably more of them, but that didn't deter him in the slightest.

He waited several minutes before hearing the barking of orders on the radio. Half an hour passed by and he saw two black SUVs carefully park and the occupants exit out of them. Eight armed individuals gathered around and split off into groups of two, searching for their missing companions. His spot from an abandoned building shrouded him in the shadows and he silently crept away from the window after observing them.

The first pair entered the building he was in and constantly looked around. It was nearly pitch black and inside and they had to turn on their flashlights, aiming it around every so often to illuminate the area. The floorboards creaked with every step and the rain outside didn't help the atmosphere in the slightest. It was dark and gloomy, and the distinct feeling of dread filled their hearts.

Both of them looked around cautiously before snapping ahead when something fell. Their weapons were aimed at the spot and their fingers slowly went to the trigger before they lowered their weapons when they saw a mangy dog emerge from its corner. It's fur was missing in several places and the bones were visible through its skin.

"It's just a dog." The first one sighed, before he stepped towards it and started to wave his hand. He went towards the corner and tried to usher it away.

"Leave it, we got more to worry about than some dying mutt." The second one said, not noticing the air shift around him a bit.

"Still... get out of here, you damn dog." The first one said. After a few more seconds, he managed to scare the dog away and felt a bit proud. When he turned around, he noticed that the hallway was suddenly vacant of his partner. It was like he disappeared, making him feel the dread once more.

"Alright, very funny. Trying to scare me. Well you succeeded... now come on." The man laughed at first. When nothing was heard for a few minutes, his attitude started to take a turn for the worse and he started to feel odd for some reason. His pace picked up a bit as he searched each abandoned room quickly. On the last room, he saw his partner tied up tightly. A dirty cloth was stuffed in his mouth and he tried to wiggle his way out of the ropes.

Six watched as the man tried cutting the ropes and quietly brought out his knife, flipping it in a reverse grip and silently approaching him. His hand went to the man's mouth and covered it, before sinking the blade into the side of his neck. Six lifted the man up into the air before twisting the blade and ripping it forward. Blood splattered on the dusty ground and he let the corpse crumble to the ground. His attention was turned to the second man on the ground and lifted his foot.

Six ignored the muffled screaming slammed his foot against his face and crushed it, splattering gore all over the ground. He scrapped off some of the brain matter from the bottom of his foot before quickly leaving the room. The crimson liquid slowly pooled around the bodies and the dog from earlier came back, sniffing one of them before sinking its fangs into the flesh. The sound of ripping was faintly heard as it filled its stomach with some form of sustenance.

The sky was pitch black as the rain continued and the wind picked up a bit. Thunder rumbled in the distance and lightning struck nearby as he crouched on the edge of a building. His gaze was unflinching as he stared at the people below. He took his cloak off and folded it neatly before setting his bag on top of it so the wind wouldn't blow it away. Fishing inside the bag, he grabbed a few smoke bombs and placed them on him before grabbing a fire and ice Dust shard.

He watched as they started to spread out a bit and quietly crept through the area. Making his way towards one of their vehicles, he crawled and stuck the fire Dust shard underneath. Carefully sawing off a bit of it, he sprinkled a trail around before going to the next one, opening the hood and freezing the engine. The engine oil started to thicken.

He activated his camo and slammed the hood on the rest of the crystal, freezing the battery as well. The ice he had was kept in a special container to avoid freezing his items. Just as he expected, the others looked towards his direction and started making their way towards the sound. All he did was quickly make his way up to his bag and fish through it once more, bringing out a fire throwing knife.

Once several of them were around the first vehicle, he threw the knife at the trail of Dust. The fire ignited and quickly zoomed towards the vehicle, some of them managed to dive out of the way when they realized what was going on while others weren't so lucky. The area was illuminated when the SUV exploded and sent parts of it into the air. Two of them died upon the initial explosion when countless amounts of shrapnel ripped through their bodies. The others were thrown away and they coughed harshly before standing up.

Six pulled out the Suppressor and aimed it, firing it and watching as the shards impacted the first one. Their body jerked around for a second before they suddenly exploded. He wasted no time and fired into the next one, watching as their body disintegrated as well. The rest of them had the right mind to take cover behind the other vehicle and try to find out where he was.

One of them made the mistake of peeking out too far and he fired the Suppressor once more. The shards curved around the corner of the vehicle and strike them in the head. Their body dropped and kicked up some water in a puddle before it was dragged out of the way. The DMR was pulled out and he looked through the scope, keeping a vigilant eye out for the faintest movement.

It was quiet for a few minutes as the rain continued to pelt them mercilessly. He patiently waited for one of them to make a move and saw a smoke grenade being thrown. The area was covered in a grey cloud and he activated the camo before heading to a better position. He rushed forward and jumped to the building next to him, using the edge as a springboard. Rolling forward, he saw them gone from their position and carefully looked around.

A noise made him look closer to see the remaining three in the the SUV and the driver desperately trying to start it. He aimed forward and fired a single shot, watching as the round slammed through the window.

The driver jerked to the side and blood splattered against the passenger's before he quickly made his way down the building. He sprinted towards the vehicle and one of them saw him, busting open the window and firing at him. Their eyes widened when his shields kicked up but didn't stop him. They scooted back to the other side as he slammed against the door. The amount of force he put into that managed to knock them against the other door.

The door was locked but that didn't deter him in the slightest. All he did was grip it and rip the door off before dropping it. While the person was still stunned, he gripped their leg and slammed them onto the ground before picking up the door. They raised their hand and beg for their life before he slammed the edge of it on their throat. Blood shot from their eye sockets and ears then splattered against the ground.

His head whipped around when the last one fired their gun at him and hit the back of his head. His shields flared up as they continued to fire into him and blank in fear when it didn't do anything to stop him. He merely stalked towards them and ripped them out of the vehicle, throwing them onto the ground before ending their life with a simple curb stomp.

Everything was quiet and the wind slowed down as did the rain. The only noise was the drops from the sky impacting the ground and the cars. He searched through the car and eventually found a tablet, having the monitor give him access to it. A small frown adorned his face when he saw a file and opened it, seeing the vague amount of info that they had on him. He looked around before going back to his bag and cloak and sitting down on the roof.

A few recordings were played, briefing what they would do with the money after they captured or killed him. He also found more information regarding trafficking rings, drug labs, and even a few White Fang bases. A gold mine of information in his eyes and he held the tablet up to the Monitor.

"I need you to render this untraceable." He said.

"Leave it to me." She beeped. Her small chassis clicked and he saw a few wires extend out of it, carefully digging into the electronic with careful precision and floating in place for a minute. As carefully as she put them in, she took them out and looked at him before nodding up and down.

"You think you can trace who put this bounty on me?" He asked.

"It'll take a minute or two." She said.

"We have time." He commented.

"The technology on this Installation is quite primitive. While yours is somewhat primitive, it is leagues above theirs." She commented.

"I'm flattered." He said evenly.

"I'm serious, Reclaimer. You would think after several thousand years, Humanity on this Installation would be reaching the stars, yet they haven't." She said. She didn't want to alert anyone of her presence within the system. Plus, she was having an enjoyable time worming her way through it. It was merely a game to her and she found herself wanting to do this again. If she had a physical face, it would be frowning when she found something.

A trafficking ring of children being sold to some scientist. The results of the test weren't even gaining any form knowledge, they were merely being run for the sheer joy of it. To satisfy the twisted minds of the countless individuals within the Installation. She wasn't a stranger to immoral tests, seeing how she's performed some on several subjects... but to her, it was needed for her research against the Flood. She couldn't perform the same tests seeing how she had no Flood subjects anymore though.

"Monitor..." He called out.

"Right, sorry. I got caught up in something." She said.

"Does it have to do with the bounty or other things along the same lines?" He asked.

"Seeing how you've taken to cleaning up the "scum" I feel as if I should inform you of something." She said.

"Go ahead." He nodded.

What he heard wasn't something he wanted to at the moment. He could feel the white, hot anger boiling up in his system and his fists clenched tightly when she showed him the pictures. His knuckles popped several times as the feeling anger soon shifted to silent rage, then eventually was snuffed out like a candle in a quiet night. He'd deal with this person another time, because right now he had numerous objectives at the moment.

"Aside from that, I do have a lead as to who put the bounty on your head." She said.

"..." He nodded and stood up, picking up his cloak and putting it over his shoulders before throwing the hood over his head. He sat down and leaned against the small amount of cover before sifting through the tablet. All he did was listen to the rain and collect the information while the Monitor floated next to him, looking at the screen as well. Both of them were determined to achieve their goals, even if it meant ripping through whatever the opposition was. Regardless if it was an "immortal " witch or wizard.

Mistral would never forget the deeds of their actions. The bloody crusade against the crime that would shock Remnant to its core and be forever etched into history. They would know of the monster that carried weapons of silent fury and the appearance of the reaper. His actions were both kind to some and brutal to others; ripping through its enemies with ruthless efficiency while remaining forever humble to the outsiders and less fortunate.

He was an inspiration to those he saved; ones who had seen the dark bowels of Remnant and emerged survivors through his intervention. Although he didn't know it yet, the ones he's saved would try to loosely follow his footsteps.

In the near future, a new faction would arise. Answering the quiet howl of the lone wolf and letting them look up into the broken moon and give one of their own.

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