A knife entered the throat of a White Fang, staining the blade a crimson color. Blood dribbled down onto the ground as they stared up at the killer with nothing short of terror in their eyes. After several agonizing seconds, the muffled struggling went quiet in the dark tunnel and the body was dragged out of sight. A trail of blood was left in its wake and a dull thump was heard.

As silent as a ghost, Six quietly crept through the tunnel. After some more digging, he finally found the location of Taurus. The leader of the Vale branch was here and the Spartan could practically smell his scent. A pungent odor of death, much like himself. Once Taurus was dead and gone then the White Fang would start to erode more than what it already is. This would probably be the straw that broke the camel's back and the terrorist organization would finally collapse. It was taking longer than what he dared to admit in bringing it down, but it's not like he hasn't done it before.

Every one he killed, their fear of him grew. At this point, he wasn't even a demon anymore, he was considered their devil. One who came to punish their evil deeds against all of humanity. They reminded him so much of the Insurrection he was made to kill that sometimes he mistook them for their human counterparts. The only difference was that at least the Insurrection was more organized. He had seen countless White Fang abandon their "organization" because they knew staying would be their death sentence. It was in a sense.

This was ultimately his goal, to break the terrorist organization by driving them to the brink of destruction. Killing Taurus would solidify the downfall and he wasn't leaving until the man was dead. His hunt was almost over and he decided to give the city a parting gift before he actually left. He'd slowly leak the information that was happening in Mistral to the public and let them deal with it. Once he was done, he'd go to the settlement and check up on it before visiting Maaya and Myne. He already knew Ren and Nora were coming for the summer and he wanted to see them to.

Amidst all the death and destruction, he looked forward to seeing those four. Despite him not being around Ren and Nora for years, he did find himself thinking of them often. It wasn't until a few years after he first left them did he realize he cared about them. He didn't have too many regrets in life, with the exception of not doing more for Noble; but letting those two fend for themselves was one of his biggest regrets.

It was clear how much they adored and respected him while he kept them at an arm's distance. He did the same thing with Maaya and Myne because he didn't want to see them hurt and experience the pain of losing them. Six didn't want to experience what had happened to Noble and Myne's family. The former group made him feel empty when witnessing each death and the latter made him feel some type of way. There wasn't a way to describe it too well.

His thoughts were cut short when he saw a cellar door. He looked around before opening it and climbing inside, quietly closing the door and heading further down into it. The Suppressor was brought out and he aimed it forward while constantly scanning the area. His DMR and Shotgun were practically dry at this point and he didn't want to waste anymore rounds. He'd use the Suppressor and his knives to deal with the rest of the White Fang until the time being.

The camo was activated and his form was concealed quickly when he heard footsteps, seeing two White Fang walk down the hall. Both of them looked terrified and he could see their legs shaking horribly as they walked down the dark hallway. One of them even had their ears flattened against their skull.

"Hey man, you don't think he found this place... right?" The first one asked shakily.

"No, he couldn't have. This place is practically hidden from everyone." The second one said.

"So where the others, yet that thing still found them. What if he comes here?" The first one asked. He continued to walk forward and expected an answer, only to stop when he didn't receive one. His head turned to look behind him, only to find his partner gone and the only thing on the ground was a gun. His pupils shrunk in terror and he fumbled with his radio, only to gasp in agony then go limp when a fist burst through his mouth.

Blood splattered against the ground and Six ripped his hand free before having the Monitor disintegrate the corpse, leaving no trace of the body. He continued forward and would stop every so often when he was met with a dead end. His mind remembered the layout and the paths he took, logging it into his brain like a supercomputer. There were times he's had to backtrack and retrace his steps in order to go to another part of the facility.

Each White Fang he encountered was dispatched quickly and mercilessly. It was quick and clean, much like how he used to operate. He noticed how he had been getting more and more brutal and it started to show. It was fine with breaking the morale down when dealing with these kind of things, but he liked being clean most of the time. He'd rather be as careful as a surgeon than sloppy like a butcher. He wanted to dissect his prey rather than mutilate them overall. The quicker and cleaner he made his kills, the more time he had to send a signal out to the UNSC and get back to the settlement.

It took a while, but he eventually found a large open area and it didn't take a genius to find out it was a trap. A good amount of the terrorists should be dead by now and he threw himself over the railing and landed into the open area and waited calmly. He waited quietly before the lights turned off and turned back on after a few seconds. His eyes narrowed when he saw a dozen members surround him. Two had their guns settled on the railing and aimed at him.

No one moved an inch and all he did was gaze over them, watching a few of them flinch. His sensitive hearing could faintly hear the pounding in their chests. The sheer terror his mere presence brought them and it was exhilarating in a small sense. It was moments like these did he remember what he was to the White Fang.

He was their devil.

The one who came to collect their souls and condemn it to eternal damnation for their sins. No matter how much they tried to beg, reason, or kill him. Nothing would stop him from eradicating them off the face of the planet. As soon as he cut the head off the snake, the body would die shortly after. It's why he needed to find Taurus fast and not let him escape this time. He got careless last time, but he wouldn't make the same mistake this time around.

He heard the sound of the guns aiming at him and he spun around, using his momentum to throw two Dust knives into their skulls. The amount of force he put into them was enough to break the small amount of aura they had. One of their heads expanded and exploded in a shower of gore while fire cooked the mutilated stump. The second one convulsed in place for a few seconds before falling over dead.

The ones in the open area stopped and backed up in fear. The deafening silence made the atmosphere that much worse for them before one of them grew bold enough to rush at him. They swung their weapon downwards and he moved out of the way at the last second, taking note of the small crater from the impact. His hand lashed out and struck them in the nose, creating a loud crack and saw blood fly from it. His other hand gripped the back of their head and gripped it tightly, shoving their face towards the hilt.

A sickening crunch and squish was heard as it erupted from the back of their skull, splattering gore all over the ground. Their body slumped to the ground and a pool of blood started to leak from the wound and around their body. He grabbed the sword and slowly looked at the rest of them, watching as they backed up and one of them fell on their rear. Silently stalking up to the downed one, he raised the blade and stabbed them in the throat, ripping out a second later.

The others dropped their weapons and turned to run towards the exit, only to find it locked. He watched as they helplessly pounded and clawed on the door, hitting it so hard their hands started to bleed after a while. The sword in his hand was raised and he threw it with all his might, pinning one of them to the wall and killing them instantly when it hit their back. More frantic pounding was heard and their pleas echoed throughout the room. It was almost pitiful in a sense and they stopped when they heard something metallic snapping together like a puzzle.

Each one turned shakily turned around to see Six aiming the Suppressor at them. It was tense for a few seconds before one of them held their hands up in a pleading manner, tears welling in their eyes.

"Please... no." They begged.

"..." Six ignored the pleas and the Suppressor lit up in activation, glowing a horrible orangish-red color before shards sped out of the barrel. The first one jerked and impacted the wall as shards entered their body before exploding. The others gave a whimper of fear before trying to either rush past him or take him head on. The two that tried to face him head on jerked around when the shards entered their bodies and they exploded. Their cells breaking down past medical repair and turning into ash.

Each one he killed, he started to feel less and less. No empathy, remorse, guilt, satisfaction, or hate.

He simply felt nothing as he mercilessly killed them, ignoring their pleas for their lives. They were targets and needed to be dealt with. Nearly every criminal in Mistral was a target in his eyes, but he couldn't handle all of them since he was one man. The kingdom as too dirty in his personal opinion. Too much filth clung to the foundation and the world let it fester like an infected wound. As much as he wanted to scrub this part of the world clean, he couldn't.

His thoughts were interrupted when he noticed the lack of screams and silence basked the room. Ashes filled the air and landed on the ground while blood spread across the floor like a puddle. Some of it dribbled down the balcony from the two gunners and the slight dripping noise met his ears. The metallic smell filled the area and he closed his eyes for several seconds, relaxing slightly when it was over. So much death and destruction he's caused in the last few weeks and he wanted out of it. The corruption of the city seemed to try and taint him because he didn't even kill this many back in Vale.

A sigh escaped his lips quietly and he looked around before bringing out his kukri, coating it in the hallucinogens carefully before sheathing it. Once Taurus was dead, he could handle the Grimm that were going on the rise outside the city walls. He was aware he was the reason they were banging on the doors, with the amount of negativity he brought through fear and other emotions. The UNSC would punish him for being so sloppy, killing indiscriminately without doing the proper research.

He needed to kill Taurus and get out of the city. After that he needed to go back to the settlement and visit Maaya and Myne. Finally, he needed to find a way to deal with Ozpin and Salem before leaving Remnant. Both of them were as much as a threat as he was.

Six stepped into another open area quietly after putting on the armor lock and noticed that the ground below him was mostly dirt. There faint traces of blood in it and he swore that he could see a few teeth here and there. He ignored it in favor of looking around the area and looked up at the balcony when he heard someone walking. His eyes narrowed when he saw someone standing on the balcony, glaring at him venomously. There was no mistaking the figure; red and black attire, that slicked back spiky, red hair, and horns. He could see the combination of a sword and a gun/sheath in his left hand. The most vibrant part was the cursed White Fang mask with four slits in it.

It was Adam Taurus, a high ranking member of the White Fang. Also his target as well.

"As I live and breath..." Adam started, slowly walking towards the edge, his foot hovered over it before he let himself drop. Dust kicked up when he landed and slowly stood up. His fingers curled around his weapon tightly and he started to circle around Six, who did the same.

"..." Six just narrowed his eyes and the two continued to circle one another.

"The demon finally rears his ugly head from the depths of hell." Adam snarked.

"..." Six stayed silent before stopping. Shooting at Taurus wouldn't be very smart of him. He had done his research on the leader and took into account of his semblance; absorbing energy through attacks. He didn't necessarily know the extent of how much he could absorb, but he wasn't about to let the terrorist get the chance. He just wanted to kill Taurus before leaving the city; his purging was practically done at this point and the scum of the city were terrified of his existence.

"How many of us have you killed over the years?" Adam asked.

"I'm not sure, and I don't care." Six answered.

"You don't care that you robbed so many good faunus of their lives?" Adam bitterly snapped.

"Good people? You mean terrorist that have no qualms about killing innocents? No, I don't." Six said.

"We wouldn't have to kill innocents if they didn't get in our way." The Faunus growled.

"No, you killed them to satiate your own bloodlust. Even the ones who tried to run from danger were gunned down by your forces. You call yourselves freedom fighters, yet what freedom are you fighting for?" Six asked.

"Like I would tell you." Adam responded.

"I don't expect you to. Prejudice... is that it? You think that killing humans will rid the world of it? It won't, Taurus. There will always be prejudice in this world, regardless if you're human or Faunus. All you've done for yourselves is gain more hatred from humans with your actions. Did you really think that killing innocents like that wouldn't have repercussions?" Six asked again.

"A human like you wouldn't understand what it's like to be hated. To be brought down to your knees and beaten for simply existing. To be forced to work for countless forms of employment, only to face discrimination for having an animal feature. Humans don't understand that treatment, and I know you especially don't. All you've done is prove that humans are nothing but traitors and monsters in disguise. You slaughter us like we're animals and never once gave us a chance to fight back to begin with." Adam clenched his teeth.

"When you were a peaceful organization, I ignored you all. I had no problems with the protests in the beginning. It was only when the killings started did you all become a problem. A wound that grew infected with time and threatened to bring the rest of the world into the grave. You don't even follow your own ideologies given how you sold innocent Faunus to a trafficking ring." Six explained calmly.

Adam gave an animalistic snarl as he aimed his weapon at Six, launching it a breakneck speeds. The sword came barreling at him, but he just moved to the side and caught it, inspecting it before shoving it into the ground. A majority of the blade was impaled into the ground and Six lifted his arm when Adam lifted Blush and began to fire at him. His shields kicked up in response and he had to dive to the side when more Dust rounds impacted him.

His eyes narrowed when Adam used this opportunity to dash towards the sword and yank it out of the ground. Dirt kicked up as he flicked some of it off before putting it in its sheath and bending his legs a bit. He dashed at the cloak menace and flicked his wrist, watching as his blade was met with a gleaming combat knife. Sparks made him wince at the sudden illumination and the ringing was so loud it disorientated him for a few seconds.

Six slammed his palm against Adam's chest before flipping the knife in a reverse grip and stabbing downwards. It was blocked and Adam struggled for a few seconds before he saw the knife drop, his eyes widening when Six caught it with his other hand and attempted to stab him in between the ribs. He managed to twist out of the way and jump up and kick off the Spartan before rolling backwards and coming up in a crouched position.

Adam had to jump out of the way when he saw Six's colossal body soar through the air and slam into the spot he was in. Dust kicked up and he dove backwards when Six dashed at him, slashing several times before sweeping his leg. It caught his leg before he rolled out of the way when Six's foot slammed at the spot his head was at. Once again, Six darted after him and there were a few times he had to jump away with how fast the Spartan was.

The sound of throwing knives being brought out made his ears flick and he brought out Wilt to block them; slicing them in half and feeling them explode into ice and electricity respectively. He could feel the energy feeding his semblance and he heard two more knives being thrown, slashing them apart as well. The second one he flew back a bit since it was a gravity Dust throwing knife, but it was enough for Six to lunge at him.

Six managed to pounce on him and slammed his fist into the leader's diaphragm before picking him up by his hair and headbutting him. A loud crack from the mask was heard and Adam pumped a large amount of aura in his legs to kick off of Six. It made him stumble but he moved out of the way just in time to avoid a straight thrust from Wilt. He raised his leg and stomped on the sword, pining it to the ground for a quick second.

Adam pumped aura into his arms and threw his arms up, throwing the heavy leg off his weapon. It messed up his posture a bit but he regained it after a second. He parried a few blade slashed and quickly maneuvered around Six to climb on his back, flipping his sword into a reverse grip in an attempt to stab his shoulder. The collar to his shirt was grabbed and he was slammed onto the ground before he felt an armored foot slam into his torso.

His body soared through the air and landed roughly on the ground. Pain flared through his body and he struggled to get up before seeing Six just standing there. Anger had soon replaced the pain and he roared before firing Blush at him several times. Six just dove out of the way which infuriated Adam even more. He launched Wilt at him again and caught it, only this time he threw it back at Adam quickly. The blade skimmed past the Faunus and cut his ear before embedding itself into the wall.

"Bastard!" Adam roared before firing Blush some more. It ran empty after a few shots and he threw it to the side before rolling his shoulders and bouncing on his feet. He didn't need his weapon to kill the machine in front of him, he's taken on worse before. He was seeing red at this point and he wanted to tear the monster apart with his bare hands.

Six just stared flatly at Adam before putting his own knife away and spreading his feet a bit, and raising his fists. The under suit flexed a bit and he waited patiently for Adam to charge at him like before. He had to admit, Adam was quicker than he expected, but he wasn't as quick as Tyrian. He was brought out of his thought when he saw Adam jump towards him and spun diagonally, attempting to kick his head. He leaned out of the way and blocked another kick with his forearm before sending an uppercut towards the terrorist, who leaned out of the way and used his momentum to just kick the edge of his helmet.

Six threw his head downwards and slammed it on the top of Adam's skull and watched as he bent down in agony. He grabbed his face when he stood back up and slammed it into the ground before throwing him into the wall. It was a foolish attack, but it was one nonetheless. He heard a bellow of rage and saw Adam pant heavily like a bull before he ripped his blade out of the wall.

Like an enraged bull, he charged at Six and slashed at him several times. Each attack was blocked and parried before he tried to stab at him again, just like before the blade was stomped on. Adam ripped the blade from underneath Six's foot viciously and jumped up in the air. Six slid out of the way to his right when the sword slammed against the ground like a hammer and kicked up some dirt.

"I'll kill you! Kill you!" Adam snapped violently like a rabid dog. He spit up some saliva when Six slammed his fist onto his stomach and jumped up then kicked him in the chest with both of his feet. He tumbled on the ground before raising his head and letting out an animalistic bellow and dashed at Six, slashing threw times with all his might. This attack kept Six on his toes with how quick they were and he had to dodge three dark apparitions of the Faunus.

His eyes flicked to Adam when he saw him bend down and glow red while the world around them grew dark. He activated the armor lock and a spot below him kicked up some dirt and pebbles when his fist slammed into it. His body was locked up just a second before he felt a wave of energy slash over him. There was a loud boom and he deactivated the armor lock and stared at Adam, who fell to his knees in slight exhaustion. He looked behind him to see a large slash in the wall, enough to cut an armored truck in half like a surgeon.

It was a good thing he knew the extent of Adam's abilities and knew what to expect, otherwise it would have been a different story. He slowly walked to Taurus and leaned out of the way of a stab towards his throat before gripping his wrist. His fist slammed into Adam several times until he heard the sound of aura breaking and his grip on the wrist tightened. A dull popping noise was heard and he snapped Adam's wrist counterclockwise.

A sickening crack was heard and a bloodcurdling scream followed shortly after. He watched Adam fall to his knees with his right hand dangling limply while breathing harshly. Adam's left hand was caught when he tried to punch Six and screamed when Six brought out the kukri and cleaved it off effortlessly. Blood sprayed from the wound and painted the ground below in a crimson color.

Six stared at the terrorist coldly before gripping his horns and lifting him up off the ground. His muscles tensed as he started to bend the horns in an awkward angle and ignored the cries of agony. After a few seconds, a thunderous crack was heard and he held the bloody horns in his hands. He stomped on Adam's hand when he tried to grab Wilt with his broken hand and twisted his foot, grinding the bones to splinters.

"..." He had to admit, despite the Faunus defeat, he was still willing to fight till the end. He would have respected that had he not slaughtered so many innocents and sold out his own kind. The screaming grew more erratic and he looked down at the sight before him. He saw Adam's face for the first time and the first thing he noticed was the large SDC marking on his left eye. It was bloodied with a grey iris and a singed brow, indicating it had been forcefully branded onto him.

His foot was lifted from the decimated hand and some blood stuck to the bottom of it, which he wiped off in the dirt. He gripped Adam's collar and stared at the branding some more. If the company was responsible for creating a monster like him, then Six needed to do something. He couldn't have another Taurus running around killing innocents, regardless if they were Faunus or not.

Adam clambered up to his knees and stared at the figure above him. The hallucinogens were kicking in and he saw several things coming from Six; none of which were pleasant. Ranging from simple corpses to cosmic entities of the unknown.

The first thing he noticed was that Six dwarfed Adam like a giant to an ant. Underneath his hood were countless tentacles clasping at the edges, slithering around the hood in search of something to grab onto. While bodies fell from the darkness of it. The area around them was swallowed into the void and they were floating in space, an infinite amount of stars littering the abyss. Planets were burning while moons were shattered, and in the center of it all was him. The bodies soared into the thousands and were still piling up to this day.

As he stared into the hood, he saw something. It was unknown and his mind couldn't grasp it, like it refused to comprehend what he was staring at. This thing above him wasn't of this world. It was a being crafted of metal and flesh that was made to end his existence and swallow it into the void. The caution turned to fear and soon that turned to unadulterated terror. He was scared of the being in front of him. This cosmic entity in the shape of a man.

The air rumbled around him as the being spoke to him, and he responded. It was wrong though, his voice sounded like he was underwater and it was warbled, yet the figure seemed to understand him. It made a staticky hum as if it was pleased with what he told it.

"W-What are you?" He asked it in a small voice, one he almost didn't recognize as his own. It was his time, but he wanted to know what this thing was that graced Remnant with it's malevolent presence. Threatening to turn into something of the unknown. It didn't matter because he knew he wouldn't be alive to see what it became.

"I'll let you figure that out..." Six responded. He barely gave Adam any time to comprehend before he raised the sword in the air.

He plunged the tip of the blade into Adam's mouth and ignored the wet slicing as he pushed it further down his throat. Blood erupted from Adam's mouth as Six continued, feeling the feeble resistance of muscle, tissue, and organs. After several agonizing seconds, he slammed his fist down on the hilt of the sword and Adam stopped moving, eyes wide with terror and agony as the light faded from them.

Everything was quiet for a while as blood pooled underneath him and the corpse. He gripped the handle of the blade and ripped it forward instead of upwards, effectively opening up the body. Organs spilled out and copious amounts of blood splattered over the area before the body fell forward. A wet splash was heard and Six stared at the weapon before walking over to the sheath and putting it in. He walked over to the broken horns and placed them in his bag before tying the sword to the strap.

"Quite the display of brutality, Reclaimer." The Monitor commented.

"..." He just stared at his bloody hands, watching as the crimson liquid dribbled off of them and onto the ground. His hands clenched tightly and he let them go slack before flicking some of the blood off.

"What now?" She asked.

"We leave the Mistral for now and come back later. Too much heat on us and I've caused enough death at the moment." He said.

"Understood." She bopped up and down.

"Can you find the quietest way out?" He asked.

"I can, we should probably move now though. The authorities will probably be on their way." She said.

"Find us a way out." He said.

"On it. What about him though?" She gestured to Adam's mutilated body.

"Leave him. I got what I needed out of him." Six shook his head and started to walk away. She followed after him, attaching to his strap but continued to talk to him as if he didn't murder an entire community's worth of White Fang. They'd leak information about Mistral's horrible deeds slowly, not too fast because they had caused enough negativity recently. He'd look for a ship to use as well, there were times when walking got a little tedious.

Getting out of the city wasn't hard, considering people were indoors. All he had to do was activate his active camo and slip out while the guards weren't paying attention. Six dealt with a large group of Grimm knocking at the Kingdom's doorstep. He managed to lure a large amount of them away from the settlements and slayed all of them. Ripping them apart as if they were paper and disintegrating them with the Suppressor. Their flesh ripping between his hands was a breath of fresh air as opposed to ripping the White Fang apart. He left before anyone knew what happened and all that they saw was a field of dead Grimm, slowly disappearing into the air like mist. Most scratched their heads but few knew who was capable of doing such a feat.

He walked for a few weeks before coming across an old air vehicle, it looked like it hadn't been used in some years and he inspected the exterior. It looked like a military patrol craft, a gunship perhaps. It had two canons on the outside near the front, two engines on the side. Three landing gears were on it, two in the back near the bay doors in the back and one near the front. The Monitor hummed as they entered it and saw the interior. There were two levels and the top was where the cockpit was at.

There were bodies inside and he removed each one and placed them outside gently. Each body that was men, women, and children was buried after placing their belongings next to them. He didn't need anything off of them and he didn't want anything. It took a few hours, but he didn't care in the slightest. It was a decent thing to do for people that have probably been forgotten by the world.

He just waited patiently while the Monitor had several Sentinels hovered around the aircraft and scanned it before he saw a larger one extend two large arms and pick the it up, adjusting to the weight before flying off with it. She told him that she'd repair the ship for transport and he was grateful seeing how he could still travel but not walk so much. Granted, he still enjoyed walking to a certain extent, but more often than not it was time consuming.

Days and nights started to slowly pass as he made his way to the facility and entered it, his boots impacting the metallic floor below and echoing throughout the halls and chambers. The sheer ambiance the Forerunner complex gave off was alien and he enjoyed it. For once he was glad another sentient being wasn't trying to kill him for merely existing. It was a nice change of pace from all the death and destruction. There was a small workshop to work on and he set his bag on it, opening and spreading the contents neatly.

Ammo was practically dry and he'd have to get some more while food was running a bit low. Medical supplies weren't really that much of an issue, but it was always good to stock up just in case, there were always others that needed them. The Monitor was in her original chassis and hovered next to him, humming an unfamiliar tune that he found himself enjoying a bit. She scanned his Biofoam when he held it up to her and requested that she make it when she got the time. Just like last time, she gave a pleasant chirp and nodded up and down.

How a construct like her could be so jovial was beyond him, but she had more of a personality than him. It didn't bother him that much overall. Things like these weren't much of an issue since he always focused on his tasks and improving himself little by little. Although, over the last few weeks, he wanted to see Maaya and Myne. He knew Ren and Nora were coming for the summer and he wanted to see them too. It's why he decided to hurry up and finish his hunt in Mistral. He wanted to see the little light he had in the universe before he went onto the next big objective.

Several days passed and he was back at the main facility, doing exercises and washing himself, as well as his suit, before he was informed the ship was complete. He nodded and calmly walked back to the vehicle bay with his freshly cleaned armor. It felt amazing considering how long it had been since he's this clean. There was a rather nasty stain on some of it that took an hour to get out, but he managed to eventually get it.

The vehicle bay was a massive area meant for testing and his boots echoed throughout the large chamber. Smack dead in the middle was his newly acquired aircraft and he nodded in approval. It gleamed a beautiful dark, metallic silver with red highlights running around the edges. The two cannons at the front were dormant until the ship activated and the side ramp extended down. On the side was his emblem that reflected light when a certain amount was shone upon it.

The ramp on the side extended and he walked into it, seeing a locker to his left and opened it after entering the code the Monitor had set for him. His hands gripped the handles and he opened it, seeing several Forerunner weapons. His Binary Rifle was on the top rack lying horizontal while his Boltshot was on his right, snugly locked into its spot. There were three other weapons in there, including what looked like a massive cannon, but he'd get the rundown later. He wanted to test drive it for a while before he went out.

He climbed up the ladder to the cockpit and saw two seats behind the piloting seat near the door. A relieved sigh escaped his lips for some reason. How long had it been since he's piloted something? The last time he remembered him in the pilot's seat was when Jorge and him had a dogfight in orbit. It was one of the last few memorable times he had with the Spartan II. His hand reached around his neck and gripped the dog tags before staring at them as they dangled in his right hand. A few seconds later it was put back on and he gripped the controls.

It took a couple of hours to learn the controls and understand everything. Seven at most, but the Monitor had been patient with him. His takeoff was a little wobbly due to not being in the air vehicle for years, or piloting one for that matter. The most he's been in the air was whenever he was either grabbed by a Nevermore or hitching a ride in the cargo hold on a bullhead.

She beeped and he heard a few things shift around mechanically the facility before the platform they were on started to raise. At first, he looked around in alarm before noticing the ceiling slowly open up, bits and pieces of dirt and rock falling in. She had told him it's been several thousand years since they've used this part of the main facility and it was nice to see it in service again.

The large platform raised higher and higher until it reached the surface and snapped at the top. He waited several seconds before turning the ship on, hearing the engine hum to life. The thrusters made a loud roar as he levitated in the air and went higher and higher. Once he was in the air a good bit, he put his hand on one of the controls and pushed it forward, jerking back into his seat when he was suddenly rocketing towards a certain direction.

Both flora and fauna became a blur as he zoomed past each one with a speed unmatched by any Remnant vehicle. A relaxed sigh escaped his lips as he took off his helmet and set it on the dashboard, rubbing his face a bit and keeping his eyes ahead. There was even a room for him to sleep in which was nice considering he could rest out in the wild without being attacked by a wandering Grimm. Granted, it was always good to prepare for an attack since there was the occasional pack of Beowolves or an Ursa roaming around.

There were options and he liked it. It also made finding his targets a bit easier to, capturing them or eliminating them. Little things like these made Remnant somewhat more enjoyable.

He stopped a bit away from the settlement and found a small open clearing. The door on the side opened and he walked down the ramp before closing it with his TACPAD, seeing it lock up. Once it was secured, he adjusted his bag and started to trek towards the gate calmly. He felt more relaxed when he saw his favorite location and looked forward to seeing the people inside. Every building was the same as he last seen it and there was even some additions to indicate it was thriving.

The people inside saw him and some waved, but it wasn't as cheerful as before. It seemed forced and some of them seemed a little scared or cautious, which was weird for some reason. The more he walked into the settlement, the more he saw the same expression from the inhabitants. He raised an eyebrow and he started to tense up a bit but initially brushed it off for now.

He walked into the local convenience store and heard the familiar jingle of the bell above. Initially ignoring the cashier after she gave the familiar wave, he picked up some supplies and stopped when he saw a glass bottle of juice. A crimson glass bottle of sparkling juice that he had seen Maaya and Myne drink one day. At first, he was going to ignore it, but then he decided to pick it up and buy it for them. There was nothing wrong with indulging them a bit, maybe he'd relax and drink some of it with them.

If Ren and Nora were in, then they were welcome to. He had to stop and stare at the bottle while letting his thoughts run a bit. It was... a bit nice to look forward to someone, especially civilians. Little things like these made him feel more human and remind him that's what he was in the end. Through the countless trials and tribulations, there was some light in the galaxies that were for him. He had been in the dark for so long that he forgot what it felt like and now he didn't know how to deal with it. A bit of confusion here and there, but also a large amount of paranoia.

Now wasn't the time to dwell on those things. The universe was cruel and could rip away what little light he had if he didn't enjoy it while he had the chance.

Walking towards the guild felt odd... like the the comforting aura wasn't there. It felt colder with each step he took and the people near the outside looked away when he stepped up to the door. His hand wrapped around the handle and opened it, listening to the bell jingle but it felt wrong as well. It sounded ominous rather than the pleasant tone he had grown accustomed to over the years.

Nearly everything was the same; the bounty board full, the positioning of the shelves and books, the scent of wood and ale in the background, to even the chatter of the guild members. The last one wasn't like how it was in the past though; it was more hushed and guarded than before. In the past, the silence would have been welcoming and basked in but it was suffocating now. Something wasn't right.

Something was horribly wrong and he could feel it in his bones. They weren't in their usual spots...

He walked up to the counter looking for Maaya and Myne's faces. To see the sparkle in their eyes whenever he stopped by and made all the battles in the past worth it. It's why he continued to return to the settlement. While it had it's reasons as to why it was his favorite, those two were the main ones. Where was the little light he had yearned to see?

Whispers made him clutch the bottle a bit tighter in his left hand. The assistant and everyone else saw him look around, walking around and looking at different parts of the guild. Nobody said anything in fear of setting him off. They were scared to be the bearer of the horrible news and be on the receiving end of his wrath. Although, the more silent they were, the more he clenched the bottle in his hands when nobody said anything.

"Where's Maaya and Myne?" He asked. Although he held his usual calm tone, it would take someone like Maaya to notice the slight edge of worry in it.

"T-They..." The Assistant rubbed her hands together anxiously. She shivered in fear at the metaphorical aura he was emitting. It felt like a bomb was going to go off and she was in the blast zone.

"They what?" He asked.

"H-H-Here..." She gulped thickly. Her heart slammed against her chest repeatedly as she bent down and grabbed a box. All was quiet as she set it on the counter and pushed it to him before backing up quickly. His eyes flicked towards her before looking at the small box and unlocking it with his right hand. Everyone watched as he opened it slowly and saw Myne's stuffed bunny in there along with a note.

Everything stopped for him and his pupils shrunk considerably. His left arm went limp but his grip on the bottle slowly started to tighten and the other patrons could see a spiderweb of cracks start to appear in it. The more he read the note, the more cracks appeared before the bottle exploded from the pressure. The sound was so loud that a lot of them scooted back at the sudden sound. The red, sticky liquid from the juice sprayed in the air and splattered against the counter and floor; some of it on his cloak as well.

They all flinched when they heard an audible growl escape his lips. It sounded like a wild animal that had been toyed with for the last time and nearly everyone jumped back several feet when his right hand struck to wall next to him. A large hole appeared as his hand easily broke it and was lodged inside. The growls only got worse until it morphed into an enraged snarl. His jaws snapped violently and they flinched at the sudden sound. The sound of his suit flexing was heard as he clenched his fist several times in an attempt to quell the rage bubbling up in his system.

He didn't even try to control it this time and let the murderous intent roll off his shoulders. It suffocated everyone and several others felt their backs press against the opposite wall of him to create some distance. No one wanted to even attempt to whisper or talk to him. Not a single sound was heard other than those violent snarls escaping the silent hero of their settlement. They couldn't tell if he was a machine, man, or beast at this point and it terrified them.

His labored, angered breathing was the only sound that was heard in the deafening silence and his body shook with hate and rage. His knuckles popped loudly and it sounded painful to a certain degree. After several minutes, he calmed down a bit and took out some lien, giving enough to pay for the damage before he stomped out of the guild. The ground shook with each step and he nearly ripped the door out of its frame then slammed it shut with enough force to knock several things over.

People around saw him and quickly moved out of his way when they realized that he found out. Not a single person wanted to be in his way as his large body stomped towards the Gunsmith. The older man quickly stood up and greeted him, only to go quiet when he felt that overwhelming aura of agony and death. He was almost afraid to speak to Six.

"You found out about them-" He started.

"I need rounds and shells." Six interrupted, ignoring the man's flinch.

"How many?" The Gunsmith asked.

"All of them." Six answered instantly. He watched the shorter man nod before grabbing several boxes and setting them on the counter. As he was about to grab his pouch of lien, he felt a hand on his and looked to see the man shake his head.

"I can always make more, you know that. Just get them back, okay?" The Gunsmith asked.

"..." Six nodded before grabbing a few boxes and walking out, towards his ship. He got there quickly after a couple of minutes before throwing the boxes near the weapon's locker and exiting back out. The next place he was going towards was the butcher surprisingly. It took five or six minutes to actually reach his destination, but the large Faunus just nodded and gave him several meat hooks with chains on them. Neither one said anything and he just dragged the large amount of chains across the pavement before out of the settlement and to his ship.

He was going to rip Ozpin apart. Tear every single strand of flesh from his bones then break everything inside of him. In the past, he had ignored the man and considered it a mercy that the bastard was still breathing despite what he was doing to the settlements. This was his fault though, he let the man get too out of hand and get people killed and Six supposed this was his punishment. The man was out of control and it became a problem... no, he became and infection that was damaging Remnant. Both him and Salem.

The two were the worst of the worst tainting Remnant's core, and Six intended to weed them out and purge both of them.

"Reclaimer." The Monitor floated in front of him once they were in the ship. It was right before he was about to take off and crash land into Ozpin's office.

"What?" He snapped violently.

"I need you to calm down." She said.

"I'll calm down when I get them back." He said. The ship wasn't starting and he knew it was her doing.

"Monitor..." He narrowed his eyes.

"I've seen how you operate. Calm and collected. Even when the odds are not in your favor, you never lose your nerve. Don't lose it now or it'll backfire horribly." She said gently.

"..." He just sat there simmering in rage. She was right in some regards, he needed to calm down and check himself if he wanted to get Maaya and Myne back safely. Going in completely blind and angry had its perks and drawbacks. It had been almost two decades since he was this angry and it showed how much he cut himself off from his own emotions.

"I understand your anger, I really do. Those two are close to you and it's clear you care deeply about them despite not expressing it much." She said.

"..." He just sat there, squeezing his armrest several times. It was easier to control his rage now that she was talking to him, but it was still there.

"Control your rage, okay? Use it to your advantage and we'll come out on top." She floated closer to him. Both of them stared at one another and he stayed silent for several minutes before nodding.

"Fine." He said after a while.

"I'll have some Sentinels assist us should the need arise." She said.

"The settlement?" He turned to her.

"There will be some nearby patrolling and keeping it safe." She nodded.

"...Thank you." He said quietly.

"Anytime, partner." She beeped before resting on the console.

His body relaxed just a little bit and his eyes narrowed. While his rage was in check, it was more controlled now. He'd just let it be used to his advantage rather than consume him. It was worth letting himself feel it wash over him if it meant getting the girls back and getting Ren and Nora away from Beacon. Everything Ozpin had built up over the years would soon come crashing down.

If he wanted to see Six without the chains, then fine...

The chains were off now and he'd reap what he sowed.

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