Ozpin sat at his desk watching the lower chambers through his camera. He observed Maaya sitting on the bed with her legs closed firmly and hands on her lap. Her lips were pressed into a fine line and she glared at the camera hatefully. A chuckle escaped his lips before he frowned a bit when she grabbed a book that was given to her and threw it at the camera in the corner of her cell. There was enough power to knock it from it's stand and onto the ground. She even went as far as picking it up and slamming it onto the ground a couple of times, then flushed it down the toilet.

That's not including what she did when he offered her a cup of tea, hotter than he dared to admit. The first thing she did was splash it in his right eye with zero hesitation. A simple slap to her face was all it took to bring her down a notch. Just because she was a civilian didn't mean she was harmless.

"What a petty woman." He sighed.

"Indeed." Ironwood said from his side of the call.

"To think that this is the woman who tamed the wolf." Ozpin commented.

"She's just as feral as him. Maybe that's why they get along so well." Ironwood shook his head. He poured himself a small drink over the small victory and took a sip from it.

"She still hasn't answered any of our questions." Ozpin said.

"Figures, from what we've gathered, she's the closest one to him. I doubt she'd say anything. If you had let me handle the situation, then she would have been talking already." Ironwood gestured.

"Oh please. The last time we went with your method, our former best source of information was turned into a incoherent mess." Ozpin scoffed.

"Then why keep her alive?" The General asked.

"I enjoy small victories, Ms. Fall is one of them. Having one of Salem's pawns underneath my eye is a victory." Ozpin sipped his mug.

"Her use is done, you might as well get rid of her." Ironwood said.

"Like you did with Ms. Sustrai? I don't think so. She could have been a key asset, but you disposed of her and dumped her body in an unknown location." Ozpin shook his head.

"She was gutter trash with information, no one would have missed her anyways." Ironwood waved. Both of them shared a small laugh before going silent, it was a nice feeling so far before Ozpin sighed when the elevator doors slowly opened. The familiar click of those heels met his ears along with a couple of other pairs of shoes. He simply cut the call with Ironwood short before looking ahead to see Glynda, Qrow, and Summer stare at him. He could have sworn Glynda's face was red with rage.

"You are the absolute worst kind of filth, Ozpin." She seethed hatefully. All he did was raise his eyebrow in question, as if feigning ignorance. It just made her more bitter and her brows furrowed even more.

"It needed to be done." He sighed.

"You cut off a settlement from the rest of the kingdom and turned the rest against us!" She snapped.

"I know." He said.

"You're insane. You're actually insane. Cutting them off, especially the poorer ones is going to get people killed. Who are they going to look up to and call for help?" She asked.

"Someone will come along." He answered.

"We were supposed to come along, a long time ago. People hate Huntsmen and Huntresses now more than ever! What's the point of us even answering the call if we're just going to be shunned for trying to do something!" She said loudly.

"Why must you be so loud?" He cleaned his ear, wincing when she slammed her hands on the table and glared at him.

"Because you're obsession with this man is out of control. There's no telling how many people you and Ironwood have gotten killed in the process trying to locate him. You neglect your responsibilities, toy with people's livelihood, and haven't even tried to engage nor teach your students." She hissed at him. He just stared at her before sighing and nodding, sipping on his mug and setting it down.

"Did you find anything in Mistral, Qrow?" He asked, noticing the man looked twenty years older now.

"You kidding? Are you actually kidding me, Oz? He's murdered so many people that he has the entire kingdom on lockdown. Every gang, syndicate, bandit tribe, and whatever scum stick to the bottom; they're either terrified or want his head on a platter. You know he's called the Ripper of Mistral? That's the new name they gave him." Qrow rubbed his face before ringing his hands out.

"I've seen the news." Ozpin nodded.

"Then you should know that he's something else. Oz, this isn't funny with your weird fascination anymore. This guy isn't someone we should get in the way. Because if we do something that messes with him then we'll all be dead in the ground." Qrow said.

"..." The Headmaster didn't say anything, making the other three narrow their eyes.

"What did you do?" Summer asked.

"Are you not going to worry about Raven?" Ozpin asked, noticing the flinch from her and the clenching of Qrow's fists.

"Raven... made her choice... there's nothing to be done about it now..." She said quietly. It was clearly a touchy topic, but Ozpin wanted to know more.

"Although-" He started.

"You never answered my question. What did you do?" She interrupted. The silence in the air was thick with tension and it was suffocating the three of them. It lasted for a few moments before he sighed.

"I may have made a mistake." He said.

"This isn't one of those moments where you be all cryptic, Oz. You had better hope this mistake isn't going to cost us." Qrow narrowed his eyes.

"It shouldn't." He shook his head.

"You don't sound too sure. You want to run that by us without the lack of your usual confidence?" Summer asked, ignore his sharp glare at her.

"In order for him to contact us, I had to do something drastic. It... involves two people." He sighed quietly.

"Those kids in the dorms, I don't see-" Qrow started.

"You didn't..." Glynda hissed silently.

"..." Ozpin looked away.

"Tell me you didn't!" She raised her voice this time, her fingers cracking the edge of his desk with how hard she was squeezing. The silence only answered her question and she felt her heart beat rapidly. A wave of terror engulfed her soul and she felt dizzy all of a sudden.

"I had to." He said.

"You kidnapped an innocent woman and a child! There's no telling how bad he'll react!" She shouted in his face.

"If he was smart, then he'd come peacefully." He answered.

"He basically threatened to kill me for bringing that little girl up. What do you think he'll do to us when he finds out we have them, huh?!" She screamed at him.

"Where are they?" Summer asked.

"Safe." He answered.

"This isn't the time to be like how you usually are. If we don't want our heads on a platter, then we better get them back to him. I don't know about you, but I still want to see my girls at the end of the day. One of two things is going to happen, either you tell us where they are so we can get them back to him; or I walk away and never come back." She said.

"You can't." Ozpin choked.

"I can't or you won't allow me. Do you know why I stopped taking so many missions from you? I want to value the life I was given a second chance at. You know it was him who rescued me and allowed me to see everyone again? Not you, him. Some random person who travels alone like a wild animal than my own ally. Not once have you done something like that for me, Ozpin. I'm starting to doubt the man I follow now." She explained.

"I'm with Summer on this one. I don't have a problem with being out in the field, because I enjoy it sometimes, but this is out of control. Lines have to be crossed, but they have to be for the right reasons; and I know you know better than anyone else. You know Amber still talks about meeting him again? Even though I warned her to stay away. She still wants to meet the man who can kill a Maiden." Qrow said.

"You already know what I have to say, because I've been on your case for the last couple of years." Glynda crossed her arms.

"You're all willing to leave because of the choices I make?" Ozpin asked in disbelief. All three of them nodded and stood there.

"This is the one and only chance to keep whatever allies you have." She said. It was silent for the next several minutes and all four of them just stared at one another, neither party budging in the slightest. The sound of the clocks ticking was heard and the wind outside picked up a bit. A heavy sigh was heard before the Headmaster stood up and gestured for them to follow him.

They looked at one another before following him to the elevator. Once they all piled in and the doors closed, the air grew thick once more and not a single one of them wanted to speak. There was no need and Ozpin couldn't bother to break it because he didn't want to hear their rebuttals. The ride down was longer than what he hoped for, but when they reached the bottom, it felt colder than usual.

The echoing of their shoes was the only sound that was heard and they walked for a few minutes before coming across a small section. Glynda grimaced at Cinder's cell, seeing the woman flinch at the sudden knock from Ozpin before they came across a much cleaner cell. They saw Maaya sitting down, her lips pressed into a fine line before becoming a frown when she saw them.

"Are you hurt?" Glynda asked.

"Why do you care?" Maaya snapped, causing the former to flinch.

"You shouldn't have been caught in the middle of this." Summer said.

"Neither should the outer settlements." Maaya said. There was no need to be polite because her faith in Huntsmen and Huntresses was shattered at this point. A part of her saw why Six never trusted them, because she didn't know if she could anymore.

"Listen, we're sorry this happened to you all." Qrow sighed.

"Why? You all shouldn't feel guilty now when you never answered before. Do you all know how many people died scared because we were expecting some help? How many settlements fell over the years? Half the time we couldn't afford your "help" because you wanted a body for a body. The outer settlements suffer so much yet the inner ones are dining like kings." Maaya explained.

"There was nothing that could be done." Ozpin said.

"I was born at night, but not last night. That right there tells me you think we're stupid. We know you're the one pulling the strings along with the council. Do you know how hard it's been for us to live with the lack of funds? How dangerous it is for us to travel nearly half the kingdom to get some supplies?" She asked.

"I can't say that I do." He answered.

"Because you live up here like a king while the rest of us peasants are fighting tooth and nail to live another day. I have to watch countless people go out and know that they might not come back in order to put some money in their pockets. I may not have had it bad as some, but I at least have enough compassion in my heart to try and at least sympathize with them. Can you do the same?" She asked.

"..." Ozpin was silent, mulling over his thoughts.

"At this point, don't show up anymore. We haven't had your help in the past and what makes you think we want it now? At the very least someone cares..." She said quietly.

No one said anything. Glynda felt her heart drop a bit, how people lost absolute faith in Huntsmen and Huntresses and found their lives better without them. Qrow and Summer looked away in shame; they ignored some calls of help before, writing it off as someone else would come along. That begged the question of how many people they let die waiting for someone?

Ozpin just shook his head and threw his guilt out the door, there was no use getting upset anymore. Things like this happen and the most they could do was move on.

"We're sorry." Glynda said sincerely.

"Tell that to the people who's lives you've ruined over the years." Maaya responded. The way she looked at each one of them was of utter disappointment and disregard. When she looked at Ozpin, she noticed that he wasn't even looking at her.

"..." He just stayed silent.

"Where's Myne?" She asked.

"We don't know." Summer said.

"I know you three don't know, I'm talking to him." Maaya bit, nodding her head at Ozpin.

"I can't say." He said.

"You can't say or you won't? Where is she?" She asked. That familiar silence basked over them and the tension accompanied it again. This time it went on for a few minutes and Maaya felt her anger dissipate slowly. Eventually it was completely gone after a while.

"The former." He answered.

"Where is she? Where's my daughter?" She asked.

"..." He just shook his head. They noticed Maaya's eyes start to water a bit, anguish clouding over them. Her lips wobbled and a few tears started to roll down her cheeks, dripping onto the floor.

"Where is she? Please... tell me... where's my baby girl?" She sobbed. Maaya was aware that Myne would never be her biological daughter, but she was hers nonetheless. She loved her as if she were her own and would happily give her life for her. Every moment was cherished; every laugh, cry, story time, meal, and even her little outbursts and tantrums. Myne was her world as much as Six and the settlement were. She was even willing to extend that to Ren and Nora should she be given the chance.

Ozpin shook his head before tightening his grip on his cane.

"I gave her to Ironwood. She should be on her way to Atlas now..." He answered. A wince escaped him when he saw Maaya's eyes widen and tears leak down the corners like a faucet. She dropped to her knees and sobbed quietly in her hands. He turned his head away from her and looked at the other three, not even bothering to move out of the way when Qrow's fist hit his jaw. There was a loud click and he was on his back, staring at the dark ceiling.

"I'm done. I'm not going to be sent to an early grave because of you, Ozpin. Cinder... that was pushing it, but this? This is sick and insane." Qrow said before stomping off.

"This is what you want us to do?" Summer shook her head in horror before cautiously back away from them. She turned around and quickly left the area. All that was left was Glynda and she didn't want anything to do with him.

"All because you couldn't take a no for an answer. We're supposed to defend humanity not... this." She gestured.

"We still are." Ozpin sat up.

"No, this was fueling your deranged obsession. Something I don't want a part of. He's going to come after you and I'm not going to stop him when he does." She said.

"If I fall then you're the next in line for the Headmaster position." He said.

"I don't even know if I want it. You've caused us to fall so far down the rabbit hole that people will actively shun us. I became a Huntress to help people, much like Ruby, and I held onto that for all my life. Now though? I don't know what I'll do when you die." She shook her head. He took note of her saying when not should.

"He'll have an even bigger target on his back." He said.

"Qrow told me he has a forty million lien bounty on his head already. If the criminals and whatever bad apple in Mistral can't kill him, what makes you think anybody can do anything at this point? You've managed to piss off someone who's not only scared half of Remnant to death, but also kills ancient Grimm like they're mere circus animals. I don't know who's more deranged at this point, you or him." She turned on her heel and started to walk away from him.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"Away from you and hopefully to convince the students not to fight something that's the equivalent of the Grim Reaper. Their lives matter to me. Yours does not." She said distantly.

Ozpin sat on the cold ground and stared into space, rubbing his eyes harshly at the recent turn of events. He steeled himself before standing up and forcing the bitterness down. Fine... he didn't need them anyways, they were holding him back. He ignored the quiet sobbing in the back of him before heading towards the elevator.

Six sat in the ship and glared at the open space from his seat. The sky started to darken a bit and he calmed down as time passed, not completely getting rid of his rage. It was controlled and that's what he wanted. Use that as fuel to the fire and allow him to focus on his objective. The Monitor stayed by his side and floated near him looking at him with concern when he didn't move for a while. She had to nudge his helmet a few times before getting him to look at her.

"You need to eat." She said.

"I'll do it in a bit." He said, waiting for the time to pass in order to meet the mayor. The man had requested him in the middle of the night, presumably when no one was in the building. Six almost didn't go, but the assistant at the guild said it would be beneficial to him and rescuing Maaya and Myne. So, he collected the Myne's stuffed bunny and gently put it on the strap of his bag before heading back to his ship. For the past few hours, he made sure his blades were sharp, armor was in perfect condition, and weapons were clean and loaded.

He was going to kill Ozpin and mutilate his body. Much worse than that bastard Tyrian.

"I understand you're still angry-" She started.

"Hmph." He huffed.

"But you not eating will only make problems later on down the line." She said. He stared at her before sighing and taking off his helmet, setting it on the console and digging in his bag. He popped open a container of meat and some protein bars on the side before bringing up his canteen. She just gave a metallic sigh before humming a tune while he ate quietly and watched some of his muscles relax a bit. She had found out that humming always calmed someone down whenever they were stressed. She supposed it stemmed from her creator.

Her creator was a Forerunner expert who held more compassion than some. She was a Lifeworker and a well respected one at that, who was responsible for much of the collected information of the Installation. Much of the Monitor's curious and compassionate behavior stemmed from her, as well as her fierce attitude. Her and the Monitor had completed so many projects together and the two cherished one another's presence. She always hummed a familiar tune that calmed everyone down and made them relaxed shortly after.

When she was killed in the conflict between the Forerunners and the Brother Gods, that was when Auspicious truly felt rage. It was one of the reasons she was so eager to kill the two buffoons when they broke their end of the bargain and didn't hesitate in the slightest. Thus sparked a lonely one hundred thousand years of being by herself, with no one to share her knowledge or company with.

She kept her creator's ashes in a container in a special spot in the main facility. There were times when the loneliness often got the best of her and she talked to her deceased creator. Telling her what kind of organism she recently discovered and how eager she was to learn more about it. Auspicious knew that she would have liked to learn more about it with her.

Sometimes she regrets being programmed with some feelings, so she wouldn't have to deal with such things. On the flipside, it also allowed her to understand some things and learn to deal with them.

When she looked at the Reclaimer, she saw someone who was always on guard. He had been hurt in the past and she could see it in his eyes. Beneath his cold, calculative nature, she saw someone who was suffering in the empty silence. Deep inside was a soul who had been given the short stick of life and had to bear the weight of the world on his shoulders. In the past, she had seen countless Forerunners who were like that. Broken individuals who masked their emotions in indifference.

She was thrown out of her thoughts when he brought out a small book, gently opening it and reading the pages. His eyes gazed over the crudely drawn pictures of him and Myne's family and lingered on each one. Despite seeing his flat expression, she could see that he was hurt over their deaths. This wasn't the first time he's brought out this silly little book, but it held a great significance to him. The next thing he brought out was a picture of Myne and Maaya, both smiling at the camera.

If she hadn't been looking close enough, she would've missed the slight ghostly twitch of his lips curl upwards.

"We should meet the mayor." He said quietly before picking up his helmet and putting it on.

"Are you okay?" She asked gently.

"I'm fine." He shook his head.

"You know where to find me." She said before attaching herself to the strap of his bag. He stood there and looked over his shoulder at the strap before nodding and walking out of the ship. The doors opened and he walked out, feeling the grass press down beneath his feet. The brush was pushed aside as he made his way towards the path and simply walked on it for the next several minutes. Each step he took made the stuffed bunny on his strap bounce and sway.

There were a few people out this late, and some nodded at him before going their own way. The street lights illuminated the settlement and the countless stores and other establishments were beginning to shut down for the night. As he got closer to the wealthier part of the settlement, he stopped in the middle at that familiar apartment, gazing at it for a few minutes before turning away from it.

He'd get them back. If they were harmed or killed, then he'd make sure Ozpin paid dearly in more ways than one. Salem was next though. Both of those parasites were infecting Remnant with their presence and have done enough damage to it.

The building he was looking for was three stories tall and a large balcony was in the middle of it, overlooking the settlement. The large pillars kept it secure and he could see that they freshly painted the walls and it looked like the windows were replaced. Some of the curtains were opened and the windows were open, making him press his lips into a fine line. It would be easy for someone to infiltrate this place should they be given the chance.

He had never been on this side of town all that much, and it was usually to buy the more expensive items.

As he walked along the sidewalk, he looked up at the windows and roof to see several guards hidden from the eye. For the most part, he ignored them as he got closer and stepped up to the double doors. His hands were set on them and he pushed them open to see a couple of people inside. The lobby went silent as he walked up to the front desk while the people inside jumped out of the way. Some hid behind their clipboards as if it would shield them from him while others glued themselves to the wall.

He understood their fear of him, some had never actually seen him before aside from pictures and stories. It was one thing to hear about his exploits but it was another thing to actually see him in person. Beneath his pine scented cloak, reeked an aura of death. It didn't help that he was quiet and large, towering over half of them by a foot and then some.

The receptionist blanched as he got closer and she couldn't help but shiver when he stood in front of the desk, staring down at her.

"C-Can I help you?" She gulped.

"Is the mayor in?" He asked, ignoring her flinch at his tone. Now wasn't the time to be pleasant. It was strictly business at this point and he wanted to be done with this so he could get the two back.

"Y-Yes. He's been waiting for you." She swallowed. He nodded and walked to the elevator she pointed to, going inside and pushing the button to the top floor. The doors closed slowly and he waited patiently, feeling it lift and rise up the building before opening shortly after. He walked to the end of the hall and opened the door, spotting the man sitting at his desk.

The man wore a neat gray suit, an expensive watch on his right wrist, and a gray tie as well. His black hair was combed neatly while his skin had a fair complexion to it. The most prominent feature was the somewhat scaly texture of his skin. Six knew he wasn't a reptile, but more closely related to a pangolin. He never really paid any attention to the mayor of the settlement so it came at a little bit of a surprise to see a faunus leading it.

"So we finally meet. I would have liked to meet under more favorable circumstances though." The mayor said, making the effort to walk around his desk and extend his hand out. Six stared at it for several seconds before gripping the man's hand and shaking it firmly.

"..." Six nodded before backing up a bit.

"I... heard about them..." The mayor started, noticing Six clench his fists tightly. He heard the flexing of the undersuit and shivered slightly.

"Who was hurt besides them?" Six asked.

"Just a few guards, nothing major. You'd probably like to know why I requested you." The mayor said.

"Yes." Six nodded.

"We're cut off from everyone." He said quietly.

"..." Six narrowed his eyes and let his thoughts mull over.

"We've been cut off for the last few months and have started trading to keep afloat. It's working to some degree, but we've been struggling a bit more. No calls of help are being answered from the other settlements either." The mayor informed.

"That explains the lack of rewards at the guild and the outer settlements falling over the years." Six nodded.

"Yes, Maaya told me that you did the bounties regardless if there was a reward or not. I want to thank you for keeping the dangers at bay. As for the lack of assistance... we'll manage somehow." The mayor said.

"I'm not concerned about the rewards. I'm more concerned about the livelihood of you all." Six said.

"Thank you. Now, onto the more pressing matters. We all know that you're going to storm Beacon and I need to know what will happen to us should you do." The mayor rubbed his hands together.

"I can't say for certain." Six said.

"Oh..." The mayor sighed. It was quiet for a while before Six stepped up to him and put his hand on his shoulder.

"I'll have something in mind when I go to Beacon. I wouldn't put the settlement in unnecessary peril without thinking of something." Six said.

"Alright." The mayor nodded.

"Do you know who took them?" Six asked.

"Probably a bunch of no good Huntsmen and Huntresses." The mayor bit, his mood souring.

"Tell me more." Six said.

"Everything or just related to my kidnapped citizens?" The mayor asked.

"Everything." Six answered. The shorter man nodded and began to tell Six everything that he knew about Huntsmen and Huntresses. Every positive and negative thing they had done to the outer settlements, which leaned more towards the latter. The ones who were genuinely out to help often died before they got the chance, and the ones who used their training to inflict harm often were all that was left. Eventually it boiled down to half of them resorting to extortion or violence when they didn't get their way or weren't paid enough.

Even the older guild members, some who had been Huntsmen or Huntresses in the past, saw the shift in behavior over the years. It was more about fame and glory than being there when needed. If the settlement didn't pay enough, then they were not worth the time. It only made matters worse considering a majority of the Huntsmen and Huntresses grew up in the city, sheltered beyond all comprehension.

The more and more Six heard, the less he liked and respected them. Over the next forty minutes, he lost all his respect for them and wanted to do nothing with them. It was one thing to be upset about not getting paid for that job, but to ignore people's calls for help when they had no one else... that wasn't excusable. In the past, Six either couldn't do anything when someone called for help because they were either too far gone, or it was a trap. Sometimes the line between choosing between civilians and the mission became a blur. A majority of the time he always managed to merge the two and make it work.

"I'll figure something out about the funding." He said. He had an idea, technically his bounty was still up. He'd take a small portion of it then give the rest to the outer settlements to split among themselves. The only problem was how he'd do it, something he'd worry about when he got Maaya and Myne back.

"We'll deal with the glory hounds. Spread the word of their actions." The mayor nodded.

"..." Six nodded back before leaving the office.

He'd bring them home and nothing would stand in his way.

Two days had passed and he was finally done preparing and letting the news spread.

The ship flew low to the trees, barely skimming the top and blowing countless leaves from their spots. If he went in guns blazing, then he'd just cause a commotion and make the situation worse than what it already was. He found a small opening just outside the initiation grounds and landed. The doors opened with a small hiss and he went to the weapon's locker and opened it. He grabbed a few grenades and a Boltshot before grabbing his Binary Rifle and letting it deconstruct. Each part snapped on him and he rotated his arms and legs at the small additional weight.

The meat hooks and chains were stuffed in his bag and he rolled his shoulders a few times. Once he stepped out of the ship and onto the soft grass, the doors closed and an objective marker was placed. It was twelve kilometers away, but that didn't matter to him. The night was young enough to where he could make it there and escape the same time. A suppressor was thrown onto his DMR to avoid alerting anything and to deal with wandering Grimm.

Killing the students was off limits, the staff was in between, but any Huntsmen, Huntresses, or other individual that had kidnapped the two were on the table. He'd only resort to killing as a last resort, preferably on the way out. If he encountered them in the woods though, then it's be a different story. He'd hide their body or disintegrate it with the Boltshot.

A series of beeps made him look up to see a couple of Sentinels floating above. They spread themselves out as Six brought out his DMR and started to move forward. His weapon remained steady as he constantly looked around and made his way to the objective. The soil underneath his feet compressed with each step and he quickly trekked towards Beacon. This went on for the next twenty minutes before he stopped and had to lie flat on his stomach.

A camera was spotted in one of the trees and he crawled along the ground, using the brush to conceal his presence. He went still went it swiveled and seemed to lock onto him for several long seconds. After some time it swiveled towards the opposite direction and the Monitor popped off the strap of his bag and quickly zoomed up to it. A bright beam hit the camera and it went down before coming back up after a second.

It was underneath her control and she quickly zoomed back to him, linking him to the system. He looked around before setting his DMR right next to him and bringing up his TACPAD. The camera feed popped up and he cycled through each one carefully. Every hall, private area, and even computer camera. Six was in the system and he narrowed his eyes when he saw Ozpin sitting at his desk. The drive to kill him was higher than ever now.

Cycling through a few more cameras, he saw the lower levels. It was dark but he saw at the end of it was Maaya in some sort of chamber. She appeared to be unconscious, and that was all he needed to see. He went through another camera before he stopped when he saw a scrawny figure sitting in a chair. Her short, black hair was stringy and there was nothing short of rags covering her. She looked at the camera for a brief second and he saw that she was missing an eye with countless other scars on her body. The lone remaining camera made her flinch in a terrified manner then mutter something.

He knew who it was, it was the girl that had tried to assassinate the civilian in the past. There had to be a reason to keep her down here, but he shook his head. He'd deal with her after he got Maaya out. The remaining cameras were cycled through but he didn't see Myne anywhere, making him clench his fists. A few calming breaths and he was back to cold focus; one little thing at a time.

Standing up, he picked up his rifle and continued forward. A Beowolf got in his way, but he merely shot it a few times before rushing up to it and breaking its neck. He didn't even bother to look at it as it disappeared before he continued forward. The Monitor provided him with constant updates and he looked at his TACPAD to see the layout of Beacon. A few minutes went by and he had logged most of the layout in his brain while she deactivated the sensors for several seconds in each area. This allowed him to sneak by without raising any suspicions.

The minutes droned on and eventually became an hour and a half of sneaking by sensors and traps. He eventually came across the cliff and looked around, seeing several spots for him to climb up at. She marked several spots that could hold his weight and he put his DMR on his back before jumping towards the first spot. Rocks and pebbles fell from the side of the cliff. He grunted several times while hauling himself up the cliff and tensed his muscles before jumping to a small ledge. His body swung a bit before he got a grip then continued upwards.

It took him longer than what he cared to admit to make it to the top. Once he was over the edge, he saw the academy in the distance.

"At the top of the tower lies the Headmaster's office. An elevator should provide you with access to the lower levels. Marking it now." The Monitor chirped.

"I need you to find Ren and Nora's room." He said.

"I thought retrieving the two was your primary objective?" She asked.

"It is, but I won't allow Ren and Nora to fall because of Ozpin's reckless actions." He answered.

"I see, marking the waypoint towards their room now." She said. A blip appeared on his HUD and he immediately followed it, taking note of the campus as he made his way there. His camo was turned on and his body was rendered practically invisible. He took the long way around and hid behind pillars and other objects when he saw his active camo beginning to run out. The recharge time wasn't long before he was back at it again. There were times when the wandering student thought they saw something, but brushed it off as he slipped by.

He saw their dorm room window and looked around before bending down and tensing his muscles. His body quickly was sent in the air and he gripped the ledge to the second story, planting his feet onto the wall and jumping up to the third story ledge. As silently as he could, he moved to his left and continued it for the next several seconds, eventually came across their window. It was slightly cracked and he gently pushed it open. He hauled himself up to the edge of it and crouched down, carefully maneuvering his leg over the shelf and inside.

There was no one in the room and he looked around carefully before swinging his head towards the door unlocking. The active camo was turned on and he went to the door, hiding behind it when he saw their teammate walk inside before shutting the door. The young blonde sighed tiredly before throwing his bag onto the floor and headed towards his bed. He stopped when he noticed the window open and scratched his head in confusion.

"That's weird. I don't really remember keeping the window open." Jaune said, walking towards the window and shutting it. He backed up and his eyes widened when he bumped into something. Shakily looking over his shoulder, he saw the familiar cloaked figure and gulped before opening his mouth. He panicked when Six covered his mouth and held his combat knife up to his throat.

"Scream and I'll hurt you, you understand?" His calm voice said.

"Mhm." Jaune gave a shaky thumbs up. It was quiet and tense for a few seconds before Six let him go and the blonde scrambled away from him. He swore he wet himself a little bit as the two stared at one another.

"Where's Ren and Nora?" Six asked.

"T-T-They're..." Jaune gulped.

"Speak up and confidently." Six ordered.

"They're with Pyrrha in the auditorium with Professor Goodwitch." Jaune answered

"Tell them to get here." Six said.

"Right." Jaune nodded quickly before scrambling with his scroll. He sent them a text and pocketed the scroll before sitting on his bed, still staring at Six. All the Spartan did was stare back flatly at the boy and that feeling of uncomfortableness was back. Six realized he was staring before directing his attention to the chest underneath Ren's bed.

"They don't like people touching their chest-" Jaune started, only to fall silent when Six looked at him. He had to remember who he was talking to. This was literally a serial killer as much as he was a legend. If he wanted to do something, then the other person couldn't help but let him do it.

"Nora shouldn't have bitten you." Six commented as he picked the lock on the chest and opened it, reaching inside to grab two little cloaks. He stared at them and noticed that they still looked the same from the previous years. It made him wonder how much they missed him over the years and realized these silly little pieces of cloth were the only thing tying him to them. Another mistake on his part, something he'd rectify if he was able to.

The door opened and Six saw the other three team members walk in. They stopped dead in their tracks when they saw him and Ren quickly shut the door before him and Nora rushed up to him. They hugged him while he tensed up for a moment before planting his hands on their heads and rubbed them. He could tell they missed them and he wouldn't say it out loud, but he did to. Jaune and Pyrrha saw him relax a bit as the two hugged him, but decided to keep their mouths shut.

"What are you doing here?" Nora asked.

"Ozpin took some people from the outer settlements." He answered.

"Are you here to get them back?" Ren asked.

"Yes." Six answered. They smiled a bit and he nodded before kneeling down and asking them how things were. He wasn't surprised when they just openly admitted they hated it here. They felt caged and nothing about Beacon suited them in the slightest. The only reason they stayed was for Jaune and Pyrrha, and even those two felt a little uncomfortable at Beacon.

"Has he done anything else?" Six asked.

"He threatened to expel all of us if we didn't comply with his demands. We called him on his bluff though." Ren answered. Both him and Nora knew that Ozpin had been keeping a close eye on them due to their relation to Six. He didn't want to lose one of his biggest cards against the Spartan.

"He's kind of a douche." Jaune commented.

"He's delusional." Six said.

"We've been under constant monitoring ever since we last came back. Every weekend he has us report to him about something. Even if we don't know, he still bugs us about it. He's even pulled some strings to get to our families should we disobey him." Pyrrha added.

"What else?" Six asked, narrowing his eyes.

"I... we'll be arrested if we go against him or drop out." Jaune said carefully, something Six caught.

"Do you want to stay here?" Six asked Ren and Nora.

"No." They shook their head instantly. He figured that'd be their answer. Neither one were content with Ozpin's shenanigans.

"Can they come though? I don't want to go anywhere without P-money and our fearless leader. We stick together through the thick and thin." Nora said. Six looked at them and pressed his lips into a fine line. He didn't want to, he was planning on just bringing Ren and Nora along with him after he got Maaya and Myne out. When he looked at Ren and Nora though, he saw that they were truly attached to these two and sighed audibly. He really didn't have time to deal with this.

He'd get them out, but that didn't mean he'd waste time on them afterwards. Ren and Nora were his concern, not these two.

"Fine." He said after several minutes.

"Thank you." Pyrrha said.

"Don't think this makes me trust you in the slightest. Ren and Nora are my own, you two are not. Should you jeopardize their safety or hurt them in some way shape or form, I won't hesitate to deal with you. Do you two understand?" Six asked as he leaned towards the two. He saw the color drain from their faces and nod quickly. He wasn't even trying to hide the fact that he'd maim or kill them. It was upfront and he didn't say anything to soften the blow.

"Don't worry, they got our back." Nora smiled while flashing a thumbs up.

"They better." Six said, eyeing the two one last time before bringing out his map. He explained the plan to them for the next several minutes, going quiet when someone walked by the room before continuing. They all watched him head towards the window before jumping out, as quiet as a ghost. Ren and Nora wasted no time in collecting their things, it was one of the perks of always keeping their personal belongings light. Just in case they needed to move on the fly.

Beacon wasn't their home and it would never be. Six was their home. They'd learn from him as much as they could and hoped to follow him beyond, no matter where they ended up. Aside from each other, he was the only family they had.

Six quietly made his way to the main tower and stood still when Ozpin stepped out of the elevator, walking to another section of the main lobby. His pupils shrunk in fury and he had to use all of his willpower to resist mutilating him right then and there. He watched as the shorter man strode with an aura of arrogance and manipulation, heading to the auditorium with the other staff members.

All Six did was glare at the retreating figure for a few seconds longer before entering the elevator, deactivating the camo and pressing the button to the top floor. He'd use the Monitor gather all the information she could off the computer before disabling the CCT tower for a while. Destroying it meant it would be offline for good and that's the last thing he wanted. He'd have her reactivate it once he was done here.

The elevator doors opened and he saw the office for the first time. A bunch of gears and clocks all around with a large desk that was surrounded by windows. He observed it for a few seconds, already thinking of an escape route should the need arise before heading to the desk. The chair was pushed aside and he brought out the tablet he stole from Mistral, setting it down and allowing the Monitor to plug herself into it then to computer.

"This will take a moment." She said. All he did was nod and watch as multiple windows popped up and the reclaimer symbol popped up. The sound of beeping was heard and he saw a download bar go up. His eyes narrowed when he saw the pictures of him along with the settlements he's visited in the past, along with the pictures of the countless people. Some had targets over their portraits and some of the portraits had a terminated symbol over them.

A beep made him look at the screen to see that she was done and eject from the computer.

"All the information should be on the tablet. The CCTS tower is currently scrambled for now. When we leave, I will set it back to it's normal status." She said.

"Thank you." He said before stuffing the tablet in his bag and walking towards the elevator.

"You're welcome. Maaya's current position is available. Marking it for you now." She chirped. He nodded when the objective marker was displayed and made his way to the elevator. A blip appeared on the motion tracker and he activated the active camo before waiting for the doors to open.

He saw Glynda rub her forehead then look up to see Ozpin's chair in another position. A bead of sweat ran down her forehead when she heard the a sort of warbled sound, then shakily turned around to see Six glaring down at her. She fell on her rear and scooted back in terror when he loomed over her, gripping her by her shoulder and hefting her up. Just before she could get a word out, he pulled out the Boltshot and aimed it at the side of her head.

"You're going to take me to her." Six's cold tone sent shivers down her spine. She nodded shakily before pulling out a key and unlocking a small panel, twisting it and listening to a series of clicks. A button was exposed and she pushed it before being pushed back to her spot in front of him. The Forerunner weapon was still pushed against her head and she could feel the hum of power behind the metal. If it was anything like that rifle he had, then she'd be nothing but a pile of ash should he fire it.

"We were planning on getting her out." She swallowed.

"..." Six glanced at her before keeping his eyes on the doors. The slight jerk of the elevator and the sound of it descending was the only thing heard, otherwise it was silence.

"The girl isn't here." She said, freezing when he pressed the pistol against her head even further.

"You're lying." He seethed.

"I'm not! I swear. Ozpin gave her to Ironwood." She said quickly. Her eyes caught sight of a little construct float in front of them.

"Reclaimer, she's not lying. From what I've gathered, the fool struck a deal with the General of Atlas. Myne's currently location isn't here." Auspicious said.

"Then where is she?" He asked quickly.

"She should be in Atlas." Glynda said.

"Not necessarily. There was a recent email, the convoy that Myne was in was attacked by an unknown party." The Monitor added, making him freeze for a second.

"Can you find out who it was?" He asked.

"It will take some time, but I will notify you as soon as I find out." She said.

"..." He didn't do anything but just wait for the elevator to descend. The tension in the air was thick enough to suffocate the two humans, but one of them ignored it and kept his mind on his objective. A minute passed by and the elevator finally stopped and the doors gave a chime as they opened. He pushed Glynda forward and walked behind her as she led them to Maaya's current location.

The two of them walked for a couple of minutes, their feet echoing throughout the dark halls and the light barely reaching some areas of the lower levels. His eyes narrowed every so often when he thought he heard something before they reached the end and he saw Maaya's sleeping figure in the chamber. There was an ugly bruise around her neck and her hair wasn't in its usual braid. She didn't look peaceful and it made him uncomfortable seeing her like that.

Glynda backed up and watched him step up to the chamber, following the Monitor's instructions and seeing the lid open. It hissed and he ripped the lid off when enough air had entered it and evened out. Maaya coughed a bit and leaned forward, her eyes cracking open before she started to fall. He was quick and caught her, her head leaning against his shoulder as he looked around before slowly kneeling down.

Her eyes peeked open and she blinked a bit before seeing his figure staring down at her. Even beneath his hood and helmet, she could tell he was worried about her and she smiled sadly. As the minutes passed, she started to tear up and engulfed him in a hug before sobbing. He stared forward and put his hand on the back of her head, letting her soak his cloak in her tears.

"They took her! They took Myne, Six!" She sobbed.

"I know. I'll get her back." He said quietly. Standing up, he helped her to her feet and set his bag down. She stared up at him as he gently wiped away her tears with his thumbs. Her hiccups were loud and he held back the urge to wince at her expression. Seeing her like this was uncomfortable and he never wanted to see her wearing it again. He could only imagine what Myne was like right now.

A few minutes passed by and she had calmed down a bit when he told her that he'd get Myne back one way or another. The sobs were reduced to hiccups and they eventually turned to sniffles. The last of her tears were wiped away by his thumbs and she nodded when he told her that they were leaving. He noticed her shiver at the cold air and took off his cloak, wrapping it around her and letting her wrap herself in it further. It spread out on the ground and he noticed the shivering stopped a bit.

"Thank you..." She whispered.

"You're welcome." He nodded, patting her shoulder. As he was about to pick her up and carry her out, all of them heard clapping. Six brought Maaya close to his chest and pulled out the Boltshot, whipping it around and aiming at the assailant. A small growl escaped his lips when he saw Ozpin standing in the middle of the hall. The man had a friendly smirk on his lips that made the Spartan hate him even more.

"We finally meet again after so many years." Ozpin said.

"..." Six didn't say anything and kept his grip firm on Maaya.

"Ah, still as silent as ever. I knew something was wrong when my chair was in a different position than before. Also that Glynda wasn't answering her scroll." Ozpin stepped closer to them. Six kept his eyes on the man but noticed a small shadow move behind him. He fired twice and killed two people behind the Headmaster, watching their bodies drop into the open. Nothing was said as Six aimed the Forerunner weapon back on the man with ease.

Six just looked at Maaya before lowering his weapon and bending down a bit.

"I need you to go ahead of me and get out." He said.

"What about you?" She asked quickly.

"I'll be right behind. Go." He ushered her gently. She looked at him with a worried expression before quickly going past Ozpin, who didn't make a move to go after her. Glynda left shortly after, making sure Maaya got out safely.

"You're a lot more armored than what I expected." Ozpin commented.

"..." Six just stayed silent and brought out his shotgun, keeping it lowered but ready. He saw Ozpin's brows furrow a bit before returning to his previous expression.

The Monitor popped off of Six's bag and zoomed up to Ozpin, ignoring the man's friendly smirk.

"And who might you be, little one?" He asked.

"Someone who is tired of your deeds, you soul sucking parasite." She bit hatefully as she scanned him. A somewhat dark chuckle escaped from her seeing him visibly recoil and his eyes widen. A small bead of sweat wormed its way down his forehead and his eyes darted to another spot.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He said.

"Don't play coy with me. How many bodies have you stolen over the countless years? Forced the original host out into the unknown while you took control?" She circled around him. His fa├žade of of humbleness was slipping quickly and he started to sweat more.

"You have no idea what you're talking about." He said seriously.

"I think I do. You hold the same disgusting energy your foolish gods used in the past. You're one of the only two people on this Installation that hold ties to them. The other in an unknown location." She continued.

"..." Ozpin went quiet as he looked ahead, seeing Six still staring at him with his shotgun ready.

"Nothing to say? It seems something has finally silenced your annoying voice." She whispered next to his ear.

"How do you know?" Ozpin asked quietly.

"I've been monitoring and caring for this Installation longer than your original bloodline existed. To think, even after all these years... you remain an utter fool. You can't even finish the task that was given to you, can you?" She asked.

"..." Ozpin gulped thickly as she hovered in front of him and stared at him.

"I hate parasites more than anything in this universe, and you are a rather massive one. You should consider yourself lucky that he's the one dealing with you this time." She said before floating a bit away from him. However, she stopped and floated back to him.

"I-" He started.

"Shut it. You had better hope we don't find your next host anytime soon, because I'm going to enjoy dissecting you and seeing what makes you tick before sealing you off." She said.

"You can't. I haven't stopped her yet." He reasoned.

"You've have several thousand years to stop her, but you couldn't. You were too weak to. I've seen your actions and they're disgusting. Both of you are, but that's alright... finding a way to either kill you or trap both of you shouldn't be too difficult. If killing you is anything like killing your "gods" then I'm going to have a blast finding a way." She said sweetly. His brief expression of terror pleased her as she attached herself onto Six's hip.

"W-We can discuss something. Come to a common ground of some sorts." Ozpin said quickly.

"What common ground? I've left you alone in the past so long as you stayed out of my way. Even when you've thrown countless obstacles my way and hampered me little by little; I never did anything to you. Yet... you sabotage the livelihood of the outer settlements, deny countless civilians assistance, and kidnap the people I care about? How many people have you and Ironwood gotten killed or killed over the years hounding after me? From what I've seen... there is no common ground. You should have listened to the people berating you about your obsession. Now, everything you built will fall and I'll be there watching you burn." Six snarled quietly.

Ozpin barely had time to react when Six raised the shotgun and fired. The angry bark of the weapon rang out throughout the halls and bounced off the walls. An emerald bubble shield blocked off the attack, but that did little to deter Six as he emptied his shotgun while stepping closer. Once his weapon was empty, he switched to the Boltshot and charged it up, firing it once and noticing Ozpin stumble in his shield.

The Huntsman quickly darted back and let the shield down, only to throw it back up when Six pulled out the DMR and fired several times. He slammed his cane into the ground and sped forward, appearing behind Six. The Spartan quickly turned around and gripped the cane, swinging Ozpin onto the ground before raising his fist and slamming it down. Ozpin moved out of the way when the fist cracked the tile where his head was and kicked Six in the side of the head, making him stumble a bit. He had to jump back when Six slowly stood up and rotated his head a few times.

Six struck at Ozpin at the speed of a viper, bringing out his knife and spinning it in his right hand. The blade gleamed brightly in the light and Six used it to blind Ozpin momentarily before performing an overhead stab. It was blocked by the cane and the knife was dropped before being caught by his other hand. The thrust was sidestepped and Ozpin flipped over Six, swinging his cane at his back. The shields blared in alarm at the hit and Six grunted before swinging his right fist at the man.

A thunderous slam was heard and Ozpin coughed as he was sent flying. His body tumbled and rolled before he was staring at the ceiling. He had to roll out of the way quickly when Six's large body soared through the air and his feet slammed the ground beneath, cracking it. He stood up and blocked a series of strikes that were aimed at his vital organs before responding with his own. Some managed to hit Six, who just grunted in response, but most were blocked or parried.

He kicked at Six and widened his eyes when the larger man gripped his leg with one arm and raised his other, making him jump up and kick his chest. The shields blared in response to the constant attacks, but recharged shortly after when given the chance.

Ozpin's glasses were knocked off his face and he rotated his jaw when Six got a lucky hit in, making it click loudly. He poured his aura into fixing it before he suddenly zoomed away from Six.

"Enough!" He boomed.

"..." Six just glared at him before reloading his shotgun.

"I am still willing to have a civilized discussion if you-" Ozpin didn't get to finish when Six literally leaped at him and tackled him. The two rolled before Six wrapped his legs around one of Ozpin's arms and kicked him in the face, standing up shortly after and throwing him into a pillar. The Headmaster spit up a few of his teeth and he could taste the blood filling his mouth. He rolled out of the way when Six's fist slammed into the spot and he ripped it out furiously.

A small snarl echoed from his helmet and Ozpin flinched at the sudden animalistic noise. He rolled backwards and avoided the blasts of the shotgun, diving behind a pillar. Chunks were torn off from his cover and it was silent for a second before he heard something land next to him. It was a box like object with spikes and it pulsed for a few seconds before he realized it was a grenade. Diving out of the way just in time for it to detonate, he coughed up saliva and blood when Six slammed his shoulder into his stomach.

He slammed his cane into the ground and kicked up dust before using the cloud to hide behind another pillar. It's been a few years since he's been in a fight and his body wasn't as good as it used to be. His joints were stiff and muscles had weakened over time. That was the clear distinction between him and Six; he knew the sign of someone who was constantly in conflicts, keeping his physical physique in peak condition. That wasn't the only thing, he knew Six was smart. The only question was how smart he truly was.

"You use more energy when healing your injuries. The more you use, the more tired you become until you can't run anymore. You're not taking this serious as you should." Six's voice echoed throughout the chamber as he stalked the Headmaster.

"..." Ozpin gulped when he heard the sound of those metallic boots impact the floor. He was taking this serious, how he wished to tell the thing behind him. It's just that his body wasn't as young as it used to be and he hadn't been in a fight in years.

"..." Six's eyes flicked to his motion tracker and he slowly made his way to Ozpin's location before reaching on his belt and throwing a gravity knife next to him. It exploded and he quickly rushed up to the man, gripping his wrist and giving it a sudden squeeze. A loud snap was heard and a scream followed shortly after before Ozpin kicked him in the chest and hid once more. Six let him.

He wanted to terrify the bastard before inflicting the physical pain that followed shortly after. At this point, he didn't care if the man wasn't taking their fight serious. He didn't need care anymore. Maaya was safe from what the Monitor told him and he'd enjoy every second of the terror the man radiated. This would have never happened if he left Six alone. Killing Ozpin would paint a huge target on his back, but it was one he'd gladly take if it meant the bastard wasn't bothering the frontier anymore.

He would kill Ironwood, but that wouldn't do. Breaking him was an option though. His thoughts were interrupted when he blocked the strike of a cane and slammed his attacker against the pillar viciously, then threw him into the middle.

Ozpin glared at Six and dashed forward, avoiding several shots before falling short when Six pulled out his Boltshot and fired at his shin. It easily pierced his leg and Ozpin stared in horror as a smoky hole was in it. The smell of burning flesh reached his nostrils and he used his cane to stand up. He jumped out of the way when Six fired a couple more times before summoning his shield and levitating.

Six just glared back before pulling out the Binary Rifle and firing twice. The first shot cracked Ozpin's shield and made him falter while the second one shattered it and made the man fall onto the ground. He let Ozpin stand back up before ducking underneath a swing and slamming his fist into his stomach; following up with a downward strike that knocked the man to the ground.

Coughing was heard and Six flipped him onto his back, gripping the cane when it was swung at him once more before wrenching it from his grasp. The Spartan bent the item and cracking was heard before it snapped and the pieces were thrown to the side. He stomped on Ozpin's chest and twisted his foot before rearing his fists back. His right fist slammed into the Headmaster's face before his left followed shortly after.

The next minute became an automatic motion as he methodically beat Ozpin viciously. Blood splattered against the smooth ground below and teeth flew out, one by one. A plea was heard and Six broke Ozpin's other wrist for even attempting to say such a thing. How dare he plea when countless people did the same and he laughed in their face or ignored them.

Ozpin coughed up blood from his swollen face and winced when Six gripped him by his hair and dragged him towards his bag. He dropped him onto the ground and stomped on his ankle to prevent him from running. He sifted through his bag before bringing out the meat hooks and chains and organizing them neatly. The sounds of metal was heard and he looked to see Ozpin try to crawl away, dragging him over before flipping him onto his back.

Six glared at him before setting his hands on the sides of Ozpin's face and pushed his thumbs into his eyes. Tendrils of blood snaked their way down Ozpin's face and a bloodcurdling scream echoed throughout the halls. Six pushed his thumbs further, feeling the squelching and ignored the violent thrashing beneath him. The bastard took what little light Six held dear so he figured he'd do the same.

He knew he looked like a monster right now, but he never claimed he wasn't one and didn't care. Beneath that face of a machine, was a monster that never escaped the darkness.

"You can scream all you want to, Ozpin. No one's coming to save you. Your obsession has cost you everything; your school, your allies, and now your life." Six said coldly as he stood up and flipped him onto his back before going over to the meat hooks. He stabbed one into each of Ozpin's wrists before cutting his shirt open to see his bare back. His combat knife was brought out and he stabbed his back.

Another series of screams echoed as Six slowly carved his way down Ozpin's back. Skin and muscles tore with ease as the knife viciously cut the back open. He was careful though, making sure not to cut any of the organs just yet. Blood pooled at the ground beneath them and Six just continued his violent work. Once he was done carving the back open, he set the knife down gently and his hands went to the opening of flesh.

His kukri was brought out and he saw the backbone and the ribs. He tilted his head before raising the blade and slammed it on the ribs. Another scream tore from the man below him and he started to hack away. The sound of chopping was accompanied by the guttural screams and Six pried the opening more, snapping the ribs from the backbone and leaving it for all to see. He saw Ozpin's lungs and gripped one of them, earning a gasp of agony from the man.

"By all means, you shouldn't be alive for all of this. Yet here you are. Aura is an interesting thing when given the right circumstances." Six commented coldly as he poked the lung with the blade gently. He gripped the right lung before tearing it out with a wet squelching noise. Still ignoring the sounds of agony from his victim, he went to the other lung and did the same.

"I-" Ozpin managed to wheeze out.

"I don't care for your excuses or words." Six said in the same tone. He gripped Ozpin's heart and yanked it out with all his force, splattering blood all over himself and the ground. He lifted the muscular organ to his level and squeezed it, causing it to explode in the crimson substance. It splattered all over Six's visor and torso. He stared at the fleshy remains before flicking it to the side and hearing it splat against the ground.

It was silent for a while and he went up to the chamber Maaya was held at, about to walk past it before stopping and looking at himself. How far had he fallen from grace? He went from being one of the UNSC's most prized assassins to... this.

A murdering psychopath with little regard for his enemies suffering. How much agony had he unnecessary agony had he inflicted on his enemies? Tyrian was an exception, as was Ozpin and Taurus... but the rest? He wasn't so sure. He could have just stuck with killing them swiftly and leaving it at that, but no. He had to make them afraid before they died, to know that their death would be painful.

He was never the most sane person. Even when he was still training, his actions were usually to inflict some type of pain to his enemies before killing them.

Something was wrong with him.

His helmet was taken off and set down as he sat on the ground, staring at his blood soaked hands. How was he supposed to hold Myne with these hands? To see her small hand in his when she found out how much larger his were than hers. How was he supposed to show her his face when nothing could be shown except those cold, dead eyes of his?

What if Maaya saw him like this, what he truly was? Nothing but a biological killing machine that was bred and carefully molded by war. How would she react if she found out he's killed enough people to fill a mountain? She wouldn't because he wouldn't say anything. If he simply kept to himself like always then he wouldn't have to worry about stressing her out or having her worry about his past. It wasn't his to tell nor hers to find out.

Once he would leave Remnant... he'd leave them behind along with Ren and Nora. Those four had done well enough without him, so who's to say they won't when he's gone? It was the best way to keep them safe. Once he got rid of all the threats, he'd leave so no more would harm them. He couldn't have another situation like this one. He'd... fade into the background like always. It was for the best.

"Reclaimer..." Auspicious floated in front of him.

"Hmm?" He hummed quietly.

"We should leave soon. They're waiting at the ship." She said in the same volume.

"Just let me finish." He said, grabbing the chains and attaching them to the hooks. She bopped up and down before helping him string Ozpin's mutilated corpse up and placing a grenade in it. Once it fell, it would detonate and disintegrate the body, leaving nothing but ash in its wake. Blood dripped onto the ground as Six collected the spent shell casings and whatever would tie anything back to him.

His bag was collected and slung over his shoulder before he quietly walked to the elevator, looking one last time at Ozpin's corpse then turning back around. He had one last piece of light to get back. Getting out shouldn't be too much of a problem considering everyone should be asleep and it was one in the morning. Him and Ozpin had been fighting for the last hour, which was a lot longer than Tyrian or Taurus. Six could even feel some of the blows from the now deceased Headmaster.

Once he got Myne back, then he'd start dealing with Salem's underlings again. This was merely a bump in the road.

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It starts like this and I cannot make this up. This is the first thing he said to me and I just copied and pasted it:

Bruh fuck u. I'm tired of seeing losers like u making up stupid stories with the ACCUALLY HERO OF A FUCKING ENTIRE VIDEO GAME. look like a invincible god who can DO ANYTHING that kills with no thought. cuz ur basing this of of ur fever dream so stfu. u like mixing DOOM ETERERNAL with 2 universes that don't deserve this harassment by people like u. so go fuck urself and MAYBE READ THE LORE OF HALO JACKASS

This is the type of thing that makes me laugh so hard and it actually made my day. Like, I didn't even say anything to this guy. Hell, I don't even know who he is! That's the first message too, it goes on for a while. I know, I know, I shouldn't be doing this... but it's something I found to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen on this site. Now, he might be trolling or not, I don't know. All know is that I just had to share a small portion of it with you all. At this point, that's all it is. Something to laugh at and I know I'll get a bunch of shit for posting it, but I'm willing to take whatever comes at me like an adult. It's only fair.

On an unrelated note though, I sort of regret making this story at times. Don't get me wrong, I love it with a burning passion and all; but the more famous it gets, the more I... don't know how to feel about it. The more famous it gets, the higher expectations are and demands. Even though most of you aren't that demanding. It's like a rollercoaster of good things and bad. Some days I look at with pride and joy while others I just look at it like why did I make this?

There are times I miss when it was just that one story people could just sit down and read for the sheer enjoyment. Basically saying "Oh, this got updated again, nice." and all that. Like it makes my heart swell a bit when you guys say you enjoy it but I kind of miss the days when it was just another casual read. It's another reason why I don't like being known all that much. I don't know anymore. It's a strange feeling nowadays.

Maybe it's the alcohol talking or maybe it's just me realizing that FanFiction is nearing its end for this chapter of my life. Like I said, I don't know. Overall, just ignore this. No use being all upset now, only thing to do is look forward.