Maaya shivered at the morning air as she finished writing the note and sticking it on the guild door. She picked up her bag and walked towards the landing pad that Six's ship was at. A few people were out and about, either exercising or opening their shops for the day. She wasn't wearing her usual work clothes and decided to wear something more casual. A white and blue flannel shirt with a pair of jeans. Her hair was tied into her usual braid and it was draped over her right shoulder.

Looking ahead, she saw Six loading crates into the ship and walking up the ramp. There was an audible sound of him setting the crates down before walking back outside, he spotted her and stopped when she started making her way up to him. He nodded at her before going around the ship and grabbing another crate, and going up the ramp. She followed him and looked to several others in the cargo area.

"What's in all these?" She asked.

"Supplies." He answered, setting the crate down and going to grab the last one.

"Like food?" She asked.

"Food, ammunition, materials for crafting, medical and other things." He answered as he came back. She helped him strap the boxes down so they wouldn't move around before climbing up and waiting by the door. He scooted to the side when she sat down next to him and looked at the settlement beginning to wake up. It was quiet between the two and there was still the small amount of tension between them from the night before. He didn't mean to yell at her, but she was letting her emotions get the better of her. Call it callous of him, but he wasn't going to bring her if she didn't straighten up. If he was ruled by his emotions 24/7 then he'd fail half the time.

"I'm sorry for last night." She apologized.

"As am I." He said simply, making her look at him.

"What for?" She asked.

"I shouldn't have raised my voice at you, especially when you were in such a emotional state." He explained.

"It's fine. I guess that I was so happy to hear that Myne was found... I kind of lost myself for a minute." She shook her head. He hummed and just sat with her for the next several minutes. The chirping of the birds above met their ears and the sun started to peek over the settlement. He looked at his TACPAD before sighing and standing up with her when he saw Ren and Nora walking towards him. They had backpacks on and smiled up at him and Maaya before walking in the ship.

"You're late." He said to them, waiting for Maaya to climb up to the upper level with him.

"We had to finish some things." Ren answered.

"..." Six's voice rumbled as he hummed and sat in his seat. As he got older, his voice became a little deeper. He was in his thirties now, going on thirty-five while Maaya was a year younger than him.

"Did you two eat?" Maaya asked.

"No, not yet." Ren answered. Six glanced at them and was about to fish in his bag to find them something to eat before Maaya already beat him to it. She opened up her bag and dug through it, grabbing a container and opening it. Inside were eight pancakes that were still a bit fresh. Nora quickly rushed up to her and stared at the pancakes with widened eyes. A goofy grin wormed its way onto her face as she stared at the pancakes.

"Do you like pancakes?" She asked.

"Mhmm!" Nora shook her head enthusiastically.

"Do you want a few?" Maaya asked.

"Can I?!" Nora beamed.

"You can." Maaya smiled and handed her one. Nora took it before biting into it, stopping and beaming in delight for a second before quickly eating the rest of it. Maaya handed her another one and watched with a smile as she took her time eating the second one. A soft laugh escaped the older woman's lips as she watched Nora beam in delight like an excited puppy. She handed one to Ren when she saw him eye the food curiously and nodded when he politely took it.

"Nora, let Maaya eat her share before you ask for more." Six said calmly.

"Okay..." She sighed quietly.

"You can have Six's share." Maaya promised making the girl beam.

"That's fine." He responded before taking off. The sound of the three talking to one another and heading to the back was background noise to him and he kept his eyes on the objective marker that was displayed. Several thousand kilometers away, which is why he packed so much supplies. It would be enough for all of them to get there and back with some to spare. He still had to get the last facility in Mistral up and running before heading to Vacuo and Atlas. Once he was finished with Mistral, he'd send another signal.

The others talked for a while and Maaya got to know the two better, sitting on the bench while they sat on the floor. She took note how Nora was an endless bundle of energy, like a puppy, and she found it quite endearing. Whenever Nora told a story, it wasn't to brag about her accomplishments but to share her enthusiasm with the other party. Her stories were sometimes outlandish, but that just added to the girl's innocent charm. She was also extremely affectionate, often hugging her brother and she even hugged Maaya when she was given permission. The older woman found it extremely sweet overall.

Ren was more reserved on the other hand. He wasn't afraid to show his emotions, but kept them in check as opposed to his sister. His calm nature was a good balance to her somewhat chaotic one. Whenever he spoke, it was in a somewhat soft tone, never rising above that level. He was polite and waited for the other person to finish speaking before saying what he had to say, always waiting his turn and put others in front of himself.

From what Maaya understood, Six found them after the boy's settlement was destroyed by Grimm. He had traveled with them for a few weeks and lied the foundation of what they were today. A small frown made its way onto her face when she heard he basically left them to travel. While it wouldn't be her first choice, she did somewhat understand why he did it. The Six back then was different from the one today. Back then his tone was cold to everyone, including her and he was quick to leave the company of others. If someone tried to talk to him, he'd either ignore them or leave to go do something else.

He was different now. Now he would listen to people, either taking advice from older members or giving it to younger members. He went from hating company to tolerating it to a certain degree. She knew he was still extremely cautious of who he encountered, but he wasn't cold like before. When she saw his face for the first time the previous night, she didn't need for him to tell her that he's been through the ringer. Countless emotional and psychological scars masked with indifference and sealed up before being forgotten altogether.

When she saw Ren and Nora though, she could see the same type of scars. Beneath these brave youngsters were children who never had someone in their life. Behind Nora's cheery behavior, was a girl who's been given the short end of life and smiled to mask her pain. Ren's was like Six's to a lesser extent, clouding his pain with indifference. A wave of pity flashed through her and she gently cupped their cheeks. Both went quiet and stiffened before leaning into her hands. Nora saw Maaya's face and her eyes locked on the empathetic smile the woman was giving her. Ren did to when she looked at him.

Nora's eyes watered at bit as the silence overtook them for a few minutes. She sniffled and a few tears started to fall onto the floor, making a soft impacting noise. Her lips wobbled and she felt the dam slowly start to crack. There were a small series of hesitant hiccups and her vision became a bit cloudy. It finally broke when Maaya held her arms open and invited her into a hug, something she gladly indulged in. A soft cry came from Nora's mouth as she rubbed her face into Maaya's stomach. The hot tears stung her eyes but she didn't care.

The countless years of putting up a brave face had taken a toll on her, never once addressing her trauma. Neither her nor Ren did and it put a strain on their minds, always having to mask it and hope that it would go away. As much as they loved Jaune and Pyrrha, the two would never understand. They grew up too sheltered to know what it was like to constantly fight to survive or understand the pain of losing someone.

It never helped that Nora never had parents, she never knew her biological parents and was basically a gutter rat that bounced from settlement to settlement. Six was the first parental figure in her life and she didn't blame him for leaving them. It hurt at the start since she thought he hated them, but as she grew older and looked at his deeds more, she realized that he probably didn't know how to be a parent. He made it up somewhat by setting them straight then coming to Beacon to get them.

Maaya made Nora feel warm inside though, a fuzzy feeling that she's only felt once in her life. It was nice and she didn't want it to go away anytime soon. So she just kept rubbing her face into the woman's shirt, letting the fabric soak up the tears. The sobs became whimpers and Maaya sat on the ground while Nora rested her head on her left leg.

Ren was a little hesitant but he rested his head against Maaya's right leg when she gestured and he let the tears silently fall. He didn't openly sob, but he just let the anguish from his past slowly fall along with his tears. A thumb gently rubbed them away from their eyes and they found themselves drifting off when she started humming. Maaya's hand raked through Nora's hair gently and her other hand rubbed Ren's cheek.

She watched their eyes slowly close shut and they breathed softly, feeling a mountain of emotions lift off their shoulders. Six looked back and let the Monitor take control of the ship before walking towards them, seeing Maaya smile at their sleeping figures. He didn't say anything but just went down to the cargo area and cracked open a crate with his knife, reaching inside and grabbing two blankets. Climbing up the ladder, he went to them and covered the two while Maaya just smiled some more.

"Thank you." He sat down in front of them.

"What for?" She asked.

"Comforting them. It's my biggest weakness." He answered truthfully.

"You? With a weakness?" She said lightly.

"Even I have weaknesses." He nodded.

"I know, but where you have a weakness here, you have strengths in others. This just so happens to be one of my biggest strengths." She said proudly.

"Is that so?" He asked.

"It is. Do you know how many times I've had to do this? Well, not to this extent, but something along these lines." She said.

"Many times." He said.

"More than I can count. My biggest challenge was with Myne. With these two though... they needed it. They've been suffering for so long with no one to open up to." She said as she rubbed their heads softly.

"..." He just nodded and sat down next to them.

"Can I ask you something?" She asked.

"Yes." He said.

"...Why did you leave them?" She asked. He went quiet for a few minutes and just stared into space.

"Child care is another one of my weaknesses. I cannot and will never be a father. Back then I didn't know how to interact with civilians so young and handed them off to someone else. There were countless dangerous situations I was always encountering or being thrown into. I didn't want to have them constantly be put in danger because of me. If I had the experience now, then I wouldn't have left them so quickly. It is possibly one of my biggest regrets." He said, looking at them. They seemed peaceful at the moment and it would be rude of him to wake them up.

"I'm a little disappointed in you for leaving them that quickly." She commented.

"As you should." He nodded.

"I won't say I don't understand though. You're different from when I first met you." She said. It was quiet once more and the two snored softly while Six and Maaya watched over them. The minutes droned on and Six decided to leave them alone, stopping when Nora woke up with a small jolt. Maaya ran her fingers through her hair and calmed her down before gently guiding her back to sleep. When Ren woke up the same way, she did the same to him as well.

Six just looked for a few more seconds before climbing the ladder and sitting back into his seat, taking the controls and flying the ship. Countless plans and various ways of execution ran through his mind, thinking of every possibility. This habit was hammered into his skull when he was still training with Beta company. Each one of them were drilled with various drills and exercises, getting them ready for the worst.

It was a shame what happened to his company, they truly could have shifted the war if they were given the chance. No use on dwelling on it now, nothing could be done for them at this point. It was something he had to accept in the past.

He just let his thoughts mull over as he flew towards the destination.

A few hours went by and the others were awake, chatting with one another. He continued to fly the ship while thinking and occasionally talking with the Monitor. She would answer his questions and stopped when the other three entered the cockpit. Maaya already knew, but the other two didn't know the strange little construct he was speaking to. Naturally, they were curious. He was hesitant about letting the Monitor introduce herself, but realized that she would do so anyways. There was no controlling the AI in the end.

Nora, as enthusiastic as always, was quick to dash up to Auspicious and hold her in her hands. The soft laugh of the Monitor was heard despite her not possessing vocal cords while he just remained silent. It was better to let the others bond and allow Ren and Nora to heal, finally letting some of their emotional pain go. Had he been a bit more normal, then he would gladly talk to someone, but that wasn't the case. He just ignored the pain and it became background noise to him. It was always there, constantly clawing at his mind and soul, but it didn't hurt anymore. That was the way.

"Maaya, when we get back to the settlement, what's the first thing we should do?" Ren asked.

"Get to know people more." She answered.

"Not bounties?" Nora asked.

"No, not at the start." She shook her head.

"Why?" Ren asked.

"The people still see you two and your team as Huntsmen and Huntresses. They'll give you trouble for simply being there and think you're the same as them. You should do some things around the settlement to get them to trust you." She said.

"Isn't bounties the best way though?" Nora asked.

"Bounties are not everything. They are merely rewarding people for killing Grimm or dealing with bandits, something that should not require a rewards in the first place. There are many other tasks to perform while staying there. As Maaya said, you two are outsiders and the people will treat you as such since they don't know you." Six spoke up for the first time in several minutes.

"So like helping other people, even if it's just delivering supplies?" She asked.

"Yes, not all your deeds need to be for glory. Sometimes the little things will allow people to see you in a different light." He answered.

"They never really taught us those things in Beacon." Ren said, neither him nor Nora noticing Maaya's small frown or Six's grip increase on the controls. Neither of the adults liked hearing the name of that place.

"What did they teach you?" Six asked.

"That we need to unite against the Grimm, eliminating them at all costs." Ren answered.

"Is that it?" Six asked.

"Pretty much. They gave us a brief lesson or two on how to interact with people in the settlements." Nora shrugged.

"They are fools then." He said calmly, noticing how Maaya nodded as well. It was understandable considering she's been living in the outer settlements for her whole life and knew what was happening out there.

"There's so much more than that. Out there, we do what we can for one another. Granted, not every person or settlement shares our ideals, but we at least try to pitch in when given the opportunity." Maaya said.

"Do you think they'll like us if we do a lot?" Nora asked.

"No-" Six answered truthfully.

"Six!" Maaya looked at him.

"Not at the start." He finished, looking at her. She puffed her cheeks a bit and looked at him while he just shrugged and looked back forward. Despite his lack of subtly, his words did hold some truth to them. Not everyone in the settlement will like them, despite all they will try to do. It was the same as him, not everyone liked him and he didn't care in the slightest.

"Do you get that?" Ren asked.

"Gossip? I do, but I don't let it affect me in the end. So long as nobody gets in my way, then their words mean nothing. It will affect you two though." He said. Over the years, and even before coming to Remnant, he never really cared about what others thought of him. If they had advice, he'd listen and consider it without paying too much attention to their delivery. Gossip was practically like water, rolling off his back without much trouble.

"Why do people talk about you though? Don't you do a lot?" Nora asked.

"I do, but not everyone sees me in the same light." He answered.

"They should." She murmured.

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, Nora. In the end, I don't care in the slightest." He said. She hummed in thought and talked with Maaya some more. The two had found themselves enjoying her company more and more, beaming brightly when she either complimented them or nodded when she gave them advice. He glanced at them and saw them truly happy with one another before turning his attention back to the road ahead.

He'd get Myne back, and nothing was going to stand in his way either. If it meant tearing the whole place apart as one of the options, then so be it.

Myne shuffled back to the nursery with the other children, each one deathly silent. Her entire right arm was bandaged and it flared up in pain every so often. They all entered the dark room and the door shut behind them. Not a single one wanted to speak up and went to the middle, where some paper and crayons were. There were a few stuffed animals and she ignored them in favor for drawing. She went to a small corner and lied down on her stomach before drawing quietly.

There was the small pitter patter of some feet and she looked up to see the paper bag boy staring at her. He gave a wave and sat down next to her, watching her draw.

"Can I sit next to you?" He asked.

"Yeah." She nodded. It was quiet as he sat down and looked at her drawing, his bag crinkling every so often.

"What's your name?" He asked after a few minutes.

"Myne..." She answered quietly.

"Nice to meet you! I'm Isaac!" He introduced, flinching when a few of the older children shushed him. She noticed him shrink a bit and shake when they glared at him before going back to their own activity.

"They don't seem very nice." She said.

"They are. I just get too excited sometimes." He laughed nervously. She didn't look convinced and went back to drawing; thinking about Maaya and Six. Her small heart beat rapidly and she felt like she could hear it. He was the one who initiated each conversation and she found his excitement a good contrast to their dark surroundings. A ghost of a smile made its way onto her face and she momentarily forgot where they were.

A childish scream down the hall made them all look towards the door. It grew more pained as time went on and eventually nearly everyone in the nursery shook with terror when it sounded like a bloodcurdling wail. Myne covered her ears to try and block out the horrible sound, doing her best to ignore it altogether but it wouldn't stop. The person on the other end sounded so... scared. They could faintly hear them beg to whatever higher being was out there; pleading to spare them from this hellish place.

After three minutes, it stopped altogether. There was the faint sound of a body being dragged and thrown onto a cart before being rolled down the hall. Nothing was heard after that but nobody in the room moved a muscle, they didn't want to, not after hearing that.

She uncovered her ears and looked around, shuffling around uncomfortably as tears built up. They dripped onto the ground and she rubbed her eyes to get rid of them. It reminded her of that horrid night, when she lost her mom, dad, and sister. Hearing them scream in terror and pain while she was trapped in a dark place. The only difference now was that she didn't hear the madman's cackling. Despite getting a bit better, the trauma from that horrible event would forever be seared into her mind.

When she looked back up, she saw Isaac staring blankly into space. He wasn't responding to anything and just kept staring at the door. It was like he just... shut down. She shook his shoulder gently and saw that he still wasn't responding. Some of the others saw his state and either looked away uncomfortably or just tossed something at him to try and get him out of his state.

A younger girl walked up to them and sat down next to them. She had short messy cream-white hair that went down to her shoulders and yellow eyes with a blue one piece pajama set on. There was a small number on the side of her neck that looked like it had been painfully tattooed onto her. Her sturdy looking tail was tan and Myne had trouble figuring out what type of Faunus she was. She scooted back a bit when the girl opened her mouth to reveal a set of pearly white carnivorous teeth and chomped on Isaac's arm.

He was thrown out of his catatonic state and yelped in pain.

"Ow! Nana, stop!" He pleaded, prying her jaws from his skin. After making sure he wouldn't slip back into that state, she opened her mouth and let go of his hand. He glared at her lightly while she closed her eyes and smiled at him, flashing her teeth.

"Staring." She said crudely, like it was difficult for her to speak.

"Sorry." He apologized. She nodded and stared at Myne, who shrunk back at the gaze she was giving her.

"Who is she?" She looked at him while pointing to Myne.

"She's the newest person here." He answered, scooting closer so that the three of them were huddled together. The other kids ignored them, writing the new girl off as a long cause for associating with the weird kids. One who never showed his face because he was scared and the other releasing her feral energy on the toys, ripping them to shreds before the other kids could have a chance to play with them.

"Nana." She introduced, extending her hand.

"M-Myne..." Myne extended her hand, tensing up when Nana gripped it and shook it excitedly. She shook her hand once it was released and brought her paper in front of her. Isaac looked at it curiously while Nana bounced up and down in excitement when she saw the drawing. That it actually looked like something rather than a series of scribbles.

"Hey, Myne. Who's that?" He pointed to the woman with brown, braided hair.

"That's mommy." She smiled, thinking about Maaya. The woman basically was her mother at this point; although she'd never forget her biological mother. Both women were moms in her eyes and she loved both of them dearly.

"Is she nice?" He asked.

"She's the best." She beamed.

"Really?" He asked.

"Yeah, she makes all this good food and reads to me at night." She started. The other two listened and nodded eagerly when she told them something and noticed she had seemed to come out of her shell a bit. It was like she was a little ball of sunshine now compared to the scared girl she was earlier. Pretty soon, her stories got the attention of the other kids, who started to slowly make their way over to the three. Even some of the older kids looked in their direction with curiosity.

Myne didn't notice how much she talked about Maaya; how much of a sweet person she was. The food she cooked, the stories she told, and even how she interacted with others. Her favorite thing was how kind she was in the end, that she could manage to worm her way into anybody's heart and make room for them. She didn't notice that she was drawing Six until Isaac looked down at the cloaked figure in the drawing.

"Who's that?" He pointed.

"That's da-" She stopped when she finally noticed how many people were crowding around them. Her small body somehow became even smaller and she locked up. They noticed how she froze in place and her eyes darted at each one before she brought her knees up to her chest and buried her face in them. Their whispers meshed together in her ears and she clenched her eyes shut tightly before clamping her hands over her ears. There was too much noise and she wanted her headphones. Her noise canceling headphones that blocked the world off and allowed her to escape to her own little world.

She hated it here...

She wanted to be alone...

There were too many people...

Too much noise...

She wanted to go home...

Her mom would make it better, but she wasn't here. Six...

She wanted her dad. She wanted to see his towering figure and hear his calm voice. The storm that raged inside her mind was always brought to a standstill whenever they were around. Her fragile state of mind was starting to break again, after being patched up from that terrible event, the walls were starting to crack. She was back in that small crawlspace.

Something was placed over her head and she looked to see it was a pillowcase with two eyeholes ripped into it. She looked to see Isaac sheepishly rub the back of his neck while Nana just gave a toothy smile. The other children had retreated back to their beds and waited for their food while the three of them just remained in the back. The whispers went silent and it was quiet now.

"You don't like crowds?" He asked.

"No." She shook her head.

"That's okay." He tried to reassure her. She nodded and slowly slipped the pillowcase off her head and went back to drawing. The two sat next to her and watched her draw on the picture some more.

"Hey, Isaac... why do you wear a bag?" She asked. He blinked and looked away before nervously rubbing his hands together.

"Oh... uh... it's because..." He trailed off.

"He's ugly!" Nana exclaimed while raising her hands in the air.

"N-No! Stop saying that!" He sputtered, puffing his cheeks underneath his bag.

"Then why?" Myne tilted her head.

"It's because the guards don't like how I look and kept making fun of me. I didn't like it so I found this bag and put it on. They don't really make fun of me so much anymore, so I just keep it on." He tapped his fingers together. That was the half truth, he also didn't like how he looked. The scientists were cruel and there were times they cut his face open, only to stitch it back together. Merlot was the worst though, there were a few times when he was still awake while the crazed doctor took him apart.

Nearly all of them had. Nana had it the worst though, the countless experiments resulted in her extreme hunger. If she got desperate enough then she'd openly attack the guards for something to eat. He remembered one time she took a chunk out of a guard's arm and he didn't see her for a week. It was the worst week of his short life. He had to force himself to forget when it was his turn for a test and he saw her; a muzzle strapped to her face and in the center of a room all alone.

They were thrown out of their thoughts when the door opened and one of the guards came in with a cart. He snorted at the scrawny kids before leaving the cart and exiting the room shortly after. Myne watched as the kids scrambled over one another to the cart of food and ripped the cover off. Each one of their tiny hands grabbed something and she could only watch as they fought one another for something to eat.

She watched Nana squeal in delight before rushing into the feeding frenzy and grab a piece of meat, biting one of the kids for it. The others backed off a bit when she tore a chunk off the meat and grabbed a few pieces of bread before rushing back to Myne and Isaac, handing both of them the bread. Her teeth easily tore into the meat and ripped a large chunk off.

Isaac just shook his head before eating quietly while Myne looked at the bread in her hands. She took a bite and cringed at how bland, dry, and hard it was, coughing when it seemed to suck the moisture out of her throat. Her mom's bread was a hundred times better and she ate a few more pieces before having her fill.

"Nana, can we have-" He stopped when he saw how much saliva was on the salted meat. It dribbled onto the floor and he sighed before looking at Myne, seeing her staring at the bread with a sour expression. He watched as her hands shook while trying to break the bread in half. There was a small snap and it broke in half before she stood up and walked over to one of the other kids. They looked at her as she gave half her piece to them before returning to her spot next to him.

"This is bland." Myne stuck her tongue out.

"Yeah, it really is. You get used to it after a while though." He nodded.

"..." She shook her head and ate her half, frowning while doing so. One of the children brought out their music box and started to play it. The soft tune filled the room and eased some of the tension from their small bodies. The room became somewhat of a safe space at the moment and they all wanted to cherish it for as long as possible.

"Hey, Myne. What's it like out there?" He asked.

"Outside?" She asked back.

"Yeah." He nodded.

"There's a lot. The weather turns hot and cold sometimes. There's a lot of birds where I live so we always here them in the morning. There's this one store that sells really good fruits. A-And they have this toy store that has all these cute stuffed animals-" She listed, going on and on about the outside world. Her knowledge was very limited though, she's never been far outside the settlement before. He just listened with rapt attention while Nana did as well, the only exception was that the Faunus was chewing on a stuffed toy.

The more they listened, the more they wanted to get out. To feel the soft soil between their toys and the warm sun on their face. Both of them wanted to sleep in a soft bed and eat until their bellies were full. Pretty soon, all the children were listening and they all wanted the same thing. They wanted out of this place, this prison of theirs. A lot of their families were dead though. Merlot made sure of that. He picked them from the outer settlements and had any trace of them erased, if that meant dealing with the family then so be it.

Myne's appearance sparked their desire to get out. They wanted freedom, even if it meant just going outside, that would be enough for some of them.

Each and every one of them wanted out of this nightmare.

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