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I've enjoyed reading some vampire FFXV fics recently so thought I'd add to them.

Chapter 1

Prompto walked down the streets of Insomnia, still awed by the city after two weeks. It was so different from Gralea that it had been a shock at first. He'd been dropped a nights walk away from the city, left to make his own way in and he'd done it, his papers good enough to be allowed entry as a refugee. It was why he'd been chosen, he could pass as human, even amongst others of his kind. That was very necessary for the plan he had been given, though he had a lot of room within said plan to do things his own way. Ardyn creeped him out but he had no choice but to obey him, he was the Chancellor, powerful and definitely not human. He had learnt that lesson very quickly. Lucis and Niflheim had been at war for longer than he could imagine but with this they could end the war. He knew he wasn't first pick for this, and he understood why, he wouldn't have picked him ether, but there had been no other choice, no one else would be able to get passed the Wall, get close to the target without being marked for what they were.

He'd never been around so many people before, it made his fangs itch to descend but he forced himself to ignore the feeling. So many humans…it was like an all you can eat buffet, something he had been introduced to since arriving in Insomnia. He wished he had been born in Insomnia, he could imagine having a human life in the city, going to school, growing up, finding love….. but it was nothing more than a dream. He was what he was, and nothing could ever change that. He'd had the bad luck to be born in Gralea, or made, or whatever method was used to get babies for the Magitek program. He still didn't know if he was lucky to wash out or not. If he had remained, there would be nothing left of him now, he'd be nothing by miasma harnessed into a magitek core to power a suit of armour. Instead he'd proven resistant to the Scourge, it happened sometimes, so he'd been handed over to the Chancellor to make use of him. He would have preferred the nothingness of becoming an MT to what had been done to him. Even then, he couldn't be normal.

He smiled slightly as the sun began to set, the slight tingle in his skin fading as the darkness of night spread. Insomnia was well named, the city never truly slept but night was the domain of the less human inhabitants, not that the King and his people would ever admit that. Magic users were welcome in the city, even encouraged, anything else? Some were tolerated, others were exiled on sight. If he managed to succeed it would leave the King in a very awkward position, would he follow his own laws or make an exception? Either way it would cause trouble for the King within his own capital, weakening the city for invasion. He didn't want to do it, but he had no choice. If he didn't… he shook those thoughts off and headed for one of the clubs hidden in the refugee sectors. What he prey was doing here, he didn't know, but it should make things easier for him.

Prompto paid the cover and slipped inside. He had been given his targets scent back in Gralea so that was no concern…the mix of non-human scents was. He could smell a handful of were's and something sparkly…magic. He needed to lead his target well away from here or anywhere someone would come to his aide. That should be easy enough, the target himself was human, though magical. He'd seen a picture as well and he scanned the club as he went to get a drink. He took the glass and sipped at the blue liquid slowly, definitely not his drink of choice, but he could deal with it. There! There was his target…and two other men hovering nearby. He recognised them too from the information he'd been given, the Shield and Advisor. He emptied his glass and headed onto the dance floor, imitating the dancers, he'd never danced before and it was odd, to move his body so freely but it was also nice. It enabled him to move closer to their side of the room, carefully taking in the scents and sounds. The Prince smelt incredible and he was suddenly feeling more enthusiastic, after all, he'd been given a rather lax timetable and a lot of leeway on how to get it done. All three were thankfully human, even with the tough of magic on the other two, nowhere near as strong as the Prince though. He let his eyes wander over their way, briefly meeting dark blue but letting his gaze continue on. The glance was enough to gauge what he was facing.


Noctis sat at a table, fiddling with his drink. He knew his Dad was not going to be happy with him for stepping foot in such a place, but he'd needed to get away from the stifling nature of the Citadel. Besides, he had Specs and Gladio with him for security, he'd be fine. Not like it was one of the clubs that catered to the less human residents of the city, even he wasn't that crazy. In a place like this he could disappear for a while and relax a bit. He let his eyes wander over the people dancing, briefly meeting eyes with another set of blue, though they were lighter and brighter than his own. He dropped his gaze, taking in the body that moved with the music. He wasn't overly tall, maybe Noct's height, limbs long and lanky though so he might have some more growing to do. He was in dark grey, slightly baggy pants and a tight white top, wrists hidden beneath messes of bracelets, bright blonde hair styled messily. He downed his drink and stood up, moving onto the dance floor. He moved behind the blonde and rested his hands on his hips for a second, waiting to either be accepted or rebuffed. Thankfully the other male tossed him a grin over his shoulder, and they began moving together.


Ignis watched as Noctis picked a dance partner and went out on the floor. He understood that his Prince needed the break, but he never felt that such places were secure enough, even with Gladio and himself there. He preferred the club in the Galahd sector since there was always a few off duty Glaive there. Here…he could see no one who could back them up in an emergency.

"We should move on," he admitted and Gladio nodded.

"There's some werewolves here," Gladio nodded in the direction of a group of rowdy young men.

"Time to go," Ignis straightened, feeling his daggers press against his legs as he moved. He looked for Noctis to find his back was to them as he danced face to face with his partner, slender arms resting on his shoulders. They moved closer together, bodies pressed close, foreheads together. Ignis blinked and swallowed, yes, well. He glanced at Gladio who smirked and then they began walking towards the two young men.


Prompto pressed back against the Prince but then turned so they were face to face. "Hi," he greeted cheerfully, smiling shyly, blue eyes meeting.

"Hi," the Prince returned the greeting automatically as he tightened his grip on Prompto's waist.

He kept eye contact with the Prince as they moved together, feeling it as the tension began to seep out of the human. "I'm Prompto."

"Noct." He blinked rapidly, he felt funny even as he felt himself relaxing as they danced. Prompto had really nice eyes…Noctis tensed as his magic surged, hearing the crystal, but then he moaned as Prompto's hips ground against his, sending a spike of pleasure through him. Those bright blue eyes never broke contact…they were calling to him…all he had to do was surrender…let go…. He felt arms rest over his shoulders, drawing him closer and he whimpered.


Prompto felt the magic surge, trying to break the burgeoning connection, Noct's body tensing. He moved immediately to distract him, never breaking eye contact as he used physical arousal to get Noct's attention off the magic. He could feel the tension once again draining from Noct, he liked that nickname, dark blue eyes slowly stopped blinking at all and Prompto could feel his mind. He shifted, resting his arms over slender shoulders and Noct whimpered even as he pressed their foreheads together. "Do you want me to kiss you?" he whispered and Noct whined needily. Prompto closed the small distance between them, claiming Noct's lips, the Prince letting him do as he pleased. When he pulled back he spotted the two retainers approaching. Not in the mood for subtlety and sensing no magical defences he met each man's eyes briefly but with full power and they froze in place, eyes wide and unblinking. He kissed Noct again because he could and then wrapped an arm around his waist. "Let's take this somewhere more private," he whispered and Noct nodded, blinking slowly, now looking cutely sleepy. He guided the placid Prince from the dance floor and past his retainers who blinked, dazed for a second, before they turned and followed.

"I shall retrieve the car," the one with glasses said, and Prompto liked the sound of his voice.


Ignis walked to where they had left the car nearby. They would drive back to Prompto's place, not Noctis' apartment or the Citadel. Let the boys have a night away from all of that. He started the engine and drove to the club where the others were waiting. He smiled as he saw Noct leaning into Prompto, looking almost half asleep, he had been dancing rather enthusiastically for a while, no wonder he was tired. He parked and Gladio got in the front while the other two poured into the back seat.


Noctis felt like he was floating, the world around him dim. He felt lips against his and then an arm around his waist and he leant into the hold, it made him feel warm….safe….

"Let's take this somewhere more private," the smooth, clear voice called to him and Noct nodded, that sounded wonderful to him. The arm around his waist tightened and he let himself be led along. The arm felt really good, warm, firm, so he leant into it. He wanted more, needed it, he tried to ask but he couldn't focus, all that came from his lips was a slurred mumble.

"I shall retrieve the car," the distant voice was familiar, but he couldn't figure it out, thoughts sluggish, scattered. There was something….the hand on his hip tightened and he let out a breathy whine of need, leaning more heavily against the body holding him up.

"It's alright Noct, soon," the clear voice was back, whispering into his ear. Soon…soon was good.

"Pr..mp…to," he slurred out the name, someone chuckled in the distance, but it didn't matter. A warm hand cupped his cheek, gently raising his heavy head for him.

"Is something wrong Noct?" the voice…Prompto….asked and he tried to talk but he just didn't have the energy, humming in pleasure at his touch. How could he be so tired and yet so aroused at the same time? Then they're moving again, and he feels the soft leather of a seat beneath him, a warm body at his side as he was guided down to lie curled up, head in a lap, warm, gentle fingers carding through his hair. H sighed in pleasure, nuzzling into a denim clad thigh.


Prompto smiled down at the sleepy Noct as the human nuzzled his thigh, he didn't look like a Prince, more like a cat. He could feel Noct's mind occasionally try to make sense of what was happening, to tell him something wrong, and he smothered it gently with feelings of warmth, pleasure and lethargy. The car pulled into the abandoned building and the two Retainers got out, moving to open the backseat doors. Prompto smiled at Ignis who smiled back, getting out and gently pulling Noct with him. The four of them moved upstairs into a hallway. It was amazing how different the three minds were from each other. The Adviser, Ignis, had a sharp mind, analytical but coupled with a need to look after others, to nurture. The Shield, Gladio, had a mind focused on duty and family, strength that could withstand a storm. The Prince…his mind was beautiful, strength tinged with pain, confidence and yet also feelings of unworthiness, he was a mess of contradictions. Prompto watched as all three men disarmed themselves, Noct's movements slow and clumsy, the two retainers then walked across the room, lying down side by side, eyes closing and their bodies going limp and still as they fell into a state of deep sleep.

Prompto helped Noct over to the mattress on the floor, sitting him up on it and he swayed in place, glassy blue eyes barely open as he whimpered. "Shh, it's okay Noct, going to take care of you," he whispered as he pushed Noct's jacket off his shoulders and down his arms. He then tugged his t-shirt up. "Arms up sleepy," he chuckled but Noct's arms moved up, helping get the shirt off. He then undid the black boots, pulling them and the socks off before undoing Noct's pants. He helped Noct lay back on the mattress, lifting his hips to pull the black pants down and off. Noct was now sprawled before him, naked, pale skin almost glowing in the moonlight and Prompto licked his lips. He'd never been allowed to look like this. Until he'd been chosen for this mission the only humans he'd been near were his superiors, he'd drunk a lab created blood supplement since he'd been turned and slept in cramped quarters with his own kind, fights often breaking out over space. He'd never done any of this outside of the brief testing. Having three minds so close was a heady sensation, even with two of them quiet in dreamless sleep. He could feel the compulsion in his own mind, pushing him to continue the mission and he couldn't disobey…but he could take his time.


Noct was lying down…wasn't he? He blinked slowly, seeing a ceiling above, he was lying down. Where? He could feel the cool night air on his overheated skin, and he sighed, it felt nice…naked…he was naked…something about that…he should worry? His limbs were heavy, uncooperative and he drifted for a time, slipping towards sleep.

"Wake up Noct," the voice whispered in his ear and suddenly he was wide awake, turning his head to stare into the most beautiful blue eyes he'd ever seen. The man…Prompto, smiled at him and Noct couldn't help smiling back. Warm arms pulled him close, naked skin against naked skin, and he moaned in pleasure at the sensation. He'd never felt anything like this, had he? Hands caressed his body, driving him wild, as he gasped and moaned, writhing under the incredible touch. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Noct. I have no choice," Prompto murmured in his ear and he struggled to understand the words. "Please remember, I had no choice." The voice faded and there was a strange, sharp pain in his throat.


"Please remember, I had no choice," Prompto whispered before taking a deep breath and then sinking his fangs into Noct's throat even as he kept touching him. His own transformation had been sheer agony, pain beyond anything he had ever imagined. He had no choice in turning Noct, but he would do everything he could to make it as painless as possible. Noct continued to moan and whimper as he was stroked until he cried out, gasping in ecstasy, body going limp as he panted and still Prompto drank, a hand moving to gently card through messy dark hair. He could feel Noct's body cooling and grabbed the blanket, covering them with it to keep him warm as long as possible. Noct mewled in distress, a hand weakly trying to push him away before flopping back down. Prompto drew back, watching blood trickle from the wound and down pale skin before locking eyes with Noct again, seeing the confusion and left over pleasure reflected in dark blue. "It's okay Noct, time to rest now, go to sleep," he soothed and Noct yawned, eyelids drooping. Prompto could hear his heart racing as it worked to keep his blood flowing.

"Prom…" blue eyes closed, his breathing deepening, face going slack in sleep.

Prompto kissed slack lips. "I'm so sorry," he choked out before he latched back onto the wound, drinking until he heard Noct's heart skip a beat, then again…his pulse slowing until it was barely noticeable. He licked at the skin, healing the wound and then sat up, back against the wall, cradling Noct in his arms. He looked down at him and wondered what it would have been like, if he could have met him as a human, could have been his friend… he lifted his wrist to his mouth and bit down, drawing blood. He let it drip into Noct's mouth, massaging his throat to make him swallow. He kept going until Noct's heart gave it's last slow beat and then he gently cleaned him up and redressed him before redressing himself. He had only stripped to make things more equal feeling if Noct remembered it. He might not, he knew some people never remembered the transformation and sometimes even several days leading up to it. Prompto thought they were the lucky ones. He settled Noct on the mattress and then felt his legs give out, gasping, hand fisted against his head. It took a few minutes before he could sit up properly, eyes wide. He…he was…free? He laughed bitterly, looking at the Prince, if only that bastard had died an hour earlier. Now what was he meant to do?

Prompto glanced at the two sleeping men, should he let them go? No, they would report the Prince missing which would make things harder. Noct was his responsibility now, he knew that much. He'd met an older vampire once, during his testing. He had told him a little of how it should be, how it once was, before the Emperor took such total control. Where a vampire would turn someone and look after them until they could survive on their own, sometimes even longer, of the bonds that could exist between them, different to the orders he was given by someone he'd never met but could not disobey. Now he was free…so the one used to turn him must be dead now. Did they know? Would someone be sent to retrieve him? Would they assume he would return on his own? He couldn't stay in Insomnia; he'd turned the Prince! But the Prince too could no longer stay…he would get a phone before leaving, then Noct could call his Father once they were safely away. See if the man would be willing to help his son, despite what he had become, especially since it had been against his will. He glanced back at the two men, he still needed to figure out what to do with them.