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Chapter 20

Regis was relieved when Claris opened the door, he hadn't heard from him since the call to tell them that Gladio would survive. He hadn't been entirely sure that Gladio would remain with the group but it seemed he had, otherwise surely he'd be with his father. While it was legal for the younger Amicitia to return, it was likely better he remain outside the city for now, and not just because he was Noctis' Shield.

"How is Gladio?" He asked as his old friend took the empty armchair.

"Getting better," Claris sighed. "There were some tense moments for a while. When he first woke…he didn't remember anything beyond a vague recollection of seeing Noctis…dead. Realising Noctis is a vampire but still the same boy he's watched over for years has not been easy. Your son had to make it very clear to Gladio, that he'd be a liability in a fight if he didn't sort things out. The biggest problem was Prompto, for obvious reasons, but Gladio remembers now so things have settled some. He's still somewhat wary of the boy, but he won't do anything to endanger Noctis or Ignis and harming Prompto would do so."

Regis nodded, glad that they had worked things out, they were safer as a group of four than a trio, especially with how little Prompto knew of the world outside of the labs he had grown up in. He just wanted to bring them home, but it wasn't possible yet, he prayed it would be soon though.


Nyx stepped back, nodding at Libertas to contact the Crownsguard. It wasn't how he'd wanted things to end, but they'd refused to back down. He had the backing of the King to sort out the packs hidden in Insomnia's depths, something he'd wanted to do for years, but he'd always hoped it'd end peacefully. He'd meant it when he said they didn't want to add to their pack, but that didn't mean they couldn't have a peaceful coexistence with the others. Stupid kids.

As the cars drew up his people vanished into the shadows, leaving him seemingly alone as the Marshal approached. "Wouldn't surrender?"

"Didn't even listen," Nyx told him. That was the problem with packs made of such young wolves, overconfidence. They were so sure of their invincibility, even when facing older wolves. "Pelna called, said his newbie is doing well." He was not going to name said newbie even if it was only Crownsguard around, not when so far his infection had been kept quiet.

"Good." Leonie nodded and moved to join his people in cleaning up. They'd id those they could, give any living family what closer they could.

Such a waste.


Gladio watched Noct's throat move as he drank slowly, Iggy lying on his sleeping bag, eyes closed and one hand buried in messy black hair, holding Noctis close. Ignis moaned softly and it definitely wasn't in pain. He could remember now, how good it had felt when either vampire had fed from him, how it hadn't just been feeding in a long time. But they were both wearing their pants still…because of his discomfort? And the with a last swallow, Noct lapped at the bite before latching on again lower…no, he didn't bite, he was sucking gently, then nipping playfully. Ignis was clinging to Noctis, encouraging him.

Ignis seemed to want it, enjoyed it, but…Gladio remembered what it was like, to want nothing for himself, only to please Prompto and through him, Noctis. Did that really count as consent? Then again, Ignis had always been so devoted to their prince, willing to do anything to make him smile so long as it didn't endanger him…like going to that club. It should have been safe enough.

He wouldn't admit it, but there was a part of him that wanted to be in Ignis' place, to feel sharp fangs in his skin, to be held, loved. But he wasn't sure he could do it at the moment. Pelna had left them alone, heading into town since he was doing so well, but he'd warned him to be careful, the full moon getting ever closer.

He sensed movement, knew it was Prompto, the shorter blond looking at the two with such a soft look…loving… Could anyone really fake that? He…he didn't think so. Prompto loved all of them, did everything he could to keep them safe and happy. He'd turned against those who had made him, had killed MT's for them. Maybe it was time Gladio let go of his anger and suspicion towards him.


Prompto watched as Noctis shifted from feeding to pleasuring Ignis, standing quietly. Beside the chair Gladio was sitting in. Things had become better since the new werewolf had remembered but Prompto missed how it used to be. Was that bad? Gladio remembered now but he still kept Prom at arms length. It hurt, after being so close, but he guessed it was understandable with everything the wolf had good reason to blame him for now that he could think and feel negatively about him. It just sucked.

He was curious when Gladio glanced at him, considering something, but what? And then Gladio slowly reached out, cupping Prompto's cheek in one large, warm hand. He shivered slightly from the difference in their body temperatures, eyes wide as he stared up at Gladio. He was completely and utterly shocked when he tipped his head slightly, could hear his heart beating faster than normal. Was Gladio seriously…

Cautiously, Prompto wrapped an arm around him, and Gladio didn't try to pull away. Gladio stared down at him, wary but also…longing? Then he stepped back, pulling Prompto along with him as he sat in the chair, Prompto having to straddle him to keep from falling or sending them both over backwards. He should ask, but it felt like if he spoke it'd all go away so he kept his mouth shut. He slowly leant in, pressing his lips to where he used to bite, feeling the slight shiver in response. He opened his mouth, lightly dragging his fangs across warm skin as one last chance for Gladio to say no, but he didn't. Prompto took a deep breath and then sank his fangs in, tasting the changes to Gladio's blood already. He wasn't Prompto's anymore, wasn't human, but he still tasted good.


Gladio bit his lip as the sting of the bite faded, it felt different to how he remembered, but the feel of Prompto's body pressed close to his own was so familiar. He wrapped both arms around the blond, fingers slipping under his shirt to explore cool skin. So close, it was obvious Prompto was enjoying feeding from him, and at an extra hard suck Gladio moaned, feeling his own body reacting. Prompto had one hand on his shoulder, bracing himself, but the other moved to run through his hair and it felt very nice.

If anyone had told him a year ago that he'd be letting a vampire feed from him and even enjoying it, he would have sent them straight for a mental evaluation. He hadn't fully believed his own memories, figured it'd felt so good because of how he'd been bound to Prompto but apparently he'd been wrong.


Noctis looked up even as he kept touching Iggy, unable to help smiling at the sight of Prompto feeding from Gladio, able to hear and smell how much they were both enjoying it. Good. Gladio needed all of this to start feeling normal, to help settle the returned memories. Claris and Pelna had come up with the only explanation they could for Gladio forgetting in the first place – the trauma of not only the attack but also the blood bond breaking. Either alone would have been okay, both happening at the same time had been too much for his mind, well that was the theory. He just wanted everything to be okay, for Gladio to relax and accept them all and for Prompto to be able to relax again.


Pelna watched the quartet, happy to see things seemed to be calmer now. It was why he'd left, to give them time to sort themselves out without worrying about him hearing anything. His loyalty was to his King, not the King of Lucius, but he liked the kids so he kept their secrets from even his King. It wasn't like Nyx had asked him about anything like their relationship, the closest had been how Gladio was dealing with the two vampires now that his senses were increasing and the theory on why he'd had temporary amnesia.

He wasn't looking forward to the full moon, he'd never had to be the one in charge of a new wolf before. He was the youngest in the pack after all since he'd been infected after they left Galahd, even if he wasn't physically the youngest wolf. He was actually considering going to Insomnia one day now that things in the city were changing, it would be good to properly reconnect with the others, beyond phone calls and an occasional quick meet up. He saw the Glaive more than his own pack, a member occasionally meeting up with him to pass on a package while they were out on a mission.

Though, the reactions of the Crown City might change when Gladio's status was revealed. To find out both the Prince and his Shield were no longer human…it could be seen as a move by the other races to try and force acceptance. It wasn't but it wouldn't take much for the humans to believe it was and that was the last thing anyone needed.

He was glad that Gladio was warming up to Prompto, he knew the Prince had spoken to him about being sent away if he couldn't sort himself out and that was probably the worst thing tat could happen leading up to his first shift. The calmer and more supported he was, the better. Sure, Pelna had been nervous to meet Prompto but it was pretty obvious within moments of meeting him that he was a good kid in over his head and just trying to keep his little family together.


Cor looked over the proposed plan and then sat back, meeting Regis' eyes. "You don't think it's too soon?"

"The picture of Noctis with Gladio was published months ago, the legislation on werewolves as well. This would be a good next step."

"And you want to see him again," Cor knew that was a driving force behind the plan.

Even with Noctis living in his own apartment, father and son had seen each other at least twice a week. It must be torture for Regis but until things settled down it was too risky for Noctis to return. When he did, he'd be living in the Citadel, it was too dangerous to let him live out in the city now. Not because Noctis might attack someone but because the bigots might choose to do something…unwise. Noctis had been able to defend himself as a human, trained in combat since childhood, that training with the added speed and strength of a vampire?

A public meeting between father and son out in Leide with a handful of selected officials and thoroughly vetted reporters…it was a security nightmare in the making. And it wasn't the safest place for the boys, no matter how much sun tolerance Noctis had gained since Cor had last seen him. And then there was Gladio, would it be better to do it before or after the full moon? You couldn't tell a werewolf on sight like many vampires, but he'd have a lot to adapt to after he shifted and might give himself away.

"Who do you want with you?" He asked, because it was going to happen.

"You and a few Galahdan Glaives, those on the Council who have proven most open minded…representatives from the press." Regis grimaced slightly at their mention but it was necessary. "Perhaps Ulric, if he will agree to come."

'I'll begin preparations."


Noctis stared up at the tent above him, not sure what had woken him. It had been such a nice dream too… he didn't know how he could still dream when he was technically dead, then again he could still think and feel so why shouldn't he be able to dream? They'd been in the Citadel, all four of them…human, with Prompto in Crownsguard clothing. His Dad had been there too, Uncle Claris, Cor… if only it could be real.

Even if they could go home one day, it'd never be like that, he knew not everyone would accept their presence, that it would likely take years for any level of acceptance from those in the Citadel. How many workers would quote rather than risk being near them? It would cause so many problems but Dad was insistent it would happen.

He was coming to Leide for an official reunion since no one knew he'd left the city last time. Noct was scared, there'd be others there this time, how would they react? It had been so hard the first time Cor had come, to see him flinch slightly from the coldness of his skin. Surely that would be worse than a strangers reaction? But how would people take his Dad coming to see him, to meet Prompto and thank him for saving him. If they ever found out the truth and that his Dad had helped cover it up…

"Shhh," soft lips pressed to the skin behind his ear, and Noct felt himself relaxing, Prompto tugging him close. "It'll be okay, I won't let anyone hurt you, ever," his Sire promised. "Sleep," he murmured, and Noct felt his eyes slip shut, body heavy. So unf…


Prompto didn't like doing that, but he could practically hear Noct's thoughts; his fear, not for himself, but others. It was just a part of Noctis and Prompto loved every part of him, no matter how hard he worked to not let Noctis feel it. He had promised to not influence him, to not do anything until the bond between them could be broken. And yet, he let Iggy feel it and he was even more tightly bound… should…should he turn Ignis as well? Or ask Pelna to infect him? To free Ignis from the blood bond and let him make his own decision too, wouldn't that be the right thing to do? Life outside the labs was so complicated.


Regis stepped out of the Regalia, cane in hand, looking around at the rest stop as the other cars pulled up, the occupants warily emerging. Were they already there? Then gasps sounded as Noctis stepped out from behind a tree, dressed in Lucian black, head high.