Loonatics Unleashed: Origins

By: Tidota Eru

Ch.1: Before The Meteor – Duck

Long ago, in Acmetropolis, 2772, before the meteor would ever strike the city, six lives lay unaware that soon their entire existence was about to change. Out of devastation, a group of heroes would be born, heroes destined to save lives and conquer many foes.

But, before there could ever be heroes, a series of trials must be overcome, to determine whether or not they were really destined to meet, and form a team.

Smoke and flames engulfed the air as the Acmetropolis fire department urgently set to work to bring down the roaring blaze. A rescue team had immediately went inside the small, residential home that was burning to see if anyone alive could be trapped inside.

The flames of the fire were massive, as if a bomb exploded and decided to engulf the whole house, which wouldn't be a big surprise to the firemen since a big set of quarrels had been breaking out during this time.

Tensions had been mounted high concerning the human and anthro race. Some people didn't appreciate the fact that these walking, talking animals had moved into their turf and started competing with them to claim equal rights.

They weren't the dominant species here, people were. And only man got the right to decide just who or what was accepted into their world.

Finally, the flames seemed to die down as the rescue team emerged, their yellow suits stained by the soot-colored ash. One rescue member approached the chief fireman carrying a small bundle in his arms; a young, black anthro-like duck that appeared to be barely a year old.

This had been the motive for the fire that emblazed the house. A look on the scene afterwards only confirmed the fact that it had been an intentional attack when the bodies of two more ducks were found, the parents of the baby now crying in the chief's arms.

"What do we do now Sir?" asked one of the firemen, after all of their work had been achieved.

"We take this little one to the orphanage" said the Chief sadly " while the others take his parents to the morgue."

Time passed since the fire, and Duck, as the young little fowl had been ironically called, found himself growing up in an orphanage home.

At first, things seemed to be going well, as Duck had been too young to retain the memory of the fire that had destroyed his parents. He was raised in ignorance, and had dreams one day, that once again, he and his family would reunite, his parents proud of all of the friends he had made at this home.

Well, what friends he hadn't made to be more accurate. The other kids just basically ignored he was there, giving him strange looks and then walking away with whispered words.

Duck sighed at all of the treatment. He knew that, in the eyes of the world, anthro-animals were still a hard thing to accept. There had been a lot of complications going on with this issue for years.

And those complications became even more clear as soon as Duck turned the corner and saw some of the elder kids picking on a small, little pig.

The poor porker was shedding tears as insults and jabs stabbed him left and right. The sight of this made Duck's feathers stand on end, and rage boiled in his blood. That was no way to treat someone else!

"Hey, leave him alone!" shouted Duck, pushing himself between the pig and the three bullies, arms spread wide.

There was shock the moment Duck decided to interfere, especially from the pig who, just a moment earlier, wished for all of his torment to end. However, the stunned atmosphere didn't stay that way for long, as the eldest of bullies leaned down towards Duck and gave him a harsh glare.

"Oh yeah" challenged the brute " and how exactly are you going to make us Shorty?"

"Uh…," Duck stumbled, having not thought that far ahead " I don't know."

With that said, the bullies regained their vigor, and Duck closed his eyes tight, praying for a miracle to come and spare him from the pain. His miracle came in the subtle sound of their caretaker's voice.


"Yay!" cheered the elder kids, and they quickly dashed away, leaving the duck and the pig behind.

"Whew!" said Duck, breathing out a sigh of relief, and then turned around to help the pig off the floor. "You okay pal?"

"Yeah, than…thanks…uhuh…thanks for the help," stumbled the pig.

"Nervous talker huh?" questioned Duck with a smile "Well, my name is Duck, what's yours?"

"P…Pinkster," answered the pig.

"Well, I doubt those guys will bother you anytime soon" said Duck with a nod " Nanny says we're all supposed to be on our best behavior here, and I doubt our parents will like if we're being mean."

"Our…our parents?" said Pinkster surprised " Don't you know where this is? We're orphans…we…don't…have parents."

"Orphans?" thought Duck surprised " No that can't be right! I have a home! I have a family! I can still remember my mom and dad. To be an orphan they would have to be dead, and that can't be…,"

Duck stopped himself from having the thought, for the reality could have been to horrible to behold. He wasn't an orphan, right? There was only way to know for sure, and that was to talk to Nanny.

So, later that night, Duck found himself in Nanny's office, where the elderly caretaker was busy putting away her paperwork for the day. She threw a polite smile to Duck as he entered the room.

"What is it dear?" she asked.

"Tell me about my parents," said Duck, barely gathering enough courage to look Nanny directly in the eyes.

Sighing, for she knew this day would come, Nanny gently lifted Duck up into her lap and told him about the fire that had killed his parents nearly a year before. The police had given him up to the orphanage in hopes that he would be well cared for until a new family could be found. That was the goal Nanny held for all of the young tikes who wound up under her care.

Duck frowned when the story was complete, not wanting to believe the truth the details hold. His parents were truly gone, and he was really an orphan, an outcast of the state.

Could it really be possible for him to find a new family here? A couple who wouldn't mind having an anthro to raise, and treat with as much love and care as his parents once had.

"I'll…I'll make it so," thought Duck in his mind, determination kicking in.

He would find a new home and a family. He would find a new set of parents that cared. And even though he would never forget his mom and dad, he knew that this was a goal that must be reached.

However, reaching that goal proved harder than it looked, as time passed and nearly all of the human children had been adopted out to happy homes. Duck, and his new friend Pinkster, were always the ones overlooked.

The two anthros hopes for getting out of the orphanage were slowly diminishing with each passing day. How long would this discretion against them last? Would they ever find a new home?

Finally, a chance came one year, when both Pinkster and Duck were the only two orphans left, and a couple came in willing to take the risk of raising an anthro as their son. The only problem was, they didn't know which one to choose, and their finances could only care for one.

For a moment, both Duck and Pinkster looked at each other, wondering what they should do. Both of them really wanted to be adopted, Pinkster especially because he had been living at the orphanage a little longer before Duck came.

Maybe they should give each other a fair chance. Duck would never cheat him, right? He may have been manipulative and sneaky sometimes, but they were still best friends, even after the argument that they had last night.

"How about a…coin toss?" suggested Pinkster, and Duck quickly agreed, reaching for the change he kept in his feathers.

Duck felt terrible for what he was about to do, but it was his only chance to get out of this place. Pulling out his lucky, two-headed coin, Duck declared himself the winner on heads, and pretended to look surprised when the coin landed back down into his hand.

But Pinkster wasn't fooled, and frowned as Duck was dragged away, a look of betrayal forming on his face. Duck glanced back only once at Pinkster, feeling extremely guilty for what he had done.

But he quickly dismissed the guilt in hopes for a brighter future. A new family, a new home, a whole new beginning! Hopefully with a more happy ending then what happened in the past.

Duck hated his new job. Sure, he had been lucky to find one, but out of all of the occupations, he could think of a dozen more exciting than a career as a pool cleaner. Life didn't seem like it could get this rough after he finally made his way out of the orphanage. Still, he would rather take fishing for dirty diapers than return to that slum any day. His adoptive parents should be content now that money was rolling in.

They were a nice couple, but strict, and were harshly criticized by the community that they had decided to adopt an anthro for a son. Duck still felt a little guilty about the way he had cheated Pinskter, but many years had passed, and it was time to focus on bigger dreams now.

Maybe he could even impress his adoptive uncle who, according to his parents, was one of the most shrewd businessmen in town. Constantly, Duck was warned never to bother him, and could sense the slight dislike brimming in his cold eyes.

"If I can prove to be a success" thought Duck " that will prove that I'm worth of the family."

Yet, there had to be something more. A way to be admired, respected, seen as the person he was truly meant to be. Little did Duck know, that soon his wish would be granted soon.