Ch.9: Chaos's Aftermath

"Ugh, what happened?" asked Duck, as he slowly woke up to his surroundings, dazed and confused as to why it was so dark, when a bright, white light had blasted itself through the city only moments before.

"It can't be nighttime already can it?" he mumbled to himself in disbelief " What happened? Where…?"

Duck stopped suddenly as he remembered the meteor crash that had occurred near the pool only hours before, how he was blasted back and knocked out when the giant rock landed with a smash in the center of the bay. Big question now was, where was the pool?

As Duck slowly started to straighten out his senses, the mallard noticed that he was now in an area located closer to the center of Acmetropolis than to the bay. A shady area, where even the police were frightened and citizens desperately tried to avoid. This is miles from where he had been at the pool!

"I can't believe the shockwave pushed me out this far,"

One thing Duck did know now though was that he had to get out of this area and find a way to get back home.

Forcing himself to stand up, Duck picked a direction, praying it was right, and hoped that his adoptive parents wouldn't chew him out to much for returning home late. No one could have predicted a meteorite disaster like today after all..

In fact, thought Duck, gazing around, suddenly worried. If the shockwave from that meteor was strong enough to send him all the way to this seedy place, what kind of damage had been done to the city of Acmetropolis itself?

Were there any other survivors? Was Duck the last of his kind?

Shoving away the doomsday theories aside for later, Duck refocused on his mission to find his way home, little knowing that fate was about to send him for one heck of a ride.

Meanwhile, over at Acmetropolis Hospital, relief efforts had been enacted to help everyone, human and toon, who had suffered as victims from the aftershock of the meteorite's crash.

Ace Bunny sat in the waiting room, rubbing his wounds, relieved that his injuries were minor compared to his producer and coworkers, not to mention some of the other patients he'd unfortunately seen being brought in.

A girl bunny named Lexi, and a coyote named Tech had both been brought over to the hospital by Acme University with minor injuries as well, but even though they were okay, concern was written out on their faces for the conditions of their human classmates and teachers who were also present at the scene of collapse.

Even though the meteor had crash landed in the bay, the shockwave it had unleashed was powerful enough to injure several bystanders and damage many buildings, crumbling them to the ground.

Stuck in the hospital until they were told otherwise by the cops that it was safe to leave, Ace gathered up his courage to walk over and start talking with Tech and Lexi. It seemed like the best option since there was nothing really more, at this moment, that he could do.

The two fellow toons welcomed the company, and Tech actually had some pretty interesting theories on what caused the meteor and the damage to result. Ace found himself fully wrangled in by the coyote's explanation when a blur suddenly speeded past and dashed himself into the room.

It was Rev Runner. After the aftershock, the road runner had woken up to see several people hurt and immediately offered his assistance when fire and police crews arrived on the scene. His speed proved very helpful in aiding with the relief efforts, delivering food and supplies to wherever they needed to be. Now he had to report to the hospital that they've received some extra help in their mission and that the wrestling arena had collapsed as well.

A fellow toon by the name of Slam Tasmanian was helping clear out the debris. When Rev had arrived, he was pleased to see that not many people seemed hurt, but after hearing Slam being rudely fired by his boss, it took every sense of self-control Rev could muster to not make his feathers prick up with rage. Even in the middle of crisis, it disappointing to see that anti-toon sentiment still ran high.

Was there really a time to be prejudice when every living soul needed their help? Hopefully, after the cleanup, things would calm down and be viewed in a different way. Until then though, Acmetropolis needed every hand they could get, and there was no way Rev was going to let anyone down.

Near the wrestling arena, Zadavia took a deep breath as she finally arrived and stood aside to watch, overseeing the removal of the debris. Slam was working hard, lifting rocks and moving beams. The Tasmanian devil's strength was absolutely amazing to observe. At this current pace, the rubble would be completely removed before the start of the day.

Glee that things would be settled soon quickly soured when Zadavia noticed a familiar car drive up to the scene. The door opened, allowing a pompous, tall, white man in an expensive suit to walk out, with dark, red eyes, jet-black hair, and a scar that curled upward from his neck to his chin. A tinier scar could be seen piercing the brow just above his right eye, as he turned to glare in Zadavia's direction, strolling over to the Freelangian without a second thought.

"So Zadavia" spoke the man " this disaster was all your doing huh?"

"I don't know what you mean," Zadavia responded.

"Don't play dumb" the man frowned "My 'sources' tracked the remnant of that laser you fired, so I know you steered that meteor off from its course. While saving the city, the radiation gives off the same signal as your powers, so I know family trouble has come to bother you again."

"And what of it?" said Zadavia " There's nothing concrete that you can prove."

"Not yet" said the man " but don't underestimate my resourcefulness. Now that I have the sample that I've wanted for so long, I just wonder what I will be able to do."

With that said, the man left, walking back to his car, leaving Zadavia once again alone, standing in the street.

The alien shivered with worry. Besides her brother, this was the only other villain that could make Zadavia shiver with absolute fear. Eddicus was a powerful man. Determined and shady in every sense of the word.

Everyone in the city suspected him of underhanded dealings, but those who dared challenge his authority were met with a brisk and sweet demise. Zadavia cursed herself silently for letting it slip years ago that she was a being from another race.

A man hungry for so much power was a dangerous foe to embrace.

Looking back at Slam, Zadavia pondered as a curious idea suddenly came to her mind. To protect herself and the city her friend trusted her long ago with, Acmetropolis needed heroes. Heroes with strength and courage, standing for peace while fighting side by side.

Slam, a toon, could just be what she needs. And if there were other noble-hearted beings like him, the beginning of a team could begin to form.