It's been a week ever since Kyle joined the legendary Starfox team. He pulled it off by impressing them with his exceptional knowledge in technology and overall electronic proficiency. It was the best thing that has happened to him ever since...what happened with his father.

He was an exceptional pilot himself compared to Fox, the leader of Starfox. Before he finished his academy days, he tried to study Fox's flight patterns and skillful maneuvers. Hell, he even saved up enough money working at the academy as a tech agent to buy and tweak his very own Arwing even before he became part of Starfox. He informed his Mother and little sister and they were elated. They even hold a mass celebration for Kyle and the whole team, earning a good first impression for Kyle.

At said party, Kyle was surprised with his own Starfox pilot uniform, blaster, reflector, and wearable comm system.

Now, the arctic vulpine was sitting in his living quarters studying the vastness of space. In all his life, he never thought he would be aboard the Great Fox on his way to his first mission.

I can't believe I'm here.

The darkness of space was ironically calming to him. It was fairly quiet when a sudden knock on the door made him jump, "Yeah?"

"It's me! May I come in?", asked the female voice.

It was Krystal. During his first week on the team, Krystal and him have gotten along pretty well pretty quickly. He admired her intellectual capabilites as well as her caring demeanor.

He shook himself from his thoughts and turned towards the door, "Come in!"

A moment later the metal door slid open with a swift schwoom.

The vixen smiled as their eyes met. "Just thought I'd come down and check up on you seeing how it is your first mission." And indeed it was.

Two days ago the team got a mission from General Pepper giving them the task of patrolling the area around the sargasso space region, an illegal area in space where criminals and hardened mercenaries alike dwell and be amongst themselves. Apparently, weird activity was picked up around said region hence the canine general asking for Starfox's help. The thought of a safe recon mission seemed to ease Kyle's nerves. At first he was just excited to be able to be amongst the legendary mercenaries but after hearing about the mission details, it started to hit him. He was a mercenary now, he was going to have to potentially risk his life a whole lot more often than he ever planned to.

He couldn't help but smile at the vixen's kindness.

"I'm fine. I just...have a lot on my mind." The vulpine sighed and turned back to look out into space again. Krystal, being able to read the thoughts and emotions of others through telepathy, picked up on this and set her hand on Kyle's shoulder, "Are you sure about that? Mind you, I can read minds."

Kyle chuckled a bit before turning back to face the vixen, making eye contact once again.

"Maybe not. I just...wasn't expecting all of this to happen. Don't get me wrong it's unbelievably incredible to join you guys but..."

"But what?"

Kyle could see the worry in the vixen's eyes, "I hate having to leave my family like this. My little sister absolutely hated the fact that I was becoming a mercenary and that I could potentially lose my life and she would never know."

Krystal nodded and looked down at the floor, "I know it must be hard to leave your family but just think of all the other families you'd be helping to protect, including your own."

She was right. Even if he wasn't with his family anymore, he knows that what he's doing is for the better. "You're right, I'm just getting too nervous. I've never done mercenary work before."

The vixen patted his back, "Oh you'll be just fine. I was a bit nervous at first but trust me, it'll grow into you. It'll just take time."

If only it were that easy...

The vulpine sighed again as he stood up and grabbed something off of his desk. It looked like a folded-up bow that was made with electronic components instead of wood or another typical material, "I modified my blaster to be a precision type of weapon." He unfolded it and it came to life, glowing softly with the color of a neon blue. Krystal looked wide-eyes as she examined the new piece of weaponry, which Kyle noticed and grinned.

"Yep, I doubled this thing's range, increased its firepower by 75%, and I tweaked the battery so that it lasts longer than a standard blaster's battery."

"Kyle... that's outstanding!"

The vulpine beamed at her response as he closed it, resulting in its shut down.

"Yeah, it took me quite a while but I finally finished it last night."

Krystal had an impressed expression, "You should work with Slippy to modify everyone's weapons even more."

Suddenly, his door slid open revealing a golden-brown vulpine in his wake, "Guys, we're approaching the Sargasso space region so we need to get ready and head down to the bridge."

The two nodded as they both stood up and headed towards the door, but a hand on Kyle's shoulder stopped him. "You got this Kyle."

God, I hope so...

He nodded with a face full of determination.