Hi, my name's Laura and I'm a new writer, in my opinion, I'm not really good. But please read and tell me how you like it.

Anyways, Bella Swan and her little sister, Aubrey live in Arizona with their mom, Renee and their step-dad Phil. Until one day Bella and Aubrey decide to move to Forks, Washington to live with their dad, Charlie. What happens when Bella meets Edward? What happens when Bella finds out their secret? Will Aubrey find out Bella's keeping something from her? Who is Aubrey dating and why do they only meet in private.
Read to find out. This is just a skit of what it would be like if they could get out of hunting.

Also, I do not own anything from Twilight or Supernatural except for my OC. One year after twilight so Bella is 18 and Aubrey is 17. Also, I'm changing the Winchester's ages. Sadly John is already dead, but Dean's 24 and Sam's 20.

Chapter One

As I was packing for Forks, Washington I put down my sweatshirt and walked across my room to Aubrey's room. Aubrey is my 17-year-old little sister, she's a natural girly-girl, but she's also very fierce. She's the head cheerleader and she played softball, lacrosse, and field hockey. Aubrey is confident, athletic, beautiful, brave, and good-spirited. Everything that I'm not. We're very different, she has long straight dark brown hair and she has lightly tanned skin. While I have long wavy brown hair with a bit of red that shines in the sun with pale skin. I hate playing sports and I am introverted. But we both have dark brown eyes. Right now Aubrey's dating this bad boy, but she won't tell me anything about him.
I walked to her room and found her packing. " You almost finished? " I asked her.
" Yeah, almost. " Aubrey responded gloomily.
" Hey, what's wrong Bree. " I asked. She shook her head. " Bree, you can tell me anything. What's up? " I asked her again. She faced me and looked at me.
" It's just that I don't want to leave. I know we're doing this for mom, but I love this place. This is where I met him. " She explained to me.
" Him? " I asked trying to find out what his name was.
" No, Bella. I know what you're doing. He'll tell you when he's ready. Okay? " Bree told me and turned back to her packing.
" Fine, come on we have to leave in 45 minutes. " I told Bree and left to finish my own packing.
Skip To The Airport
As we got off the plane, we grabbed our bags and waited for Charlie.
Just then a police cruiser drove up and stopped in front of us. Charlie got out of the car and gave Aubrey a hug and then Charlie and I shared an awkward hug.
" Well, let's get home. " Charlie said and put our bags in the cruiser's trunk. We then got in the car and drove off to our home. Aubrey's in the passenger seat and I'm in the back. While we were driving Aubrey brought up her boyfriend and talked all about. ' Why wouldn't she tell me about him! Why does she tell Charlie about her boyfriend about him and not me! ' I thought angrily. I was jealous and decided I would confront her about it later and took a small nap.
I woke up to the car stopping and noticed we were here. It was a small two-story white house. We all got out of the car and grabbed our bags and walked inside. Charlie showed us our rooms, Aubrey's room was bigger since she has so many clothes.
After I finished unpacking I walked into Aubrey's room with anger, jealousy, and sadness boiling inside me. I felt betrayed.
" Hey Aubrey, could I ask you something? " I asked Aubrey.
" Sure, shoot. " Bree agreed, optimistically.
" Why did you tell dad about your boyfriend and not me? " I asked her jealousy bubbling inside me.
" Because I knew he would find out about him and think he's a bad guy, but he's not. He just got caught up with the wrong crowd. Okay? And no, I can't tell you either. He doesn't want anyone else caught up in this. Okay? " Bree explained. (Bree is just short for Aubrey, in case you get confused.)
" Okay, thanks for explaining things, Bree. And sorry for getting a bit jealous. " I apologized, knowing that she's telling me a lie. Why is she lying to me?
" No prob Bells. " Bree told me and went back to unpacking.
I went back to my room and put my empty bags away in my closet. I looked at my alarm clock and noticed it was 6:30 and decided to make dinner. An hour later dinner was ready which was lasagna.
" Bree! Dad! Dinners ready! " I yelled through the house. Dad came from the backyard and Bree came from her room. Once we all sat I asked Bree, " You finished packing? " Bree nodded as we all ate and continued conversing with each other.
After dinner, I washed the dishes and Bree dried. We talked about little things and then about school. " So you excited about school? " I asked her.
" No way and you are? " I nodded with a smile. " I'll be happy if they have cheerleading, soccer, lacrosse, or field hockey. " Bree said to me. After we finished with the dishes we both headed off to bed for school tomorrow.