Aubrey's POV

As I talked through the phone to a friend of mine, Gina, something happened.
" No way, you usually kill vampires why are the Cullens different? " Gina asked with curiosity.
" Because now she's immortal and they can't hurt her. She's super fast and all her senses are higher. Plus the Cullens don't harm humans, they are not a threat. " I explained as I felt something wet.
" Gina, I have to go. " I told her quickly before I hung up.
" Castiel! I need you! " I yelled as I felt unbearable pain. Just then Castiel appeared before me.
" He's coming! " I yelled again. Castiel left the room as I breathed in and out. He then came back into the living room with a couple of towels and water. He sat down in front of me and tried to soothe me.
" The angels know, they're telling the Winchesters. " Cas told me.

Dean's POV

As I drove towards home with an angel and my unconscious brother in the backseat.
" Hurry! " Ezekiel shouted at me. I looked into the rearview mirror as I asked " Is something wrong? "
" Your wife, Aubrey is going into labor. She will be having the baby soon. " He told me. That's all I needed to hear. I pushed the pedal to the medal. After an hour and a half, I asked, " Are there any shortcuts? We're not going to make it if we keep taking this route. "
" Make a left here and once you get to the third stoplight turn right, that should get you out of all this traffic. " Ezekiel told me as I did what he said.
" Hey, how's Sammy? " I asked frightened for my brother's life. Ezekiel turned his head towards me as I kept driving.
" He'll be fine, but his body is in a lot of damage. It'll take weeks, maybe even months for him to wake up and even longer to be fully healed. " Ezekiel informed me. I sighed as I drove.

Aubrey's POV

As I waited for Dean and Sam to get here, I have been having more pain from the contractions. About two hours later the baby was on his way and I didn't know what to do to stop it. Just then Dean and someone else came in carrying Sam, I was worried for Sam. He's like my brother. They set them on the couch and Dean came sat next to me holding my hand. I squeezed his hand as I gave birth to my son. Castiel held Conrad gently and washed him up and wrapped him in a blanket.
" Thank you, Cas. " Dean said to his best friend and hugged him and then hugged me and said " Great job, babe. I'm so proud of you. " I could see that Conrad had Dean's Green eyes and had dark brown hair. It would probably turn a lighter brown. I loved Conrad, he was going to be my little soldier.

"Hello Conrad, I'm your momma. " I whispered to him.

I hugged him as Castiel handed me a bottle for Conrad. We stayed there, talking about everything for a few hours. I then got up with the help of Dean, as we walked up the stairs and put Conrad to sleep in his new room.
Dean then cleaned up the living room as I got the guest room ready for Sam since he'll be staying with us. I knew this was a new beginning, it's not perfect but it's better than anything we've ever had.


I have this also in Wattpad, along with other stories that I will probably be publishing them here too. My Wattpad username is SupernaturalLover65. I hope you enjoyed the story, again it was just a skit I thought of if they could get out of the hunting life. Also, I forgot to mention that Rosalie and Alice are the godmothers and Sam and Castiel are the godfathers.