Chapter One

Lucifer pours himself another glass of scotch, thinking about Chloe for the fifth time since he woke up. He has been denied once more by her and he is beginning to wonder if she is ever going to accept his advances. The doors to the club opens and he turns to see who dared walk in at midday. A woman wearing a bikers leather jacket, tight black jeans, black combat boots, and her jet black sits on her back in ringlets.

"Can I help you?" Lucifer asks with a hing of annoyance.

"I am looking for someone here," the woman says. She stops at the bottom of the stairs and looks around. Maze comes out with an angry look and Amenadiel at her side.

"What are you doing here?" Maze asks. The woman gives a small bow and looks at them with a wicked grin on her face.

"My apologizes, Mazikeen," the woman says.

"How do you know this woman, Maze?" Lucifer asks. His interest is peaked with this strange woman standing in his club.

"I am sorry, my name is Alexandra and I am here for the lovely woman next to Amenadiel. Hello there, Amenadiel," the woman, Alexandra, says.

"How is it I do not know this woman, but everyone else does?" Lucifer asks.

"What are you doing here?" Amenadiel asks. Alexandra laughs softly and then walks over to Lucifer.

"I am here to pay my lord a visit," Alexandra says. She stands before Lucifer, bows to him, and smiles widely at him. "Your brother killed my father and your pet keeps getting in the way of my job, Lucifer. It would seem that you owe me something."

"Why on earth do I owe you?" Lucifer growls. The doors open once more, letting Chloe into the club and everyone turns to her.

"What is going on here?" Chloe asks. Alexandra turns and Claire takes a step back a little. "Why are you here?"

"Everyone is wanting to know that," Alexandra chuckles. "You have an open case here that is now mine, detective. I am also here to pay these three a visit."

"Please tell me who you are," Lucifer demands.

"I am the daughter of one of your soldiers in hell and your brother killed him for falling in love with a human woman," Alexandra says, turning to Lucifer. "But, that can wait, sweetheart. Detective, please take me to your precinct so I may speak to your commander."

"I am sorry?" Chloe asks in shock.

"I did not stutter, detective," Alexandra says. She walks to the door and Lucifer cannot help but stare as she walks up the stairs. "Until next time, you three."

"We need to talk later," Chloe says quickly before running after Alexandra. Lucifer turns to Maze and Amenadiel.

"You two have some explaining to do," Lucifer says sternly.

Alexandra looks over the photos intently while Chloe stares at her. Ella stands awkwardly to the side with Daniel by her side.

"Your team has done well with collecting all of this," Alexandra says.

"What does the FBI want with this case?" Daniel asks.

"It does not matter and that is something I do not have to share with you," Alexandra says plainly. Lucifer walks in, but freezes in the doorway when he sees Alexandra. "Thank you for joining us, love."

"Are you stalking me?" Lucifer asks. Alexandra looks up from the photos with a hint of mischief in her hazel eyes.

"On the contrary, love, I am here to collect what is owed," Alexandra says. She tosses the photos down on the table and looks at her phone. "I do hate to run off, but I am needed elsewhere and let you all try to figure out how I am connected to you all."

"Wait, I want to know what and who you are exactly," Chloe says. Alexandra raises a brow when she looks Chloe over.

"Yes, we have a right to who you are," Ella says.

"If you insist," Alexandra sighs. "My mother fell in love with a man that was an amazing man and they had a child, me. My father was on the run from someone, so he was never able to be remain at home for very long. He returned home for a visit when I turned sixteen, but he had finally been caught and he was killed at home. My mother died a year later from grief and I went on to become who you see today."

"That does not explain your connection to Lucifer," Chloe says.

"His brother is the man that killed my father," Alexandra says. She crosses her arms over her chest with her chin held high, staring down at Lucifer. "You owe me, Lucifer."

"Why do I owe you for what my brother did?" Lucifer asks.

"My father served you! He was one of your men in Hell!" Alexandra snaps. Lucifer staggers back a few steps in shock.

"You? I was told his whole family died," Lucifer says.

"No, I lived and I swore I would find a way to make you repay what was taken from me because it is your family's fault," Alexandra growls. "Now, I am needed elsewhere."

"Wait," Chloe says, but Alexandra is out the door before they can say anything. "What is the matter with you and your brother, Lucifer?"

"I am not sure, but I am going to go after her to investigate her," Lucifer says before bolting after Alexandra. He catches her before she slides into her Uber and he pulls her close to him. "You and I need to sit down and talk about what I owe you exactly."

"Lucifer, you are not worth the time," Alexandra chuckles. She moves to kiss his cheek, letting her breasts press against his chest. "Besides, I am liking the look on your face as you fight the urge to fuck me or submit to me."

"I am-" Lucifer gasp, but Alexandra gets into the car before he finish his sentence. "She is amazing and I am intrigued."