Chapter Twenty-Eight

Lucifer adjusts the son's ties with a smile and then fixes their hair gently. Louis and Anthony smile at their father with wide smiles and he kisses their curly black hair before Amenadiel walks into make shift dressing room. They got a spot on the beach and it has been changed to represent a wedding hall with red and black decor, no white allowed with a small exception.

"How is she?" Lucifer asks. The boys are three now and they are happy to see their parents getting married.

"She is fine, but she is wanting you stop primping so we can get this done and over with," Amenadiel chuckles. "I never thought I would see you getting married."

"I am too, but she means everything to me," Lucifer says.

"Mommy will come to see us in hell right, daddy?" Louis asks, taking Lucifer's hand in his.

"Yes, my prince, mommy is going to come with us for a little bit until she has to come back here to work," Lucifer says with a wide smile. Amenadiel leads them to where the altar is meant to be and they wait patiently. Ella and Daniel sit next to Trixie and Charlie on Lucifer's side of the aisle with big smiles on their faces. Alexandra takes deep breathes before coming out the of changing room with Linda and Chloe holding her hands.

"Relax and follow behind us," Chloe says. Alexandra nods with a scare smile before Linda and Chloe walk down the aisle. Everyone smiles as the bridesmaids walk down first and Alexandra walks down in a black, Victorian gown that falls past her knees a little, bare feet, with a bouquet with white roses in her hands. Lucifer smiles at her as she gets close to him and she tries not to cry. She takes Lucifer's hand when he extends it out to her and they turn to Amenadiel with smiles. Amenadiel begins the service with a wide smile on his face, it is short and simple per their request. Lucifer caresses Alexandra's face softly with a wide smile as he leans forward to kiss her once Amenadiel declares them man and wife. Alexandra pulls him closer to her and everyone laughs while clapping. They all head back to the condo to enjoy a little party while Alexandra changes, but Lucifer is distracting her.

"Luc, we have guests," Alexandra moans.

"The door is locked," Lucifer chuckles against her neck. He slides her dress off and caresses her breast gently. "Did you not wear underwear for a reason, darling?"

"Yes, I did just for you," Alexandra says with a smile as she undoes his pants. Lucifer smiles as he lifts her up to wrap her legs around his hips and thrusts himself into her, making her purr. "Fuck yes."

"I plan on doing just that," Lucifer chuckles. He holds onto her as he makes hard, slow thrusts, wanting to make her beg a little and it works. Alexandra grips his shoulders as she kisses him, moaning a little, while trying not to wiggle her hips too much.

"Luc, please," Alexandra whimpers against his lips. He obliges and thrusts harder until she bites her lips from screaming out with pleasure. They reach their climax in unison and stare into each other's eyes breathlessly. "I love you."

"I love you too," Lucifer says with a smile. He puts her back on her feet and kisses her forehead. "Let's get you dressed before someone breaks down the door."

"But I want to stay in here," Alexandra pouts. Lucifer chuckles as he kisses her lips gently and rests his hands on her hips.

"You need to eat if you want our daughter to be a healthy little devil," Lucifer chuckles. He looks down at Alexandra's growing stomach with a smile.

"She is going to be alright," Alexandra laughs. A knock interrupts them and they turn to the door in confusion.

"Mommy, can we play with Auntie Maze? She brought knives for us to play with," Anthony asks through the door.

"Be careful and do not throw them at your brother," Alexandra says. Anthony giggles as he runs away and Alexandra tries not to laugh at her son's excitement. "Alright, let's get out there."

"I will let you finish," Lucifer says. Alexandra grabs a pair of pants and his undershirt, since that is all she can fit right now. She follows him out of the closet to see everyone is waiting for them with glasses of champagne in their hands.

"To the king and queen of hell," Amenadiel says. Everyone raises their glasses in praise and Alexandra laughs a little. Lucifer pulls her close to him and tries to think about what he did to deserve this happiness.

Lucifer walks onto the balcony to look at the land to make sure the demons are not restless and takes a deep breathe. Alexandra laughs as she plays with the boys and Lucifer smiles as he turns to them. She has her hair up in a messy bun and she is peppering Anthony's face with kisses. Louis giggles as he runs around Alexandra trying to rescue his brother, but only ends up getting caught.

"Alright, time for bed," Lucifer chuckles. The boys pout as they watch Lucifer walk over to them, but scurry off when he raises a brow. Alexandra laughs softly as she leans back in her chair while looking up at him.

"Why are they being sent to bed early?" Alexandra asks.

"Because I would like to spend some time with my wife since she has been so busy taking care of our little devils," Lucifer says with a smile.

"And what are we going to do about Max when she wakes up?" Alexandra purrs when Lucifer leans down to kiss her lips softly.

"Maze will take care of her since she loves the little one so much," Lucifer says softly. He lifts Alexandra off the chair and they laugh softly on their way to their room. Alexandra leans her head back as Lucifer kisses her neck and the tops of her breasts. He manages to get her into the room, close and lock the door, before pulling her down for a passionate kiss. Alexandra laughs when he stops her from removing her clothes, but instead leads her to the bed.

"Luc," Alexandra groans. He lays her on the bed to pull her pants off slowly and kisses the inside of her thighs.

"I plan on making this last for a very long time," Lucifer says with a wicked smile. He makes a trail of kisses to her core where he nibbles on her clit for a second, sending a wave of ecstasy up her body. His fingers slide her panties off before delving past her wet folds to caresses her pussy. Alexandra's toes curl as her back arches and her legs lift off the bed a little. Lucifer grabs her leg with his free hand to keep her close and she reaches down to run her fingers through his hair. Lucifer finds the right spot and it makes her cum quickly.

"Luc," Alexandra groans as she comes down from her high. Lucifer smiles as she undresses and then leans over her to kiss her lips softly.

"You taste wonderful today," Lucifer purrs. Alexandra reaches between them to grab his cock and it makes him groan for a moment. "Are you wanting it rough today?"

"I always want it rough, love," Alexandra says with a smile. Lucifer chuckles as he pins her hands over her head, puts his hips between her legs and quickly thrusts into her. He keeps the pace for a moment and then picks it up when she wraps her arms around his legs. He leans down to bite her nipple, making her scream out his name and arch her back to press her breasts in his face more. They keep this pace for twenty minutes before they cum one after another. They continue on for hours, possibly days, but enjoy every moment knowing that they will be together for eternity.