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Percy Jackson made his way through New York City, his hand in his pocket, fidgeting with Riptide.

He and his friends had decided to take patrol walks throughout the city, on the lookout for anything suspicious. So far all they'd seen was the usual monsters – pursuing them, of course. Nothing really of concern, but it couldn't hurt to be cautious.

So, today, Percy was ready for their weekly outing. He would meet Annabeth, Grover, and Tyson at the Rockefeller center and they would go from there.

When he arrived, he was surprised to see that he was the second there, the first being (obviously) Annabeth. Usually Percy was late and ended up being the last one.

He began to walk towards the fountain she stood at. Her blonde curls had been hastily pulled back in a ponytail, and her sweatshirt, jeans, and white converse made her look like a normal teenager. Percy knew better. Behind the sweet façade was a dagger wielding, monster fighting, battle tactic ace who could be very scary when she wanted to.

He looked past her at the fountain. Chills ran up his spine. The fountain depicted Atlas holding the weight of the sky. Some unhappy memories surfaced, particularly the image of Annabeth struggling to hold onto the weight herself the day Atlas attempted freedom. He remembered the way her body looked ready to collapse, but the gleam in her stormy grey eyes told him she wasn't going to go down easily.

Percy shook off the unpleasant memories. He didn't want to go as far to relive Zoe Nightshade's death. Annabeth was still standing there, her nose stuck in a book, not really paying much attention to her surroundings. Not many people stood around her, anyways, and Percy had a feeling his brother and the satyr weren't going to be here for a while.

He should have some fun.

Percy crouched on the steps behind the fountain. Annabeth still hadn't noticed his presence.


He thrust his hand out, calling on his father's power, feeling the familiar tug in his gut when a stream of water began to rise from the fountain silently.

Percy smirked.

The water doused Annabeth's clothes and hair, soaking her. Percy only had mercy for the book, arching the water over it as not to get it wet.

Without even looking, Annabeth called, "Perseus Jackson!"

Percy was too busy snickering to notice her use of his full name. "What? You looked hot, Wise Girl."

"Oh, don't you dare Wise Girl me," she said, even though a smile was forming on her face. "Wait…did you just call me hot?"

"Temperature wise, genius."

Annabeth's cheeks reddened. "I knew that," she muttered. She wrung out her hair and clothes, and when she finally perked up, Percy doused her again.

Annabeth didn't even react. She was staring at something behind him, eyes wide with terror.

He turned slowly, afraid of what he might find. But all he found was a cold splash of water on his back. Turning back around, his expression portrayed impressiveness, as if she would dare do that.

"You wanna play, Seaweed Brain? Let's play." Annabeth was in battle mode, and Percy knew that this had just gotten real.

"Oh, it's on!"

Percy would fall for the same trick three times before realizing Annabeth was only outsmarting him.

Annabeth dodged a few of his shots, but most made their mark, him being the son of the sea god.

Soon, they were both soaking wet and panting, but neither wanted to give in. Percy had just landed on of his shots and Annabeth was struggling to stay balanced. She laughed and righted herself.

"Truce! Truce!" she exclaimed between giggles.

"Alright. What do you propose, oh Wise One?" Percy was a bit surprised. Annabeth never let him win.

Being the son of Poseidon had its perks.

Annabeth walked up to him. She got closer and closer until they were close enough for their noses to touch. Percy's insides did front flips. He eyes searched hers for an explanation. But all he could see in the grey storms was admiration.

Then it changed.

Her stoney eyes showed amusement.

"You're such a Seaweed Brain," she whispered before putting one finger on his chest and giving him a light push.

Percy stumbled back into the fountain behind him. But there were two flaws to Annabeth's plan. One, this was not the first time she had done something like this, he had seen it coming, and two, she was standing within reach of him. He grabbed Annabeth and pulled her down with him.

"I am, aren't I?" Percy remarked, still lying on his back in the water, Annabeth doing the same. Still, neither would let the other win, and they began a mini splash fight in the fountain.

Percy allowed the water to hit him, considering he was already drenched.

Annabeth couldn't keep her smile suppressed. Eventually, she stood up and, still splashing Percy, got out of the fountain. "Alright, let's get dried off. We probably look like little kids who can't control ourselves."

"Maybe. But what's so wrong with that?"

She laughed her beautiful laugh and held out her hand for him to take.

He took her hand and let her pull him up. If Percy were being honest, he expected Annabeth to push him right back in as soon as she got a hold of his hand, but found himself standing next to her, outside of the fountain.

"Let's come to an understanding," Percy said. "I won."

Annabeth looked at him amusedly once more. "You are the son of the god of the sea, Percy."

"Yes, but I want you to admit that I beat you."

"In…a water fight."

"Mmhmm. Just say I won."

Annabeth smiled. "Okay then."

She pushed him back into the fountain, saying, "I won."

She was just too smart for him.

The faint sound of clapping sounded from behind them. Annabeth and Percy turned to see Grover and Tyson, along with Rachel, Clarisse, and the Stoll twins sitting on the steps.

Both teenagers felt their faces heat up.

"Yay Annabeth!" Tyson exclaimed. "I cheering for you!"

Percy looked at Annabeth admirably. "He usually cheers for me. I have a new respect for you, Annabeth."

"How long have you guys been here?" Annabeth asked.

"And why are you here?" Percy added.

"We haven't been here that long," Grover answered, at the same time Tyson said "Whole time," and Clarisse said "since you started."

Grover sighed in defeat.

"Why didn't you stop us, then? We have been doing this for like…a half hour." Annabeth checked her watch.

"We know!" Rachel chimed in. "We were considering getting popcorn."

Percy laughed.

Annabeth groaned. "Was it that entertaining?" she asked as the group walked up to the soaking pair.

"Actually, yes."

"Well then," Annabeth said, sending Percy a discreet wink.

"Well then," Percy agreed.

Percy grabbed Clarisse and Grover at the same moment Annabeth grabbed Rachel and the pair pulled the three into the fountain (leaving Tyson out, for he was much too heavy for Annabeth to even attempt to push in.)

When Clarisse came up for air, she yelled, "Oh, it's on!"

That night, they never got to patrolling. Oh, that's right, they actually did. A security guard kicked them out of the Rockefeller Center, grumbling something about "irresponsible five-year-olds," and the teenagers had to walk around the town soaking and out of breath.

But it was worth it.

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