CH 2


She walked over to him, when he turned around with a small smile. "Hello, I am Clary. I was told that you were interested in this piece and wanted to speak with me about it?" She asked, with a slight tilt of her head.

He nodded gently. He held up his hand as if to, as silly as it sounds, to high five her, and the whole gala froze. Clary looked around startled about what was happening. She looked back at this man with wide eyes.

"What….what is happening? What are you?" she stammered out.

"Hello Child. We have been watching you. My name is Raziel."


"I don't know any Raziel!" Clary said with some confusion. She admits, the name sounds familiar, like from a dream, but she is sure she doesn't know this man in front of her.

"Come with me Clary, I will help explain what is going on." Raziel said quietly. He reached out a hand and just looked at her.

Clary didn't know what to think. She didn't know what was suddenly happening to her. First she recognizes this beautiful man and feels like she remembers him from some distant memory. She felt like there was a hole in her heart when she didn't see him or say bye. Then this guy shows up, that is glowing and knows who she is and can apparently stop time.

She has to be dreaming she thinks. That's it! This is all just an elaborate dream, and she is going to wake up in the morning of her gala and start her day over. She has been worried about it all week. Just stress!

She shakes her head and decides to go for it, since she has decided it is just a dream. Looking back up at this man, she lets out a deep sigh and steps forward to grasp his hand.

Suddenly there is a whoosh sound and she closes her eyes as wind whips around them. She can feel herself moving through space, but it only lasts for a few moments, and ends just as quickly as it started. Clary still has her eyes tightly closed but she can hear birds chirping and wind blowing through the trees.

Slowly she opens her eyes and sees that she is in the woods. It almost looks like it has a shimmer around everything. She slowly turns around looking for Raziel, realizing that he is missing.

Turning behind her, she lets out a small gasp and stumbles back. Her eyes are wide, hand over her mouth and jaw open in astonishment.

Clary couldn't believe what she was looking at. There was an angel standing before her. He had large beautiful white wings. He had on armor that was sliver and lined in gold. He was magnificent.

She couldn't help but feel like she had experienced this before. Maybe not with this angel, but this exact place. It just feels so familiar to her. But she couldn't quite pick out a clear memory. That's how a lot of her memories are of her time since she turned 18.

"Hello Clary Fairchild." The angel said.

"Fairchild? My last name is Fray." Clary corrected.

"No, your last name is Fairchild. Technically it is Morgenstern, but your mother asked us to refer to you as a Fairchild. I am here to tell you that you have reached the end of your punishment." He stated.

"My mother?! Punishment? What are you talking about?" Yup, this has to be a dream she thought. She was missing her mother, and she has been stressing about her art and this is what has happened. She could feel herself starting to freak out on the inside.

"We have been watching over you, and feel that it is wrong to keep two people that are destined to be together and that have done so much to help the Nephilim, even with all they have been through, that we are willing to grant a second chance." Raziel said with such strong words.

He waved his hands in front of him and a strange looking pen appeared in front of Clary. It reminded her of a gift her mother gave her for her 18th birthday. Raziel asked Clary to hold her right arm out in front of her.

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I hesitantly raised my arm up out in front me, and Raziel stepped forward and grasped the pen as he was walking closer to me. He then grabbed my wrist and then with the hand that held the pen placed the crystal end near my skin. He looked up at me and said, "This is going to sting a bit, but afterwards, all of this will make sense." Without giving me a chance to respond, he began to burn my skin. I started screaming and trying to pull my arm away.

"STOP! AHHH!" I screamed out. "What are you doing?! Help!"

It was over though in less than 30 seconds. Suddenly my mind started to get fuzzy. I felt dizzy and felt like I was about to get a migraine. I grabbed at my head, and felt myself falling. oh, boy, I am going to be sick.

I fell to the ground on my stomach and just curled up into a fetal position still holding my head. I heard a whisper in my mind, "Just a little bit longer Clary. You will be alright." I opened my eyes a tiny bit, just in time to see what looked like my mother in front of me before I passed out.

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