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Ch 4


"Goodbye mother. Hail and farewell." I kept looking that the spot that she just was.

Taking a deep breath, I reached for me stele, smiling at the feel of it in my hand again.

Now, how to surprise my family, I thought to myself. Drawing the portal rune, I portaled myself back to my apartment to plan my return. Not knowing how much longer I can stay away.


I stumbled into my room, having not went through a portal in a while, I lost my balance a little bit. I looked around my room, and noticed some things on my bed.

"What is that…?" I questioned out loud.

Walking over closer, I realized that it was my dual kindjal blades that I picked when Isabella had asked me to choose my signature weapons. I reached down to pick them up and felt the power surg through them. Its like they knew they had found their owners.

Looking back down on my bed, I noticed a note with elegant script on it.

"We thought you would like these back. – Raziel"

I smiled to myself and then looked up with a big grin. "Thank you." I whispered out.

Glancing outside, I noticed that it was getting dark. A whole day must have passed. Suddenly, I got the most brilliant plan for my come back. A little history repeating, but this time…... I am not going to be some pathetic damsel in distress.

Putting my blades back down on the bed, I ran back to my closet to see what clothes I had that would be right for my plan.

About 30 minutes later, I was looking in the mirror at myself. I feel like I have become more lethal looking. Stronger, and more mature. My hair is slightly different. The bangs providing a more mature look. My body still had its strength from fighting, even though I might be a little rusty at that. I groaned to myself thinking about the daily training again. but I was also happy to be back with my family.

"Soon…" I said out loud. I reached into an old tote that I had and found my thigh holster. I had it on under the dress I was wearing when I lost my memories. Not knowing what it was, but felt it was important, I had stowed it away.

I had on black ripped jeans. My thigh holster. Black high heel boots. Izzy would be proud I grinned.

I also had on the original black semi-see through shirt that I first wore that night to Pandemonium.

My blades tucked in close to my back and glamoured so they couldn't be seen, like Alec's bow and arrows usually were. My hair was it its natural wavy look, and my makeup was dark and seductive. I felt sexy and dangerous.

Grabbing my stele and putting it into my holster, I looked back up to the mirror and just stared. I couldn't believe that I was back. I felt complete. This whole last year, I felt like something was missing. My dreams full of incomplete blurry images. Finally, I was me again.

With a big sigh, I turned to walk out of my bedroom into my apartment. It was so mundane, but looking closely, I could see bits of the institutes style in my home. I had many crystals up, and I realized I had a ton of cement planters around and stained-glass pieces.

I guess my subconscious was trying to tell me something. Walking to my front door, and one last glance, it was time to go.

Time to go back to where it started. I remember them saying that on some Friday nights, they liked to go back to that club where I first saw them, because there were always demons there praying on the humans. And lucky for me, it's Friday night.

I decided to leave my glamor off for now, and made my way to the club that changed my life.

I remember my mom telling me that Jace watched over me for most nights, but my guess this is one night that he couldn't leave is fellow Shadowhunter's to fend for themselves.

He was probably going crazy already and distracted because of what happened last night between us. Not knowing why, I suddenly was able to see him. I can picture him pacing in front of the monitors or in his room. Or maybe it thinks it was all a dream.

I continued walking down the sidewalk toward Pandemonium.

Smiling to myself, knowing that I was so close to seeing them again. And not just seeing Jace and only slightly remembering him, but actually remembering everything.

I picked up my pace, wanting to see them! Izzy, Jace, maybe even Simon and Alec.

The closer I got, the more energetic I became. I could feel the buzz in their air.

Jace was here. I could feel him near me. I went around back to go in the side door through the alley way. I paused outside the door to activate my glamor rune.

The club was packed, as usual. The music so loud that you could feel it in your bones. The thump of the bass. Bodies moving against each other. Glancing over in the corner of the club, I noticed some vampires just like when Jace was telling me how to see through the glamor.

I looked back at the bar, and could tell it was a couple Seelie's working. Seeing their tattoos and pointed ears. As weird as it sounded, I felt relieved that I could see those things again.

I slowly was making my way back toward the private area, where I saw my family for the first time. It felt like such a long time ago.

As I was making my way there, I was bumped hard by and huge guy.

"Dammit! Watch where you are going!" I yelled at him over the music. Not really thinking he would hear me anyway. He turned and looked at me, and I noticed his eyes flash a bright blue color. Demon. He probably thought I was some random human though, because he turned around quickly and practically ran to the private area in the back.

"hmmmmm… there must be something happening." Well let's find out. I went around the long way to come in through one of the side doors. Keeping myself in the dark.

I looked around the corner, and gasped. I almost couldn't stop myself. Jace! Izzy! And…was that Simon? He was helping them? He was fighting just like a Shadowhunter. They both took off down the hallway drawing some of the demons toward them.

They hadn't noticed me come in yet, but I did see about 5 more demons coming in from the back. A couple of them took off after Izzy and Simon.

"Crap..." I whispered to myself. I went to go help them when I heard a loud, painful grunt from behind me. I whipped around and I almost panicked. I saw Jace on the ground clutching his left shoulder. It looked like he much of got scratched, so he had demon poison running through him making him weaker. He had three demons standing around him but he was in too much pain to get back up it looked like. He must be hurt somewhere else too.

"Jace!" I yelled so I could get the demons attention. I pulled out both of my kindjal swords and leaped up to stab one of the demons in the back before he could get turned around. As he fell, I rolled off of him and bounced back up on my feet. I turned around as the other two goons came after me. I sliced one's arm and swung around and stabbed the other one. He exploded into ashes.

I then flipped up and over the last demon as he came charging after me again to and landed on his back. I drove both swords into his back and he vanished into ashes too.

I landed on my feet and was breathing hard. I hadn't done that in a while. Storing my blades back on my back I hurried to grab my stele out of my holster and rushed over to Jace. He was just kneeling on the ground, still clutching his shoulder looking at me in shock.

"Clary… Its… Its really you. Your…. Your back?" he said in a quiet whisper. I kneeled down in front of him, and placed my palm on the side of his face.

"Yeah Jace, Its me. I am back. It's a long story that I would love to tell you, but first let's get you fixed up." I said with a smile.

I slowly reached down and lifted up his shirt to reveal his iratze rune, keeping my eyes on his. I knew he could heal it himself, but I think he was still in too much shock to remember.

Looking down at the rune, I swiped the stele over it, and watch his wound on his shoulder heal up. He took a deep breath in like he could finally breath.

"Thanks… I kind of got thrown into a wall too. And I think I cracked a rib when that happened." He chuckled. He grabbed his sword and stood up, pulling me with him. And we just stood there, looking into each others eyes.

I felt him holster his seraph blade, and then reached up to place both of his hands on my face. He was slowly gazing over my face. Like he couldn't believe that he was seeing me here.

"Clary…." He whispered almost to himself. "please tell me I am not dreaming. I woke up this morning, thinking that last night was a dream. But it really happened? You can see me. You are a Shadowhunter again?" he questioned.

"Yes Jace, its really me. This is not a dream. My dreams could never be this perfect." I laughed.

He smiled a huge beautiful bright smile, and leaned forward capturing my lips. It felt like a bomb went off in my heart. It exploded with love, and warmth. I reached my arms up to wrapped around his neck and leaned back into him, kissing him back with just as much force. Our lips moved in perfect sync. Like we had never stopped.

"Eh hm…" we both broke apart at a throat clearing. I peeked over Jace's shoulder, and he turned his head, glancing in the same direction.

"what is happening? Jace how could…." But Simon drifted off. His eyes got huge.

"CLARY!" he yelled and flashed over to me. He picked me up in a hug and spun me around. Both of us laughing, me crying a little. "Its you! You are back!" He kept yelling.

"Yes, I am back." I said with a teary smile. He sat me down, and I turned around once again to greet the last person. Izzy.

"Hi, Izzy…" She looked almost upset with me. Her arms were folded across her chest. Hip cocked out to the side. She stared at me for what felt like hours.

Suddenly, the dam broke. She started crying, and ran forward to give me a huge hug! She griped at my back and just held me tight. I held her back just as tight. I felt like I had been missing a sister that I now have back.

"I missed you so much Clary. You have no idea how much." She said quietly. "I need my sister back." She said. Pulling back so she could look me in the eyes, "I need my parabati." She smiled still crying.

I smiled back with such a big grin that my cheeks started hurting. I leaned forward and started hugging her again.

Breaking apart I looked back over to Jace. He had his usual smirk on his face that I fell in love with and his arms crossed in front of him, just watching us. Reaching a hand out toward me, "Come on Clary. Let's go home. It seems we have a story to hear about."

Nodding, I grabbed his hand. Izzy looped her arm through mine, and Simon grabbed Izzy's hand. We all made our way out of the club to go home.

Home. I couldn't stop smiling if I tried.

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