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It was silent on the way back to the institute. I don't think anyone really knew what to say.

Jace kept a tight grip on my hand, like he was afraid I would disappear. I am not going to lie, I have the same fear.

Izzy was glued to my side, and every so often she would lean her head down on my shoulder.

"I have to say Clary, I am impressed with the new look." Izzy said with a small laugh. "I mean, you still look the same, but more mature. Sexy, and badass."

I just laughed and shook my head at her. "Thank you izzy. I thought of you when picking this outfit." I admitted. Everyone laughed at that.

It got quiet again during our walk. I looked up at Jace and he just smiled his crooked smile at me.

I looked back towards Izzy and saw her and Simon holding hands. I looked up at Izzy with an eyebrow raised. She actually blushed and looked down with a small smile. Nodding her head lightly at me.

I was so happy for them. And a little sad that I missed so much. But never again. I will be with my family forever now.

As we approached the gate to the institute, I stopped. Izzy and Simon kept walking on through the gate. Jace started forward but was jolted back when he realized I wasn't walking forward.

"What's wrong Clary?" he asked softly. He raised his hand up that wasn't holding my hand and cradled my face. He was just looking deeply in my eyes.

I let out a big sigh, and teared up a little. Looking down I said, " Ive been away for a year Jace. I have walked by this park almost daily. I felt like I just belonged here. I have missed out on so much. What if they hate me?"

"Clary, no one is going to hate you." Jace said with such fierceness. He reached his other hand up and angled my face up to look back up at him.

"Yes, everyone was mad and upset when it first happened. But we soon realized it was our own doing that caused this. It was a punishment to everyone, not just you." He said. He had tears pooling up in his eyes, "I prayed everyday that you would come back to me. I was in trouble on the daily by Alec and sometimes Simon for following you around." He said with a small laugh. "They told me I should stay away from you so that I didn't make the angels more angry." I started crying a little bit too.

"But I just couldn't leave you to defend yourself. Which is why Izzy asked Raphael to befriend you." I gasped! That's why I felt so comfortable with him.

"And he would report if anything seemed weird. He kept the sight since he knew of this world before." Jace explained. "There were a few times that he had messaged us and said there was some demon trouble. A few low level demons who thought they could defeat Clary Fairchild. But you were always safe." He said strongly.

"But I would sneak away all the time and just watch you paint. You painted such beautiful art. I drove everyone crazy because I thought you were remembering, but you never seemed to paint clearer pictures. You painted blurred images from Alec and Magnus's wedding. You painted images of angels. Your subconscious remembered, but that was as close as it got." he whispered.

I started thinking back and realized that all those dreams, they were memories.

"I NEVER gave up on you clary, and now you are back!" Jace said and pulled me in for a hug. I just hugged him back tightly.

"Are you guys coming or what?" we suddenly heard shouted at us. We both looked up at the institute entrance. Simon and Izzy were standing their waving us to hurry up.

I looked back at Jace. I wiped away my tears, and nodded my head smiling. "Lets go." I said.

We ran up to the front, and walked in behind Izzy and Simon. I hung back behind Jace and we all walked into the main control area. I was looking around at some of the new equipment. Looks like things were updated.

I heard Alec yell out to Jace and came running up to him. "Jace! What happened? I felt you get hurt." He stated.

I was still hiding behind Jace a little. "I just had a little lapse in judgement, but I had a little assistance." Jace said with a little laugh added.

"What do you mean?" Alec asked. He must have seen me standing behind him.

"What did you do Jace? Remember what happened last time you brought someone random in?" Alec said.

"What, besides me losing my memories, it ended up pretty good right?" I stepped out and asked. "We ended up getting a long right?" I said with a chuckle. Alec stopped and was just staring at me with eyes wide and mouth dropped.

"Clary?" he whispered. "What…. What happened?" He looked at Jace, "What did you do?!" he yelled at Jace. He ran forward and grabbed Jace by the collar. "What have you done Jace? The angels punished us for a reason. What are they going to do to us now?"

"Whoa Whoa, Alec! I can explain all that. I haven't told them the whole story yet. We came back here so I could explain what happened to everyone." I said, while grabbing Alec's arm.

He backed away quickly, almost like he couldn't believe I was actually standing here.

"Biscuit…." I heard whispered behind me. I whirled around quickly. I brought my hand up to my mouth in a gasp and had tears in my eyes again. "Magnus…." I whispered back.

I sprinted into his arms. He ran forward and grabbed me up in a tight hug and twirled me around like Simon had. He stopped and stepped back, leaving his hands on my shoulders.

He was just looking me up and down, "You're back!" he smiled at me. I nodded back with a big smile. "Yes, Yes I am." He just smiled and leaned in and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

I turned around to everyone and said, "Yes I am back. And I am not leaving again. Now lets go somewhere so I can explain what has happened." I said.

I looked to Alec, he was still in shock, but nodded and started walking off down a hallway. Jace walked up to me and grabbed my hand and we followed Alec to his office. Simon was the last one in and closed the door behind him.

Alec sat on the front of his desk. Magnus sitting fully on the desk next to him with a hand on Alec's shoulder.

I sat down on the end of the couch that was facing the desk. Jace sat on the arm of the couch right beside me grabbing my hand to hold in his lap. Izzy sat next to me with Simon sitting on the other arm of the couch.

I looked to everyone around the room. Looking up at Jace, who nodded to me, I took in a deep breath to start explaining what happened. Starting from the night I lost my memories. It would make more sense starting there.

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