I do not own Supernatural or Twilight. All I own is my OC's. This takes place in Forks, Washington (A few weeks after Supernatural Season 3 Episode 16 No Rest For The Wicked and during Twilight) The ages are the following: Dean - 26, Sam - 22, Bella - 18, Jasmine - 18
Also, I am a new writer so if I make any mistakes or don't put enough details in my stories please tell.

Charlie and Bella Swan are Hunters. Since Bella was 5, every summer she went to Bobby Singer's house and stayed for the summer with Dean and Sam Winchester and Jasmine Singer. Bella and Jasmine are best friends and have crushes on the boys. When things go wrong on a hunt, Bella moves to Forks to live with her father, Charlie. What happens when a certain vampire starts to have feelings for Bella. Will Bella have the same feelings for the vampire or is she still hurt when her boyfriend, Dean dies and goes to hell? Read to find out what happens.


June 7, 1995, 10 Years Ago In Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"Are we there yet?" A very impatient 8-year-old Bella asked for what seemed like the millionth time.
"No," Charlie said getting a bit impatient himself.
"When will we be there?" Bella asked again.
"In about 30 minutes," Charlie answered.
Bella hadn't seen her friends for a year and every year she comes down to Uncle Bobby's and spends her whole summer training, hanging out, and laughing at memories with Jasmine 'Jazzy' Singer and Dean and Sam Winchester. Bella then remembered the nicknames that her friends gave her. From Jasmine she got ' Isa ', from Sam she got ' Izzy ', and finally from Dean, she got ' Hells Bells '. She personally liked that one the most because she has a huge crush on Dean since she was 9 and Dean was 16. Bella loves going to her Uncle Bobby's house. To see her dad and Uncle Bobby and Uncle John talk about their hunting stories. Uncle John would even tell them about his marine days. Even though Bella isn't related to Bobby or John they still are her uncles because their dads are like brothers.
Bella was immediately interrupted from her train of thought when she noticed the two-story dark bluish-grey house getting closer. In front of the porch, she noticed two different cars. One was a 1967 Chevy Impala also known as 'Baby' as Dean would call her which belonged to the Winchesters and the other was a 1971 Chevy Chevelle which belonged to Uncle Bobby. Then the police cruiser stopped and Bella jumped out of the car and ran to hug her best friend while shouting " Jazzy " and Jasmine doing the same and shouting " Isa ". Their fathers were soon greeting each other. Jasmine then left to hug her Uncle Charlie and Bella doing the same with her Uncle Bobby.
After their little reunion, Bella couldn't seem to find the Winchester brothers or her Uncle John anywhere in sight. "Where is everyone else?" Bella asked wondering why the Winchesters haven't greeted her yet.
"They're in the backyard training with each other. Uncle John is watching them to make sure they don't kill each other." Jasmine answered.
Bella then grinned, thinking of a plan to surprise them. Jasmine caught on to what she was thinking and started grinning too. Charlie and Bobby both shook their heads at their daughters. "Well, you two better not get into too much trouble," Bobby told the girls who both nodded. And with that, the two men went inside the house and got themselves some beers and went outside to talk with John while watching the boys.
The two friends who were like sisters and started to whisper up a plan to surprise the three Winchesters.
Once the girls had their plan, one of them went towards Dean and the other towards Sam. Both of the boys didn't know that the girls were sneaking up behind since they were too caught up in their fight. The girls slowly made their way towards the boys and pounced onto them knocking all four of them down. The Winchester brothers were completely shocked at what had happened while the girls and the adults were laughing at the brothers' reactions. The brothers too started laughing along. They then greeted each other and spent their day training, hanging out, and laughing at all the memories they had together. They then told each other how their year has been. At around 10 pm everyone ate their dinner and went to their rooms where they would be sleeping to get some rest for the next day to come.