Lucifer put his hand on Gabriel's should and said, "We'll find her, I promise, Gabriel." Truthfully Lucifer actually cared for Bella. She was probably the only human he could stand. But mostly because he saw how Gabriel was around Bella. She was family and no one takes his family and gets away with it or all hell would rise.


Gabriel saw red. He was beyond furious. Someone had taken his fiance and left his daughter alone to be kidnapped.

"Gabriel is there anyone that was an enemy to Bella?" Michael asked his brother. Gabriel thought for a second and his eyes widened.

"I know who took her," Gabriel said angrily then added, "Edward Cullen."

"Her possessive ex. A vampire, cold one actually. She left him because she was getting tired of him and broke his promise of not being clingy and acting as though she was made of glass. But before she could break up with him, he broke up with her and left her in the woods. He took his sister, Rosalie, who was Bella's best friend with him along with the rest of his family." Gabriel explained. He looked up and saw that his brothers were furious. Gabriel then decided to go to the Cullen's house and find out where Edward was.

The four Archangels and Nephilim appeared outside of the Cullens house. Gabriel walked up the stairs and knocked on the door while the other three waited on the porch. Sera woke up noticing they were in another place held onto Raphael tighter. Raphael simply calmed her down with some of his grace. Then the door opened to Esme.

"Gabriel, why don't you and your friends come in," Esme said opening the door wider. The four walked into the house and were greeted by Carlisle, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, and Emmett in the living room.

"So Gabriel, what brings you here?" Carlisle asked.

"Bella's missing. We think Edward took her." Gabriel said.

"We know Dickward took her," Lucifer stated.

"Who are you?" Carlisle asked Lucifer.

"Yes, sorry for not introducing them. These are my brothers, Michael, Raphael, and Lucifer. We were in heaven trying to convince these three-"

"Two. You've already got me on your side." Raphael said.

"Yes, sorry. Trying to convince these two to not start the apocalypse. When I heard Bella screaming for help and Sera crying." Gabriel explained.

" Lucifer, as in the Devil. " Carlisle asked shocked.

" Yes. " Lucifer said with his signature smirk.

"The apocalypse." Rosalie stated shocked, "You know what, we can talk about this later. We NEED to find Bella!" Rosalie said panicking.

" I'll see if I can find him. " Alice said and closed her eyes and concentrated.

" What is she doing? " Lucifer asked annoyed as they were wasting time.

" Alice can see the future. Since she can't see Bella's, she can try and see Edward's. " Jasper explained.


" Edward! Let me go! " Bella growled at him. Edward slapped her with his free hand as they went into an abandoned building called Lenny's Family Restaurant.

" No, you belong to me! Not someone else! Not anyone else! " Edward yelled at her.

" I don't love you! I never have! Especially after you kept treating me like a fucking object! " Bella spat in his face.

" If I can't have you, no one can! " Edward yelled at her. He then pushed her on the ground held her hands above her with one hand and turned her head with the other. Edward then bit into her neck and drank her blood. Bella screamed for help but no one could hear. She started fighting, trying to get him off of her so she could get back to Gabriel and Sera. But as he drank more and more of her blood, she became too weak to fight and slowly stopped. Her heartbeat slowly giving up and her dead, fearful eyes looking to the wall as a tear slid down her already wet cheeks. Edward stood up, not even attempting to wipe the blood off his face, looked down at her motionless corpse and said, " Now to kill that abomination child of yours. "

~End Of Vision~

Alice screamed as she saw what Edward did! Once her vision ended she looked to Gabriel with panic and fear in her eyes, " He's going to kill her! He's at Lenny's Family Restaurant in Port Angelas, it was abandoned two years ago! " Gabriel looked ready to kill, he was about to fly to her when Michael stopped him.

" We're going with you. Bella's our family too. " Michael told him, Raphael and Lucifer nodded. Raphael gave Sera to Rosalie and she was her godmother.

" Let's go kill dumbass Dickward! " Lucifer yelled angrily. The four Archangels then left to save Bella and kill Dickward, sorry Edward. No, Dickward.

The four Archangels appeared inside the entrance of the abandoned restaurant. They walked further into the dark room and saw him. He was on top of Bella drinking her blood. She was slowly getting weaker just like Alice had seen. Gabriel ran over and threw Edward off of her. Gabriel kneeled down next to Bella, she had lost so much blood and her pulse was weak.

" Raphael! " Gabriel shouted for his brother. The love of his life was dying and he had to, no he wanted to kill Edward. Besides Raphael was a better healer than him as he was the Archangel of Healing. Raphael quickly ran over to his brother and started healing Bella while Lucifer and Michael held Edward so he couldn't get away. They didn't have to since they were Archangels but they were pissed and wanted Edward dead and to never hurt Bella or anyone ever again. Gabriel silently told Michael and Lucifer to rip off Dickwards arms.

You could hear a screech like metal hitting metal and both of his arms were gone.

" You have obsessed over my fiance for way too long and no one can save you now. You should've thought not to fight with an Archangel or they'll bring friends. Have you met my siblings? " He asked Dickward without a care, " Over there healing Bella is Raphael, Archangel of Healing, " He said pointing towards Raphael and Bella. " This is my brother Michael, Archangel of Protection, " he said pointing to the right side of Edward. " And this is Lucifer, you may refer to him as Satan and the Devil. " Gabriel said pointing to the left side of Edward. Edward looked over to Lucifer. His eyes widened and panicked, he tried to run but was held by his shoulders that were somehow still connected even though the two ripped his arms off. " And finally I am Gabriel, Bella's fiance and the Archangel of Revelation or Announcement. " Gabriel said and pulled Edward's head off his shoulders and dropped it to the ground. The three brothers stand back as Gabriel snaps his fingers and the body is lit on fire. The three then walk over to Raphael and Bella. Gabriel kneeled down next to Raphael and Bella and asks, " How is she? " His voice is laced with fear as his mind wonders to his deepest, darkest fear. Losing Bella. The love of his life. The mother of his daughter.

" She'll be fine after some rest for a couple of days. " Raphael told him.

" Thank you. " Gabriel told his brother. He then lifted Bella into his arms and turned to his brothers and asked, " Could one of you pick up Sera for me? I'm going to take Bella back to the house. "

" Of course. We'll all go. " Michael told him gesturing to himself, Lucifer, and Raphael. Gabriel nodded and flew back home.

The three Archangels appeared back in the Cullens house, scaring the vampire family of their sudden appearance.

" Dickward is dead and Bella is home safe with Gabriel. " Lucifer told the family.

" She will be resting for a few days as she was close to death. Luckily we got there in time, thank you. " Raphael explained to them.

" We are here to bring Sera back home. " Michael told them. Rosalie stepped over with Sera asleep in her arms, most likely to the frightening day Dickward put her through. Almost losing her mother had traumatized her and almost getting kidnapped if Gabriel and his brothers didn't get there when they did. Michael took his sleeping niece into his arms and left with his brothers just as suddenly as they appeared.