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October 12th 2019, Philadelphia, Earth.

"Mom, I've finished my homework." announced Ian.

"Alright sweetie now it's time to go to bed remember that tomorrow you return to school." Replied his mom.

"Oww but school is boring I already know all the subjects we are watching and even some I'll see in high school" said Ian whining a little.

"Maybe but remember that good kids go to school no matter if they already know more than the others kids and you're a good kid, aren't you peanut?" asked his mother.

"...Yes mommy." he replied walking to his room after his mother gave him a quick hug and a kiss in the forehead.

"That's my boy now off to bed" said his mother.

She chuckle at the scene, her son was one real piece of work. Ian was prodigy at school, at the age of 11 he will soon end college and go to high school next year but no matter how smart he was he's still just a 11 year old boy and he sure acted like one, he loves to play with toys, to watch action movies, he would get scared easily by spooky things, he plays video games, etc...Fortunately for her she was able to teach him how to be kind, humble, patient, well mannered, in overall a good kid.

However due to his high level in college he didn't had too many friends. And it became even worse due to the fact that her husband Andrew and daughter Sophie (Ian's older sister who was 22 years old died in a car accident a year ago. It took a while to both her and Ian to let it go, even though Ian would get a bit sad remembering all the good memories he had with his sister and dad.

But now that Ian was asleep she went to continue working on her computer, when the doorbell rang and she went to see who was, curious who it could be at this hour of the night. She went to open the door only to find a group of people in black suit.

"May I help you?" she asked intrigued and a little intimidated by them.

Instead of answering one of the man shoot her with a silenced pistol and took her body and place it on her bed before the rest of them entered in the house, more specifically into Ian's room taking the still asleep boy with care to not wake him. After they got Ian in one of their car they burn the house while some of them had a small conversation.

"*sighs*I always hate doing this." One of the women said.

"Me too but remember why we do it" her teammate answered.

"Yeah I know but still it's an unpleasant feeling." she replied

"Quit the chit chat, everyone back to base." said their boss.

And so everyone got into their vehicles and left the burning house behind.

Many hours later, unknown location

The group got inside their base after their mission was complete.

The leader of the team got out of the car followed with two of his men who were caring ian who was still asleep and walked to the chief of the operation who was waiting for them in some big and advance lab full with scientists and a couple of guards with cryostasis pods, all with people of all sizes and all between 18 to 25 years old minus one slightly smaller pod which was made specifically for smaller subjects but it was big enough for a kid.

"Jefferson I see with delight that your mission was a success" said a man in a white suit while smoking a cigar.

"Thanks sir, this is the last one right?" asked Jefferson.

"Yes, now put him in the pod with the others." ordered the chief.

And so the boy was placed in the last pod into a longer sleep than he originally intended to.

"Alright everyone all the subjects have been collected, now it's time to pass to phase 3 of project "RISING" and remember that even if this look cruel, we do it for the greater good, this kids will protect the world and humanity from the being beyond the stars. And history will remember, how when these beings came to attacked earth, we came with a solution, how we were ready to fight them. Remember this and I assured you we will be praised by our actions today. Long live Cerberus." said the chief puff some smoke from his cigar.

"Long live Cerberus" exclaimed Jefferson, the guards and the scientists who then proceed to activate some mechanism of the base that began tremble as giant thrusters started to come to live. Slowly but surely the base raised from the ground and got into space where no one would see it and Cerberus could continue with operation "RISING" without any disturbance or curious eyes peeking where they shouldn't.

However it would soon become nothing more than space junk, 15 months after launching in space Cerberus had barely done any progress in their operation before they were shut down by the UN who made quick work of all the Cerberus group. However before they could disassemble all of the bases machines in a cowardly move they launched the base beyond the orbit after gathering all the archives of their operation to erased after which ended in little success do to their hurries and also throwing all the subjects into space where they would in the cold space with no live support.

But there had been an error in the launching systems and one pod remained, the pod which had a little kid who had no idea of what just happened, in a base which still had power for a century without the need to replenish, however this would prove to be even longer do to the fact that the only thing that was active in the floating base was Ian's pod besides basic functions.

Slowly the structure begin to leave the earth and the solar system. With Ian asleep on it.

2183, a week and 5 days before Eden Prime, unknown Space

A ship could be seeing flying through the emptiness of space that bares the mark of the current Cerberus who were searching for a strange signal that resembled a lot their own but also it seemed primitive, which cause the group to look in to it.

A few minutes later they found the source of the signal, a very primitive and big station that was floating with no course, this intrigued the squad of Cerberus who landed in the station on got inside and started exploring their whereabouts.

As they explore the station they could see that the structures of this place seems very old and incredibly primitive many aspects, as they kept going through the dark hallways they arrived to the source of the signal.

What looked like a big and outdated lab, and in the corner was the source of it, a single pod with a terminal right beside it that read "Subject ready for test...reawake subject? Yes or No".

"Alright men don't touch anything, I want to know what you can find in that computer in the other corner, I let the boss know about this" said the team leader to the rest of his squad and then contact the leader of Cerberus on his omni-tool.

After a couple of seconds a shadowy figure answered, the figure of The Illusive Man.

"Yes, what do you want ? This better be important otherwise you what could happen don't you?" asked TIM in a calm and threatening voice.

"S-Sir I do believe this will be of your interest" said the man with a fearful voice at the beginning but quickly recompose himself "We were patrolling the zone, when we pick a signal of one our own but slightly different and more primitive, we followed it to an abandoned station of sort which apparently is of our own, and looks like there was an experiment going on in here, there's even a test subject."

The Illusive Man was intrigued and slightly surprised by was his man was saying, he never had asked or made an station for research, so how was this lost station be broadcasting in a signal that was almost identical to theirs? Then a wild thought crossed his mind, an impossibility, something so unlikely but that still he wouldn't lose anything if he tried.

"Does this experiment has a name?" he asked

"Yes it's umm..."RISING", why sir?"

That was all the Illusive Man required for a smile to form on his face. This was the experiment that was making the first Cerberus, he never told anyone but in reality he was the grand-grandfather who founded the Cerberus from the 21th century and he heard a lot of story of him, he got inspired by it and angered by how at the time he got shutdown before they could finish their main operation.

The operation "RISING" was a project to create a group of humans who had a unique genetic code who would receive a secret, weaker and more primeval version of biotic in order to serve as protectors of earth and humanity in case of an alien invasion, it always angered the TIM how the government of the time treated his grand-grandfather as a madman only to prove that it could have been useful during the First Contact War. It was after him and his group that he called his own group and decided to be an independent group. So hearing that some remains of that project was still intact and there was a subject still alive was music for his ears. Now he decided to finish what his grand-grandfather began and would make it even better than what it was meant to be.

"Then stand by for reinforcement, I want everything there's on that station, as for the test subject leaved where it is I'll have my scientists look into it" he ordered to his soldier

"Understood, but the subject is kid sir, you sure you want to keep him in the pod?"

"It doesn't change anything sargent, just wait for another squad and don't touch anything if you know what is right for you." said the TIM before his image disappeared.

But what not even the TIM could expect it's that he will help create for what is most probably going to be the most powerful biotic being the galaxy has ever seen who is nothing more than a 10 years old boy from the 21th century.

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