Hello everyone, long time no see right?

Hey first things first I'm sorry for being inactive for such a long time but I simply had to many things do, but you don't want to hear about my life, you're here to know when the next chapter comes out and I must say it…I have nothing

You have no idea how much time I have stared at my computer trying to get something to write, I tried thinking while eating, while doing homework, even in the shower, but nothing has come up. I'm afraid I hit a wall in this story and I haven't found a way to climb it. So I'm apologies but this story is going into…


Again I apologies to anyone who was expecting a new chapter but I simply haven't being able to bring myself to get something for this story. I'll try to see if I can do something for my other story and check if I can write a chapter for it, I'll see if I succeed or get nothing for it.


But this doesn't mean the story will enter into an infinite hiatus, I promise, and as soon as I got something for it I'll erase this message and replace it with the new chapter. But don't think it's coming anytime soon

Again I really am sorry about, it's just so frustrating to stare at my computer and have nothing to type, and I felt it was unfair from my part not to tell you about it and leave wondering what's happening to the story.

So, for the last time I'm sorry, and I'll see you either in my other story or when I get the new chapter, I hope you're all okay during this bad times, and that you and your families are doing okay.

Bye bye. :(