A.N. SPOILERS FROM SEASON 8. Also includes swearing - come on this is the Hound!

Harry hummed to himself happily as he opened the oven and checked how his chicken pie was coming along. He could have used magic to prepare it in a matter of minutes, but there was nothing like the smell of cooking filling their cosy home. And considering his condition, well he wanted to watch how much magic he used.

Determining that he needed to give the pie another 10 minutes he shut the oven and made his way over to their kitchen table, sitting down with a content sigh, humming to himself again as he picked up his husband's proud white cloak and started running his wand over it to repair the damage to it.

He rubbed his hand over his swollen stomach as he felt a small flutter, humming a little louder and started singing as the fluttering got a little stronger.

"He's moving?" His husband grunted. Once upon a time, it would have made Harry jump, but after 5 years together he was used to his husband suddenly appearing. For such a large man, he could move quietly.

"She is yes," Harry grinned looking up to the scarred face of his husband.

"He is strong," His husband grunted placing his hand net to Harry's, a rare smile forming as he too felt the fluttering of their child moving within Harry.

"She is just like you," Harry nodded. He laughed as his husband gripped his chin and lifted it, kissing him punishingly for his teasing.

"It smells good in here," Arya spoke from the doorway, pulling Harry and his husband apart, Harry panting just a little and his husband looking satisfied.

"Thanks, joining us?" Harry asked.

"If it isn't a problem," Gendry said from behind her.

"You're the boss," His husband grunted dumping his armour in it's assigned corner of the kitchen.

"You're always welcome, come on in. It won't be long," Harry smiled waving them in.

"It's nice having home cooking," Gendry sighed.

"If you want home cooking cook it your fucking self," Arya grunted peeling off her own armour.

"I can't cook," Gendry pouted.

"Are you telling me I should?" She raised her eyebrow.

"I would never dare dear," Gendry chuckled.

Harry smiled at his husband as his chin was tilted up again and a sweet though still rough kiss was pressed to his lips, a large hand sliding down to rest over his stomach and their babe.

And his mind drifted away to how he was so lucky to be here.

"They are very courtly here apparently, and very clear on courtly rules and manners, we need to be careful and make sure that we don't offend. Use your words carefully," Hermione warned quietly as they made their way down the hallway.

"Fucking cunts can't even wipe their fucking arses themselves," A massive man walking passed in the armour that they had been informed was the Queen's Guard, an honoured post that she had changed slightly since taking the throne, grunted annoyed.

Harry couldn't help himself, considering Hermione had repeated her speech about 100 times since they were informed of this visit and was repeating is yet again just as the man spoke, he couldn't have stopped the giggle that slipped out if he tried.

The man turned to him with an angry expression on his face, but it quickly melted away when Harry grinned amusedly at him, his open expression making it clear that he wasn't making fun of him.

"Are you the Wizards?" The man narrowed his eyes on them.

"Yes we are, are you one of the soldiers?" Harry teased.

"Pft, I'm nothing but a glorified soldier that has to babysit these fucking idiots," The man motioned to a young soldier who blushed slightly. It seemed though the words were harsh, the man wasn't too harsh with his men considering the look of respect that they all gave him. "Don't look at me like that!" The man snapped at them.

He turned wide-eyed when Harry giggled again and stepped a little closer, at least until Hermione caught his arm and tugged him back while Ron snorted and rolled his eyes.

"Harry we don't have time for you to flirt with the man!" She scolded.

"But!" Harry whined gesturing up and down the man who narrowed his eyes trying to work out if he was being made fun of.

"Harry no! We're on our way to meet the Queen!" Hermione sighed exasperatedly.

"But...but Hermione! Look at him!" Harry whined trying to take a sneaky step forward but she yanked him back.

"We're here for Merlin knows how long, you have plenty of time to seduce the man," Ron snorted patting Harry on the shoulder and shoved him forward.

"Hang on!" Harry dodged away from Hermione and raced back to where the man was standing a little stunned, his soldiers behind him openly gawping. "What's your name?"

"Harry!" Hermione growled.

"What?" The man snapped, shock still going through him.

"Your name, what is it? Quickly, before she stuns and summons me!" Harry urged.

"The...Sandor, my name is Sandor," The man blinked.

"Hello Sandor, I'm Harry. I will be finding you after we're done in there!" Harry promised before dodging forward. He stood on his tiptoes, wrapped his hand around the man's neck and tugged him down to place a kiss on his cheek before turning and racing back to the other two wizards.

The Hound stood there staring after the beautiful dark-haired wizard as he reached his friends and clearly was getting a scolding from the female as he grinned at her and shrugged. He turned and looked back at The Hound, his bright, beautiful green eyes shining before he turned and entered the throne room.

And The Hound stood blinking trying to work out what had happened.

"I think he likes you Ser," One of his soldiers said.

"Shut up!" He snapped starting to storm forward.

"Sandor," The bright voice was instantly recognisable to The Hound, and not just because no one else used his birth name.

The Hound turned around and stared as the beautiful wizard sat down next to him with a bright smile, his green eyes dragging over the Knight's body appreciatively.

"Who is your friend?" Beric smirked, eyes roving over the young wizard appreciatively. Even Tormund was casting an eye over the man, and he didn't swing that way.

"I'm Harry, one of the wizards here from Britain," Harry answered with only a glance at Beric before he eyes were back on The Hound, a coy smile forming on his lips.

"A Wizard huh, and how do you know The Hound?" Tormund asked. This pulled Harry's eyes away from The Hound and he turned to look at Tormund confused.

"Who is that?" He asked.

"It is what most people call me, my family sigil is three hounds, and I was the dog of the Lannisters," The Hound grunted. Harry turned back to assess him before shrugging.

"I prefer Sandor, it suits you," He said simply.

"What are you wanting with Sandor?" Beric asked, and The Hound rolled his eyes as he spotted the protective look on his face.

"Him," Harry grinned at Sandor.

"Him?" Beric blinked.

"I think he wants The Hound to fuck him," Tormund wiggled his eyebrows.

The Hound watched slightly fascinated as a fetching red spread across Harry's pale cheeks, but he shrugged and nodded anyway.

"How did you track me down?" The Hound grunted.

"Magic," Harry grinned sliding a little closer.

"Really?" The Hound, Beric and Tormund asked.

"No," Harry laughed. "I was asking about you around the throne room once all the negotiation things were done with, and some scary but impressive looking girl with a dagger told me you would likely be here,"

"Arya," The Hound rolled his eyes.

"Ah, how does she know you?" Harry asked.

"Why?" The Hound narrowed his eyes down at the wizard.

"I want to know if I have competition," Harry said honestly.

"Oh erm…" The Hound stammered.

"You don't, she is more like his adopted murder child that he shares with his girlfriend," Beric motioned with his thumb to Tormund.

"Adopted murder child?" Harry blinked.

"Yup, she's lethal, she's a trained assassin, she used her skills to kill the Night King and defeated the army of the dead. She can use other people's faces to sneak up on them and kill them! She probably has the highest kill list of all of us!" Tormund said excitedly.

"The Dead only counts as one!" The Hound growled.

"Wow….I want to talk to her more she sounds interesting!" Harry blinked.

"Interesting? You hear someone is an assassin and has a kill list larger than ours at twenty-two and you think she is interesting?" The Hound stared at him baffled.

"Hermione says my sense of danger is a little skewed," Harry shrugged.

"A little skewed, you're flirting with me," The Hound snorted.

"Well, you're…" Whatever Harry was about to say was interrupted by someone approaching them from behind.

"You don't want an old dog like this Pretty, let's go somewhere and I will show you…" One of the cockier, better-looking knights started to leer at the young man, placing his hand on his shoulder and started sliding it down his chest. He, however, did not get to finish his proposition as the young wizard turned suddenly cold, fiery eyes around onto the Knight.

"I suggest you take your hand off of me and leave me alone before you regret it," Harry glared at him. The Knight was taken aback for a second before he leered even more.

"Come on, you can't truly want scar face here," The Hound tensed a little at the Knight's words, the belief that this pretty wizard might actually want him washing away.

"He's far better looking than you, stronger, probably rougher and can give me more pleasure in one minute than you could in one year. I bet he is packing a long sword while you're wielding a…." Here Harry glanced pointedly down. "...A butter knife?"

Tormund snorted amused and banged the table and Beric broke into chuckles. The man around them also broke into chuckles, and The Hound could see the danger forming as the Knight's eyes narrowed and embarrassment flashed across his face.

"Now see here…"

"I'm bored now. This is your last warning, let go and bugger off, you're getting in the way of my flirting," Harry turned pointedly back away. The Hound moved for his sword hilt as he saw the Knight's hand tightening in what had to be a painful way, but Harry had a stick in his hand in seconds, and with one wave had the man flying backwards and bouncing off the wall to slide to the floor unconscious.

The room went silent for a second before laughter and cheering went up and the Tavern came back to life, the Knight's friends getting him out of the Tavern before he was embarrassed even more.

"Hmm, probably shouldn't have done that," Harry frowned a little.

"Why?" The Hound grunted. "He was pissing you off,"

"True, but Hermione is going to kill me for that, I shouldn't be going around attacking the Queen's Knights," Harry grimaced.

"Don't worry, we're all Knight's here…" Beric paused when Tormund cleared his throat. "...We're all Knights here except for him, he's whatever the hell he is to Consort Jon. We will make sure the Queen knows what happened. Besides, I think that little bugger needs a lesson in the correct behaviour for Knights who are representing the Crown, especially with visiting dignitaries,"

Beric blinked when Harry snorted amused. "Sorry, no I appreciate that I have just never been called a dignitary before, it sounds so funny,"

"I like you!" Tormund grinned.

"Thank you," Harry smiled brightly at him, before turning his intense green eyes on The Hound once again. "So, will I find out?"

"Find out what?" The Hound blinked down at him. No one had kept him so wrong-footed since Arya, and he definitely did not want her, not the way he wanted this wizard.

"Whether you have a broadsword?" Harry slid a little closer.

"I'm not good looking," The Hound frowned.

"No you're not," Harry shrugged truthfully, but not unkindly.

"Then why exactly would you want me?" The Hound snarled. But yet again Harry didn't seem scared.

"You're strong, powerful, you have a beautiful body, and a sexy voice that does things to me you can't even imagine. I like that you're honest and don't mince your words, it's refreshing. I also want to climb you like a tree and…." Harry's words were cut off by The Hound slamming their lips together.

Rather than pulling away, or informing him that this had been a joke or a bet or something of that sort as had happened in the past, the beautiful Wizard mewled into his mouth, fucking mewled, and seemed to try and plaster himself along the whole of his front in a second. His body pressing close to The Hound's allowing no delusion as to whether or not he was truly interested in him. The younger man's hand came up to cup his face and demand more from his mouth, not even seeming to care about the rough, blistered and pitted scars covering half his face.

The Hound let out a low growl and yanked the Wizard into his lap and tugged him even closer, his kiss becoming even hungrier and demanding, and Harry seemed to melt into his arms.

"Gentlemen, perhaps you want to take this someone a little more private? There are a few people watching," Beric said amusedly.

The Hound pulled away and glanced around the tavern, sure enough, there were a good few eyes on them. Normally he wouldn't give a fuck but if this pretty wizard really did want to have sex with him, he didn't want anyone else's eyes on said pretty wizard but him.

"Well? My place is close by?" The Hound grunted, still expecting the Wizard to beg off.

Instead, he clambered off his lap and stared at him expectedly. The Hound knocked his ale back before standing to his full height pointedly and looked down at Harry again, the only reaction it had was for a shiver of pleasure to go through the Wizard.

"Have fun!" Beric called.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Tormund cackled.

"You fucked a bear, there is nothing you wouldn't do!" The Hound shouted back.

They stepped out into the street and Harry turned around to blink at him. "Did he really have sex with a bear?"

"I'm not sure, could have done," The Hound chuckled, cautiously wrapping his arm around Harry and started leading him through the street, feeling his own arousal climbing as Harry snuggled into his side, seemingly fitting there perfectly. It led him to wonder how perfectly he would feel under him, riding him, pinned between him and the wall.

"Sandor?" Harry asked looking uncertain for the first time. "If you don't want to I understand, I know that I have been a little full on. I…"

"I want to fuck you against the wall first," The Hound interrupted. Harry blinked at him for a second before he let out a guttural moan and stepped against The Hound's body, wrapping his arms around his neck and then hopping up so he could wrap his legs around the man's waist.

The Hound was slightly startled at the sudden move, the younger man kissing him hungrily and desperately, making noises that drove the lust in The Hound higher and higher.

There was a good chance that The Hound would have found a wall right there and then, but there was a whistle close by and he turned to snarl at the man who squeaked and raced away. In one smooth move, The Hound threw the giggling wizard over his shoulder and stormed determinedly down the road to his house.

"Say anything borning about how nice it is and I will fucking throw you out, I had nothing to do with it," He grunted as he shut and locked the door and turned to see Harry looking around the living room.

He was baffled yet again when Harry didn't seem at all scared or startled by his rough tone and just grinned at him, picking up the corner of a throw blanket and raised his eyebrow. "Really! I thought you were secretly an interior designer,"

"Cheeky!" The Hound grunted stalking toward the Wizard who teasingly started backing away.

"Let me guess, it was Tormund?" Harry chuckled. The Hound couldn't help it, he snorted and grinned at the thought.

"There would be far more furs in here if it were him," He answered before dodging forward and snatching Harry around the waist. He pressed their lips together straight away and started tugging the Wizard's strange clothes off of him, tugging up his top and pulling it carefully over his head before sealing their lips together again.

Harry's nimble hands went to work quickly on his shirt, undoing the ties and yanking it out of his trousers, but his hands got distracted from pulling the top up when his fingers found the muscles and sculpted chest underneath, strong and powerful muscles from his sword and weapon training and knowledge.

The noise Harry let out before his hands were everywhere trying to take in all the muscles under them drove The Hound mad, and he grabbed Harry around the waist, lifting the smaller man so he wrapped his legs around his waist around, taking the chance to yank his own top off.

Harry ran his fingers down the strong back of the Knight, digging his nails in and getting a low growl of pleasure from the other man. He leant forward and started pressing his lips to the scarred shoulder of the Hound.

"Does it bother you?" The Hound grunted.

"Hmm?" Lust fogged green eyes lifted to look and the larger man with honest confusion in his eyes.

"My scars, do they bother you?" He repeated, but he thought he knew what the answer would be.

"Not at all," Harry replied huskily, the tone of his voice and the look in his eyes telling The Hound that his words were truthful.

The next few minutes were a haze of kisses, nips, groans and moans, whimpers and growls, but The Hound wasn't in enough of a haze that when he rocked his hips against Harry's and found naked skin brushing that he thought he had forgotten taking their pants off.

Leaning back, he was momentarily distracted by Harry kiss-bruised lips that were letting out little pants of air or his tousled hair, but then he met Harry's eyes and raised his eyebrow.

"Oops?" Harry offered.

"What the fuck happened?"

"Sorry, I got a bit over excited. I can do basic wandless magic, I was thinking I wanted to feel you against me, which holy fuck you actually do have a broadsword down there, and well, my magic reacted and…" Harry's ramble was cut off by lips against his.

"That's a handy fucking skill you have there. What else can you do?" The Hound asked lowly before he busied himself attaching his lips to Harry's pale neck, determined to leave his marks all over this beautiful man.

"I can prepare myself in a second," Harry panted out.

"Seriously?" The Hound lifted his head to stare at Harry.

"Yeah," Harry nodded licking his lips as he ground himself a little against The Hound's stomach.

"Now that is handy," The Hound smirked before going back to worrying at Harry's neck. "Do it," He breathed out.

Harry muttered the spell and then surrendered himself to the hungry passion of his larger lover.

The Hound woke up to the light shining on his eyes, realising that they had forgotten to close the curtains the night before when they had tumbled onto the bed for their third round, the second had been on the floor between the living room and his bedroom when they had not quite made it.

Frowning he realised that the bed was empty next to him, his enthusiastic lover gone. With a sigh, he dropped himself back onto his pillow and threw his arm over his eyes. He wasn't sure what he had expected, he was amazed that the beautiful wizard had wanted him in the first place. Beautiful people like Harry didn't want him, even without his scarred face he wasn't a looker like a lot of the Knights.

"Stop fucking moping," He muttered to himself sitting up. It was one of his mornings off, but he had training this morning. He would make himself some toast and try and find Arya to annoy her.

When he stepped into the living room he was a little baffled when he spotted Harry's clothes folded and placed onto the sofa next to his own folded clothes, and then the smell of cooking hit him. Disbelievingly he made his way to the kitchen door and stared blankly at the image that met him.

Harry was standing at the cooker humming to himself. He was wearing only The Hound's own top, the material falling to the tops of his milky thighs that bore a couple of bite marks and hickies from last night. He had his long hair in a ponytail, the end of it brushing under his shoulder blades.

Whatever he was cooking smelt amazing and The Hound realised that he was being a little creepy just standing there staring, not wanting Harry to catch him he stepped into the kitchen and cleared his throat.

"Oh! Good morning!" Harry smiled brightly at him turning, and The Hound was able to see the hickies and bites that he had left on the Wizard's neck the night before.

"Morning," He grunted stepping forward not sure what to expect. What he got was Harry stepping forward and wrapping his arms around The Hound's neck to press welcoming kisses to his lips.

"I hope you don't mind, I thought I would cook breakfast for us," Harry said stepping back motioning to the cooker.

"No, it's fine," The Hound grunted.

"I've made a fry up and an omelette. I guessed that you would have a big appetite," Harry grinned going back to the cooking.

"I do," He turned to sit at the table where he could watch Harry. The young man was clearly aware of his staring, bt did not seem bothered by it.

"Tea or coffee?" Harry asked brightly.

"Coffee," He grunted. He watched fascinated as the wizard waved his wand and the food started plating itself up, cutlery flew to the table and as cups flew to the table as well they filled with coffee before settling in front of The Hound and the second in front of Harry's place.

He stared as the plate dropped itself gently in front of him, filled with amazing smelling food.

"Couldn't you have used magic to cook?" He asked picking up his knife and fork and quickly tucking into what had to be one of the best tasting meals in his life, and that was saying something considering he attended the royal table at times. "Wha?" He asked through a mouthful of food when he looked up and found Harry watching him with a warm smile.

"Nothing, it is just really nice to see someone appreciates my cooking. Yes I could have used magic to cook, but it isn't the same, I enjoy cooking, it is relaxing for me, and I enjoy cooking for others and having them enjoy it,"

"Quite the homebody," The Hound muttered, more distracted with eating again.

"To be honest I would be happy to stay at home, cooking and what not," Harry shrugged.

"Huh," It probably wasn't good that he was picturing Harry staying at home and what not right here.

Breakfast was quite pleasant, Harry chattered most of the time, seeming not to care at the short answers that he got in return, and apparently realising that it wasn't something he should take personally, that he was just not a chatty guy. He did tell Harry something about his life, including how he became the Queen's Guard.

"It isn't funny! The fucking tricked me! They had fucking Beric and the bear fucker blocking the way so I couldn't make a run for it, and before I knew what was happening the Queen was placing the white cloak over my shoulders, while Arya is giving me her fucking death glare over the Queen's shoulder while playing with that fucking dagger of hers!" The Hound ranted as Harry clutched his side laughing.

"Oh Merlin, that is an image and a half!" Harry chuckled pushing his plate toward The Hound in offering for the sausages and bacon that he couldn't eat. The Hound grunted in thanks and tucked in.

"What about you? How come you got sent here?"

"Killed a bad guy, they can't work out whether I am the good guy or the bad guy, it changes with the wind, and they can't decide what they want to do with me, and what I want to do doesn't matter. They took the chance to ship me off for a little while, and Hermione is the best person for the job because she researches everything to death," Harry shrugged turning to look out the window that had a brilliant view looking over the sea.

"Why doesn't it matter what you want?" The Hound frowned at the matter of fact way that Harry said it.

"They all have expectations of me at home, and it is easier for me just to go along with it," Harry sighed before he seeming to shake himself, turning to smile brightly at The Hound. "Anyway, onto better subjects, what are you doing today?"

"Nothing this morning and then I get to go and beat up the newbies this afternoon," The Hound answered, watching intently as Harry flicked his wand to clear the table before he got to his feet and walked around the table. He licked his lips hungrily, feeling his body stirring as Harry slipped himself onto his lap. He took The Hound's and slid them under his shirt, slowly dragging the rough hands along his bare thighs slowly as his green eyes started burning and sparkling with passion, he even slower drew his hands round to cup the bare flesh of his bum, gasping and tilting his head back as The Hound's hands squeezed and massaged the muscled flesh.

The larger man took the offering he was given, attaching his lips to that long neck again.

"So, I have the morning as well," Harry said breathlessly, letting go of The Hound's hands to bury his own into The Hound's hair.

"Mm-hm," His tall lover managed to say while busy with the flesh under his lips, slowly making his way to Harry's shoulder.

"I'm going to...ah...be busy the….mm next 4 days...oh! I thought we...we...could…"

"Yes," The Hound interrupted standing and with care dropping Harry onto the kitchen table before fastening their lips together again.

The Hound ignored the looks that he could feel burning into either side of his head from Beric and Tormund as he stood perfectly still and in place, watching as Harry and his two wizard friends walked forward.

Part of him had been worried that now Harry had had a night of fun sex….and a morning of it, that that would be them done, even with Harry telling him that he and his friends were going to be busy over the last 4 days working on spells that they had promised Queen Daenerys they would cast for her. He was here to work after all.

However that part was quickly quietened when after all three had bowed to the Queen and then Consorts Jorah and Jon, Harry gave him a cheeky grin and wave. The red-headed man with him groaned and rolled his eyes while his female friend just looked at him, beyond exasperated.

Either side of him Beric and Tormund tried and failed to stifle their snickers, and Arya emerged from her shadows at the side of the room to smirk at him.

"I see you have been making friends with my Guard Harry," Queen Daenerys said amused.

"Ah, yes your Grace, sorry I didn't mean to…" Harry blushed darkly as he realised what he had done. Something in The Hound's chest turned over at the thought that this man forgot where he was and what he was doing at the sight of him. No one had ever felt that way for him before.

He could not have helped the small smile if he had tried.

"Good lords he is smiling!" Tormund declared loudly.

"Shut up you dumb fuck!" The Hound growled at the cackling Wildling.

"How many times, language!" Daenerys groaned slumping back into her gilded silver and blue throne and pressed her fingers to her eyes, allowing the royal image to drop slightly.

"Sorry your Grace," He grunted before standing back to attention. He didn't, however, miss Consort Jon wiggling his eyebrows at him over his shoulder. Neither did the Queen.

"Jon!" She scolded.

"Sorry," He grinned, clearly not sorry.

"Oh for the love of...come!" Daenerys stood suddenly and everyone looked a little worried that she was honestly annoyed. "All manner of decorum has been broken anyway, I am not sitting in this damned throne uncomfortable when we could be sitting in a far comfier room," She huffed and started for the stairs of her dais.

The Hound watched amused as Jon and Jorah tried to make it up the stairs to assist her down only to be waved off with growls of annoyance that were not unlike her three dragons before she set off down the hallway at a pace that The Hound wasn't sure how she achieved considering her current size.

Harry sidled up to him with a grin, just pulling tongues at Tormund when he snickered. The Hound rolled his eyes but he was pleased when Harry nudged their shoulders together.

"Will you two stop fussing over me please," Daenerys rolled her eyes with a huff as her husbands tried to help her down onto the sofa in the beautiful sitting room she had led them to.

"How long do you have left if you don't mind me asking your Grace?" Harry asked as he was tugged to sit down next to Hermione before he could wander after The Hound.

"I have four and a half months left, these two are going to be fed to my dragons before then, I am sure!" She huffed looking pointedly at them.

"Viserion and Rhaegal wouldn't eat us," Jon said.

"Drogon probably would though," Jorah snorted.

"Yeah he probably would," Jon grimaced.

"It's lucky you love us and would never do that," Jorah smiled charmingly at her.

"No I never would, but I would banish the both of you from my bedchamber and move my dragons in instead," Daenerys smirked.

"We're just worried!" Jon tried to appease.

"Worried?" Harry asked before grunting when Ron elbowed him in the stomach. The redhead gave The Hound an assessing look as he caught himself stepping forward at the action against Harry.

"Sorry, that isn't really any of our business," Hermione held his hand up shooting Harry a look.

"No, it is fine, it is not really a secret," Daenerys sighed settling back into her seat and placed a hand on her stomach. "The witch that killed my first husband cursed me and killed the son I was carrying. She told me that I would never carry a child again. It seems as though she was not quite successful in her curse, but the worry is that the curse is there and could cause damage before birth, and of course I am carrying twins which is even more dangerous,"

Even though the Queen was trying to be brave, they could see the fear in her lavender eyes, and her hand pressed against her stomach, clearly wishing that she could protect the babies from harm. Jorah linked his fingers with hers over her stomach and Jon took her free hand.

The Hound watched as Harry exchanged a look with Hermione and then the redhead before he turned around to the Queen and her consorts with a determined look on his face, a look that did things to his body that was slightly wrong considering the topic of conversation.

"Your Grace, I would like to offer my help, I have trained under an exceedingly skilled Healer in our world, included in what she taught me was midwifery. I understand completely if you do not want me to assist considering it was magic that got you into this problem in the first place, but if there are any leftover side effects, hopefully, my magic will be able to counter it," Harry offered.

"And what would you expect in return for this?" Daenerys asked sharply.

"Nothing Your Grace," Harry shook his head.

"You wish to offer me assistance and get nothing in return?" Jorah raised his eyebrows.

"I don't barter with human lives, especially not babies ones! If we had left and I had not offered my help and I heard something bad had happened I would not be able to live with myself!" Harry glared.

"Could you give us a few moments to discuss this please?" Jon asked before anyone else could say anything.

"Of course," Harry nodded understandingly, giving the three of them a smile before they stood and made their way outside.

The moment the door closed nearly every eye in the room turned onto The Hound.

"Don't ask me about him, I just fucked his brains out, we didn't bare our souls!" He rolled his eyes.

"Is there anything at all that you can say?" Jon sighed.

He hesitated for a second, looking at the pregnant Queen. If he was wrong and Harry had ill intent this would come back on him.

"He seems a gentle person, he cares about life and seems to dislike killing from what he has said. I don't think he would hurt anyone on purpose," He grunted.

The Hound looked up when there was a soft knock to his front door before he opened it he had a good guess who was going to be there, he knew who he wanted to be there.

Seeing Harry standing on the other side of the door was a relief, and though he would never admit it, slightly scary. This man got under his skin far too much.

Before he could say anything though Harry launched himself at him, wrapping his arms around his neck and slammed their lips together, kicking the door shut behind himself.

"Clothes, now," The Hound snarled yanking Harry closer by his hips and slamming him against the nearest wall. As he did so he felt both their clothes disappearing and was treated to the feeling of their bare skin pressing together. "So fucking handy," He muttered into Harry's mouth.

He was answered by a chuckle, swiftly followed by a groan as he sealed their lips together again.

Four and a Half Months later

"So," Harry started making circles on The Hound's chest.

"So?" The Hound cracked open his eye to look at him. At the sight of the pensive look on the normally mischievous face, he opened both his eyes and looked at the younger man concerned.

"I heard from my Ministry today. I am being called back to Britain in a week," Harry said, and the world that The Hound had built in his head disappeared. He had lulled himself into some false sense of his life over the last 4 months.

Harry had practically moved into his home. He was used to going to sleep with him of a night, waking of a morning to the smells of breakfast cooking, going into the kitchen to find Harry dressed only in one of his own shirts because the minx knew it drove The Hound crazy. He had gotten used to languid, long kisses before he left for work. He was used to coming back and having lunch with Harry. He was used to coming home to the smell of supper cooking and welcoming arms and lips. He was used to making love to Harry, hearing those noises, drawing pleasure from that beautiful body. He was used to spending time with the people who called him their friend with Harry, laughing and telling stories.

He had been a fool to forget that Harry was only here till the little Princes were birthed and safe.

He was a fool for getting used to it.

He was a fool for giving in that first night and allowing him a taste of a life that would never be his.

"Right," He heard himself mutter, and Harry went still in his arms.

"Right? Right, that is all you have to say?" Harry said angrily, sitting up straight in bed.

"What else do you want me to say?" The Hound said defensively, sitting up himself.

"I don't know, anything but right!" Harry snapped.

"What else is there to fucking say?! We had our time together and now you're going to fuck off back to Britain and fucking forget about me, move on with your fucking life and find someone better for you anyway!" The Hound roared standing from the bed and turning to glare angrily at Harry.

"I said I had been fucking called back, I didn't say I was fucking going!" Harry roared kneeling up on the bed and glaring right back at him, as ever not scared.

"Well that's fucking...wait what?" The Hound blinked as his brain took in what he had just heard.

"Yes, you fucking dickhead!" Harry growled now standing on the bed and shoving at his chest. It was as ineffective as a butterfly bouncing off it. "I wanted you to actually give some indication that you would actually miss me, and perhaps wanted me to stay, not fucking say 'right' like I just told you I was going to the shop!"

"Why would you want to stay?" The Hound asked confused.

"For you! For the love of Merlin! For you! I don't want to leave you! What part of the last four months has made you think anything else? You know me do you really think I am the type of person to have quick affairs and move on, a bit of holiday fun? I have fucking fallen in love with you you great prick! And I want to stay, her, with you! Because you're Queen's Guard and that is a vow for life, so for us to be together it has to be here! And I am happy with that! And you act like you don't care if I just leave tonight and…"

The squeal Harry let out would have been amusing as The Hound tackled him onto the bed, but The Hound's ears were ringing with the words that he had just heard.

"I care, I care so fucking much, I want you to stay, I want you to fucking stay and never leave, and I want you to be here with me. But your life is in Britain and I am not exactly perfect husband material to stay for," The Hound said softly into the skin of Harry's neck.

Slowly warm familiar arms wound around his neck, and gentle fingers combed through his hair.

"Not to everyone perhaps, but you're my type of husband material, and if that time comes I will happily marry you. I want to be here, with you Sandor. I love you," Harry whispered.

"Your life in Britain, your friends," The Hound pressed.

"It's only really Hermione and Ron, you know that I have more friends here than there. And we can talk any time, and visit any time," Harry shrugged.

The Hound lifted his head and stared down into bright green eyes who were patiently watching him, waiting for him, and looking at him with…..

"I love you too," Sandor breathed leaning down to kiss the man who looked at him and saw everything that he never thought he could be for someone.