A.N - strong M rating for this one guys

I am changing up the timeline of season 6, so there will be people in places they weren't in the TV show, and I won't be addressing the Night King.

Sansa tugged the collar of the cloak higher around her face as the cold continued biting into her skin. The cloak and warm clothing she was wearing was doing its job to keep out the worst of the cold, but the snow falling around them was still biting and icy, digging into her skin and stabbing into her as they walked.

Her feet ached as she walked, trudged, step by step, forward. She was not sure how close they were to where they were heading, she was not sure where about they were despite the fact that she knew nearly every inch of the North thanks to her lessons as she grew up. But she had learnt the roads and villages, towns and pathways of the North. Even though she had learnt the pathways down to the smallest shepherd's pathway, they were not walking any type of pathway.

They were trekking their way across the wilds of the North, through the forests and making sure that they were avoiding any pathways and roads, skirting around any of the towns and villages to make sure that their pursuers would not harm anyone for hiding them.

She would not have thought about that, she would not have been able to make her way through the wilds safely, she would have been forced to make her way along the familiar pathways that she had learned, and she probably would have been caught.

They had seen the torches of their pursuers, the Bolton men in the distance, they had once been close enough that they had been able to hear the barks of the dogs and the shouts of the men. Had she been alone she would have been caught at that point, the dogs would have smelt them out easily, and she would have no doubt wished for death rather than what Ramsey would do to her if he had caught her after running.

But she was not alone, and her guide was able to walk them through the wildness as though he were part of it. He seemed to be a part of the wilds and the forests, melting through the snow and trees as though he had lived here his entire life. Guiding them safely and surely through the wilds in a steady direction that had her certain that they were going in the right direction.

He hunted for them, and he unerringly found them safe stops for them to camp out at night. He had found a plant and told her to rub herself down firmly with the leaves every day that made sure her natural scents were covered from the dogs hunting them. He had them chewing coca leaves that helped keep their energy up and allowed them to walk for longer and further.

Sansa would think that their guide was a wildling with how attuned he was to the land around them, if not for the fact that he had been her friend growing up. She had barely recognised Harry when he slipped into Winterfell and took up the place of a servant. No one had looked twice at him, no one had realised that they had not hired him and that he had not been there before. He was like a ghost.

No one had a clue that he was a Lord of the North. As powerful as the Boltons themselves before they had usurped Winterfell and the Starks.

Sansa had nearly cried when she had seen her old friend. When he had told her that he had heard she was here and snuck in to get her she had cried. Within a few days, he had found the perfect moment and had managed to get her out.

She was stunned by the changes in Harry, you would not have known that he had grown up a privileged and pampering Lordling. He had been living in the forests since what had become known in the North as the Red Wedding, something that he had survived by the skin of his teeth. He had been there and he had been cut up in the attack that had taken place. Sure that he was dead the Bolton and Lannister men had loaded him up onto a cart with the dead and dumped him.

Injured and bleeding out he had been found by a couple who had taken him in realising that he had to be a loyal Stark follower, and they had taken him deep into the forest and healed him, and then taught him. Apparently, Sirius and Remus had been living out in the wilds for a long time. Harry returned to them regularly, but he spent a lot of his time wandering around the North, revenging his friends and his people who had been killed at the Red Wedding.

He had been stalking some Bolton men when he had heard that Sansa was back in Winterfell and being married to Ramsey. He had told Sansa unflinchingly that he had killed them and then covered the ground from the camp to Winterfell as quickly as he could.

He had given her some of his clothing, thankfully he was short for a male and she was tall for a female, and she had to admit travelling in trousers was much easier, and not just the fact that she did not have frozen winds blowing up her legs!

"Oh thank the gods!" Sansa groaned making Harry laugh as they broke out the treeline and saw what they had been aiming for.

The Wall.

Jon was in there. Her brother, he was there, her family. All the tiredness and aches from their journey and the abuse she had had to take from Ramey washed away and she picked up speed.

The two of them hurried to the pathway to the gates of the fort. Once the men on the gates realised who she was, they were quickly let through. Sansa would have been completely baffled by the mixture of Nights Watch, Northern men, Wildlings and Baratheon men that the fort was housing if Harry had not informed her that he had heard word that Stannis and his witch had made their way North and to The Wall, and that there had been some sort of battle with the Wildlings but that Jon had somehow managed to sway them to his side.

Sansa was looking at the strange mixture of people who were looking right back at her as they walked through the Fort, but then she saw him, her brother, dressed in the black fur cloak that she had last seen him leaving Winterfell in, looking so much older and looking as though he had seen nightmares and gone through more than anyone should in a lifetime.

Probably exactly how she looked.

Harry watched as his friend let out a soft noise, probably completely unaware that she had done so before she started moving quicker, breaking quickly into a run as she raced at Jon, throwing herself at her brother. Something in her relaxed the moment Jon wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly, the expression on both their faces heartbreaking as they were finally with one of their siblings after so many years of heartbreak and loss.

Harry relaxed a little, allowing the exhaustion and weariness that he was feeling to seep into him now that he finally had his friend in the safety of the Fort, and more importantly with Jon. The whole way here he had used every trick and skill that Sirius and Remus had taught him to avoid the Bolton Men. He had been expecting them to come across them at any time, and he had prayed each morning and night to the old gods that they would not be found.

"Harry?" Jon asked uncertainly making Harry grin.

"Yeah it's me, hello Jon," Harry stepped forward.

"Harry rescued me from Winterfell, and made sure that we got here safely," Sansa said softly with her arms still wrapped around Jon's waist, unwilling to let her brother go now that she was with him again.

"You managed to bring her all the way here from Winterfell avoiding the Bolton men?" Someone that Harry vaguely recognised as a Karstark, probably a distant, distant cousin from the main line who was now the Lord, asked suspiciously.

"Yes," Harry shrugged. He had been expecting this.

"The Bolton men are everywhere," Another Lord frowned.

"So they are," Harry nodded. "And I know how best to avoid them, and the gods were with us,"

"Or you led the Bolton men right here!" Karstark sneered.

"You mean directly to Castle Black, where no one knows where it is and no one at all is aware that we are here except for pretty much the whole North?" A young girl sneered as she shoved the larger men out the way.

"Lady Mormont, I have heard a lot about you recently," Harry grinned at the young women.

"In the wild?" Karstark snapped, clearly not happy with being put in his place by a twelve year old.

"The trees talk," Harry said seriously.

"Warg?" A huge mountain of a man with bright red hair and beard, dressed in thick furs that looked amazingly comfortable and smelt amazingly horrific grunted as he came to stop by Jon.

"Yes," Harry inclined his head, surprised that someone had named what he was so quickly.

"Wargs are nothing but legends that the elderly tell!" A lord huffed rolling his eyes.

"I saw one," Jon spoke up looking at Harry assessingly.

"I saw him using his powers," Sansa added, straightening like the lady she was and glaring at the Lords who were attacking her friend and rescuer.

"What did you mean the trees talk?" Jon asked curiously.

"Weirwood trees, I can connect to them and see the land around me, they help me connect to the land and to nature. They tell me where they can feel the footprints of men, and where the men cut down the forest for camps. They tell me where there is an animal for food. They tell me when the land has changed from the last time I was there and has become uncrossable, and show me a new path," Harry did not mind sharing.

"I have known you since you were a boy and you have never shown those powers," Lord Manderly was not really accusing.

"No, I did not, the Red Wedding ma…"

"Yeah, I thought you were killed there, convenient that you didn't isn't it!" Karstark sneered.

"I seem to remember that House Potter stands far above House Karstark, and your blood is as much Karstark as his!" Lady Mormont motioned to the red-headed wildling who chortled amused. "I believe you should shut your mouth, show a little respect and let him finish. You had fucking run before the Red Wedding, while it is well known Lord Potter was there!"

"Thank you my Lady," Harry bowed his head. "Yes I was there, and I nearly died for it. A couple found me and took me in to heal me. My gifts were activated because I was so close to death they think. They are both wargs themselves, and they taught me,"

"You just happened to be found by a couple of Wargs,"

"The Gods guide us to the right places at the right time, we have all been taught that, whether we believe in the Seven or the Old Gods," Sansa narrowed her eyes at the Lords around them, her back straightening, her chin tilting up. "Have you all lost your faith in the intervening years since you bound yourselves to Robb in front of those Gods!"


"Perhaps we could allow my sister and Lord Potter a moment to relax and wash, have something to eat and then speak to them in front of a fire instead of them being interrogated out in the freezing cold!" Jon said calmly, but his words mixed with Sansa's clearly shamed the Lords who had kept them standing out in the cold questioning them when they were dirty, cold and visibly exhausted.

The Lords mumbled their agreement and Jon and his wildling quickly led Harry and Sansa through the crowd and into the fort.

"Hello!" Harry blinked when a chubby, friendly-looking man and a pretty young woman hurried towards them as soon as they were inside.

"Sansa, Harry, this is my good friend Sam and his partner Gilly, guys this is my sister Sansa and our friend Harry Potter," Jon introduced.

"Welcome, welcome. Gilly will take Sansa for a nice hot bath and you can borrow some of her clothing, and we will have some nice hot food cooked for you," Sam smiled.

"I think Sansa would kill for anything that is not rabbit, squirrel or deer cooked over a spit," Harry smiled.

"I believe I would sell my soul for the sight of a vegetable," Sansa chuckled.

"We cooked a huge pan of broth this morning, lots of vegetables in them, come on let's get you into a bath you look exhausted," Gilly smiled gently and with clear friendliness offering her arm to Sansa.

"Mamma! Pappa!" A little boy ran into the room making Harry raise his eyebrow as the little boy ran to Sam.

"Erm…" He and Sansa both blinked.

"This is Gilly son, my adopted little boy, Little Sam," Sam beamed proudly.

"Well hello little Sam, you are a handsome boy, you have your Mamma's eyes," Harry smiled gently crouching to the little boy's height. He held out his hand and shook Little Sam's hand with all seriousness gaining giggles from the boy who stepped closer to him, reaching out to tug on one of the braids woven with green fabric in his hair.

"Oh Sam.." Gilly flustered worried.

"Not a problem," Harry grinned booping the boy on the nose before freeing the small metal charm at the end of the braid that had caught Little Sam's attention.

"Oh you don't have to," Sam said as Harry quickly looped a bit of fabric from his hair through the charm and handed it to Little Sam.

"It will bring him good luck and watch over him," Harry shrugged. "He is a lovely boy," He smiled at Gilly as he stood.

"Thank you," Gilly blushed.

"Come, you must be tired," Sam motioned Harry through a doorway.

"See you in a moment," Harry smiled at Sansa when she faltered.

"See you in a minute," Sansa nodded, hugging Jon tightly and lingeringly one more time, before going with the gentle Gilly, the young woman's friendly chatter and kind manner clearly easing the fear of being away from Harry and now Jon that had arisen.

"You look as much wildling as I do!" The redheaded man grunted.

"Except I smell better," Harry grinned when the man boomed in laughter.

"I am Tormund,"


"You do not look like a Lord," Tormund said looking Harry over as they made their way into a room that had a metal bath in it. Sam started pouring water that had been boiling over the fire into the bath for him.

"I have not been for a long while now," Harry shrugged.

"The Red Wedding," Jon stated.

"Yes. They thought I was dead, piled me up with the dead and dumped me. I managed to crawl away. Sirius and Remus, the couple who are also Wargs, were looking for me, the Weirwood Tree in their home told them to find me. They healed me, and then taught me," Harry nodded as he started stripping off his clothes.

"Sansa, what did he do to her?" Jon asked quietly.

"Nothing good. He raped her, beat her. He told her in detail what happened at the Red Wedding, complete detail. He tortured her psychologically," Harry answered honestly.

"What state is she in?" Jon asked with complete false calm.

"Better than to be expected. She is not the girl that left Winterfell. She is a Stark through and through. She will be ok I think. Especially if she gets the revenge she desires, she had a lot to say on what she plans to do with Ramsey," Harry smirked.

"How did you come to find her?" Jon asked as Harry returned to stripping.

"Heard while attacking a Bolton camp that she had appeared in Winterfell again and was being married to him. I have heard enough about him to know that that was probably one of the worst thing that could happen to her, and I made my way to Winterfell as quickly as I could," Harry finished stripping and ignored Jon's hissed breath.

"Fucking hell they tried to fillay you!"

"Hello," Harry waved at the new man who had walked into the room and was staring at his scars.

"This is Ser Davos," Jon waved to the man.

"Davos Seaworth, I've heard of you," Harry nodded his head. "Will Stannis be joining us while I bathe?"

"No, he is dead," Davos growled.

"I thought you were pretty loyal to him," Harry asked as he stepped into the bath.

"I was," Davos said and Harry inclined his head acknowledging that he didn't want to speak about it. He groaned as he sank into the hot water of the bath, his aching muscles relaxing under the heat.

"You looking for a fuck?" Tormund grunted making Harry blink.

"Tormund enough!" Jon barked.

"Sorry sorry, didn't realise, you should have said you wanted him," Tormund huffed.

"I…" Harry blinked, aware of the flush spreading over his face.

"Here you go," Sam stepped in and saved him from having to comment handing Harry a bar of soap, before at Harry's nod dropping a bucket of cooler water over his head.

"Thank you, for saving her," Jon said softly.

"I think she would have saved herself, I just got there a little quicker," Harry shook his head.

"It is good to see you again," Jon smiled.

"I am not the same person. I am not going to reclaim my Lordship, whoever has took it, can keep it," Harry warned.

"You're not interested in it?" Jon tilted his head, looking over Harry intently, taking in the longer hair that was intermingled with braids woven with different coloured fabrics and with a small charm at the end.

"Not at all, this is my life now, and it is the life I want," Harry shrugged. "I am of the forest and the wild," He blinked at the expression on Jon's face, something that said he understood.

"I'm glad you're not dead," Jon grinned.

"Me too," Harry laughed.

Not much long later Harry found himself seated next to Sansa devouring a huge bowl of stew, the two of them starving for the good, warming food.

"It is good to see you," Sansa said softly to Jon.

"It is good to see you as well. I know you would probably rather Robb or…"

"Don't. I wouldn't rather anyone except having everyone together again. You're my brother Jon," Sansa shook her head, her blue eyes firm.

"I wasn't always," Jon shrugged as Harry shovelled food into his mouth uncomfortably.

"I was a stupid little girl. Blood and birth mean nothing, I am no more than you simply because of a circumstance of birth. Mother was wrong, so wrong for the way that she treated you, and I am sorry that I did not see it sooner. You are my brother Jon, not half brother, not bastard brother or whatever else I or the others said in the past. You are my brother, and that is all that matters,"

"Thank you. I am so glad you are here with me Sansa, I have missed you," Jon smiled.

"So, we need to decide what we do now," Davos sighed after the silence had grown for a while.

"Winterfell shouldn't stay in Bolton hands," Sansa said firmly.

"I agree," Harry nodded.

With that planning and discussions started on how they could reclaim Winterfell and defeat the Boltons, more and more of the Lords joining them until a large discussion was taking place and plans started forming into a more definitive shape.

"We should contact the Lords of the Vale," Sansa spoke up for the first time in a while where she was seated next to Harry listening.

"This isn't really a discussion for you to be part of My Lady," One of the Lords said dismissively.

"And why not?" Harry raised his eyebrow.

"Pardon?" The Lord blinked at Harry.

"Why not? Why doesn't she have a part in this discussion?" Harry tilted his head, the small charms in his hair jingling with the movement.

"She is a woman," Someone else said.

"Really? I had not noticed! I am fairly sure that you agreed with what Lady Mormont said just ten minutes ago," Harry said pleasantly. "Is she not a woman? Miniature one though she is,"

"Well yes but…."

"Sorry, but what someone is born with between their legs doesn't mean they are more or less capable. Sansa is a Stark, she is the Lady Stark now. She has been in Kings Landing, the Vale and Winterfell recently, and has probably the best idea out of anyone here of positioning, planning, people, and moves that we can make from here on out,"

"Exactly she has been with them, women's minds are easily swayed," someone called.

"I do apologise," Sansa said cooly, her eyes snapping. "But when you look back at history it is not women that are easily swayed, when you look back men are the ones who are lead around by their cocks and make the poor choices, in recent history the main one that springs to mind is Rhaegar Targaryen's actions destroying a centuries old rule. If you wish to suggest that I have any loyalty to Ramsey Bolton, put him in front of me and I will show you all how delicate and easily swayed I am when I cut his face off!"

"I am a little confused about who Lady Sansa is, is she a Lannister, or is she a Bolton?" Someone else sneered. Jon opened his mouth but Harry briefly touched his hand stopping him.

"I did what I had to to survive, and I will never apologise for that, but I am not confused as to who I am, who I have always been and who I will always be," Sansa stood and glared down each and every one of them, proving how unbroken she was. "I am Sansa Stark of Winterfell, and the North runs through my veins. My enemies have beaten me, they have humiliated me, they have raped me, but they have never broken me, and they never will because ice runs through me. And I will see all their heads on spikes, I will see their homes burn and I will crush their names to dust in the wind so that history will forget that they ever existed. I will make sure that any who dared to expect the North to bend to them, who expected any of our Houses to break, bend, break and shatter, they will not live to wish that they had never looked to our lands and thought that we were controllable,"

"The world is changing gentlemen. You follow certain Ladies, but refuse to listen to others. A woman is claiming land with and without bloodshed by the week across the sea. Aside from the fact that Sansa probably has the best advice and knowledge on our enemies than anyone else could give right now, she was also taught right alongside Robb Stark who you were willing to follow as King of the North. There is probably one person who knows everything there is to know about the North, and she is sitting right here," Harry shrugged.

"When the snows fall, and the wind blows, the lone wolf dies, but the Pack survives," Sansa turned to look at Jon.

The stunned silence that followed was echoing, and then Tormund burst out laughing.

"Jon?" Harry blinked upon seeing who was standing on the other side of his door, he had been sure when he heard the knock that it would be Sansa, he had been a little embarrassed that he had been given his own room, especially with pointing out that he was a nobody now.

But Jon had insisted and pointed out that Harry had returned Sansa to him, he had rescued the Lady of North and even if he had been born and grown up a simple man he would still be granted that honour. Embarrassed he had given in, and he felt a little better about it when Sam seemed genuinely happy about the fact that he had more people to care for and more people living in the rooms that had not seen any sign of life for decades with the Brotherhoods declining numbers. The rest of his staff seemed happy, working away to ensure that everyone had what they needed.

"I hope you don't mind me coming here," Jon inclined his head, and didn't wait for Harry to answer before walking into the room, leaving the younger man a little open mouthed.

"I wasn't expecting to see you tonight," Harry said a little confused, shutting the door behind himself.

"I had a few more things to do and people to speak to before I could come here. I may have handed over my place as Lord Commander to Edd, but I seem to be some middle ground between the North and the Nights Watch and the Wildlings," Jon huffed throwing a few more logs onto the fire that Harry had allowed to die down for not wanting to get out of bed.

"You have the respect of a lot of them, and you treat them all with respect and listen to them, it is no wonder they want you to speak for them in return," Harry shrugged a little, awkwardly drifting over to sit on his bed, aware that he was wearing a borrowed white shirt from Sam to sleep in considering the state of his clothing which the other man had taken off him with a lot of tutting and fussing.

"Hmm, I wanted to come sooner," Jon said stripping his black cloak off.

"Do you have more questions about Sansa?" Harry asked looking up at Jon with big green eyes.

"No, I don't want to talk about, or think about my sister tonight," Jon said sounding slightly amused.

"Oh," Harry looked at him, completely lost while Jon stared right back at him from his place in front of the fire, his brown eyes intent.

"I am not the same man that I was when I left for the wall," Jon stated.

"That is a given, I have not heard half of what has happened to you I think, but what you have been through….no one could be the same man," Harry nodded.

"I think both of us can agree that we have learned that life is short?" Jon asked.

"I nearly died, you did die, yeah I think that is something that we have both learned since we have been apart," Harry laughed.

"You were always someone that treated me as an equal as a person when we were growing up, though you were Sansa's friend, you were never influenced by the way she used to think of me. You always seemed to just see me," Jon said taking a step closer to the bed.

"Well, yes. It never mattered to me that you were a bastard, never will. You were always more than the circumstances of your birth Jon, you have just proven that. I just wish Lady Stark was here so I could see the lemon look on her face to see the Lords of the North bowing to your words, respecting you and being willing to follow you over her well born daughter, even if them dismissing Sansa because she is a woman pisses me off," Harry huffed.

"You were always different," Jon smiled.

"I think I was always made for this life, being Lord Potter, it was never something that I wanted," Harry shrugged. "I just didn't get a chance to experience the alternative,"

Jon nodded and stepped closer, and then closer again, the room suddenly seeming far hotter than it should even with the extra wood catching on the fire as Harry watched him seat himself in front of the bed where Harry's feet were hanging over the edge.

"Being beyond the Wall, being with the Wildlings and seeing their way of life, living it for as long as I did, spending time with them and hearing about their lives, hearing about how they live, it is something else. The freedom of living in the wild. The freedom of not having to worry about names and castles, politics and the stupidity of jealousy,"

"It is something else. I think if you have a connection to the wild, then getting a taste of it, it something else, it changes your life," Harry nodded.

"I spent a year with them, living with them, learning their ways and becoming part of their ways. I think in the way that you feel it was where you were always meant to be, but hadn't had the chance to experience it, I was meant to live that way too. Tormund says that I am of the True North, that I belong there," Jon smirked a little.

"Oh?" Harry licked his lips.

"Hmm, Once Winterfell is back in Stark hands, and the Boltons and the Freys are dead, I will return over the Wall," Jon said firmly and Harry felt his heart sinking. He had been hoping that this was going to go somewhere different. It had seemed to be.

But no. This was Jon telling him that he intended to leave, probably so Harry could comfort Sansa.

"I would like to find Arya as well, make sure that she is ok. Get Bran and Rickon back. Once I know that they are safe, I will leave. Sansa will make a good leader of the North, she is changed too,"

"I think she would make a good Queen of the North," Harry nodded absently. "I can't stay at her side for you Jon, I don't belong in castles anymore,"

"That is good to hear," Jon smirked, something a little darker and deadlier, and Harry's heart had the chance to give one little feeble beat at the sight of it, before Jon moved.

He moved with the deadliness of a man of action, the swiftness of a man who had been training hard to be at peak physical fitness most of his life and who knew how to use those muscles and skills to any advantage.

He moved as a man of intent.

Harry barely had time to gasp before Jon was on top of him, gripping his top and ripping it from Harry's body, leaving him bare and naked, open and vulnerable pressed between the bed and Jon's still clothed body as the other forced a space for himself between Harry's legs, holding his wrists to the bed, and using his larger body to pin Harry.

"I spent a long time amongst the Wildlings, I have changed a lot. They take what they want Harry, and I have wanted you for a long time. Tell me no and I will leave, but this is the only chance I will give you, if you do not say no, you will be mine," Jon growled.

"And would you be mine?" Harry asked breathlessly. The sound that he let out was sinful when Jon lunged down and bit into his nipple, before sucking on it hard sending pleasure flying through his body. "I didn't say yes!" He gasped.

"You didn't say no, that was a yes," Jon grunted before focussing on the other nipple.

"Jon!" Harry gasped arching his body into Jon's clothed one, his fingers burying into Jon's curly hair as pleasure swept through his body. Jon worrying at his nipples, sending pleasure through his body that he had never felt before.

He dug his fingers into the sheets, arching his back stunned when Jon suddenly moved down his body, gripping his legs and held him open as he took Harry's aroused flesh into his mouth and sucked on it, sending utter pleasure through him that he didn't know whether he wanted to press further into the pleasure or pull away from it. Not that he had any choice, Jon's hands were holding him firmly in place, not allowing him any free movement.

"Jon, Jon, oh my gods, Jon!" Harry cried out desperately. The older man just sucked harder, increasing the pleasure in Harry so much that it nearly hurt, before he was spilling into Jon's mouth, not even having felt his orgasm coming over him.

He lay panting on the bed, his legs splayed wide open from where Jon had released them, staring up at the ceiling stunned at what had just happened. Jon had left the bed nearly as soon as Harry started whining in over pleasure when he had carried on sucking him through his orgasm, but Harry couldn't find the energy to even turn his head to try and locate him.

He probably should have tried to summon the energy though when the bed dipped and he found himself flipped onto his front, his legs spread open again quickly leaving him exposed for the man who was most definitely now naked, and was pressing himself between his legs, his hands stroking over Harry's bare, naked skin hungrily, his hands alternating between messaging and caressing him.

At least until Jon's hand swept quite pointedly up the inside of his thigh, its aim and destination more than clear.

"Jon.." Harry went to shuffle to look at the other, put Jon moved quickly, pinning him down sitting on one of his legs and pressing his hand between Harry's shoulder blades, and his other hand… "Fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck!"

"Such a mouth on you," Jon chuckled lowly as he pressed his finger deeper into Harry, groaning a little himself at the feeling of that tight, hot heat around his finger, imagining how it was going to feel around his hard, heavy flesh that was lying between his legs now. "I look forward to having that mouth around me, I bet you will good at it, you will take me deep into your throat won't you?"

"Fuck Jon," Harry whined loudly, his hips moving a little as he got used to the feeling of Jon's finger thrusting into him.

"How long have you wanted this Harry? Huh? I used to see you watching me, I used to see the way your eyes would look at me. I saw where your eyes went when we bathed in that stream together. Did you think about me fucking you, did you think about me bending you over and shoving myself into you, owning your body, giving you pleasure, taking pleasure from your body? Did you imagine me taking you?"

"Yes! Fuck yes I did! Yes! I wanted it, so badly!" Harry cried out when Jon rewarded him with another finger, stretching and thrusting into him.

"You're going to come over the Wall with me," Jon ordered.

"Do I get a choice in that?" Harry flared up angrily at the presumption, and then whined when Jon's hand came down hard onto his arse cheek before he gripped Harry's hair and tugged his head back so he could see his expression when he pressed a third finger inside of him, listening delightedly to the noise he made.

"No, you don't. You're mine, mine Harry. I will make love to you in the hills and mountains past the wall, I will show you a world you can not even imagine, and we will belong to each other,"

"Gods Jon, please!" Harry whined.

"Tell me what you want!" Jon demanded thrusting his fingers harder into Harry and causing him to let out little punched out noises at the sheer pleasure curling in his stomach again.


"Tell me," He realised Harry's hair and brought his hand down onto his pale arse cheek again, admiring the red mark, in a perfect handprint that formed, and repeated the action again, and again, and again.

Harry cried out, arching into him, thrusting Jon's fingers deeper into himself.

"Say it!" Jon ordered spanking him again, bringing his hand down hard, and then bringing his hand down again. Harry would be feeling this tomorrow, and that was exactly what he wanted.

"Fuck me! Fucking fuck me Jon! I need you inside me right now!" Harry cried out, nearly sobbing with the pleasure that was being inflicted on him. "Jon!"

"Shh, that's all I needed to hear," Jon soothed him, pulling his fingers free of Harry's tight, grasping entrance, and slicked himself up with the oil he had retrieved after stripping off. He gripped Harry's hips tightly and tugged him to his knees, pressing his hand onto the back of Harry's neck to keep his front lowered as he guided himself to Harry's entrance.

Harry panted at the feeling of the head of Jon's cock head pressing firmly against his entrance, demanding that he allow him in, which was not easy considering his cock was more girthy than his fingers.

He cried out in shock and pleasure when Jon's hand came down on his arse again, the heat and pain from the spank flaring the arousal in him, with the second spank Jon thrust himself into Harry's body, burying himself nearly halfway down to the root, the oil doing its job in slicking his way, leaving Harry scrambling at the sheets with his fingers as he panted into the mattress, aware that he was drooling a little onto the bed when Jon brought his hand down on his smarting arse ten more times, one right after the other as he pressed his way completely into Harry's body until his hips were pressed to Harry's burning arse.

"Oh gods Jon," Harry whined.

"Are you ready for me to move?" Jon asked.

"Does it matter?" Harry growled.

"Not really, I think even if it hurts a little, you will enjoy that," Jon laughed, pointedly bringing his hand down again, and groaned as Harry tightened around him.

He gripped Harry's hips tightly and drew himself nearly all the way back before shoving himself back in all the way to the root, listening happily to the wail Harry let out that told him he had just found his prostate. He remembered the angle before he yanked himself back, and then held himself with his cock head just inside of Harry until the younger man started wriggling and whining.

"You're a fucking prick!" Harry growled. "Fuck me! I asked you! You told me to ask you and I did! So fuck me!" Harry sobbed.

That was all Jon needed. He gripped Harry's hips hard enough to bruise and got him at the perfect angle before he pounded into Harry's body, driving himself deeper and deeper into his body until it felt as though he was carving himself a place inside of the man that he had been in love with for years.

The noises Harry let out were perfect, and only drove him on until he was fucking into Harry as though they were nothing more than animals.

"Yes yes yes yes yes yes!" Harry groaned and suddenly he tightened around Jon's cock like a vice as he spilt himself without needing to be touched, crying out his pleasure loud enough that Jon was fairly sure that the whole Fort would hear him.

"Harry!" Jon growled before pressing himself hard into Harry and spilt inside of him, making the younger man whine at the feeling of the hot liquid gushing into him.

"By the gods, Jon, saying you have changed is a fucking understatement," Harry panted ten minutes later, the two of them lying on the bed, Jon pressing Harry's body delightfully into the bed where he had just dropped down on top of him, his cock still buried inside of Harry as though he never wanted to be out of his body ever again.

"I like to think of it more like I have become my true self," Jon chuckled nipping Harry's shoulder.

"I...I enjoyed the...I…" Harry started to say before he blushed and buried his face into the mattress despite what they had just done and the fact that Jon was still deep inside of him.

"With the Wildlings I have learned that there are many ways to find and take pleasure and many ways to give it. Liking a little pain is not a bad thing Harry, there is nothing wrong with it, and nothing to feel ashamed about, just as there is nothing to feel shamed about that I like giving a little pain as long as you find pleasure in it," Jon kissed over Harry's neck.

"Thank you," Harry sighed.

"I meant what I said Harry, I am taking you over the Wall with me," Jon said lowly into the silence of the room.

"And if I said no?" Harry asked curiously.

"I told you, you had one chance to say no, and you didn't. I will take you North with me, and make love to you until I am all you can think about, I will fuck you till your body knows it is mine," Jon said and then smirked when he felt Harry shivering under him. "Though something tells me that is not needed,"

"No it isn't, though I wouldn't be arguing if you wanted to do that anyway," Harry said a little breathlessly.

"Your Sirius and Remus can come with us as well, if you want them to," Jon added.

"You have not changed completely," Harry smiled turning and resting his head on his arms.

"I want you to be happy," Jon shrugged.

"I think I am going to be," Harry sighed snuggling deeper into the warmth of Jon's body which was keeping the cool filling the room at bay as the fire burned down again. "I have been in love with you for years," He admitted into the darkness filling the room.

"Really?" Jon asked hopefully, brushing his fingers up and down Harry's side gently. The fact that Jon was on his back and that he did not have to look him in the face made it easier to admit into the darkness of the room the things that he had held close to his heart, the things that he had only told Sirius and Remus.

"Sirius and Remus, they know your name, I was calling it when I was healing, after they found me," Harry licked his lips, feeling his face burning.

"Harry...when I heard. I mourned for Robb, he was my brother. I mourned for his wife and their baby. I mourned even for Lady Stark. No matter how she was with me, that was not a death that she deserved, watching that happen. Then I heard you were there and...I had to be talked out of abandoning my post here to seek revenge. Master Aegon, he said that you were all dead, and that this was my place. And then he told me that the Gods had plans for us all, and that my place was to be here right now. That my place was here on the wall, because I had a future planned for me, for good or bad, and that my vows ensured that the path I was walking as chosen by the Gods kept me here. Three months later I was with Tormund and the others, and I was learning a different side of myself, my true self,"

"The me I was then wasn't ready, I wasn't...who I am meant to be. I have spent a long time in the forests and the wilds, learning my skills and how to use my gifts. Now was the right time for us to meet again," Harry agreed, sighing as Jon's calloused hand carried on stroking his side soothingly.

"I have loved you for a long time, but I had myself convinced that I was not the one that could claim you, that I should not touch you because you were above me, even though you never saw it like that, others did. And you were a Lord, you needed to marry and have heirs. Better to take the Black and not have to watch you marry,"

"The life that the two of us thought was in front of us were false ones. I was never meant to be Lord Potter, and you were never meant to be a Brother of the Black. The wilds and the forests, the freedom of the true North, that is for us, together," Harry sighed softly.

"In the way of the Wildlings we are as good as married now, if you incorporate a bit of my fur into your clothing it will be declaring that," Jon said, and for the first time since he had walked into the room sounded nervous.

"The collar of my cloak has worn a little thin, I could do with some nice black fur," Harry hummed pressing his face into the bed as he could feel it burning.

"Sleep, we have a long day tomorrow," Jon pressed his smile to the back of Harry's neck.

"I hope you don't think that we are going to sleep like this every night Jon, it is lovely and romantic right now, but you aren't exactly light. Jon? Jon? Jon!"

"You work quick my friend!" Tormund boomed the moment they walked into the mess hall and he spotted the black fur that matched Jon's cloak sitting pointedly as a collar around Harry's throat. "You could not have made more of a claim if you had tried! Congratulations!"

"What?" Sansa frowned between the two of them.

"We are married in the way of the Wildlings," Jon said gently to her not sure how she would take it.

"I always saw the way you watched each other," She snorted. "Until Jon said he was taking the Black Robb and I had a bet going on when you would end up together, seems like you did anyway,"

"You're ok with this?" Jon asked hesitantly.

"Happiness is hard come by, it is always worth celebrating when it is found. We have to attend war meetings for most of the day, but I am sure Gilly will drag out the alcohol and moonshine this place is sure to have so that we can celebrate properly tonight. Harry is my brother in law, that is definitely worth celebrating,"

"So this is not about the fact that I have found a husband, but that you can claim Harry as family finally, I see how it is," Jon snorted, his eyes twinkling.

"I had hopes that mother would marry him to Arya, at least until Arya's obsession with sharp, pointy objects that were not in men's trousers became apparent, and Harry was clearly terrified of the woman she was going to grow into," Sansa laughed, and then laughed harder at the expression on Jon's face.

"I would like to meet this girl, she would be very fun to fight with I think!" Tormund chortled.

"If anyone could survive, that it is Arya, I think she is still out there, training and learning," Sansa said softly to Jon when she saw his face drop a little.


"The Freys are all dead!" Someone shouted hurrying into the room.

"What?" the whole hall went deadly silent until someone asked the question of the panting messenger.

"They're all dead, the word is spreading through the North, I managed to get the story out of a Bolton general that I have been becoming friendly with in my shop. I rode here as hard and as fast as I could! The entire House has been slaughtered. Walder Frey was found shoved into a room with his throat slit, his sons were all found slaughtered and they had huge chunks of them missing - they think that they were baked into pies that was served at a party all the Frey men attended, they were all poisoned! Every single one of them. Only Frey's latest child bride survived and the servants that served the poisoned wine to the feast. They all said that it was Walder Frey standing there, and everything had been normal, and he had was giving a speech about the men being loyal to House Frey, they were the ones that had been there and slaughtered House Stark,"

The man sucked in a few deep gulping breaths having barely breathed during the flurry of words that he had spilt out. Someone grabbed him and shoved him onto a bench, shoving water into his hands which the visibly exhausted and thirsty man gulped down.

"They said Frey was giving the toast about them being the ones to slaughter the Starks, but then he started talking about them being the brave men who had butchered a woman pregnant with her babe, killed a mother of five, slaughtered their guests who they had invited into their home,"

"Go on," Sansa ordered when the man looked at them nervously, clearly worried about bringing up the Red Wedding in front of them.

"Then he said that they had not killed all the Starks, that they should have ripped them out root and stem. Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe. Then….then the women...they claim that Frey removed his face and in his place was a woman, a young woman, just out of her teens maybe, brown hair and brown eyes. She told the Frey bride that when people asked what had happened here she was to say 'The North remembers. Tell them Winter came for House Frey,' and then she just strolled out!"

"Arya," Jon and Sansa breathed.

"It has to be, brown hair, brown eyes," Sansa turned wide blue eyes onto her brother.

"I am sorry, but she was in Kings Landing, the chance that she survived…" One of the Lords grimaced.

"And what young woman, just out of her teens with brown hair and brown eyes would seek such revenge on the Freys? Telling them that they should have ripped the Starks out root and stem. 'Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe' those are the words of one of our ancestors, we were all taught the story when we were children, no one else would know those words. She is alive," Sansa laughed.

"And the magic, while ex-Lord Potter has found magical powers are you telling me that the Starks now have powers?" Someone else called.

"Entirely possible, the Potters and the Starks are one of the few families that can claim to have blood that is still pure of the North, that we are the direct descendants from the blood of the first men. But that does not sound like a magical power that is in her blood, rather one that she has learned," Harry said from where he was still seated at the table looking thoughtful.

"What are you thinking Harry?" Jon asked quietly.

"I would want to go to the nearest Weirwood to check, to see, but there have been whispers in the forest recently, passing through the animals, of an assassin walking the lands who can become different people, male, female, young, old. A Faceless Man," Harry hummed tapping his bottom lip.

"A Faceless Man, Arya? But how?" Jon frowned.

"Only Arya would be able to tell that story. But it would make sense as to why she has never been found or caught despite being out on her own. She was not in Westeros, she was in Bravos training," Sansa said thoughtfully and Harry nodded.

"Would you be able to tell if it is her, through the Weirwood?" Jon asked.

"Not really how it works, I can sense intent and familiarity, but I know hundreds of people that I would feel familiar to….take me to the tree and I will see what I can do," Harry frowned.

Leaving behind the Lords talking about whoever had killed the Freys, and the fact that it did not matter who had killed the Freys, they were dead and the Boltons now had a huge hole in their defences, Sansa, Jon, Sam, Tormund and Gilly escorted Harry to the stables, and they rode quickly the short path to the Weirwood forest, where Harry dismounted and quickly made his way to the tree.

His touch was familiar, like greeting an old friend, and he dropped quickly to his knees in front of the tree, uncaring of the snow around its base, and touched his fingers to the tree. Jon and Sansa stepped forward when he sucked in a deep breath and his head snapped back, pure white eyes gazing unseeingly at the leaves of the tree.

"Don't. Those who can commune with the trees are few and far between, there are only a handful born every few generations, but it is said they place their mind elsewhere, the same way you saw Orell doing," Tormund said catching their arms, unusually serious for once.

They stood watching as Harry's eyes flicked back and forth, completely unseeingly, the minutes passing until over an hour had passed, and then a raven fluttered down to Harry's shoulder as he sucked in another deep, aching breath and dropped back into Jon's waiting arms.

"Go here, tell Sirius and Remus who they are looking for, and to watch over her," Harry ordered croakily and the bird took off. "I think it could be her, she felt so familiar, there is definitely learned magic around her though, I would say the faceless men. She is heading South,"

"Towards Kings Landing?" Sansa sucked in a breath.

"It seems as though she is getting revenge on all those who have wronged your family," Sam said softly.

"The Lannisters would definitely be at the top of that list," Jon snorted helping Harry to his feet, and then lifting him off them, despite Harry's weak protests he carried him to his horse and quickly had him seated before climbing up behind him.

"We have a war to plan," Sansa climbed onto her own horse, turning it and riding it quickly towards the Fort. Blood was in the water and she had clearly scented it.

"She is impressive!" Tormund rumbled.

"Don't even think about it!" Harry and Jon growled.

"I will carve your cock out through your throat!" Jon warned.

"I will summon all the birds into the area to peck your eyes out while he does that," Harry nodded.

"You two are terrifying," Tormund grumbled as he set his horse to a quick trot, pointedly avoiding even looking in Sansa's direction.

"Cercei Lannister is dead," Sansa said sweeping into their bedroom, completely ignoring the fact that Harry was lying on his front with Jon plastered along his back, their panting breaths and sweat-slick skin saying that they had just finished sex.

"Sansa!" Jon grumbled covering them over. "We could have been having sex!"

"I waited until the noises finished, the whole corridor can hear you both," Sansa waved him off. Harry squeaked and buried his face into the bed while Jon just looked smug. "You're like animals by the way, seriously are you taking something? You should not be able to go that many times a day," She added as she neatly took a seat.

"We have a lot of time to make up for," Jon shrugged.

"Jon!" Harry whined.

"Honestly if it wasn't for the sounds of pleasure I would be worried about the amount of spanking that goes on," She shrugged.

"Oh my…" Harry was trying to become one with the bed.

"I like staking my claim, and he likes me reminding him he is mine," Jon shrugged back.

"Kill me now!" Harry groaned.

"So Cercei?" Jon decided to take pity on his lover.

"Throat slit, along with The Mountain, Illyan Paine and the Red Woman was also found dead making her way into Kings Landing. They were all clearly killed, assassinated. Tommen was left alive and Queen Margery, but the whole city is in an uproar," Sansa nodded.

"Arya?" Harry muttered into the bed.

"Has to be, the Hound told us the names on her kill list and they were all on them. The Dragon Queen is getting ready to make her way across the sea to claim the throne, this will be the perfect time for her to make that move while everything is in such turmoil. Even though the Tyrells are pulling a lot of the strings and will pull more now Cercei is dead, they will not have the knowledge or the true strength of ruling to face up against the Dragon Queen. Especially not now that word has reached us that Yara and Theon have reached her as well and offered their men and fleet in return for defeating Euron. They even swore an oath on their drowned god that they would no longer pirate," Sansa seemed to be more thinking out loud then talking to them, and they exchanged an amused glance before Jon spoke.

"So what does the North do now?"

"Makes an alliance. We will help her, but the North will not be ruled by her. She either respects that or we will not help and will be ready to fight her when she reaches us, dragons be damned. The North has spilt too much blood for its freedom for it to bow down to someone else," She glared out the window.

"Sounds like a plan," Harry smiled.

"Hey Harry, Jon Lady Sansa, the evening meal is ready," Sirius said walking into the room.

"Come on! Sirius! We could have been having sex!" Harry whined.

"The noises stopped about ten minutes ago," Remus shrugged before looking concerned at the noise that Harry let out as he tried to smother himself into the bed again.

"Stop laughing!" Harry hissed smacking Jon's leg as the flesh still buried deep inside of him had him seeing stars with the movement. He groaned obscenely when Jon pulled back slightly before stabbing his hips forward, having Harry scrambling for the sheets.

"Come, Lady Sansa, honestly!" Sirius sniffed shaking his head at the figures on the bed.

"We will have food sent up for you," Remus said hurrying out the room.

"I swear they are more Wildling than the Wildlings," Sansa huffed.

"Are they going again? Seriously, they just finished!" They heard Ser Davos huffing.

"Good Northern blood in them!" Tormund boomed. "Will the big woman be at the feast?"

"Yes she will, and I have saved you a seat next to her, be a dear though and don't refer to her as big woman, that might work with your women, but not her," Sansa sighed.

"Are you setting them up?" Sirius laughed.

"Tormund is by far much better for her than Jamie Lannister!" Sansa snorted. "After all, he has only fucked a bear, not his sister,"

"Jon, no they're still here, and they can hear us!" Harry shook his head trying to stop Jon, but he quickly found his wrists caught and pinned, Jon's hips thrusting firmly, drawing those noises from Harry as his flesh hardened again inside of him, and his hips smacked off his already bruised arse cheeks from his spanking the night before where Jon had had him sobbing over his lap and having cum twice from the spanking alone.

"Nothing that they haven't heard before apparently, and I want you now," Jon panted with the force he was fucking Harry. "And you want me, you know you do. Your hungry body always wants me, always lets me in, sucks me in, when I press into you,"

"Fuck Jon!" Harry whined. As ever not sure whether to be embarrassed or aroused by his words, and as always arousal won out.

"That's it!" Jon growled thrusting even harder now he knew he was truly welcome.

Harry sighed as he stepped out their hut and stopped in the doorway, rubbing his swollen stomach as he took in the work being finished up in front of him.

This part of his gift had come as a surprise to them all, even the Wildlings did not have a memory of something like this ever happening. Thankfully they took it into their stride and had shrugged it off fairly quickly. The people following Jon were completely loyal to him, and a pregnant husband was not going to frighten them away.

The cart for their travel was sadly needed for Harry as in his state he was not up to any travelling riding a horse, not that Jon, Sirius or Remus, never mind Tormund, would allow him to even think about trying it.

It was unfortunate timing. They had been planning this visit to Winterfell to see Sansa for over a year, timing it with Arya being due back from her travels to the world where she was 'exploring' - assassinating people - to spend a few months with Sansa. Queen Daenerys was also going to be at Winterfell, wintering for the winter with Queen Sansa, the queen of the South and the Queen of the North. Rickon was coming with them, though he rarely liked to leave the true North and go back over the Wall, Shaggy Dog even less, he had volunteered his...essence to the two Queens for Daenerys to carry their baby.

The Red Priestess Kinvara had shown up and told them she could help them ensure the birth of their son, a son who was destined for great things. Daenerys and Sansa did not really care, they just wanted a child, but Sansa would allow no other to touch her, and she had sworn she would slit the throat of any that Daenerys lay with - turns out she was as Wolf as she had promised. Jon had thought to volunteer when the Witch had shown up and said that sex was not needed, just the essence of a male of their choice. But Sam had quickly spoken up about Rhaegar and Lyanna and nipped that one in the bud, and Harry was secretly relieved, he wanted no child of Jon's that was not theirs completely to be out there, and he had felt guilty for feeling that was when it could potentially deny his friend a child.

But Rickon had saved the day by volunteering, pointing out that his essence was as close to Sansa's as possible.

The revelation that Sansa and Daenerys had become lovers had not been a shock for Harry, though it had been for his poor oblivious husband. He had seen the sparks that had fired between the two from the first meeting, and he had seen the way blue eyes scanned over the white-haired female, and he had seen the way purple eyes looked back.

He had teased Sansa and Jon endlessly about how alike they were when they found out Sansa had locked herself and Daenerys in a room together and basically given the Queen one chance to say no before she had pleasured her into surrender. The fact that Sansa claimed the dominant place in their relationship was not a shock either.

So this trip had been planned for a long time, Sansa wanted them there for this important step, and the chance to be all together again was too good a chance to pass up. And then they had realised Harry was pregnant.

Their trips had taken a little logistical change, but they were determined to make it, though it would not be the most comfortable journey for Harry. Really they should not have been shocked, Jon….and Harry, were as hungry for each other as they had been when they first came together. And it seemed that Harry was particularly fertile with his gift.

He grinned as he watched Sirius and Tormund throwing all seven of his and Jon's oldest children into the cart to their shrieks of delight, Remus careful placing in their two youngest into place where they had designed a small, safe section for them.

He started a little when a hand wrapped around him and cupped his swollen belly, lips pressing their way up his neck. And…

"Really?" Harry narrowed his eyes at Jon when he pressed his hard cock against Harry, quickly grabbing the back of the robes Harry was wearing and yanking them up, pressing himself back inside of his husband. "Jon!" Harry tried to scold but it came out more a breathless moan.

"We have a long journey, and will have little private time with the kids, Sirius, Remus and Rickon with us," Jon said unapologetically, tugging Harry back and into their hut. He shut the door and then simply pressed Harry down onto the chair beside it that was kept here for this purpose only.

"Jon," Harry whined. "Its no wonder I am constantly pregnant! This is your fault,"

"Your fault for constantly making me want you," Jon argued back tilting Harry's hips and started pounding into him after making sure he was braced properly.

"You're fucking insatiable!" Harry panted, groaning into his arm when Jon's hand came down onto his arse cheek.

"For you, always, when we are old and unable to travel around, grey and wrinkled I will still fuck you through the floor of our bed," Jon laughed reaching around to rest his hand on Harry's stomach without breaking pace. "I think you still have a good 4, 5 more years of childbearing in you yet,"

"Fuck you!" Harry whined as his hair was tugged, forcing his head back and impaling him even deeper onto his husband's cock.

"Oh I plan to fuck you, keep you nice and pregnant and full with my children, prove to everyone how happily you take me, what a good little husband you are. They're all jealous you know, how willing you are, how much you love taking me, how you are always happy and willing to let me in, to spread your legs for me and let me take you,"

"Jon, Jon!" His husband knew how to have him hovering over the edge in seconds, a skill that had never dulled in their ten years together.

"That night, where we got pregnant this time, taking you under the moon and the stars for the ritual, all of them watching your body demand me, all of them watching how eagerly you took me, all of them hungrily watching as I fucked you and you loved it, demanded more, all of them watching as you took me into your body again and again and again, they were all jealous,"

"Oh fuck fuck fuck I'm going to…."

"And they were all furious, because they knew you were mine!" Jon hissed, slamming deeply into Harry and spilt himself, his cockhead finding Harry's prostate perfectly and sent him over the edge seconds later.

"You're an animal," Harry sighed contently.

"I love you," Jon smiled drawing Harry in for a long, sweet kiss. One of probably a million now, and Harry knew he would receive a million more.

"Oi you two, stop fucking and hurry up, I can't wait to get rid of you and be in charge for half a year!" Tormund hammered on their door.

"Funny way of saying the quicker you leave the quicker you will be back," Harry called cheerfully through the door.

"Get out here!" Tormund huffed.

"We will be another half an hour, make sure everything is packed properly and we will be out," Harry called.

"Another half hour?" Jon raised his eyebrow as the sound of Tormund hurrying away from their door followed Harry's declaration.

"Oh yes, I am not done with you," Harry shoved Jon back to their bed, pressing him down onto the furs and lifted his robe over his head that Jon had not removed his haste, lowering himself over his husband's naked body.

"You know there is probably something in the fact that there is some magic involved in our relationship, we should not be able to get hard as quickly as we do, especially not at our age," Jon huffed as Harry stroked him firmly before lifting himself up and lowering his body back down onto his hard cock, tilting his head back with a small groan of delight as he slowly lowered himself.

"You're speaking to the pregnant man here sweetheart, magic is clearly involved somewhere," Harry laughed weakly. "Now, fuck me!" He demanded.

"Yes dear," Jon laughed, gripping Harry's hip before he could finish fully lowering himself and carefully turning him around, pushing him so that he gripped Jon's bent knees, and so Jon could see his purpling arse cheeks from where he had soundly spanked his husband the night before.

"Yes!" Harry hissed as Jon started slamming up into him, gripping his hips hard enough to bruise. "Love you!" He groaned.

"Love you too," Jon groaned. This man was his life, and he always would be.