Chapter 33 - Day 3: Mt. Rushmore.


The Stoppables, plus Mary and Canna, went through the archway entrance and to the self-guided tours section on their left. Kim then paid for the guided tours.

"It'll be $8 each for adults and about $2 for your kids and for your naked mole rat, Mrs. Stoppable." the tour guide replied.

Kim paid for it with two twenties.

"Ready, buddy?" Ron asked, "It's going to be so cool!"

"Yay!" Rufus squealed for joy, putting on the small headphones in his ears.

The whole family walked down the Avenue of Flags all the while listening to the tour and then walked on over to the ampitheater to hear more of the story of the monument.

They all then sat down.

Kim quipped, "Ron, is it just me or is my thong a little too tight?"

"Nah, you're good, KS!" Ron replied with a grin.

"Wanna take a family pic in front of the monument?" Kim asked.

"Yeah, let's do that!" Ron insisted, "Kids, Mommy and Daddy are going to want you to be in a family photo!"

Alexa walked up to her parents and said, "Let's do it!"

"Aww! But I don't wanna!" Justin moaned.

Kim then tempted him, "Do you want to be in a photo with Sabersaurus for that demoliton derby rally?"

This got the attention of Justin.

"All right!" he said, "But I am not getting in front of Alexa!"

Justin stood by the side of his mom.

Kim gave her smartphone to Mary.

"Okay, Mary. Take one photo of the whole fam and then one of me and Ron." she said, "Let's hope this goes right this time unlike the dinosaur one."

"Sure thing, Kim!" Mary replied.

She took both pictures of Kim and the family and then just Kim and Ron in front of the monument. Thankfully, there were no incidents this time.

After a few minutes, the audio tour told them to go down the Presidential Trail, the 0.9 mile long trail that looped around the monument. So the Stoppables stood up and continued onto the trail. As they did so, the strip of duct tape that held up the bottom flap of the jumpsuit due to the missing button from the ant incident earlier that morning was starting to peel off.

The whole family gathered in a bench area and sat down.

"All this walking...I'd probably start to take a rest here." Kim sad as she sat down.

"Yeah, makes me hungry for a Naco right about now." Ron replied.

"Wanna continue on?" Kim asked. "The next part is going to be

The rest of the family, plus Canna and Mary, nodded their heads. They all stood up and continued on. The tape was barely holding onto the denim of Kim's jumpsuit. When they got to the stairs, the tape fell off, exposing Kim's thong underwear with the denim flapping.

At first, Ron didn't notice it because he was in front of Kim, whom was still listening to the audio tour. They were about two-tenths of a mile from the Sculptor's Studio when he finally noticed the clothing mishap. He immediately unzipped his jacket.

"Ron?" Kim questioned, "What are you doing?"

Ron wrapped his jacket around his wife's waist, making sure that the main part of the jacket covered the malfunction.

"Just trying to be a gentleman, of course, KS!" Ron said with a smile, before passing gas.

Kim smirked, "Some gentleman you are! Now let's keep moving!"

The Stoppable family climbed down a large amount of steps on the bridge.

"There goes the entire picnic food from this morning..." Mary said.

"My feet are achy..." Justin complained.

And Canna whined, "And I have blisters on my feet!"

"Your feet are going to be compaining even more if you fall behind, Justin!" Kim retorted to her son, "Follow me! The Sculptor's Studio is not that far!"

All the other members of the party gave a loud groan and continued walking.


The Stoppables got out of the studio.

"Remind me that...many stairs...again..." Ron said while being out of breath. He fell down to his knees.

"That was a very fun going to the studio, Stoppable troops!" Kim exclaimed. "Now we go up the stairs to end the trail."

"Please, poor legs!" Ron complained.

"Keep it moving, Ron!" Kim ordered him.

"Yes, ma'am..." Ron complied, sighing. He and the rest of the family went up the steps behind Kim.


The group all made it back to the ampitheater.

"So what'" Ron asked, completely out of breath from walking the stairs.

"You needed the exercise, Ron." Kim replied. "We're going to the gift shop first and then we're going to eat at the cafeteria here."

"Cafeteria...huh? I could...definitely...use steps..." Ron replied while panting. Aside from the times he had worked out at the GJ gym, he had never gotten this much exercise.

"Does he even still use that word, Canna?" Mary asked. "It's so out of date."

Canna sighed, "He does...and I still don't want to eat anything animal-based here!"

"Good thing they have salads..." Kim said before opening the door. "And stop with the dramatics, Ron. Let's get inside the cafeteria and eat!"


"Aww! There's no Nacos here!" Ron whined , "Is this how they are supposed to operate as a restaurant, KS?!"

"Ron..." Kim groaned while eating a salad, "I'm trying to expand your food palate outside of Bueno Nacho. Now why don't you eat your Buffalo Burger!"

Rufus reacted in disgust to the Buffalo Burger.

"Fine, KS..." Ron complained, taking a bite of his burger "But I am not going eat another burger ever again!"

"At least the kids are enjoying their meals." Kim remarking, looking at Justin and Alexa finishing off their meals. "After this, we are going to head back to the cabin."

"Can we go past the gift shop, please?" Justin asked.

Kim replied, "Since the two of you finished your food, yes, you may buy something from the gift shop. But we aren't going to be there for long!"

At the same time, Mary and Canna observed the Stoppable family while eating their salads.

"Eww...glad that we aren't eating those things." Canna snarled.

Mary agreed, "Yes! Those poor baby buffalo calves!"

Canna felt her smartphone buzz.

"I got a message!" she remarked.

Mary insisted, " it!"

"Mmmm...nah, it must be some unknown caller!" Canna said, remembering that she had texted Bonnie earlier in the day and was awaiting a reply. She didn't want Mary or, even worse, Kim to know what was in store for them.

"Well...looks like I'm done with my food!" Kim said, but as she stood up, she heard something pop.

"What...was...that?" she exclaimed.

"I don't know, KS!" Ron replied.

"Thought I heard a popping sound...must be a figment of my imagination." Kim said while grabbing her tray. "Let's head on over to the gift shop!"

She dispensed the remains of their lunch in the nearest trash receptable as the rest of the family followed her. Canna and Mary finished up their lunch and followed them too.

They walked on over to the gift shop.

"Hey, KS, look!" Ron exclaimed as he was browsing through the aisles. "Saltwater taffy!" He pointed out a box of taffy.

"Ron, no!" Kim complained, "We both agreed that you would never buy taffy again after that incident with the dentist."

"I thought we agreed not to talk about that day..." Ron muttered, putting the taffy box away.

Justin then shouted, "Mommy! I found something!"

"What is it, Justin?" Kim asked.

Justin pointed to an pewter ornament of Mt. Rushmore.

"Nice find!" Kim replied, picking up the ornament, "That'll look good for our Christmas tree!"

Ron exclaimed, "KS, look! I'm playing with the Presidential bobbleheads!"

He and Rufus were repeatedly palming his hands on the bobbleheads of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt, making their heads bounce up and down.

"Ron..." Kim groaned, "...just buy one of them and stop playing around!"

"!" Ron uttered, taking a bobblehead of Lincoln.

The family then paid for their items and left the shop.

The travel group were heading down the stairs to the parking lots. Canna and Mary, whom were behind the Stoppables, noticed that Kim's popped thong, the only article of clothing she had underneath her jumpsuit, was sticking out of her pantsleg, dragging along the concrete.

Did our lousy fucking pitiful bastard of a cousin buy those fucking thongs from fucking Smarty-Mart so that he could shove his puny cock in Kim's asshole? Canna thought to herself, Nah, I shouldn't tell that fucking bitch-whore that her fucking clothes are fucking falling off.

The thong went out of her pantsleg, but the rest of the Stoppable family ignored it and continued to where the Stoppable-mobile was.