Chapter 34 - Day 3: Mudslide Bring It Down

(AN: There is nudity in this chapter. You have been warned, now on with the story.)

The travel group then piled into the Stoppable-mobile. Canna and Mary got into the third-row seats.

"Eww...does this van still smell like vomit and...poopy...?" Canna reacted with disgust. Again, she 1watched her language because of the kids.

"Yes, but there's not a damn thing that I can do about it!" Kim replied as she got in the car..

Canna's jaw just dropped at the sheer hyprocrisy of Kim and her earlier statements in regards to cursing.

Kim put the keys in the ignition and started up the vehicle. The battered van moved out of the Mt. Rushmore parking lot en route to Camp Grinning Bear.

The vehicle continued to bounce up and down because of the failed shocks, causing Kim, Canna, and Mary's breasts to jiggle against their articles of clothing. Luckily for them, they did not encounter any more damage to the vehicle when they got back to the campground.


The Stoppable-mobile finally reached the cabin and Kim managed to turn off the ignition. She got out of the unlocked door of the car, followed by Ron, Canna, Mary and the Stoppable kids.

" was a mixed bag." Kim commented, "We were able to see Mount Rushmore and got a couple fun souvenirs...but Bear Country was awash all because the guide thinks the minivan is a pile of junk!"

"That's because the van IS a pile of junk!" Canna countered, again watching her mouth. "Kim, by the time the trip ends, not got to be even street-legal to drive!'

"Just you watch me, Canna!" Kim countered, "I go by my family's motto: Anything's Possible fora Possible! There is a reason why I still keep the name even though I am married!"

Canna said nothing so that she would not jeopardize Bonnie's plan to humiliate her former high school cheer squad mate.

Kim also got out the map of South Dakota from the Stoppable-mobile.

"So, KS, what is going to be the plan for day number 4 of the trip?" Ron asked.

She unfolded the map and replied to her husband.

"We are going to visit the Badlands National Park first for a couple hours, followed by the main attraction for our two Munchkins, Storybook Island and, as per Ron's suggestion, the Center of the Nation Monument in Belle Fourche. For the afternoon, if we have time, we'll visit Wind Cave National Park."

"What is the alt plan if Wind Cave is closed?" Ron asked.

Kim snickered, unaware that she was walking up against Camp Grinning Bear's most unique feature, "Ron, the park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days aweek...well, except when it's about to snow and all. But it's pretty cool here for this time of the year."

Kim then began to slip on a wet spot.

"Whoa! Whoooooaa!"

Ron gasped, "KS! Hold on!" He held hands to his wife as they both slipped onto Camp Grinning Bear's unique feature, a 80-foot tall mudslide with a mix of water and mud leading to a giant mud pit.


They both landed face first in the mud. Kim and Ron were completely covered in mud from head to toe, including their clothes. To make matters worse, the jacket that Ron had put on to cover his wife's wardrobe malfunction from earlier at Mt. Rushmore slid off during the slide. Ron's right pants leg was also entangled against one of the fallen branches.

"Uhhhh...uughhhh..." Kim muttered. Her gold jewelry, and expensive hoop earrings were also covered in the filth.

"Look on the bright side, KS. At least the mud broke our fall!" Ron exclaimed.

"Ron..." Kim snarled "...get me out of this pit!"

"I would, KS...if my pants weren't caught against one of the branches..." Ron complained.

"I'm going to make a run for it!" Kim exclaimed, "All this jewelry set me back $4,000 and I am not going to make a complete ass of myself like that guy with the walking dinosaur!"

"KS, I wouldn't if I were you! Don't do it twice!"

But as she did so, she heard a rip from behind. Apparently, one of the branches got a hold of the left back pocket of the jumpsuit and tore it out, exposing her left buttock. Kim turned red in the face as the back flap failed on her, showing off the rest of her bare buttocks and vagina. The fourth button on the front of the jumpsuit fell off as well, exposing her bare breasts and nipples.

"Ron...get me the hell out of here now before someone sees me!" Kim demanded.

Ron tried to reach for his wife, but he too also heard a very loud tear as well, for the branch had completely ripped his jeans off, showing off his Pandaroo boxers.

"Awww man!" he bitterly complained as he now waded through the mud to get to his trapped, and humiliated, wife. Little did they realize that Canna was continuously taking pictures of the embarrassed Stoppables through the bushes. She especially focused her phone on Kim's private parts, figuring that it would sell more copies for Bonnie's tabloids.

"I'm coming to save ya, KS!" the blonde replied as he finally got to his embattled wife.

" boot is stuck in the mud..." Kim muttered.

"Never fear! The Ron-man is here to the rescue!" Ron exclaimed as he unzipped his wife's boot from the stickiness of the mud. The two of them struggled to get through the mud before they finally reached a series of bushes on the side of the hill to obscure Kim's private parts.

"Look at this! My jumpsuit is ruined!" Kim bitterly complained, looking down at her breasts. "Shouldn't Camp Grinning Bear warn us that there even was a slide there?"

"Don't blame me, KS. I don't own the place!" Ron countered.

Kim tried to button up the top three buttons of the ruined jumpsuit but the buttons failed to reach the opening.

"Damn..." Kim muttered from her lips. "There goes 400 of my hard-earned bucks down the drain..."

"Look on the bright side, Kim! At least we got out of the mud!" Ron nervously chuckled.

Kim glared at him and replied, "I'm going to get a pair of towels and shower so that we can at least look presentable for our night out together."

She covered her bare breasts and vagina as best as she could before stumbling back into the cabin. Ron went into the cabin behind her.