Title: Entangled Opposites

Summary: Ylil and Mirg meet for the first time at the dawn of adulthood.

Ships: N/A

Notes: After this chapter, I think it's safe to presume the Twin Gods are my favorite characters to write...

What does it mean to be polar opposites?

It's rather simple, actually. It is an idiom, often used to describe people and ideas that are complete opposites. For instance, light and darkness are polar opposites; they're two sides of the same coin.

Everything in life has an equal opposite, and it may or may not lead to conflict.

Light and darkness have been keeping each other in check to maintain a universal balance since the beginning of time. Many have tried but failed to disrupt this balance, and we should bask in joy that's the case; if the balance vanishes, freedom is no more.

Ylil and Mirg have never understood why they were so intrigued of one another: always asking their ancestors what the other looked like, what they enjoyed, what powers they possessed...

But when they first met at the dawn of adulthood, they finally understood why.

The awaited day has arrived! The Twin Gods, who were cursed to die if they ever interact with each other before adulthood, could finally reunite! May this day be remembered!

On Earth (the only realm where the Twin Gods could meet in private without breaking a taboo, after all, darkness in Heaven or light in Hell wasn't well looked upon), in the center of an open field where prying eyes couldn't reach, a couple of meters apart from each other, two pillars of flames ignited, one gold and one purple.

A figure emerged from each pillar, then the flames dissipated. Ylil's angelic wings were coiled around her body, hiding her appearance from the world; Mirg was doing the same with his larger, demonic wings.

He knew he was feared by the mortal realm: the earth quivered with each of his breaths, the wind was anxious and cold on his skin, and the grass and flowers leaned away in a pathetic attempt to escape his presence. He didn't mind, he was used to it by now; he spent his childhood on Earth and even the infernal realm feared him, however the latter in respect.

Ylil had to suppress a giggle at the mortal realm's love: the earth was warm under her bare feet, content with her presence, the wind ruffled her feathers in a playful manner akin of an eager child, and the grass and flowers leaned towards her, wanting to touch her, better yet, to worship her. May their 8th great-grandmother, Gaia, be blessed.

The long silence that formed between them was slain by Ylil. "At long last," she started with a smile. "The wait has come to an end. To have the opportunity to meet you swells my heart with happiness, Onii-sama."

"I feel the same, Onee-sama." Mirg simply but genuinely replied. This is the first time he felt such a deep sense of contentment in his life. Happiness, huh...? How strange human emotions are. "Shall we begin?"

Ylil hummed in agreement. Their grandmother, Aphrodite, trained them over the past years for this event. They shall begin with an introduction, then they'll reveal themselves. "And ladies first!", she would always remind them.

"From the great Heavens I descend, bearing eternal light," Ylil chanted. Her smile widened as Earth's love intensified. "My beauty is a warm embrace, my hope dispels pain, my miracles bring salvation. More vividly, more intensively, I shine, and accept all."

"I ascend from the world of the dead, bearing jet-black darkness," Mirg continued, and Earth's fear intensified. "My name, hear it, remember it, and fear it. Bow thy head to the ground and praise, for I am the herald of the everlasting night."

In unison, they revealed themselves and folded their wings against their backs. Everything fell silent, including Earth. Then they stared at each other, both flabbergasted.

Ylil's head slowly tilted to the side: Mirg was a nine feet tall, muscular, anthropomorphic dragon with two feet of black horns that sprouted from his long mane of blond hair. His skin was a deep purple and behind him a long, spike tail flicked. He was wearing a silver breastplate, cuisses, and an ornate cuff on his right wrist and he left his tattooed arms exposed. His eyes were a luscious gold with slit pupils, and when his lips parted, she saw fangs.

Mirg was at a loss of words; their grandmother was the epitome of beauty, but Ylil... he dares say she exceeded her. Ylil was a seven feet tall, fair-skinned woman with a slender yet curvy bewitching figure and snow tiger ears that sprouted from her short platinum hair, which was similar to a pixie cut. She was wearing a peacock-themed gown and had a golden cuff adorned with diamonds on her right wrist. Her vibrant blue eyes were strengthened by the kohl around them.

This wasn't the first time Mirg came face to face with a holy creature or a god, but Ylil...she was different from any of them.

The god of darkness fell to his knees, earning a surprised gasp from his sister, and bowed his head.

How...how dare he stand with his head high? His sorcery was acknowledged by the Hierophant of Prophecy himself, he's the pupil of the greatest Different Dimension Daemons, and he's the son of a goddess who once saved humanity—but no living creature was worthy enough to stand before Ylil, no matter their titles.

Moreover, Mirg was ashamed of himself: his answer was too simple, too insouciant! Then he asked if they could introduce themselves, insinuating Ylil wasn't worthy of his time.


"I humbly apologize for my insolence."

"You've done nothing to insult me." Ylil's kind smile returned. "I don't know what grandmother taught you, but there's no need to act so humbly around me, especially since we're brother and sister."

"Your kindness honors me. But I cannot lift my head, as I am not worthy."

"Don't say such presumptuous things. You are more than worthy..." she crossed the gap between them and sat down, carefully not to ruin her dress. She would feel terrible if she damaged Wakahirume's piece of art. "I didn't come to stare at the back of your head. So...please?"

Mirg didn't wish to turn down her plea, so he reluctantly raised his head, and his eyes met his sister's.

"...You're beautiful." he admitted in a low tone. "A monster covered in scales and darkness such as myself pales in front of you."

He was about to lower his head once again, but Ylil laid a hand over his cheek, stopping him. He involuntarily purred and closed his eyes, leaning into the touch. It was warm...and soothing...just like their mother's touch. His tail flicked, adding to his embarrassment.

"Your scales," Mirg opened his eyes as Ylil spoke. "They're rough and cold. How peculiar..."

Mirg's eyes shot open and his head jerked away. "I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize. You've done nothing wrong." Ylil reassured him. "In fact, I find you beautiful as well. Your presence radiates order, your appearance screams power, and your actions speak of leadership and respect. Oh, from here forth, I shall bless the day you were born as my brother..."

"Onee-sama..." Mirg gasped when Ylil hugged him, with arms and wings alike. "How can you love something so different...?"

"Don't be silly." Ylil chuckled. "Mother must've told you, didn't she? I'm also the goddess of the soul, like Psyche. I can assure you, our souls are identical. They just bear different powers, that's all. You're my brother through and through."

"...I understand." Mirg let out a rare smile. He then fully spread his wings and embraced his sister. "Thank you, Onee-sama."

"Likewise, Onii-sama."

The reason why they were so intrigued of one another is rather simple, actually.

They're twins.