She had felt it, felt it as the bond was severed and he died. The silver fell to her knees and screamed as she felt his pain. Ice spikes rose around her as sorrow filled her. First her father and now Loki, the two most important people to her. What was she to do now? How would she even begin to move on from this? Even her mother was gone now.

Jade curled up on the ground the ice growing around her as she sobbed. There were others there. Sora and company not that she cared at the moment. Her heart felt like it was being ripped out. How long had she told herself she would be ok as long as she had Loki? How many times had he said he would be there for her? Now he was gone.

A few hours passed before her tears ran dry. It was another hour before she got up the ice melting around her. Everyone was gone now which was good. It meant she could slip away. Find Thor, she had to find Thor as much as she loathed him. The buffoon was her best bet at finding out what had happened. So she found him, and she found out what happened.

When she found Thor she was taken to the Norns. They were the Norse version of the Greek fates. They stood in a circle around a ball of green energy. The energy felt familiar and she was even drawn to it. What was it? As Jade got closer she began to cry again. It was his godhood. What was it doing here?

" You have to take it." Skuld whispered as the silver drew closer. " He had no children, only you can hold it until he returns."

The silver blinked as it hit her. They wanted her to take his godhood and apparently she was the only one that could do it. Jade had also picked up on the fact that he would be coming back. Her hand ran over the mark on her arm a tear running down her cheek. If she did this she would be immortal. Once that was given it could not be taken.

" If you don't then when he returns his godhood will be lost." Urd stated folding her arms. What would this girl do? They could not hold his godhood forever.

" I'll do it." She finally stated coming closer still and standing right in front of the glowing green ball. Jade wanted to see him again. There was also no telling when he would be reincarnated. If she didn't become immortal she may not ever see him again and that wasn't an option.

Take the orb she pushed it into herself before a gasp escaped her. Pain, horrible pain that had her falling to the ground. Someone caught her though she didn't know who. Her vision was going black and a pained grin graced her lips. She would see him again, she had too.

It was Thor that caught her and hefted her up. The blonde sighed as he moved to carry her to a room he had set up for her. The god had known what would happen because the norns had warned him. He was just glad she had passed out instead of remaining awake. Jade didn't deserve the pain, the anguish that was going to be her constant companion. It would be his too if he was honest. Perhaps this would bring them closer, but it was horrible that it took Loki dying for it to happen.

Once to the room he set her down on the bed. It had her crystal collection in it. The one that Loki and Alistair had painstakingly kept track of. Some things that reminded the thunder god of his brother were also present. It saddened him greatly that Loki would be absent for a long while. They didn't even know when he would be back.

A sigh left him as he moved to leave the room. " Return quickly, Brother. I don't know how long she can last without losing herself." Thor glanced back at Jade one more time before he left the room shutting the door behind him.