He walked into the club and looked around for her. The silver haired woman who seemed to run things, when she was here. It seemed like she was here less and less. A smile split across his face as he noted her at her normal table. The dress she was wearing was absolutely gorgeous on her. The emerald velvet hugged her curves and looked around her feet. The color also accented her skin to very nicely. The carnal color glowing when matched with the green. Something in him seemed to purr and he wondered her a moment if it was his alter.

" There is no one sitting with her." The voice spoke in his head. Alabaster licked his lips as he thought about it. Usually there was a male that sat or stood with her. Tonight however he was missing and soon enough his feet were carrying him to her. " You'll thank me later."

Vanitas watched as the male started to go toward Jade. Normally he was either sitting with her or standing behind her. This time he had decided to leave her one her own. It was never that she couldn't handle herself. Jade could handle anything thrown at her. It was more of him trying to keep other men away from her. Now he needed to stand back and see if this male was the one. If it was Loki he would disappear into the darkness, maybe merging with Sora would be a good idea now.

She watched as he came toward her and tilted her head. That smile and his face was so similar to Loki's. There were certainly differences but the resemblance was still there. Jade gave him a small smile as she sat up and motioned for him to sit with her. Loki's eyes had been green, but this males eyes were blue. Instead of black hair it was a dark reddish brown. The goddess blinked as she noted a long scar that started at his temple and went clear down to his Adam's apple.

Alabaster swallowed as he sat next to her a bit nervous now. He had never thought he would be here sitting next to her. A gasp left him as he felt her finger tips graze his scar. It had been a gift from his abusive father. The light touch actually sent a shiver down his spine. " My father was not particularly nice."

" Are you still living with him?" She asked anger sparking in her. How long had it been since she had felt angry like this? Jade really didn't know. Even so her eyes were soft as she looked at him.

" No, he and my mother died when I was ten." He stated not sure why he was telling her any of this. Alabaster had always kept thing locked up. Keep your cards close so no one can use them against you. Yet he had just spilled the truth when he told everyone else is was from a fight. For some reason he didn't want to lie to her.

"Lying wouldn't work." The voice, which he had dubbed as Loki stated. Alabaster sometimes got the feeling Loki was a bit more then a voice in his head. Sometimes when he was really stressed out he would black out and go days, sometimes mo this before waking up. There was always a note that said don't worry I took care of it. Who took care of it he wasn't sure, maybe it was Loki. He really didn't know.

" I see." She stated as her hand withdrew. It was strange, the old urge surfacing. Jade had always loved to touch and cuddle with Loki. These were things she never did with Vanitas. They fucked and then he left the room to go to his. Her home was large enough that they almost never saw each other unless they needed to talk about something to do with the club. It hadn't always been that way when it came to not seeing each other. Heck, he had held her on the bad nights when she needed someone. Now she only had two week out of every year that she would fall into that kind of sadness and depression. " I assume you went into the system."

" I did." He nodded surprised that he actually missed her touch on his face. It almost seemed like he craved it. Alabaster also wanted to badly to run his hands through her long silver locks. The loose kinky curls hung about her shoulder and made her face seem to glow. " Of course she glows. She is a goddess now."

That jolted him into looking closer. How long had the club been here with her as the owner? Alabaster knew that gods existed as he had seen Thor in passing once. He also knew that all of Asgard had moved to this realm after their realm was destroyed. There were even rumors that Loki was dead, killed by Thanos. Something in the pit of his stomach seemed to sour as he thought about that.

Even so he was starting to notice the other worldly qualities. Yet, there was also something unmistakably human about her. It was then his mind went to the last word spoken by his alter. She was a goddess now, but she hadn't always been. How his other knew that he didn't know and Alabaster had a feeling that Loki wasn't telling. If he was honest with himself he didn't think he was ready to know anyway.

" You look amazing tonight." He blurted unable to take the growing silence between them. Swallowing he hoped she didn't take offense. Why was he suddenly so nervous? Yet the smile that spread across her face took his breath away. He had never seen her smile like that before. It reached her eyes and lit up her entire face as pink spread over her cheeks. Had he ever seen her blush before? It made her look absolutely gorgeous.

Well this was new, that was for sure. Her face actually hurt because she hadn't smiled in so long. Jade looked down before looking back at him feeling the heat in her cheeks. When was the last time she had blushed? Most likely the last time she had been with Loki. It was so long ago she almost didn't remember it. He had had such an ability to make her squirm and blush. The god had gotten her to shades of red so dark she had felt like a lobster.

" Thank you." She stated as she leaned toward him without realizing it. Jade kept smiling even as the show started. The silver wouldn't go on until much later. She already had the song picked out. It was so her because she wasn't going down. Just when they thought they would see the last of her she would always be right back on her feet. That was his she was, it was his her father had taught her to be.

A pang of sadness hit her as she thought of Daddy. She still missed him. Jade figures that was one reason she kept Vanny around. He reminded her of her father, but was different enough that he didn't make her sad. The raven was a connection to her father that she really didn't want to lose. Even with the things of her fathers that she had she still felt an almost strange disconnect. Though that could have been her head messing with her.

" What's wrong?" He asked as a hand came up and caressed her cheek. Alabaster blinked unsure why he had actually done that. All he knew was that he didn't want to see her sad. She had so much sadness already and just didn't need anymore.

The surprise came when she leaned into the touch going to far as to bury herself against his chest. Alabaster blinked before his arms wrapped around her tightly. He could feel her face on his neck and the wetness that told him she was crying. "Her father or maybe something elseā€¦." Loki chimed in his head.

Where in the world had this come from? She hadn't cried over losing Daddy in years. When his arms wrapped around her she snuggled against him. His arms felt like home, he already looked like Loki. That just might be it, he looks enough like Loki for her not to care. He might not even be Loki, but she was so tired of feeling alone. " What's your name?"

" Alabaster." He stated as he rubbed her back the crying hadn't lasted long, buthe could still hear it in her voice. It made his heart ache even though he didn't know her. He wanted her to be happy again and smile like she just had.

" My name is Jade." The silver started as she pulled away. Shit, she hadn't even been paying attention to the show. " And I am performing tonight and need to get to the back."

Alabaster nodded and smiled when she said she was performing tonight. He didn't think he had ever seen her proform. " I look forward to this." He stated pouting a bit as she stood up. His eyes traveled over her unable to help himself. Her curves and her utter sex appeal had many men and women looking. There was just something in her energy that pulled those thought to the forefront of his mind.

Jade smirked as she noted how his eyes roamed over her. This dress had certainly been the right choice. Why she did what she did next she wasn't sure. Leaning down she pressed her lips to his only for every nerve in her to spark. A hum escaped as he returned the kiss before she pulled away. Oh he was so going home with her tonight. She smiled as she walked off toward the back to get ready for her number.