Alabaster watched as she exited the stage and licked his lips. She really was a marvel. Were there even words to describe her? Jade was just…...Jade. That was the only way he could describe her. She was just so unique that she was not like others. The silver was her own person and it made her all the more desirable for him. Because it meant there would only ever be one her.

" You never got to meet her parents. Then you would see where she gets it." His alter chimed in almost as if far away in another time. This was the most talkative Loki had been in a long time and all because of Jade. There had also been a long while that Jade hadn't been here when the place was open. "She lost her hope, and now it's coming back."

Vanitas walked back stage and into the room that functioned as her dressing room and office. She was sitting at her vanity table. An antique half round that was dark wood. It had a half round free standing mirror as well. The the table itself had small cabinets under the mirror before the flat part that one spread their make up over. Beneath that was draws to hold things, make up, brushes, anything that she could need. Not that she really needed the make up.

Her domains were many now. It had started with the domains of Loki's god hood. Mischief, chaos and lies, those had been the first three. As the years passed she had gained more and her own god hood manifested. Beauty, fertility, war, love, sex and even foresight. Though now that he thought about it those had all belonged to Loki's mother Frigga before her death. He knew she had been close to Frigga so it didn't surprise him that she gained those. Those things were also so utterly Jade that it wasn't funny. Perhaps that was why Loki fell for her, because she was like his mother.

" Bring him back here." Jade stated as she brushed her hair. The silver locks shined as they fell down her back and over her shoulders. Her green hues looked back at her from the mirror as she released a sigh. Vanny was still watching her. " What did I just say?"

" Going, Goddess." He stated and walked out before she could say anything. Vanitas was really in a foul mood now. The bastard was getting invited back into her dressing room/office. She had never let anyone but him back there and never for this. Never had she ever wanted to fuck him where anyone could hear. It made his blood boil with rage and jealousy. Not that he had a real reason to be jealous as she had never actually been his. But the thought of anyone else touching her.

The raven saw him, Alabaster, sitting in the place that Jade had left him. Fist clenched as he went over to the other male. " She wants to see you in her dressing room." Vanitas stated a bit of a growl in his voice. He wanted so badly to throw this little shit out, but he knew she would get pissed off at him.

In her dressing room? Had he really made that much of an impression on her? Getting up he swallowed and moved to follow the other man as he turned around. This one seemed to have anger issues. The tension in his body was unmistakable, like he wanted to scream and smash shit. The thought of someone smashing him actually caused him to shiver. A flash of a green beast going through his mind.

" She is through that door." Vanitas stated as tapped on the door and kept walking. He didn't want to be anywhere near that door tonight. Really was was likely to go home and tear up his room. That would help him to feel better, maybe. The Raven wasn't sure it was gonna work tonight. Maybe he would find a random chick and fuck the shit out of her. That might take his mind off of what was gonna happen tonight. It wasn't like he wasn't allowed to have others, he had just never done it. His loyalty ran too deep for him to even think about it. It didn't matter that they weren't together, he still felt like he was betraying her in some way.

Alabaster watched the other walk down the hall for a moment before opening the door and went in. The room was painted a soft green with sheer dark brown curtains over the only window that sat on the wall opposite him. Next to the window in a corner near what appeared to be a large walk in closet was an antique vanity table. The dark wood complimented the color of the walls nicely.

Turning he looked to the other other side of the room. This room ran long ways with the door on the left wall almost opposite the vanity table. On the other side of the room was an antique desk that was also dark wood. Along the back wall we're two bookshelves with what appeared to be a liquor cabinet between them. The shelves were filled with all manner of books. Though the ones that were the most worn seemed to be the Norse mythology books.

Where was she? The raven had said she would be in here, but she wasn't. Though it did give him the chance to maybe learn somethings about her. Alabaster walked over to the desk and went behind it. The rounded ends matched the vanity to a degree. Looked at the liquor cabinet he noticed that most of it was asgardian sweet mead. For some reason that really didn't surprise him much.

Pulling out the chair he sat down only for ropes of energy to circle his wrists and ankles. Maybe it had been a bad idea to snoop? Though it really was too late now. "You'll be fine. She is only playing with you." Loki chimes as if that was suppose to make him feel better. Playing with him could mean a lot of thing and some of them were rather nasty things. Alabaster was actually starting to panic as he thought about it.