My heart was hammering in my chest. I sat across from my girlfriend (still my favorite word) at a table in Demeter's Café. I adjusted the sleeve of the Apocalypse Suit. "So, what looks good on the menu?"

Phosphora leaned back in her seat. "Hmm. The salad sounds nice. You?"

I tried not to stare at her pretty blue dress. "The spaghetti. It's my favorite. I'm so glad that we're both immortal. We can be together forever now."

Phosphora smiled. "If Hades ever regains a physical form, he'll always have to deal with us forever."

I sipped my water. "Yeah! The best warriors teamed up to fight evil! It's like a TV show or a comic book special!"

I grinned at her. "I'm sorry; I keep smiling like a goof. I'm just so happy that we saved you. The whole ordeal was terrible. I missed you so much. And now we're here on our first date. It's magical."

She laughed. "Aw! You're blushing! That's so cute! For the record, this is so much better than my 'dates' with Thanatos. It was worse than the torture. So much worse."

I simpered. "I'm not as bad as an evil underling? That's reassuring!"

Lady Viridi swiveled around from her booth behind us. "You're choking! Act more confident!"

I glared at her. "Hey, don't spy on us, Lady Viridi!"

Lady Viridi crossed her arms. "Hey, I want to watch Phosphora's first date! I'm technically her mother just as much as Palutena is yours. And I'm bothering you. It's a win-win."

I grumbled, "Fine. Just don't interrupt again."

Phosphora shook her head. "Surrounded by so many people who care about us. It's good to be back."

I eagerly nodded. "This is a pretty awesome place to be. But you make it special." Phosphora leaned forward and kissed me.