This is a two-shot of an AU where Robb doesn't make the mistakes that he made and keeps the Karstark men on his side, and marches on King's Landing as he originally planned instead of Casterly Rock. It's a fun little scene I pictured, so it doesn't take all the plotholes, butterfly effects, and other storylines in account. I'm actually working on a longer fic that does do that. I was planning for a one-shot, but this story became pretty long so it's a tow shot now. The second paart should be up soon.

Robb looked upon the castle in awe. The Red Keep was larger than anything he had ever seen, definitely larger than the Winterfell castle. Robb put his crown on his head, a circlet of hammered bronze incised with the runes of the First Men, surmounted by nine black iron spikes in the shape of longswords. The crown was designed to resemble the crown worn by the old Stark Kings in the North, made in the forges of Hoster Tully. Robb rose upon the steps of the Red Keep and made his way to the main gate. His army had captured King's Landing after a grueling seige and the ensuing battle. He had taken a considerable loss, but not as great as the Lannister forces. Tywin Lannister had been captured in the fight, and countless other Lannister soldiers had died. Robb turned to face his soldiers. He had a hundred men behind him. The rest of the army surrounded the Red Keep, ready and waiting on their King's orders.

"We have fought this war for two long years! It is finally time to claim justice for Lord Eddard Stark, my father, the Warden of the North, Hand of the King, and your leige lord. It is time for Joffrey Waters, the inbred bastard of Cersei and Jaime Lannister, and the false king to pay for the murder of my father, and cruelty towards my sister, and his supposed subjects."

The men roared in a mix of pride, anger, and camraderie. Robb put his hands together, and spread his armss apart, gesturing his forces to move aside. The men split and revealed a large battering ram. The shaft of the ram was made of ironwood, wood grown in the Godswood which only burned for the men of House Forrester. At the head of the shaft was a large iron spike. Robb, taking inspiration from the stories of Aegon the Conquerer, had it constructed from the swords of his fallen enemies. Along the shaft were multiple grooves, allowing the soldiers to pick up the battering ram easily. the ram had taken over a year to construct. It took fifty men to lift the sshaft. The man battered the gates of the Red Keep. The Keep was designed to last, so its door was ssturdy. But even the mightiest eventually fall, and fall it did. The doors broke open, and Robb Stark, The King in the North, walked into the Red Keep, with his men in lockstep behind him. Robb made his way through the castle. He gestured for Lord Umber, Lord Glover and Maege Mormont to join his side.

"I want you to take fifteen men each, split up, and find Joffrey, Cersei Lannister, and anyone else you can find. I also need you to find my sister, Sansa and bring her to me safely. I'll be waiting in the Throne Room."

"Of course your Grace," all three said in unison, and split up to complete their task. Robb continued on his path. As soon as he walked into the Throne room, he saw the Joffrey sitting on the Iron Throne, looking enraged and smug. Around him were his seven Kingsgaurd; Jaime Lannister, Meryn Trant, Balon Swann, Bross Blunt, Preston Greenfield, Osmund Kettleblack. Even Arys Oakheart had been recalled from Dorne where he served as Myrcella's sworn shield. They all sstood in their golden armor and their white cloaks, on either side of the Iron Throne.

Robb let out a slight chuckle. The boy was stubborn, he'd give him that.

"Joffrey Waters, you sit on a seat to which you have no legitimate claim. You are the product of incest between your twin parents, Cersei and her brother Jaime. Surrender now, and I may show you mercy." The boy and Jaime both narrowed their eyes

"How dare you!" the bastard king yelled out. "You are nothing more than a treasonous scumbag. You are a liar and the son of a liar. I will have your head!"

"You seem to have had poor tutelage, because your arithmetic definitely needs some work. You have seven. I have thousands. Even now, this castle is surrpunded. Your reign is over, Joffrey. You are not a king. You will either surrender, or I'll have your head." At this, the seven knights around Joffrey all drew their swords. The men behind the King in the North all began to step forward and draw their blades, but Robb held up his hand to stop them.

"If you will not surrender, then I challenge you to a duel. A fight to the death, right here right now." Robb offered. Joffrey scoffed.

Suddenly a large sound rang out of someone barelling through the ranks behind Robb. The three Lords Robb had sent stepped to Robb. The Kingsguard stopped in confusion. Behind Mormont, Umber, and Glover were two women. Robb recognized Sansa immediately, but could not recognize the other.

"Your Grace," Maege started. "We found your sister, Sansa, and we found Margery Tyrell."

"And what of Cersei Lannister?" Robb asked. Maege fell silent.

"Your Grace," Lord Umber began. "We found Cersei Lannister and her young son Tommen in her chambers. She..." Lord Umber faltered. "She fed her son wine laced with hemlock. Tommen Waters is dead, your Grace. We found her just before she could consume the wine herself."

Hearing this, Robb's face washed over with confusion, and disgust. "What kind of a mother kills her own sson?" Robb spat out. Joffrey's faace turned red with anger, and Jaime's white with fear and sadness.

"LIES," Joffrey's cry rang out. "You killed my brother you treacherous bastards! Kingsguard! Kill the traitors." The sseven knights stepped forward. Robb's men all stepped forward, drawing their sword, but Robb raised his hand and the army stopped. Robb drew his sword, and called out for six men to join him, including Lady Mormont. The two groups ran towards each other, with seven successive clangs of sword clashing together.

Robb's sword met Jaime's with a sudden high pitched ringing sound. Robb noticed Jaime using his left hand, and saw that the right had been replaced by gold. "You've lost your dominant hand" Robb noted.

The two seperated, Jaime thrust his sword towards the King in the North, which was easily anticipaated and sidestepped. Robb struck down near the end of Jaime's blade in an attempt to disarm him, but though the Kingslayer had lost his hand, he had not lost his wit. Jaime dodged and once again tried to slash Robb, which the latter parried. The pair exchanged blows, and neither had the upperhand. Jaime thrust once more, and Robb once more dodged. The blade passed right in front of Robb's eyes, just cutting the bridge of his nose.

"Your sword is Valyrian steel," Robb noted. "Where did you get it?"

Jaime smirked. "My father had Lord Stark's sword melted down and reowrked into two twin blades. One is in my hands, and the other with Joffrey."

Hearing this, Robb's anger sparked. In a fit of rage, Robb stabbed Jaime in the leg. The Lannister knight yelled out in pain and fell to his knees. Robb kicked him in the face, and pulled out his sword. He struck the fallen knight once more, and looked around him. The fighting was dying down. Three of his men were killed, and four of Joffrey's. Jaime, Meryn Trant and Balon Swann survived on Joffrey's side, though they were incapacitated one way or the other.

Seeing the utter loss of his Kingsguard, Joffrey stood up and drew Widow's Wail. "You are all worthless. I'll do it myself!"

The boy ran from the steps towards his adversary and slashed his sword diagnally towards Robb's neck. Robb easily sidestepped the attack, and stuck out his leg, tripping Joffrey and sending him flying to the floor. The valyrian steel sword went flying from Joffrey's hand. Robb stepped on Joffrey's back, and dug his blade into the skin on Joffrey's neck, peircing him just enough to draw a drop of blood.

"You, are finished." Robb stated simply.