The dungeons underneath the Red Keep were dark and damp. The reed torches only gave the slightest illumination, barely enough to detect three feet in front of your face. The corridor was lined with reed torches, offering the minimal visibility to navigate the hall. Cells lined the sides of the corridor. The cells were small; just enough room for a full sized man to move freely, and a clay chamber pot. The jails were filled, and some even overcrowded. Most of the prisoners had been captured during Joffrey's reign. Only one cell was guarded. Two northern soldiers stood on the sides of this cell. They had the signature wolf insignia on their breastplate. Their helmets rested on the floor, and they held identical longswords, with black hilts wrapped in leather for grip, a silver pommel and an iron blade the size of a grown man's arm. One guard had a key ring with a single key on it.

Inside the cell, the deposed tyrant Joffrey seethed and ranted inside his cell. Robb stood outside, patiently waiting for the teenager to settle down so he could say his piece.

"I am the king!" Joffrey ranted. "The people will not stand for this. I'm their rightful ruler. They will never let this happen, and once I'm back on my throne, I will kill you. I will sever your head from your body."

Robb had tolerated enough. He motioned for the guard on his right to open the cell door. The prisoner took two steps backwards, still glaring at his captor

"Edward," he spoke to the other soldier, "give me your sword."

"My lord?" The soldier inquired with confusion.

"Just do it," replied the King in the North. The soldier obeyed, unsheathed his blade and handed it the his King. Robb threw the sword at Joffrey's feet. Joffrey stepped back, startled and in fear.

"Pick it up."

"What are y-" Joffrey stammered

"PICK IT UP!" Robb yelled. "You talk a big game, but you're all talk. You want to be free? Fight me right here and now. Otherwise your execution is in an hour. You will be brought up, prepared, and you will face justice."

Joffrey did not move. He just stared at Robb with hatred in his eyes.

"I'll take that as a yes." Robb said. "Bring him up," he commanded his guards, "and pick up your sword."

Edward picked up his sward, while the other guard chained Joffrey's hands. They led the golden haired boy through the dark corridors of the dungeons. The inmates clamored and protested. They jeered and called at the former king.

"Bastard king!"

"You inbred fuck!"

The guards continued along with their shackled prisoner. The trio went up the unpaved steps and climbed for what felt like an eternity. Eventually the guards led Joffrey a small chamber which he recognized as the servants quarters. There were two maids waiting for him, though they didn't look happy about the fact that they had to prepare the inbred bastard of the Lannister twins.


Robb stood in front of the people with his Northern Crown in his head. He wielded two swords: Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail, confiscates from Jaime Lannister and Joffrey Waters. By his side was his beloved sister Sansa Stark. Robb grew weary of the trials, but they all had to be settled today. The trial was open to the public, so the stands were filled, people sat on the floors, stood in the corners, and tried to squeeze into any space they could find. Invitations had been sent to every noble house in the seven kingdoms, and a representative from each had been sent to witness. The trials of the Kingsguard had been settled. Meryn Trant was sentenced for death, and Jaime Lannister to exile. The rest were sent to the Wall. Every other soldier in the Lannister army had been granted amnesty provided they didn't take up arms again. Any rebellion would be crushed mercilessly. After the trials, everyone moved outside into the courtyard.

Robb took a deep breath.

The next two executions were the most important. These were the executions of the remaining and most monstrous members of the Lannister family: Tywin and Cersei Lannister and Joffrey Waters. Myrcella has been pardoned and allowed to remain in Dorne, and Tyrion has been exiled alongside his brother.

Tywin stood in front of the king proudly, which was hard to do in his condition. The old man was wearing peasant clothing, tattered and bloodstained. His hands and feet were chained, and his torso was tied as well. Robb has to commend him; even in his old age, Tywin was a warrior. He had not let the guards handle him so easily, which is why his clothes were bloodstained.

The mother and son were brought in together, both locked up in chains. Cersei wore a long simple brown dress, and Joffrey wore a simple white shirt and trousers. They had been dressed up in peasant clothing. The pair had been brought to stand next to Tywin, in front of The King in the North.

"Tywin Lannister!" Robb's voice boomed across the courtyard. There were even more people outside than there were in the throne room. The entire city had come to watch.

"You have been convicted of conspiracy, murder and warmongering. You are to be executed for your crimes. Do you have any last words?"

Tywin simply glared at Robb Stark. For once in his life, he had nothing to say. Robb forced him to turn around and brought him to his knees. He motioned for a soldier to bring the execution block. The block was placed in front of Tywin, and Robb pushed his head to the block. The King in the North raised one of the Valyrian steel swords, Oathkeeper, and slashed downwards. In one fell swoop, Tywin's head was severed from his neck. The head rolled around in the floor, and blood squirted everywhere.

"Joffrey Waters!" Robb called as Tywin's body still flinched.

"You have been convicted of murder, cruelty, and warmongering, fraud, and falsely claiming the throne, and a number of other crimes. You are to be executed for your crimes against the kingdom and am the people. Do you have any last words?"

"Fuck you!" Joffrey screeched. "You are nothing but a usurper and a thief. I am the rightful king! The people know it. They won't stand for it!"

Robb faced the inmate and locked eyes with him. "If the people did not want this, they would object. The people are here to watch you die. Your time is at an end. I will use your own sword to kill you."

Joffrey could do nothing but sneer. Sansa Stark walked up to her once-betrothed and leaned in to whisper into his ear.

"I once said that my brother would bring me your head. I will enjoy watching you die, and so will everyone else." Sansa spat

A second block was placed adjacent to Tywin's body. Joffrey was forced to his knees, and his head forced to the block. Once more, Robb Stark raised his sword, but this time instead of Oathkeeper, he raised Widow's Wail. Robb slashes, and Joffrey's head was no longer attached to his body. His head fell with a large and sloppy THUNK! Upon hearing the sickening sound, Cersei let out a bloodcurdling scream and tried to force her way to her son, but the guards pulled on her chains and forced her back. Cersei fell to her knees.

"Cersei Lannister!" Robb yelled. "You stand accused of corruption, conspiracy, conspiracy to commit murder, murder, aiding and abetting the false king, and brining the false king to power.

A third block was placed in between Joffrey and Tywin. Robb crouched in front of the former queen.

"Relax, Cersei. You're going to be with your family now." Robb said sarcastically. Cersei sobbed and glared in anger. She spat in Robb's face. Robb stood up; the anger was visible in his eyes. Finally, the last inmate was placed on the block. For the final time, Robb raised his word and brought it down upon the queen's neck. The third and last head fell to the ground.