Everything starts with a sunrise, but it's what we do before it sets that matters most. -K McGraw

My love grows

It all starts in the morning

When the sun peaks over the clouds

and shines upon your peaceful sleeping face

It starts when the rays of light golden and beautiful

make shadows across your perfectly angled face

So i guess it is true what the older people say

My love for you grows very single day

Thanks to the ever rising

Golden sun

Of course

Some would say

That it all ends in the evening

That my love for you would slowly fall

When the sun disappears behind the mountains

Signifying the end of yet another day, another lifetime

Sunsets, while they may be known as the end of the day

They can also be known as the beginning of the night

The set of the sun allows for the rising of the moon

The moonbeams also cast light upon your face

The pearly white beams sparkling

upon your even fairer skin

I am the sun and you

are the angel




(Sun Angel)

With the setting of the sun, comes an end to all things old

With the rising of the moon, comes a beginning to all things new

I hope i did good. 215 words without A/N (Including the quote) Originally the design was supposed to be a sun and moon, like reflections of one another. But it kind of looks like an hourglass to me now. And it also starts to continue again, showing that their relationship doesn't end with the setting of the sun, or the setting of the moon- it is continuous. They just hold onto the knowledge that their love will last another day, just as everything on earth knows that the sun will rise again tomorrow.

Sorry, Im babbling.

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