Author's Note: I saw it happening, and so I wrote it. Later I'll reread this and wonder where it could have went. It's Irma by the way, but they don't know that... Yet?

"Mr. Turtle, how nice of you to join us! Do take another biscuit. You've met Miss Squid, haven't you? Doesn't she look lovely in her pink dress? Fluffles McBearington is so happy to have more quests!"

How Leonardo got himself into these situations never failed to amaze him. It was his nature by now, to have trouble trailing behind him and misfortune falling upon his head. But that night… gave him much more than he ought to have. For starters- a Krang Alien was literally sitting beside him in a fluffy dress. And he's serving it tea.

Leo grit his teeth, baring a smile as he held up his cup, "Well I'm happy to be here,"

"I'm not." Came a sharp reply from the one thing who shouldn't be speaking.

Leo sent that… thing a glare. His hands itched to grab his swords and pitch it as far away from the little angel opposite them. Chloe had no idea what she's involved it- and she's so naïve when it comes to these things. Leo didn't know why the alien was allowed to stay here, but he knew he should get it away from Chloe at all costs. First, he had to distract the little blonde.

That little blonde held a frown, and she shook her head, "That's not very nice Miss Squid- everyone likes cookies!"

The thing on the cushion beside Leo, folded its front tentacles, baring its sharp teeth at the cookies, "I hate sugar."

It sent one more glare at Leo, "And I hate turtles,"

Oh how Leo wished he could just kick it-out the window. That might chase it far away from this place- how dare it disturb his tea time with his human friend? It took all his self-restraint not to attack when he saw it on her little cushion, but now that patience is wearing thin.

"Would you like some more tea Mr. Turtle?"

Leo snapped his head to her, eyes wide, "Um… no thank you Miss Chloe,"

The thing snorted- and Leo clenched his fist when it sneered at him, "The turtle probably doesn't know good tea from sewer water,"

That alien would look so lovely smacked against the wall- or under a car tire. What did skewered Krang look like? Just like squid Leo bets. He closed his eyes, hyper away that the alien had done the same. He wouldn't like to be staring at the enemy either.

It went on for another ten minutes, with little Chloe trying in vain to keep some amount of decency at her pretend tea party. The last straw when their argument starts to overtake the polite questioning by their host.

"What a waste of mutagen,"

"What a waste of oxygen,"

"For your information turtle, I only use carbon dioxide- which happens to be plentiful in your planet,"

"Lucky us- you coming to our planet,"

"As if you'd know anything about space. Your kind haven't even escaped your solar system,"

"Because things like you keep trying to kill the humans,"

They didn't notice the little girl sigh, and pack up her little tea cups. They didn't see her kiss her teddy bear and little doll goodnight, didn't see her push in her chair. They didn't see her creep out the door.

But when they did realize they lost her- it was too late.