Chapter 2: Recruiting Chandler.

A little bit later, Mr. Coconuts and Colonel Crackers were waiting outside the door to Lisa and Lily's room. Lily was in there changing into some different clothes, but Mr. Coconuts and Colonel crackers didn't know why she had to do it in a situation like this.

Mr. Coconuts: "Would ya hurry up in there tuts, you wanna save your siblings or not!?"

Lily:(from inside the room) "I know I gotta save them, but I need to do it in style."

Colonel crackers: "Lilian's gotta point youngster."

All Mr. Coconuts did was just slap Colonel crackers at the back of the head, then it became quiet inside the room.

Lily: "Alright, I'm coming out."

As the door opened, Mr. Coconuts and Colonel crackers were amazed at what they saw. Lily was now wearing her Ace Savvy costume as "The Dunce," except she was carrying an infant sized purse in Ace Savvy colors.

Mr. Coconuts: "I thought you weren't into Ace Savvy."

Lily: "Well I gotta make my brother proud. While I was in there, I found another clue."

The next thing Lily pulled out of her diaper was half of a slightly cracked glass test tube, it still had a couple green serum stains on the inside of it's sides.

Colonel crackers: "Walting woodlands! This old case is becoming more serious than I imagined."

Lily: "Okay,(looks down at the slip again) so where was this guy last seen?"

Colonel crackers: "I'm not sure how to answer that missy."

Mr. Coconuts: "Let's see if you're smarty sister has anything in her room that can help us."

So as Lily, (The Duence) Mr. Coconuts, and Colonel crackers went inside Lisa's room, they stood in front of an extremely high-tech computer with about 4-5 screens and dozens of lights.

Once they hacked into the computer and typed something down, the biggest screen showed a map of Royal Woods. Then they spotted a red dot near the top.

Mr. Coconuts:(points towards the dot) "There he is!"

Lily took a closer look at the area where the dot was, then she grew a nervous look.

Lily: "Guys…...T-T-That's where the old shack town is."

Mr. Coconuts: "So?"

Lily: "All the tough kids hang out there!"

Mr. Coconuts and Colonel crackers looked at each other, she (once again) had a point.

Colonel crackers: "But you're going as "The Duence," you've got some skills in that old form of yours."

Lily: "True…...but what if I mess up?"

Suddenly Mr. Coconuts snapped on his angry eyes, then he leaped onto Lily pinning her down against the floor.

Mr. Coconuts: "You listen here missy, you're gonna go out there and recruit that crook no matter what ya do!"

Lily: "B-B-B-but wha-

Mr. Coconuts: "There are no but's in justice!...unless if you kick them. Just get out there and get that man to help you find your family!"

Lily thought about this, then she got up getting herself filled with determination.

Lily: *sigh* "Alright, I'll go."

Mr. Coconuts: "Yes, that's my girl!"

A few minutes later, the 3 friends were near the front door of the house. Lily was just about to leave and go out on her mission, but they still had to go through a few details before she left.

Colonel crackers: "Alright youngster, ya still got that slip?"

Lily pulled out the slip she was given.

Lily: "got it."

Colonel crackers: "Good, everything on that slip will help you find him. Now go get him!"

So with that, all 3 of them soluted each other. Then Lily proudly marched out the door and slammed it shut behind her. Mr. Coconuts and Colonel crackers stayed silent for a few seconds, then Colonel crackers looked over at Mr. Coconuts who was holding both of his hands up against his chest.

Mr. Coconuts: *sigh* "My hero."

Colonel crackers just rolled his eyes annoyingly at that.

It was extremely late in the evening by the time Lily arrived at the old shack town, and it looked a bit like how Lily had mentioned it. It was a bunch of shacks each in a size for an 11 year old or 2, and it was in a small forest next to a really misty swamp. A whole mob of 11 year old kids were wandering and talking with each other, and they all looked slightly tough.

As Lily walked up to a tall and buff kid, she showed him the slip. Then the buff kid pointed towards the biggest shack in the village. As Lily nervously swallowed, she made her way inside the shack.

As Lily took her first few moments walking through the shack, she couldn't help noticing that the kids inside the sack looked a tiny bit tougher than all the rest.

Lily: "That guys gotta be in here somewhere."

Suddenly, out of nowhere, she flinched when she heard the sound of 2 11 year old girls squealing in excitement. Then 2 11 year old girls steadily ran up to Lily.

The first one was Kat. She had white skin, and straight black hair that went down to her waist. She wore a thin slightly dark red sweater over a brighter red shirt, a dark gray skirt with silver polka dots, long white socks, and red heeled slippers.

The second one was Mollie. she had neck-length brown hair, a slightly dark pink T-shirt, a pale purple jacket, a red skirt in a vertical striped pattern, purple-gray stockings and extremely dark brown boots.

They quickly came up to Lily and felt overjoyed to see her.

Kat: "Oh my gosh, you're that member of the full house gang! Th Duence, right?!"

Lily: "Uhh, Yeah?"

Mollie: "Sweet, I so wanna get a selfie with you!"

Lily: "Well I only came here to talk with someone important, but I guess that would be okay."

Kat: "Slow down Mollie, I have something to ask her first."

Mollie: "Hey! Selfie's are more important than lame questions Kat!"

Kat: "My questions aren't lame!"

Lily just rolled her eyes as she watched Kat and Mollie argue between each other, then she loudly snapped her fingers to get their attention.

Lily: "Ladies please, I'll take care of both of your problem. So Kat, what did you wanna ask?"

Kat: "Okay….when are you and the rest of your crew planning on retiring?"

Lily just grew a shocked look on her face, then she just groaned while pinching the bridge of her nose.

Just then, an 11 year old boy started walking up between the 2 girls.

B gHe had short yet slightly shaggy dark red hair and white skin, and he wore a light green shirt with a darker green gear on the front. He also wore black pants with a darker black belt, and white sneakers with green stripes. It also looked like he was carrying a sword on his back.

Chandler: "Is this kid bothering you ladies?"

Mollie: "Nah, we just wanted her autograph."

Lily looked carefully at this boy, then she looked down atat the slip. And it turned out that all that was on the slip was a picture of the exact same boy standing between Kat and Mollie.

Lily: "Excuse me, but are you the one named Chandler?"

Chandler: "Indeed I am….How do you know me?"

Lily: "You Know Lincoln loud, right?"

Chandler: "Yeah?"

Lily: "I'm his baby sister."

Chandler gasped in slight surprise, he never thought someone in the family of his enemy would wanna come looking for him.

Chandler: "You're in the same family as that white-haired brat!?"

Mollie: "Chandler, is the name calling really necessary?"

Chandler looked towards Mollie who had a her arms crossed with a stern raised eyebrow, then he pinched the bridge of his nose before looking down at Lily again.

Chandler: "Okay, so what did you wanna come to me for?"

Lily: "All the rest of my siblings have disappeared, and a couple friends of mine told me that you're the only one who can help me find them."

Chandler thought about this for a few moments, he never offered to help the likes of Lincoln loud. But when he saw the looks on Kat and Mollie's faces, he knew that he had to help Lily find her family or else.

Kat: "Better go for it Chan."

Chandler: "But why would I hel-

Suddenly out of nowhere, Mollie firmly clutched the front of Chandler's shirt-collar while balling up her fist in front of his face.

Mollie: "You listen here tough guy. If you don't help this little hero find her family, we are automatically quitting your tough-kid club!"

Chandler just groaned while rolling his eyes, then he released himself from Mollie's grasp.

Chandler: "Alright, fine…..(turns towards Lily) I will help you find your family.

Lily: "Good, cause I could really use it."

Chandler: "So if your skills in your Ace Savvy form are that good in the comics, will they help us on our little rescue mission?"

Lily: "Good point, I just hope they do."

So after Lily and Chandler made a handshake with each other, they walked out of the shack to start their rescue mission. Kat and Mollie just watched them leave while putting their hands over their hearts.

Kat: "My hero."

After Mollie slowly nodded in agreement while blushing, they both fainted and landed on their backs.

To be continued.