After I watched the Endgame, I admit that I am depressed about a certain death of a hero that I admired since nearly ten years ago. I'm not happy about the death of Iron Man and Tony Stark. I was pissed and depressed at the same time.


This is my version. Be warned I have a weak grammar.


'Rebirth of Iron Man'

"I am inevitable," smirked Thanos and then he snapped his fingers, but then he realized that he didn't have the Infinity Stones.

"I am..." Tony begun as he show the Infinity Stones in his hand and transformed into a similar gauntlet of Thanos and then he is about to snapped his fingers. "I am Iron Man."

He snapped his fingers in all his might and then Thanos look around in disbelief as his soldiers is turning to dust and then Thanos turned into dust.

Tony fall to the ground and heavy breathing; knowing that he won't survive this. He smiled weakly as his vision began to blurred.

He saw Peter is crying and sobbing quietly and he tried to speak, but couldn't speak. He remained frozen as the arc reactor is dying slowly, but painfully.

He noticed that is wife is sobbing and try to put a smile, but it failed through tears.

"Hey, Pep..." Tony spoke. He mentally winced. God, his voice...

"Tony, look at me. We're gonna be okay. You can rest now..." Pepper Stark whispered and then sobbing quietly.

Tony tried to reach out and comfort her that he is going to be alright...But he knew that is a lie...

"Love you 3000..." He thought sleepily and then fall into sleep and he might never going to awake up from.

The next thing Tony knew he woke up in a dark place, it's somehow triggered his claustrophobia. He kick something and then there was a bright light that nearly blinded him.

"Jesus..." He whispered. How long that he been asleep? Where is he? The very last thing he remembered that he was dying and he died. Wait! If he died...Then why he is alive and breathing?!

He saw a grave that literally made his blood turn cold.

Anthony 'Tony' Edward Stark

Date of birth: May 29, 1970.

Date of death: 2023.

A father, a husband, and a forever hero that we'll never forget.

"I'm Iron Man" - Tony Stark

And there's a wreath on the grave that's said: 'Proof that Tony Stark has a Heart'.

"Oh my god..." He whispered as he saw a newspaper that's suddenly appeared near by his foot. His eyes widened as he saw the date.

May 29, 2033.

He had been dead over ten years.

Ten. Years.

"What the fu—"


Okay! Tony is alive! But who revived him?! And also, this a version that Steve Rogers never go back in time to live a long life with Peggy. How selfish of him...(This is my opinion!)



Sorry a short chapter! This is only just beginning!