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Peter is having a bad day, oh wait, he's always have a bad day ever since ten years ago when his only father figure died shortly after he was revived after being dead for five years.

Peter was supposed to be in thirty (almost thirty-one) years old, but he 'died' when he was sixteen. However after five years of being 'dead', he returned as the same age that he once was ten years ago.

Now his age is twenty five almost twenty six years old in a few months.

He almost lost everything that he loved, Gwen Stacy his first girlfriend until she died by Green Goblin, Uncle Ben, Aunt May who died two years ago from a heart attack, his father and a mother, and he lost his mentor, father figure, and a hero, Tony Stark. Who died over ten years ago.

Of course that Peter continuing mourning about the man who is like a father to him over ten years (for him, but in reality it was fifteen years), he would never to be able to move on from his former mentor's sudden death. How could anyone could able to move on after the death of a family/close friend/lover?

How cruel.

After he graduated high school when he was seventeen years old and he left Peter Parker's life and he is forever Spiderman, despite the fact that he was in love with MJ. Too bad that she already grew up and only five years older than him, he was only the one of fifty students/teachers in his former high school who 'died' and also Ned was one of them.

He lost everything that he treasured so much, expect for two things. The family that Tony left behind after his death and Spiderman. He continuing be a hero after he didn't save his first girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, Uncle Ben, and Tony Stark. He's continuing living of being Spiderman until his last breath, to see his father figure and his former mentor once again.

There's some time that Peter wanted to end his own life, he really couldn't handle the last person that he admired so much that he loved him as his hero.

The man who saved his life when he was younger, the man who give him the Spiderman suit as the last gift that he ever gotten from him before Tony died, and the man who give him hope to become a hero.

But today is a really, really bad day for him.

It's worst than Tony died ten years ago.

His body is stolen by unknown, ungrateful, and disrespectful bastard.

And that made Peter is very angry.

He never been this angry, but it only happened at the time when he was very angry and filled with rage at the madman Titan who killed Tony. Thanos was never meant to be there, but sadly it happened.

'Those bastards,' he thought angrily as he webbed to his way to the Stark house. Remember Peter is no longer the same Peter Parker unlike ten years ago (fifteen years ago in reality) when he was sixteen.

"I am Iron Man"

"BIG BRO PETER!" Morgan Stark said excitedly as she run up to hugged him. Morgan is like a sister to Peter despite the fact that she is fifteen and he is twenty five years old. Only ten years age difference.

"Hey Miss. Stark," Peter smiled under his mask.



"You idiot," she scolded as she hit him with a folded newspaper in the head. "You could've called or text me! You haven't called nor texted me for eight weeks! I was worried and sick!"

Peter chuckled nervously. Seemed Morgan inherited one of her mother's genes and she also inherited Tony Stark's genius and some of his personality.

"Sorry, I wasn't tracking my time for the past two months," Peter apologized. "I will get you a burger in a apology."

Morgan huffed and then smiled. "You're paying then!"

Peter groaned, cursed the Stark genes. "Maybe later," he promised.

"I got some serious business to Mrs. Stark," He stated.

Morgan nodded. "Okay."

"Love you 3000"

"Oh my god," Tony said incredulously. "It's you after all."

"How's Clint..." Natasha asked. Tony knew that Natasha is worried about Clint reacting to her death.

Tony shrugged. "I haven't seen him over ten years," he said. "At first he took your death hard and Bruceie."

Natasha froze. "Ten years? I have been dead over ten years?" She asked in disbelief. She gazed at Tony. She look at him in shock. "You haven't been aged since I last saw you...Ten years ago right? You should be in your sixties."

Tony chuckled nervously. "I just revived from the dead."

Natasha gaped. "'the dead'? Tony you aren't telling me that—"

"—I'm dead?" Tony sighed and then nodded. "Yes, I have been dead over ten years. I used the Infinity Gauntlet to overthrow past Thanos into dust and so his army. The Infinity Gauntlet' power was too much for me, and so...I died shortly after I used it."

Natasha gasped quietly and covered her mouth. "Oh Jesus Tony...Jesus..."

Tony's voice sound like he is going to break. "Peter...Peter saw me dying in his eyes and then he saw me died in his eyes. He is only sixteen Nat. Sixteen years old!" Tony half yelled and covered his eyes in grief. "No kid should see their mentor died in their eyes...No one ever should."

Natasha look at Tony in sympathy. "Do you want to see him again then?"

Tony nodded slowly. "I want to see my family again, even if it's impossible, I want to see them no matter what."

"We could always disguise ourselves. Remember, you have me who is skilled enough to disguise to trick them, until we can find out why this person revived us from the dead. It's quite impossible, since I died and my soul is lost forever. This person...Could be more powerful than Thanos." Natasha warned.

Tony groaned. "Great. I swear to god, if this person wanted to destroy the half of the universe again...Fucking dammit..." He muttered.

"The Truth is...I am Iron Man."

An middle age man look at the screen of Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff, he smiled.

"Hurry up Tony...I'm waiting for you..." He said to himself as he gazed Tony.

"The game just have begun."


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