The nurses rushed Xara to the delivery room as fast as a Cheetah hunting an Antelope. They ran through the hall, running past other patients and staff trying to make sure Xara doesn't give birth right in the hallway. The nurses instructed her to breath and to focus on the things that she enjoyed most in her life.

"Well, I like walking through the lava pits on my spare time." Xara said. "ARG- Can we get there any faster please?"

"Ma'am, we're going as fast as we can, just focus on happy things for now." The nurse said.

"Don't worry, soon we'll have a beautiful baby." Anthony said.

"Don't worry? Have you ever delivered a baby?" Xara said.

"I delivered pizza when I was a teen." Anthony said.

"Thanks for lightening up the mood but it's not helping." Xara said.

"Well it's not like you told me that Elves give birth at THREE MONTHS." Anthony said.

"Well this is my first time, so don't rush me!" Xara said.

Just then they stormed into the delivery room and got Xara into position. The nurse got into position to get the baby while the other nurse got a towel. "Okay, give it a push… now!" The nurse ordered. Xara pushed as hard as she could, but stopped when the pain was too great for her.

"Okay that's good, I need you to give me one last push." The nurse said.

Xara then used all her energy to push the baby out and was the nurse with the towel got the baby. "Congratulations, it's a girl." The nurse said.

"Oh, that great." Anthony said.

"AHHHHH!" Xara yelled.

"What's going on?" The nurse said.

The second nurse then went to the monitor and scanned Xaras whom. The nurse was shocked by the fact that this one didn't come up on scanners. "There's a second baby!" The nurse said.

"WHAT!?" Anthony and Xara said.

"Well that certainly changes things, okay, just give me an extra large push please." The nurse said.

"I don't know if I can." Xara said.

"Honey, you're the strongest woman I know, you can push through this." Anthony said. "No pun intended."

"Okay, i'll do it." Xara then yelled in pain pushing the second baby out. The nurse then got another towel and handed it to the other nurse. The nurse then caught the baby and wrapped it in a the towel.

"Congratulations, it's a boy." The nurse said handing the babies to Xara. Xara looked at her new babies and held them close like any mother would. The babies had white skin, yellow and brown marks on their faces, small horns, five fingers, and four toes on their feet. She was filled with joy that she started a family and wanted to spend every last minute with them. Anthony looked like to proudest father alive, having twins was a rare occasion, but having them with an Elf was way more rare.

Just then a group of people burst into the room holding gifs and balloons. It was Abby and her family, her parents, and all of the jaeger pilots that they have befriended. "Did we miss it?" Abby said.

"Yeah, but we weren't expecting twins." Anthony said.

"TWINS!?" The group yelled.

"Good for you mate, you'll be a great father." Chuck said.

"Da, you are good man and will be great father." Sasha said.

"Shi de, women jiang zunzhong nin de hai zi chusheng." Cheung Wei said.

"Still can't understand you bro." Anthony said.

"He said that they will honor you kids." Abby said.

"So, have you given them a name yet?" Raleigh said.

"How about we each name one." Xara said.

"Really, isn't that weird?" Anthony said.

"No, but if you need time then we will give you it to name them." The nurse said.

"Well, I have an idea, how about you name the girl and i'll name the boy." Anthony said.

"That sounds fine." Xara said.

"Okay what should I go with?" Anthony said. "Oh I know, Peter."

"Really, Peter?" Xara said.

"Yeah, after my great grandfather." Anthony said.

"Okay, then i'll name her Jenara." Xara said. "After my mothers name."

"That sounds good." Anthony said.

"NOW LETS PARTY!" Sasha yelled.

"Uh no, Xara needs to rest." Abby said.

"The just us, da?" Aleksis said.

"You Russians and your vodka." Onya said.

Fifteen Years Later

It was 8:00 AM on a Monday morning, and it felt peaceful. Anthony and Xara were in bed sleeping and were in each others embrace. The curtains shown light and was in Anthony's face. He grunted not wanting to get up so he turned over and fell asleep. Not long after the door slammed open and Jenara was in the doorway.

"Why are you guys still in bed? Me and Peter have school!" Jenara said.

"Oh crap I forgot, sorry honey." Anthony said.

"Well hurry up, we'll be late." Jenara said. She quickly left to get Peter and her backpack. Anthony got out of bed and started to put on some pants. Before he could get the pants to his knees he was pulled back and was back in bed. Xara had pulled him back and wasn't letting go at all.

"Honey, I have to take the kids to school." Anthony said.

"Just five more minutes." Xara said.

"Any later then they will miss their first day." Anthony said.

"Fine, but get back in bed when you get home." Xara said.

"Okay, I will." Anthony said. He put on his pants and went into the living room. There he saw his son, Peter, eating like his life depended on it and Jenara packing her back with all the school supplies. He walked in and got a cup of coffee in a to go cup and headed to his car. The kids followed and got in the back seat.

"Did you get everything?" Anthony said.

"Yes." Jenara and Peter said.

"Did you have your phones?" Anthony said.

"Yes dad, now can we go now?" Peter.

"Yes, and watch your tone." Anthony said. Anthony then drove them to their new school, Gipsy Academy. The school was named after Gipsy Danger and was one of many jaeger schools for new cadets. When they got there Peter's and Jenaras eyes shined like a thousand stars. This was their first day at the academy and they wanted to be the best jaeger pilots they could be.

"Have a great first day kids." Anthony said.

"We will, have a great day to dad." Peter said.

"You kids have fun." Anthony then drove away, leaving his kids at the front of the building.

"Are you ready for this?" Peter said.

"Yep, you?" Jenara said.

"Like you have to ask." Peter said. The pair then walked inside to begin their first year to becoming jaeger pilots.

Kingdom of Katolis

Ezran was looking over bills and proposed amendments that the council wanted to employ for the kingdom. Ezran, now being 26 years of age, was fulfilling his father's wishes and being the best king he could be. After looking over the bills he looked up and saw his brother walking into the throne room. "Ah, brother, what brings you here?" Ezran said.

"I have come to inform you that a new shipment of Earth technology has come and is now being unloaded, your highness." Callum said with a slight chuckle.

"Thank you, when did being an adult become such a chore?" Ezran said sinking back into his throne.

"Well we could use one of those fancy 'computers' that the people of Earth use, I still can't believe that they made such technological strides." Callum said.

"Yes, but then we would be over reliant on it, just like the people if Earth." Ezran said.

"Yes I know, but it would take off some stress from your shoulders." Callum said.

"Very well, but just this once." Ezran said.

"Great, and just one more thing." Callum said.

"And that is?" Ezran said.

"Me and Rayla are getting married." Callum said.

"What, this is amazing news." Ezran said standing up. "Where is she?"

"Right here." Rayla then came from behind him and scared Ezran.

"AHH!" Ezran screamed, he then fell and landed on his back. The guards then rushed into the room and protected the king. "Lower your weapons, it was just a prank from my brother."

"Well, we're still getting married." Rayla said.

"Then we must start preparations as soon as possible." Ezran said.

Gipsy Academy

"Now, can anybody tell me what type of nuclear core Cherno Alpha had?" Professor Connor said.

" A Stun Core 08, sir." a student said.

"Good, now who here can tell me what weapon is on jaegers today?" Professor Connor said.

"Plasma Cannons, sir." Peter said.

"Good, and who can tell me which jaeger had the most kaiju kills?" Professor Connor said.

"Striker Eureka, sir." Jenara said.

"Good, class is dismissed for the day." Professor Connor said. "And don't forget about your assignment due on Thursday."

Peter and Jenara then left the class feeling like they had one the lottery, in this case they did. Peter and Jenara were found to be drift compatible and highly skilled in S.T.E.M., History, and Engineering. The only kids that were even aloud in the school were smart, hard working, and drift compatible. When Peter and Jenara left the class they headed out to the front of the building where they would be picked up. When they got there they didn't see their parents anywhere.

"Did dad or mom say that they were going to picked us up?" Peter said.

"No, bu- OH MY GOSH!" Jenara screamed.

Peter looked at the direction his sister was looking and couldn't believe his eyes. Bothe the kids then ran into the parking lot and slammed into an individual, Abby. "Aunt Abby, it's so good to see you again!" They both said.

"Hey there kidos, and i'm not your aunt." Abby said.

"Well, you're the closest one to it so." Peter said.

"How have you two been doing?" Abby said.

"Great, as you can see we got into the best academy in the city." Jenara said.

"Yeah, only reserved for the best of the best little girl." The group turned to see five teenage boys walking up to them.

"And who are you?" Abby said.

"I am Jones Harper, the best pilot in training at this school." Jones said.

"Lets see, typical jock and bully, thinks he's better an everyone else, and has a hard time pleasing women." Abby said. "Am I wrong?"

"Hey, you better watch yourself lady." Jones said.

"Really, and why should I?" Abby said.

"Because we are the best in the school and we won't hesitate to take you down." Jones said.

"Wow, i'm so scared." Abby said sarcastically. "If you had done your homework then you would know who I am."

"And why is that?" Jones said.

"Because i'm the pilot of Omega Trinity, and these kids here, are the kids of the other pilot." Abby said.

The group except Jones stepped back and looked like they had crapped themselves. One of the pilots that was responsible for closing the breach, and killing the biggest kaiju ever recorded was right in front of them. Jones didn't back down because he wanted to assert dominance.

"How do we know if you are lying or not?" Jones said.

Abby then pulled out her jaeger pilot license and showed it to the group of teens. "As you can see, I am the pilot." Abby said with a smerck.

"So what, y-your nothing b-but a fossil." Jones stuttered.

"Oh really, then shall we prove it?" Abby said.

Jones then threw a punch at Abby, but instead of hitting her she hit him in the face with his own fist. He stumbled back but threw another punch with the same result happening. After that he tried to kick her, but was forced to the ground with ease by Abby.

"Aw, is the big bad bully all tuckered out?" Abby said.

"You bi-" Jones then felt a giant pain in his groin and squealed in pain. Abby had kicked him in his family jewels that when she removed her foot, there was a small blood patch there.

"Oh sorry, it looks like you'll be peeing blood for a while, anyone else?" Abby said.

The group got Jones off the ground and ran inside the building. Abby started walking to her car with Peter and Jenara looking dumbfounded by what they just saw. "You kids coming or not?" Abby said.

"We're coming." Jenara said. They got into the car and Abby started up the engine.

"Remind us not to get on your bad side." Peter said.

"Oh, that wasn't my bad side." Abby said.

"Then what is?" Jenara said.

"Ask your father, he'll tell you." Abby said driving out of the parking lot.

Hello everyone to my second fanfic, it is a sequel to "The Dragon Rim". Hope you guys like it and please send feedback. You guys are the best and I hope you like it, have a nice day.