Oregon Shatterdome

The portal opened, cracking with electricity around the shatterdome. The guards were on high alert, they didn't get any call of a portal showing up. They aimed their guns at the portal, expecting a kaiju to come out. Before long several individuals came through, both human and elf.

"Guns down, they're friendly." A guard said.

"Suit's off." Ezran said.

"Onya we're through, come on and get here." Callum said.

*Just give me a few-AHHH!* Onya screamed in pain before her communicator shut off.

"Onya, ONYA!?" Rayla yelled. Behind the group the portal suddenly disappeared, leaving Onya back in Xadia. "No."

"What now?" An elf asked.

"We get to the command deck and tell them what is going on." Ezran said.

"Sounds good, but what about Xadia and Katolis?" Callum asked.

"We...we will deal with that later, but right now we need to get back up and pick up the pieces." Ezran said.

"Fine, lets go." Rayla said.

After walking through the shatterdome with an escort, they arrived at the command deck. The doors opened to reveal Mako, Raleigh, Aleksis, and Sasha. "Comrades, why are you here?" Sasha asked.

"There is trouble in Xadia, a long forgotten evil is back and Aavaros is not to be messed with." Ezran said.

"Who is Aavaros?" Raleigh asked.

"He's an elf, one that was thought to be sealed long ago and he is back for revenge." Rayla said.

"He attacked Xadia's capital and destroyed two jaegers." Callum said.

"How is that possible?" Mako asked.

"He is the most powerful elf in both worlds, and he's been planning this for a while." Ezran said.

"Then we go and kick his ass, da?" Aleksis asked.

"No, he took the capital with ease, if Onya wasn't able to close the portal then we would all be dead." Ezran said.

"Where is comrade Onya?" Sasha asked.

"She… she stayed behind to close the portal." Rayla said.

"And we need help getting back." Ezran said.

"Well, we're a little busy here, several shatterdome's have been destroyed and Xara is dead." Raleigh said.

"Xara isn't dead, she was is Katolis helping Aavaros." Ezran said.

"What, why would she help him?" Mako asked.

"By what I know, she was probably brainwashed into following him in the first place." Callum said.

"That would explain why we haven't been able to find her, and why there was one elf signature there." Mako said.

"Then we need to get Abby and Anthony, where are they?" Ezran asked.

"Anthony is in the hospital in critical condition, Abby is watching over him." Raleigh said.

"What happened?" Rayla asked.

"They were ambushed by a cat.6 kaiju, and Anthony was going to die if he didn't get there in time." Sasha said.

"Then who is piloting-" Callum was cut off by the door opening behind them, revealing the pilots that were supposed to pilot Omega Trinity.

"What are you guys doing here?" Mako asked.

"Two kids broke in and knocked us out." One of them said.

"Oh no." Raleigh said. "They were Peter and Jenara, they must be going out for revenge."

"We need to get them back, they're too over their heads." Aleksis said.

"We can't, long range comms are still down." Mako said.

"Then where did they go?" Abby said walking in.

"They went to Australia, to try and find out where Xara went." Raleigh said.

"Then i'm going to get them back." Anthony said walking besides Abby.

"Y-you're okay." Mako said.

"Great, now we can-" Sasha was cut off by Anthony.

"No, only Abby and I will be going to Australia." Anthony said. "Tell Markus and Katie that we're borrowing Defender Roxium."

"Are you sure it is safe for you to go right now?" Aleksis asked.

"No, but I have to be a father." Anthony said walking out the door.

Australian Shatterdome

The clean up crews were on overdrive. They were tasked to try and find any survivors from the attack that had happened. They have found only two pilots and a dozen shatterdome staff, but the search is far from over. Peter and Jenara were able to get the information that they needed, the only problem was how were they going to get to Xadia.

"So, how do we get out of this mess, we got the info, but we need to get out of here as well." Peter said. "Have any bright ideas?"

"Hold on i'm thinking, what if we say that there is a problem with the core?" Jenara asked.

"Then they would take us out and reveal ourselves." Peter said.

"Fine, you come up with something." Jenara said.

"How about we make a fake signal saying that they need Omega Trinity back in Oregon." Peter said.

"Do you know how to make a fake signal?" Jenara asked.

"Yes, I learned about it in coding." Peter said.

"Good, then make the signal and lets get out of he-" Jenara was cut off by a siren going off.

*Omega, there are three dark kaiju signals coming up from the harbor, get ready newbies.* Chuck said.

"Got it, over and out." Jenara said cutting off the communication. "Well, we're stuck here."

"You think?" Peter retorted.

Just then, the dark kaiju came from the depths, screeching towards the jaegers. The dark kaiju were Otachi, Havoc, and Mutavore, all covered in the dark magic from the other world. The jaegers consisting of Omega Trinity, Striker Eureka, Chrome Brutus, Horizon Brave, and Matador Fury were now on the defensive. Chrome Brutus and Matador Fury were ordered to stay back and defend what was left of the shatterdome. Striker Eureka, Omega Trinity, and Horizon Brave were to go and fight the dark kaiju.

*Okay, this is going to be your first fight Omega pilots, just stick close to us and you'll be fine.* Chuck said.

"O-okay, got it." Peter said.

"You ready?" Jenara asked.

"No, you?" Peter asked.

"No." Jenara said.

"Then lets make the most of it." Peter said going forward.

The three jaegers charged the dark kaiju, hoping to take them down before they got the the shatterdome. Striker Eureka took on Otachi, Omega Trinity took on Havoc, and Horizon Brave took on Mutavore. Striker opened up with its new weapons after the upgrades from the fight in Xadia, two heavy wrist mounted elf cannons. Striker fired at Otachi, hitting the kaiju with several shells. Otachi screeched in pain, crashing back into the ocean. Otachi swam down to the bottom of the harbor, getting away from Strikers attacks. Striker looked around trying to find Otachi, but coming up empty. After walking a few feet Otachi sprang up and slapped away Striker with its tail. Striker fell into the water, getting back up and into a defensive position. Otachi lunged at Striker with its body, but being caught by Striker head on. Otachi opened its mouth, revealing a dark orb forming in the back of the mouth.

"Oh you're not destroying Striker that easily!" Chuck said pressing a button. The button he pressed opened up Strikers chest, revealing six anti-kaiju missile tubes. Striker fired all of the missiles into Otachis chest, blowing it apart and creating a large cratore. Otachi fell into the ocean, dying and not able to move.

Horizon Brave punched Mutavore in the chest with its hydro-freeze fists. Mutavore stepped back, feeling the ice go into its flesh. Mutavore shot a beam at Horizon, hitting the jaeger head on. Horizon feel back and hit the coral reef that laid under it. Mutavore moved in and slashed at Horizon, only to be blocked by Horizons new shields on its fore-arms. Horizon turned its other hand into a plasma cannon, shooting Mutavore in the head. Horizon got up and shot multiple bolts into Mutavores chest, causing major damage. Mutavore shot another beam at Horizon, which was blocked by Horizons shield once more. Horizon charged at Mutavore, slamming the shield into the chest of the dark kaiju. Mutavore slammed its claws into Horizons chest, piercing the hull and causing major damage. Horizon aimed its plasma cannon at Mutavores head, where the ice froze. The jaeger fired all of its rounds into Mutavores head, killing it instantly.

Omega Trinity was having the worst luck at fighting the dark kaiju. Omega Trinity threw a punch and missed, instead getting knocked down by Havocs claws. "We're getting our asses kicked." Peter said.

"Yeah, you think!?" Jenara said. "Plasma cannon!"

Omega Trinity turned and shot Havoc with the Plasma cannon, knocking it down into the ocean. Omega Got up and fired at havoc once more, but doing minimal damage. Havoc brushed off the bolts and swiped away Omega with its tail. Omega crashed into the ocean, many of its systems not being able to respond. Havoc climbed onto Omegas chest, ready to finish the job. Havoc raised its claw and swung down, but was stopped by another jaeger. The jaeger deployed its Sun Forge Swords and stabbed Havoc in its head, killing it with ease. Jenara and Peter looked to see who had saved them this time around, it was none other than Defender Roxium.

"Thank god Katie and Markus got here." Jenara said.

"I don't think their piloting Roxium." Peter said.

"What makes you say that?" Jenara asked.

*Kids, we need to talk.* Anthony said through the comlink.

"Oh no." Peter and Jenara said.

*Wait, they're not the pilots that were supposed to pilot Omega!?* Chuck asked.

*Yes, and they will have to explain why they are here.* Anthony said.

Once they got rid of the dark kaiju bodies the jaegers went to the shatterdome. Striker Eureka, Chrome Brutus, Matador Fury, and Horizon Brave were to stand guard and make sure no other kaiju decided to attack. Omega Trinity and Defender Roxium went to a safe location to disengage from the main battle field. Peter and Jenara were escorted to what was a makeshift shatterdome command center. Once they got there they were greeted by their father and their aunt.

"D-dad, we can explain." Jenara said.

"Oh really, going on a mission that could have cost your lives, sounds self explanatory." Anthony said.

"But we did it to try and find mom." Peter said.

"And we know where she is, she's in Xadia." Jenara said.

"I already know." Anthony said.

"What, how could you know?" Peter asked.

"King Ezran, along with others that escaped from Xadia." Abby said.

"What is going on in Xadia?" Jenara asked.

"Some evil arose and we are busy trying to stop it." Anthony said. "And we are going home and you two are grounded from now on."

"What, you can't do that." Peter said. "We did too much to get sent home."

"You two are teenagers, not experienced pilots." Anthony said. "You may think you are invincible, but you are just a fragile as the rest of us."

"We have proven ourselves that we are able to fight the kaiju." Jenara said.

"Almost dying isn't proving yourself, and breaking into and stealing a jaeger, our jaeger isn't okay." Anthony said.

"But-" Peter was cut off by Abby.

"You two will go home, that is final." Abby said.

"F-fine." Peter and Jenara said.

"Good, and once we get home i'll have to talk with Sasha and Aleksis about this." Anthony said.

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