Harry Potter, Magister Wizard?

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Chapter 1: Painful Beginnings

PLEASE READ: I have a correction to make, I forgot Negi uses the Kazowe system for his age, this is 1 year younger than I stated in the previous chapter, thus Negi is 21. I shall also be using English terms for 99% of the story, except for spell incantations.

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Warnings: Mentions and descriptions of child abuse both physical and mental, warnings will be posted before and after if you desire to skip these sections.

Fear… Pain… Terror, these were the thoughts running through a black haired child's mind as he fled his cousin after the last day of the school year. The tiny boy rounding a building begins running uphill to get some distance from his larger family member and his friends as he cradles his heavily bruised arm, 'Why…. Why does he hate me?' the boy thinks as his cousin reaches the halfway point up the hill and he rounds the corner at the top and continues running. A few more moments of running later the boy ducks into an alley just as his cousin and friends reach the top, the boys having manic grins on their faces as they look in the direction of the alley.

The young boy having found a hiding place behind a trash bin in the alley is catching his breath all the while wondering if he'll be found by his cousin Dudley and his friends, for they loved to play a game involving one black haired child named Harry James Potter called Harry Hunting, and it was just unfortunate that his name really was Harry instead of 'Freak' as he had known for the first 5 years of his life, maybe then he'd avoid the weekly hunt.

Alas, that wasn't to happen. The moment Harry seemed to relax slightly, thinking he might've given them the slip, the trash bin he was hiding behind creaked and was pushed over causing it's contents to spill, three menacing boys looking down at him before grabbing his shirt and pushing him against the wall of the building.


The two friends of Dudley held Harry to the wall by his arms as Dudley got in Harrys' face, "Well, well guys, looks like the little freak decided to try and hide." Dudley said with humor in his voice, causing the other two boys to laugh. "Now that school is out we can have fun like this a lot more often!" Dudley says as he punches Harry in the stomach, despite being 6 years old, Dudley is large and can put his weight behind his punches, much to Harrys' pain.

The punch knocking the air out of Harrys' lungs and definitely leaving a bruise where it connected left Harry gasping for air just as the next punch came and hit him right in the stomach, almost causing him to throw up what little food he was able to eat at lunch before Dudley ruined it.

As Harry is recovering from the gut punch, Piers Polkiss, the boy holding his left arm, speaks up, "Come on big D, let's get one more good shot on that freaky scar of his and go beat the money out of that kid from East Street." he says with a menacing grin which the other two match.

Before Harry can respond to the suggestion Dudley rears back his right fist and slams it forward with all of his weight behind the punch, right on top of the lightning bolt shaped scar. The pain of the punch was nothing compared to the impact of his head against the brick wall behind him, the both of them put together was unbearable, causing Harry to black out from the trauma to his head. As Harrys' head slumps forward in unconsciousness, a trail of blood falling down the back of his head and down his forehead, he falls slack in the arms of Piers and the other boy, causing Dudley to laugh, "Wonder if I should do that again to make sure he doesn't wake up." Dudley says.

Piers laughs, "Don't do that just yet big D, it's no fun to beat the freak if he isn't awake for it." He says as he and the other boy drop Harry onto the group, his glasses cracking on the impact and the blood beginning to pool from the wounds to his head.

=End of Child Violence=

The boys begin to walk away, laughing at the pain they inflicted on their favorite punching bag. As they pass the knocked over trashcan, they don't see the broken handle of a broom that fell in Dudley's path. Dudley is so dense he doesn't even notice he's starting to fall until it's too late to cushion the fall in any way and his face impacts on the ground with a sickening crunch.

The two boys help up Dudley as he clutches his bleeding, crooked nose while he begins to cry. The boys run out of the alley towards #4 Privet Drive to complain to Mr. Dursley about what the freak did to Dudley, despite knowing that it was a lie, the boys only wanted the 'Freak' in more trouble.

4 Hours later

Harry woke up in a lot of pain; pushing himself upwards he notices the blood on the ground, his hands, and on his now cracked glasses among other places. Harry manages to get himself up and uses the wall for support he now notices it is getting close to dusk as the sun has started to set. Harry, knowing he'll be in trouble for failing to get home in time to start dinner begins heading home in the hopes that it will least reduce whatever amount of punishment his aunt and uncle will give him, "Maybe I'll only go a few days without food this time." He mutters to himself as he walks down the street, keeping to the walls and shadows to keep the locals from seeing the 'freak' as the last time someone had reported his injuries it had been one of his teachers. The teacher was fired two days later and the police didn't investigate beyond questioning his aunt and uncle, who convinced the police officer that Harry was a troublemaker and was always getting himself hurt.

It took roughly half an hour for Harry to make his way back to #4 Privet Drive due to having to take back alleys and side paths to avoid the main roads so no one would see him. Harry made sure the street was clear before walking up to the front door of the house and knocking.

A few moments later, loud thumping could be heard before the door was unlocked and yanked open by a large man, a VERY large man. The man upon seeing Harry's face grew red in anger before pulling the boy inside.

=Warning, Last child violence of the chapter=

"YOU DAMN LITTLE FREAK!" The fat man known as Vernon Dursley yells as he throws Harry down the hallway, "How dare you hurt Dudley!" he yells as he picks up Harry and holds him against the bannister by his neck.

"Gack… Didn't…. Do… Anything." Harry manages to gasp out from the lack of air, yet this only enrages Vernon further and he proceeds to use his free hand to punch Harry in the stomach repeatedly, causing Harry to struggle more in his uncle's grip, bruising his neck. Vernon begins to drag Harry by his neck toward the living room where his aunt and cousin waited.

"If you didn't do anything you FREAK, then why is my Dudley's nose broken and he says that you were the one who pushed him?!" Vernon asks/yells as he points to Dudley, whose nose is now crooked and covered in blood covered gauze.

Dudley points at Harry, "The little freak pushed me as me and my friends were having fun and I hit my nose on the ground!" Dudley lies as he begins fake crying, further angering Vernon as his aunt Petunia cradles her son, sending death glares at Harry.

Vernon brings Harry up to eye level, causing Harry to pee his pants in fear, "You're going to learn your place BOY!" Vernon hisses and proceeds to start wailing on Harry in front of his wife and son, who watch with smirks on their faces, each blow leaving a pain bruise or putting more pressure on a badly healed bone.

After about 20 minutes of Vernon beating his 'freak' of a nephew he stops and takes a look at his handiwork. A barely conscious and sobbing Harry with an arm twisted at the wrong angle, bloody face, black eyes, and yellowing bruises. Vernon grabs Harry by his now broken arm and drags him, to a cupboard under the stairs. As he opens the opens the door he hears a weakly mumbled, "why?" from Harry.

Vernon once again goes red in the face before lifting Harry up to eye level again, "Because this is all freaks like you deserve!" He spits at the crying boy before throwing him painfully into the cupboard, making the boy impact the wall before closing and locking the door.

=End Violence=

Harry whimpered as he lay on the bed in his 'bedroom', wondering why his parents had to get themselves killed in a car crash and leave him alone in the world.

Harry laid there for hours, crying silently in pain from his wounds. Harry knew that no one could help him, after all, who would want to help a freak like him. Maybe other freaks, and so as Harry lay there, his eyes swollen shut from the force of his uncles blows, he didn't see the swelling of a blue aura around him as he made a single, heartfelt wish, "Please…. Anyone, anything…. Help me… please." And the aura around him disappeared, his wish made across the Aether.

Mahora Academy, 2014

A rather well built young man with red hair and a small facial scar and glasses jumps over a bench as he heads towards a large building a few hundred feet away. "I can't believe I forgot to set my alarm last night, Chisame and the others are going to kill me if I miss the ceremony!" The man says. The man is wearing an English style suit in a deep green color, a bandaged stick on his back, and atop his right shoulder is a white ermine.

The ermine looks at the man, "Big bro, you've got about a minute to get over there to the ceremony before you miss it!" the ermine says in a rather frantic tone.

The man narrows his eyes before pulling the stick off of his back, "No choice then, I really don't want Konoka and the others mad at me!" he says before jumping onto the long stick and hovering higher off the ground before flying at a faster rate towards the building. "Chamo, why didn't you wake me up when my alarm clock didn't go off?!" the man asks the ermine now known as Chamo in a rather frantic tone.

Chamo, whom has taken up residence in one of the front pockets of the suit, pops out as the wind buffets his face and they approach the building, "Bro, I didn't expect a meeting with the Ermine council to take that long, I was as tired as you were after your meeting with Principal Konoe last night!" Chamo says as they clear the top of the building, revealing rows of students lined up in gowns.

With a smile on his face, the man descends to the stage where many fellow staff members are sitting, forgetting to slow down until the last second as the man at the podium ducks and many members of the staff dive off of their chairs…. as the man impacts behind the stage.

A few moments later, the man climbs up after his impact, his clothes ruffled and covered in dirt, same for his ermine friend. "Ummm, sorry about the entrance." The man says nervously as everyone in the crowd and his fellow teachers look at the man with deadpan stares, "I'm… I'm not late am I Principal?" he asks as he looks over at the old man with a peanut shaped head.

The old man smiles and shakes his head before stroking his beard, "No Negi, you're just barely on time. However…" Principal Konoe says before pulling out a sign with the number 4 on it, "Nice entrance, but I had to take 3 points off for the landing." He says in a serious tone which causes all of the other teachers and students present to fall over with dumbfounded expressions at the rather unique personality of their school principal. A few moments later, all of the students and even a number of the teachers break out into laughter at the situation, causing the now named Negi to chuckle nervously.

Negi, his fellow teachers, and all of the students take their seats and the principal steps back up to the podium. "Sorry about that entrance Toko." Negi says to the swordswoman turned teacher to his right.

Toko laughs slightly, "Don't worry Negi, I think you made the ceremony a little brighter with that little stunt, but don't think I won't be telling Setsuna, Konoka, Asuna, and your father about this." She says with mirth, causing Negi to start crying anime tears with a depressed look on his face, Chamo's fur turning an even brighter shade of white.

"Students of Mahora, another year has passed us by, and now we say good fortune to those of us who are leaving for new pastures whether elsewhere or continuing their education here in Mahora." Principal Konoe says, causing cheers at the mention of Mahora, causing all of the teachers to smile. "Remember thusly wherever life leads you, you shall always have a home and family at MAHORA!" he yells loudly, causing more cheers. "Now then, for the graduating class of 2014 of Mahora High, we shall begin the graduation ceremony. Your homeroom teachers will present you with your diplomas as we call you up. From class 3-A we have Professor Negi Springfield!" he says and Negi stands up, to loud cheers from the crowd.

Negi walks up to the podium as the principal stands aside, "Once more I am proud of all of you, first up from Class 3-A is…." Negi starts calling up his latest batch of students, each of them smiling brightly as he hands them their diplomas and Negi filling with pride at his students' accomplishments.

An hour and a half later, all of the diplomas have been given, "And so ends another year and another graduation, I… no WE wish you all the best as you move forward and keep doing so. Live long lives and LONG LIVE MAHORA!" the principal yells and all of the students and teachers in unison yell, "LONG LIVE MAHORA!" before throwing their caps off of their head and grabbing each other in hugs.

A few minutes later as Negi is talking with a few teachers his cellphone rings, "Please give me a moment." He says and then answers his phone, "Hello?"

Negi shivers with dread at the voice that calls, "Negi, explain to me why you were almost late to the ceremony, and also crashed into the stage?" a familiar female voice says over the phone in a nice yet menacing tone. (Think Unohana Retsu from Bleach).

Negi stammers as he anwers, Chamo going even whiter, "S-S-Setsuna, ummm, I can explain!" Negi says nervously, a moment passes and he takes the silence as permission to speak, "I had that important meeting with Principal Konoe yesterday than ran late and when I got home I was so tired that I forgot to set my alarm, and Chamo had a meeting with the ermine council that ran until 2 AM so he couldn't wake me up and none of you were home last night…" Negi says in one breath.

Setsuna's voice comes over the phone, "Breathe Negi!" she says sternly, causing Negi to stop talking and follow instructions, "I understand why it happened, but it should've not happened in the first place. As one of your wives it is my duty to ensure you do your work on time, and as such, I have the perfect punishment in mind for you." She says a little too happily as Negi knows part of the punishment that is awaiting him. "You'll be fighting me, Asuna, and your Mother without your magic for 2 hours." She says causing Negi to pale heavily.

"S-Setsuna, isn't that…. Just a bit harsh?" Negi asks nervously.

Setsuna laughs, causing Negi to blush as he loves the sound of his wives laughter, "No, I think it's a fitting punishment for disturbing a very important ceremony of Mahora, don't worry though, we'll have Konoka on standby and Chisame for company tonight. Nodoka is still at Mundus Magicus for a treasure hunt and Yue is going to be on assignment in Mahora Central for the next few months." Negi visibly regains color at this and smiles brightly before sighing.

"I understand Setsuna, I'm sorry." Negi says with genuine regret. "I'll be home in 10 minutes." He says with love in his voice.

"Alright Negi, love you." Setsuna says, earning a 'Love you' from Negi before he hangs up.

Chamo hops up out of Negi's pocket and jumps up to his shoulder, "So what's the damage this time?" Chamo asks his older brother figure.

Negi sighs, "I have to fight Setsuna, Asuna, and Evangeline for 2 hours…" Negi says.

"Well that's not horrible, I mean it's bad but at least it's not…" Chamo starts but is cut off by Negi.

"Without any magic." Negi finishes, causing Chamo to pale even under his fur.

Chamo pulls out a cigar from nowhere and ignites it, "You lived a full life big bro, leave me something nice in your will." Chamo says with seriousness in his voice.

Negi starts crying again, "Stop talking like I'm going to die Chamo!" Negi says as tears stream down his face. He turns to his fellow teachers, "I'll talk to you all later, something has come up." He says to them and they all give understanding nods before he gets on his staff and flies to his home in Mahora.

After about 7 minutes of flying at a sedate pace, Negi reaches his home located in one of the forests inside of Mahora, a 4 story cabin style home located right next to his step-mother's and father's home. His father being the Thousand Master, Nagi Springfield, and his step-mother being Evangeline A.K. Springfield, formerly McDowell.

As he begins his descent, the door to his home opens and out walks three of his wives, Setsuna Sakurazaki Springfield, Konoka Konoe Springfield, and Chisame Hasegawa Springfield. Negi Married Chisame first, having built a relationship of trust and love with her over the years they knew each other, they married when Negi turned 17. When Negi turned 18 he learned of a binding magical oath that took effect when he reached the age of 17, according to the Ostian Marriage Oath, any male member of the Entheofushia royal line must marry at least 5 women if the number of living family members below the age of 50 drops below 25. Half a year later, out of both love for the man and love for each other, Setsuna Sakurazaki and Konoka Konoe started dating Negi and married the next year two days after Negi's 19th birthday, with the support of Chisame, his sister figure Asuna, his father, and his step-mother Evangeline.

Setsuna grew to love Negi due to his strength against all odds and his cheerful personality that made the entire world grow brighter with each smile, and devoted her all to defending that happiness to the same degree she protects her partner spouse and sister-wife Konoka, a relationship fully supported by the entire Springfield family and the members of the Ala Alba 3-A class. Konoka had loved Negi from the moment he showed up in her life and that love only grew from a sisterly love to a romantic love after he taught her how to use her magic. Being with Negi allowed her to satisfy the three great loves of her life, marrying Setsuna, marrying Negi, and becoming someone who helped others.

They continued steadily, living each day together in a new house Nagi helped his son build as a bonding exercise, and increasing their wonderful, albeit awkward love for each other. Chisame continued to run her Blog and doing cosplay both in public at Mahorafest, a the urging of Negi, and occasionally in private with the people she's grown so close to. Before Negi turned 20, she graduated university a year early with a masters in Computer programming and engineering, a great feat.

Three months after Chisame graduated university; both Nodoka Miyazaki and Yue Ayase heard about Negi's predicament and offered to date the young man due to their feelings for him. The three hit it off, and even Chisame, Setsuna, and Konoka supported the relationship. They all loved books, knowledge, and magic so they always had a conversation starter for each other and grew close enough to be married the week before Negi turned 21.

Yue had a job as a magical security consultant for Mahora and as a private detective so she wasn't always home, as was the same with her friend and sister-wife Nodoka whom occasionally went back to Mundus Magicus to explore the many ruins with her friends she had made during their first trip to the magical country, and to explore the now monster free ruins of Ostia.

As Negi lands his step-mother, the dark Evangel and apostle of darkness, Evangeline A.K. Springfield left the house as well with an almost manic grin on her face, causing Negi to shiver at the sight of his father's wife. Negi walks up to Chisame and gives her a quick kiss, and proceeds to do the same to each of his wives who reciprocate. "I wasn't late this time." Negi says with a smile on his face, causing Chisame to facepalm and Evangeline to laugh.

"If only you had done that earlier boya you wouldn't be in this situation." Eva says with a vicious smirk which causes everyone to shiver. Eva starts walking towards her cabin, "Let's go everyone, I want to get the boya's punishment out of the way." She says and they all start walking towards the adult Springfield cabin.

As they're walking a small wind picks up and passes over them, "Please… Anyone, anything… Help me… Please." Causing all of them to stop due to the magic laced in the words, each of them filled with sorrow, as if magic itself was crying for whoever was calling out to them.

Konoka being so sensitive to magic fell to her knees and started crying, causing everyone to rush to her side, even Evangeline whom knows that this must be bad to get such a reaction from her, "So much pain and loneliness. How can a child's words sound like that? Who could do that to a child?" Konoka says in a shaky tone.

Setsuna pulls Konoka's head to her chest and rubs her head until she calms down, "What did you see Konoka?" Setsuna asks her sister-wife.

Konoka manages to calm herself further to answer, seeing that all of them wish to know as well, "A boy… He couldn't be older than four, maybe five… The bruises he had Setsuna…" Konoka had to stop again because she started crying again.

They all knew it was bad because as Konoka's affinity and prowess with magic grew so too did an ability to sense the origins of magic she came into contact with. She could literally see and feel where magic came from if it had a definite source like another mage or magical artifact, but was useless for tracking natural magic. All they could do at the moment was comfort their family member and wait for her to calm down again, all the while whispering soothing words to the gentle soul.

A few more minutes passed before she gathered herself again and they went inside the younger Springfield home and gathered in their sitting room. "The boy is locked in a small room, no bigger than a closet with only a small dog bed and frayed blanket to keep him warm." Konoka says, causing Evangeline to start growling, "His…" she drinks some water to soothe her sore throat, "His arm is broken in at least 3 places and looks to be untreated, has blood covering multiple parts of his body but primarily his head, and is wearing clothes several times too big for him, which are also covered in blood and torn beyond normal use." She says in a sad tone while holding onto Setsuna and being embraced by her sister-wife and husband.

Her words bring further shock to each of the people present but with one thought on all of their minds, 'Who could do that to a child?'. Evangeline almost snaps from the description and starts leaking magic from her body, chilling the room until Konoka gets up from her place and moves to embrace Evangeline, causing her to calm down. Everyone present knows Evangeline's past so they all knew how she felt about child abuse, the very thought of which makes her blood boil.

After they calm down some more Negi crosses his arms in front of him, "Konoka, are you able to find out where that poor boy is?" Negi asks, knowing that Konoka would know.

Konoka nods, "Yes, tracking it is proving difficult, enough so that I would need to use a divining ritual to find out where he is so we could find him." Konoka says, happy that they're going to fix this travesty.

Chisame smiles, "Good, I might not like brats too much but we need to do something about this. What should we do if it's the kid's parents doing it?" Chisame asks.

Evangeline sighs, "We remove the kid and take care of him. It's obvious whoever is taking care of the kid is abusing him, so we remove him, investigate, and respond accordingly." Eva says, surprising everyone at the dramatic change in how she would go about doing things.

"Wow Master, normally you'd just slaughter the offenders and take the kid to an orphanage." Negi says.

Eva gives a sadistic smirk, "I never said I wouldn't slaughter them later boya." Eva says calmly as the temperature starts dropping again causing everyone to nod in agreement with the situation being what it is, "They're going to suffer for harming an innocent child like that! I may have been an evil witch over my life but even then I avoided child casualties as best I could and when I couldn't do that I made their deaths painless and merciful! WHOEVER DID THIS IS GOING TO SUFFER THE WRATH OF THE DARK EVANGEL!" She starts yelling as she begins to slip into her Magia Ereba.

The group lets Eva work it out of her system for a minute before she calms herself again and sits down in a huff. "So we're agreed, we find this boy and take him from whoever is abusing him regardless of who they are, at least until the situation is investigated by the proper authorities?" Negi asks those surrounding him and receives nods in return. Negi nods, "Ok then, Konoka, whenever you feel up to it, please tell us when you want to divine his location and we'll set up a teleportation circle to a nearby location, we'll then use any means necessary for the offenders to hand over custody of the boy to us until a proper investigation is carried out, understood?" he asks his wives and step-mother, once again receiving nods.

Evangeline gets up, "I'm going to contact your father and let him know what's going on, but whatever happens I'm going with you. I want to be there as those bastards suffer." Eva says coldly as she walks out of the building and pulls out a pactio card.

Konoka gets up and hugs each of her family, "I'm going to let grandfather and father know what's happening, as well as Asuna. I'll divine his location when I return." Konoka says before kissing each of them goodbye, causing Chisame to blush.

Chisame also gets up, "I'm going to post that I'll be leaving the site alone for a while due to a family emergency and will post when I can." Chisame says while looking Negi in the eyes, "I won't leave you to deal with this alone, never." She says before walking upstairs.

Negi and Setsuna look at each other, hoping that the people they love can handle what they're about to do. "I'm going to contact Nodoka and Yue, let me know if you need anything Setsuna." Negi says before kissing her fondly, "Anything." He says before pulling out a pair of pactio cards.

Chamo, watching this unfold continues to smoke a cigar, "Seems like another adventure big bro. Seems like the ermine elder was right." Chamo says to himself before hopping back over to Negi.


I am sorry about the child abuse bit, it was extremely painful to write but necessary for the plot.

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