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All of the cadets of the pilot admissions stood in a line, hands by their side and looking forward. They were in a box room that had no noticeable details. There were only lines on the floor indicating where to stand. A caucasian male stood in the middle of the line with his hands and arms shaking. He was around 5'10 and had black hair in a Pompadour hairstyle and brown eyes. The cadet behind him tapped him on the shoulder. He was 5'11 and had brown hair with a Crew Cut haircut and brown eyes.

"You looked like you saw the underside of an ogre class titan. You good Logan?" He asked

"Yeah, just a bit nervous. I have quite a bit to live up to, don't I Cody?" Logan asked with his head still facing forward.

"Living under the Cooper name is no cake walk. They're not gonna let you toss in the rag" Cody whispered.

"I think I'm more scared of dying. Did you hear only 2% of each class lives!" Logan seemed a bit panicked.

"Then don't die dumbass," Cody said bluntly

"I can try" Logan replied "But it's gonna be harder than it looks"

"Eating three bowls of ice cream is harder than it looks but you still did it," Cody said snarkily

"I was at an all-time low" Logan replied

"Besides dude, we've been waiting to become pilots ever since we were little shitheads" Cody added. "It would be a shame if we just quit"

Just then a door in the far right corner was kicked in. Logan and Cody quickly returned to attention. The woman had a patch that said Briggs walked in the door.

Briggs looked at the line while pacing back and forth while looking at a sheet.

"So these are the people that want to be pilots eh?" Briggs said looking up from his sheet.

"You" Briggs pointed to the cadet first in line "What's your name soldier"

"Lan-" The cadet tried to answer.

"Don't care, you're not going to make it pass admission. On top of that, you'll probably die from pilot training" Briggs walked away looking back at the sheet.

"By the looks of it, we got a bunch of nobodies" Briggs scanned through the list. Two names caught his eyes.

"Heh, would you look at that. Cooper and Griffin, step up" Briggs.

The two quickly got out of line and ran up to Briggs.

"Cooper, do you so happen to be related to the infamous Jack Cooper?" Briggs asked

"Yes ma'am" Logan replied shortly but sharply.

"And Griffin" Briggs turned to Cody.

"Yes ma'am" Cody yelled.

"Are you related to the manufacturer and builder of the first vanguard titan, Thomas Griffin?" Briggs asked

"Yes ma'am" Cody answered

"You two got quite the names to live up to. You know what? I'll help you. I'm going to make your admission a living hell, and your drop chance should double" Briggs turned his head and walked away. "Back in line".

Cody and Logan quickly ran back to their spots.

"We're going to die," Logan said quietly.

"No, we're going to meet jangles, the puppet monkey" Cody sarcastically said "Just don't die on me and I won't die on you"

"That's reassuring" Logan murmured.

"It's supposed to be" Cody responded.

"admission starts tomorrow, now get back to your bunks you'll need sleep before I make your lives a livin' hell," Briggs yelled as he walked back out of the room.

"Yes ma'am" They all yelled and ran off to the bunks

The bunk room was a run of the mill bunk room. It had bunk beds with two chests in front of the beds for storage. Everyone scattered to get their desired beds. Cody and Logan ran to a bed in the corner of a room and claimed it theirs. Logan put his belongings which didn't consist of much just a picture of his family sitting in a formal posture with Cody holding bunny ears behind Logan's head and some clothes. They looked at a digital clock on a wall and it read 22:00.

"It's getting pretty late," Logan said as he pulled the covers off his bed and laying down drawing the cover back over himself.

Cody climbed up to the top bunk "Gee fuking whiz I thought it was midday. My watch must be off" he said sarcastically

"Must you be a sarcastic a-hole all the time?" Logan punched the top bunk.

"Who will be when I'm not," Cody said getting under his blankets

"Not you. Now go to bed," Logan said turning his body sideways to sleep.

"Do you think my mom would be proud of us right now?" Cody asked a bit more vulnerable.

Logan paused for a bit "Yeah, I think she would be proud of both of us. Now head of to bed"

"Yes ma'am" Cody saluted over the bed and fell asleep.

Briggs was not kidding when she said admissions would be a living hell. She woke them up at 3:00 and made them run for the entire day until 20:00. It had to be a sprint and couldn't be below 15mph. Out of the 100 people, only 20 people passed this day. Logan and Cody barely passed as well as the 18 others. They were sweating oceans and got little to no breaks. They all returned to the room where they gathered the first day.

Briggs walked in the door

"Congratulations" Briggs strode in. "You passed the first day of ADMISSIONS. I'd be thinking it was the easiest part"

Everyone looked up to her and nearly died.

"Tomorrow is gun training, so be ready for that," she said walking out.

"How can gun training be harder than that?" Logan huffed

"I don't know" Cody wheezed

Lo and behold, Sarah found a way to make it a living hell. To get their guns, they had to steal their guns from specters that were constantly running. After that, they had to find the ammo for the practice. There was only enough ammo to suffice for 10 people and they all had 2 hours before Briggs would show up to train them. Logan and Cody managed to be the first to steal their weapons. Logan managed to steal a CAR SMG while Cody stole a Kraber. They grouped both grouped up to find the ammo. It took them and a solid hour to find it. They scurried to the firing range and were the first in line. After a couple of minutes, two more people ran down and stood behind them

They waited five more minutes and after no one else showed up, Briggs walked in.

"Huh, more people than I thought. Somehow you two idiots are here" Briggs murmured. "Alright, the weapon training is simple, have an accuracy of over 70 and you get to stay here. Go crazy"

Everyone looked at each other, then continued to the range. After two hours of shooting, Cody and Logan had fired 200 rounds at a 300-yard target and hit 80 percent of their shots each. The other two had only shot 68 percent. When Briggs walked back in, she dismissed the other two and came up the last two.

"Well, since the other two couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, you two get to pass" She regretted saying "I honestly hoped that you two would fail on day one. There is supposed to be an extra day but since that requires 3 people and I could beat you two to a pulp, you get to pass to pilot training"

"Oh, I could pound you to-" Cody's mouth got covered.

"Thank you Commander Briggs" Logan nodded.

"Be at the science facility at 600 hours tomorrow. You'll join your pilot training class of 98, 100 including yall" She said walking away

"Yes ma'am" they both answered

They both stood for a bit before turning to each other

"Ever wonder why she dislikes us?" Logan asked

"To be honest, I really don't know" Cody answered

"Maybe if you weren't a smart alec to everyone every five minutes, that might be different" Logan suggested.

They both looked at each other. "Nahhhh" They both said heading to the bunks. As they entered, the bunks looked like a ghost town. The only beds left were theirs.

"Any ideas on why they want us at the science wing?" Logan asked getting in the bed.

"Maybe they're a drug cartel and we're gonna be runners" Cody answered.

"..., Yeah probably not" Logan looked at Cody. "Well I'll figure out the surprise tomorrow"

"Yeah, for tomorrow. Good night dude" Cody climbed into his covers.

"Night" Logan said

"Night mom" Cody said.

"Night idiot," Logan said in a high pitched voice.

Cody smirked a little and rolled over to sleep.

The duo walked into the science facility there was a group of what seems to be graduate of admission like them. The group looked around and at each other. After standing around for 10 minutes Briggs stood on a stage.

"ATTENTION" She yelled. She grabbed a microphone. "Since all of you passed the admissions, you get to have to start pilot training. This will be the first part. We will inject you with nanites."

"Holy crap they are a drug cartel" Cody whispered to Logan.

"I'm sure you guys know about the 2 percent thing," Briggs asked "Yeah most of you will die here if not all"

"Told you it was a thing" Logan whispered to Cody.

"Your body will either accept the nanites and you will be superhuman, or you will die a painful, death with your bones crushing and your heart exploding" Briggs added.

"Comforting" Cody said sarcastically.

"You will lay on a table and we will strap you down and inject you with the nanites. You can wear your shirts. Or don't. I don't care. Any objections? No? Alright, let's go" Briggs instructed.

Everyone went to a table with Cody and Logan being stationed near each other. Cody got strapped down by staff with Logan standing near him.

"Hey, I'm going to be on that table over there." Logan pointed to a table to his left "If you need anything, shut it. I don't care. Love you"

"Yeah fuck you too" Cody replied

Logan walked over to the table and got strapped down by the staff. They held the injection above logan. Before they injected him he turned to Cody. "Hey Cody"


"I'll see you in hell"

"I plan on it"

With that, the two got injected with the nanites. The veins on the two were showing and were pumped with green. Surprisingly, neither of the two felt any pain.

"Hey, Cody" Logan asked.

"Yeah?" Cody responded

"You good"

"As good as I'll ever be"

"Do you feel anything?"

"Nah. You?"

"Yeah I feel nothing"

Loud screams and the sounds of bones cracking were heard and it filled facility.

"God that sounds painful" Logan stated.

"Oh really? It sounds like a fucking ball" Cody sarcastically stated.

The screams started to die down with Logan and Cody looking at each other. They were unstrapped from the table and stretched. After a couple of minutes, Briggs walked back in with a sandwich in hand.

"Is that for me?" Cody asked putting his hands on his cheeks.

"Goddammit" Briggs whispered.

"We can hear you" Logan added.

"Dammit, they both lived" She murmured.

"And you doubted us," Cody said with a smile.

"I did, and for good reason" Briggs started walking away. "Follow me"

"So do none of us get the sandwich?" Logan asked.

Sarah stopped for a second and looked at the sandwich. She paused for a bit, then looked at Logan. In a half a second, she whipped out a Wingman and shot at Logan's head. Cody quickly chopped her wrist and disarmed her and pointed it at her head.


"He's fine" Sarah pointed behind Cody. He kept the gun trained on her head and looked behind himself. Logan was there, holding a large bullet between his middle and pointer finger. He was speechless.

"Just wanted to make sure the nanites work. Even if I did hit him, he would've lived" Briggs said.

Cody lowered the wingman "What do these nanites do?" Cody asked.

"Makes you basically a superhuman. Your bones are next to unbreakable, you have heightened sense, run faster, stronger than everyone, you know the know nine miles" Briggs explained.

"Huh" Logan murmured as he examined the wingman bullet.

"Here compensation" Briggs threw the sandwich at Logan which he caught in his hand. "I wasn't hungry anyway"

"Thanks" Logan looked at the sandwich. It was a simple ham and cheese sandwich. Logan was about to take a bite when Cody slapped him on his stomach. He held out his hand and Logan rolled his eyes. He yanked the sandwich on half almost destroying it. He handed Cody a messy half of a sandwich. Cody ate it reluctantly. They started following Briggs and she stopped at an armory. She opened the door and there were guns everywhere with lots of armor.

"I've read your files and we've already decided your armor.

Hmm hmm" Logan said with a mouthful of sandwich meat.

"I thought your dad" taught you better" Briggs turned around.

Logan swallowed his sandwich "Yeah he's six feet under"

"I doubt that. He was the best pilot we had. Even then how would he die" Briggs raised an eyebrow

"That's actually a sad story" Cody finished eating and wiped his hands "But that's for another time".

"Well, I read your files and your signature weapons. Based on your rifleman training and how you fight we made an assessment" Briggs said.

"Define assessment," Cody asked

"Shut up," Briggs said. "Based on this assessment, we have determined that Logan, you will be a forward scout. With your extensive training in the hit and run tactics, years of martial art training, and extreme speed before the nanites, it would make you the perfect for the job."

Logan got a slight punch from Cody.

"As for you Cody, you will be... Wait this can't be right" Briggs questioned

"What?" Cody asked

"It says that you're a sniper reconnaissance" Briggs was puzzled

"Yeah that sounds about right" Logan commented. "He can sit still for days on end, and that's not an exaggeration, has the quiet footsteps and can hide so well, and can hit a target 600 meters away with just iron sights. His personality just doesn't match"

"I can tell," Briggs said. "Well pick your armor. It doesn't matter you'll have all the abilities. Go crazy.

She left the room and let them decide on their own. She closed the door and stood aside. There were sounds of crashing and gunshots for five minutes before they stopped. She re-opened the door and the two pilots were fully dressed in armor. Logan was wearing a grapple pilot armor and holding his CAR and holstered RE-45 while Cody was wearing the cloak pilot and had a Kraber and a holstered wingman.

"Well you two look great," She said sarcastically "And I guess I didn't want my wingman back anyways"

Actually, I made it" Cody said "My old man taught me a few things before he sent me off. Your wingman is right here" Cody pulled another wingman from his back and handed back her wingman.

"What'd you do to it?" Briggs asked.

"I made it a pistol," Cody said sarcastically "In all reality, I made it shoot bigger rounds, more accurate, and put a sight on it"

"Huh" Briggs looked at it.

"I'm calling it at the wingman elite" Cody pulled it out and examined it.

"Well, pilot training is tomorrow. Basically, it's the gauntlet but easier" Briggs started to walk away.

"Wait doesn't it take years to master the jumpkit?" Logan asked

"I'm sure you two are naturals" She dismissed

"I hope so" Logan whispered.

Somewhat long time skip

"Logan are you sure about this" Cody seemed worried.

"Oh yeah. I saw some guy do it on Reddit so I'm basically a master"

"We don't know how to use the jumpkit too well and I don't think riding a grenade explosion is a good idea-"

"Shut up and watch"

Logan cooked a grenade and threw it at his feet and Cody backed up. Logan started cooking a grenade again. The explosion sent Logan forward at a massive speed. He threw the grenade at a group of holo IMC grunts. He slid under a low hanging and popped two other holo pilots and started wallruning. He threw another grenade at another group of holos and killed them. He jumped and shot a holo and standing on a high ledge. He slid on the ledge and right before crossing the finish line, he turned around and shot the last holo. Logan crossed the finish line and slammed into the wall. He looked at the time and it read "8.01 NEW RECORD"

"See, I told you it was a thing" Logan laughed.

"How did that work" Cody asked.

"What do you think Briggs will react?" Logan asked

"She won't believe you" Cody laughed. "I'll give it a run I guess"

Logan just sat in the dent in the wall he created. After 12 seconds Cody passed the finish line. The scoreboard named him the second best.

"I see you're still in the wall" Cody walked over.

"Yeah I can't get out" Logan laughed

"Idiot" Cody said putting out his hand. Logan took it and yanked him out of the wall. A silhouette of Logan stayed in the wall.

"Hey, you got a souvenir" Cody kicked the silhouette.

Just then Briggs walked into the circular room. "What is that" She pointed to the hole in the wall.

"I crash landed" Logan answered dusting himself off.

"I'm not going to ask" She dismissed "Anyways I accidentally put you two in the real gauntlet, so that's my bad. How'd y'all do?"

"Oh I set the record" Logan dusted off his scarf "And Cody got second"

"And I actually like you two" Briggs retorted "I'm looking for a real answer"

"If you don't believe him, the scoreboard is right there" Cody motioned to the scoreboard

"Good thing I don't" Briggs walked over to the scoreboard. She looked at it and paused. "Well, I'll be damned. How'd you manage that?"

"I rode an explosion of a grenade," Logan said putting his scarf back around his neck.

"I just ran as fast as I could" Cody lied

"Well I don't care enough to ask again, so I'll just take your word" Briggs walked away. "I hope you guys enjoy training because you'll be mastering that jumpkit and pilot fighting for the next 10 something years. Now I have an army to command"

"Wait who's gonna train us?" Logan asked

"Ummm," she looked around and randomly grabbed a MRVN unit that was cleaning. "MRVN train them for me". The MRVN looked confused then showed a smiley face on its chest.

She quickly sped off.

"Wow what a good human being" Cody sarcastically said. "Whatever, MRVN come here and turn around". It complied. He opened up a back panel and started to move wires around. "Hey Logan, hand me that module" He pointed to a box laying on the ground. Logan picked it up and handed it to Cody. Cody put it in the back panel and tinkered with the unit a little bit longer.

"Aaaaaaaand, done" Cody slammed the panel closed and dusted his hands together.

"What'd you do?" Logan asked

"I just installed a voice module and installed the latest pilot training" Cody answered

The MRVN unit turned around "Hello friends!" it cheered happily.

"Howdy," Logan waved "What's your name?"

"My name is PF-298.."

"How about Pathfinder?" Cody suggested "I assume that's what PF stands for"

"I can agree with that friends!" Pathfinder said

"Sooo, your our teacher now?" Logan asked

"That is correct!" Pathfinder said

"..., you think the ACE's are recruiting?" Logan looked at Cody.

"I doubt that" Cody answered

"And when do we get our titans?" Logan asked

"Ohh I know the answer to that pilot! Follow me" Pathfinder waddled away.

Logan looked at Cody and gave a skeptical look. They then reluctantly followed.

They followed him to a room full of titans with a walkway overviewing titans. He led them to a pair of titans that said their names

"As soon as you put on your helmet, a neural link was established between you and your titan" Pathfinder stated walking along a walkway

"It was that easy?" Logan questioned, "I thought it would be like some pod and I have to click a few buttons."

"Incorrect friend!" Pathfinder "It's as easy as 1, 2, 3"

"I can't count past 1" Cody joked

"If that were true friend, you wouldn't be a pilot, let alone a sniper" Pathfinder corrected

"It was a joke" Cody murmured.

"So which one is ours?" Logan asked messing with the scarf on his neck.

"The one I'm standing right in front of!" Pathfinder turned around standing in the middle of a Vanguard Class Titan, and a Northstar Class Titan

"That doesn't answer the question" Logan crossed his arms.

"Well pilot Cooper-" Pathfinder started to say

"Logan. Using my last name makes me feel old" Logan interrupted

"Pilot Logan, you get the vanguard titan KP-2303!" Pathfinder jumped in excitement.

"He seems more excited about your titan than you are" Cody whispered.

"Hello pilot" KP beamed to life "I am KP-2303 and I'm your titan"

"I'm aware" Logan unfolded his arms "I look forward to working with you"

"As do I" KP replied

"And Pilot Griffin, you have Northstar titan SN-1907" Pathfinder smiled

The Northstar titan booted up and looked at Cody

"Who is this fat lard?" SN said in a female voice

"...Give me your speaking module" Cody demanded

"Give me your dream diary" SN snarled back

"It's a journal, not a dream journal" Cody snarled "And how do you know about it?"

"You have a dream journal?" Logan looked puzzled at Cody

"Shut up" Cody looked

"I have a neural link," SN said.

"She's awfully childish" Logan whispered to KP

"I agree pilot" KP replied

"Can I get a new titan?" Cody asked pathfinder

"Sorry Pilot! Standard milita rules say you only get one!" Pathfinder smiled

"HA, you can't get rid of me" SN smirked

"Christ I'm hating this already"

"Me too bitch" SN snarled

"Now now, let's not get off to a bad start," Logan said in a condescending voice.

"Your compatibility with your partner matters" KP looked at SN then Cody.

"Let's try this again" Logan stated "Cody, you go first"

Cody inhaled then loudly exhaled. "Hi, my name is Pilot Griffen of the Militia, and I have been assigned to you as your pilot. I look forward to working with you"

"Good start so far" Logan observed

"Now you must bond with your pilot SN" KP suggested

"I just don't understand how this guy is supposed to be the stealthy one if he looks like he ate a Mongolian child" SN looked at KP.

Cody just stood there in silence with his arms crossed. "Alright that's it," he said hopping on the back of SN and opening a panel. He ripped out a few wires then slammed the panel; the panel making a loud clang. SN looked like she was trying to say something but nothing came out.

"I deactivated your voice module. Speaking is a privilege, not a right." Cody stated

Logan leaned over to Cody and whispered "Actually I'm pretty sure it's a basic human right"

"Shut up I'm trying to make a point" he whispered back. He cleared his throat and began to speak again "Be more respectful and you get your speaking privileges back"

SN crossed her arms and looked away pouting.

Cody pinched his helmet's visor "I didn't want to be a dad this early".

"Luck of the draw my friend. Luck of the draw." Logan fist bumped KP.

"So Pathfinder" Cody unpinched his visor "When does our training actually start?"

Really fucking long time skip

"So what are we doing here?" Logan asked setting satchel charges on a wall.

"Just gathering some files for Brigg's homework" Cody answered.

"Yeah but we're in a highly guarded facility with no titans" Logan set the last charge

"That's not my business" Cody answered.

Cody was on top of SN who was hanging off a side of a cliff overlooking the entirety of the facility. The cliff was 500 meters away from the facility with heavy rain. He was sitting on her arm with the Kraber resting on the top of her. He is looking through the scope of a Kraber with one arm pressing the stock against his shoulder and the other on the trigger. Logan was near the facility walls and cloaked. To the average eye, he was undetectable, but to a keen eye, an outline of him was visible. He was setting satchel charges with a CAR on his back and a P2020 on his hip. The facility was a run of the mil facility. It had four towers at the corners of it with a single facility in the middle, crawling with IMC grunts.

"Do you know where said file is?" Logan asked backing away from the wall.

"In the facility" Cody answered sarcastically

"Not helping," Logan said cooking a grenade

"Look man the only thing the 6-4 British bitch told me is that it would be an obvious manilla folder. Check the SINGLE FUCKING BUILDING IN THE WHOLE GOD DAMN FACILITY"

"Christ no need to yell" Logan threw the grenade at his feet. Right before the grenade went off, the sound of thunder boomed throughout the entire compound, masking the explosions of the satchel charges and the grenade. Logan sent himself flying at a massive speed. The sound of wind passing by his visor was loud for Logan as he soared through the air. The main (and only) building was 50 feet from the wall. Logan covered 30 feet from the grenade then shot a grapple from his wrist and grappled to the roof.

"Alright well I'm on top" Logan stated

"The manilla folder isn't going to be on the fucking roof Logan" Cody stated

"Just make sure no one sees the 10-foot hole I made in the wall" Logan responded to Cody's sassiness.

A tiny crack of a large caliber round was heard by Logan "I'm already doing my job, so do yours" Cody demanded.

"Yeah yeah" Logan responded "He's sassier than SN" Logan neurally said to KP

"Agreed Pilot" KP responded.

Logan walked to the edge of the building and placed his grapple on a ledge. He then started walking in the opposite direction until he was on the other side of the building.

"This is going to hurt in the morning," Logan thought. He suddenly took off sprinting faster and faster toward the ledge. When he reached the ledge he double jumped away from the ledge giving him extra height and momentum. He then turned around as the grapple was bringing him back toward a cinder wall. With the momentum from the grapple swinging he back he broke through the cinder wall with ease. When he broke through he landed on top of a grunt. Logan looked down and saw the grunt he landed on.

"That's unlucky" Logan stated. He then stomped on the head on the grunt finishing him off. Logan looked up from the grunt he landed on and lo and behold, 30 something grunts all armed to the teeth with a manilla folder in the middle of them.

"Hey Cody" Logan said into the intercom

"I found the manilla folder" Logan stated

"Okay fucking grab it" Cody shot a grunt on the sniper tower, his body being ripped in half from the bullet.

"Well that's that problem, there is a lot of grunts in here" Logan stared at the grunts, the grunts staring at him back.

"Well they're fucking grunts, not pilots" Cody racked the bolt on the Kraber "It's light work"

"But what if the folder gets destroyed in the crossfire?" Logan asked reaching for his CAR on his back.

"That's not our problem" Cody shot another around at the sniper round at an unsuspecting sniper who was focused on the building with Logan.

"Fair enough" Logan pulled the pin on an arc grenade.

"I get his guns if he dies," SN said to Cody

"How are you speaking?," Cody asked "I de-activated your voice module"

"I can improvise" SN sumgly answered

Their conversation was interrupted with a loud boom coming from the facility. The roof of the building came clear off with several fragments almost hitting Cody.

Cody pressed against his comms "Alright dipshit what did you do?"

Cody was only met with the sound of a buzzing intercom.

"Logan answer the question" Cody repeated

There was just more buzzing.

"Jesus Christ" Cody lowley whispered

Several coughs made its way through the intercom "Holy fuck"

"What happened Logan," Cody asked.

"I punched one of the suicide robots things near what looked like a power source-" Logan coughed "-of the facility.

"And why would you punch one of those things?" Cody asked

"I thought it was a grunt and I wasn't paying attention" Logan answered

"Just grab the damn manilla folder," Cody said tiredly.

"Let me find it under this rubble" Logan got up. He was covered in dirt that was falling quickly with the rain.

Logan picked up a 10-foot piece of rubble and tossed it aside. He shifted more rubble around looking for the folder. He picked up one last piece and under it was a grunt on his last breath, holding the folder.

"I will take that" Logan yanked it from the grunt "Thanks for keeping it in good condition" Logan pulled the Hammond out of its holster and aimed it at the grunt "but that's where my compliments end" Logan began to squeeze the trigger but a loud shot rang out, hitting the grunt in the head completely taking it off. Logan loudly inhaled then exhaled.

"Cody you stole my thunder" Logan seemed pissed.

"Stop being childish and get up here" Cody nonchalantly answered.

"I'll remember that" Logan whispered.

SN grabbed Cody from her chassis and put him in her cockpit and jumped down from the cliff. She landed on all fours with her railgun on her back. She ran toward Logan who was slid hopping toward SN. When they reached each other, Logan double jumped and grabbed on to SN's chassis and held on to the back.

"Alright, I'm on. Let's go" Logan slammed the chassis twice to signal that he's on.

"Flying in 3, 2, 1" Cody flipped from switches "annnnd liftoff"

Thrusters on the back of Northstar buzzed to life and she started floating. She suddenly burst into motion and started flying. She got closer and to the edge of the cliff and zoomed past it

"The dropship is a mile to the North. Path and KP should be there" Logan said through the coms. "How long should it take us?"

"About 30 seconds" Cody answered.

SN zoomed forward at a massive speed as she got closer and closer to the DZ. When she reached it, she suddenly stopped sending Logan flying forward at 60 miles per hour, hitting his back against a tree.

"MY BACK" Logan yelled.

"Heh" SN giggled

"You did that on purpose" Logan accused

"Yes I did" SN replied

"Cody, fix your titan or I'm turning it into scrap metal" Logan threatened

"I want to see you try little man" SN replied as she held the railgun across the chassis

"SN, stop" Cody hopped out of the cockpit and hopped on top of the railgun

"Yes sir" She saluted, the railgun still held in place

"I mean it" Cody hopped off the railgun "You got an ETA on path?"

"Ummm" Logan looked at a wristwatch "nnnnnnnnow"

A large ship broke through th sound barrier and decloaked in front of the three. A side panel opened and laid down acting as a ramp. KP was standing at the doorway.

"Hello pilot" KP walked down the ramp "How did your mission go?"

"Well," Logan said getting up from the tree "My back hurts"

"You suffer from a minor contusion" KP examined "You will be fine in a few minutes pilot"

"I hope so" Logan stretched his back

"Where's Path?" Cody asked

"He is piloting the ship, Pilot Griffin" KP answered walking toward the ship "We must go. We will be detected soon" KP motion everyone to follow.

The panel closed once everyone got onboard.

"Hello friends" Pathfinder waved from the pilot's seat "Gates would like to speak to you"

"And we don't want to speak to her" SN answered.

"Well, she paid me 1500 credits to have me fly you two to her. Good luck friends!"

The ship unexpectedly jerked forward sending the four flying back and hitting the back of the ship. SN and KP almost slammed into Logan but last second he grappled away. Once the four regained their bearings, they all looked out the window. They were inside a ship's docking station.

"Motherfuc-" Cody started but was silenced with the side panel opening right in front of them.

"EVERY MAN FOR THEMSELVES" SN screamed. Logan and Cody immediately cloaked and ran off; Cody being almost unseeable and Logan having a small outline. KP and SN shuffled away from the opening. When the panel fully laid down acting as a panel, Gates stood there at the bottom. Pathfinder waddled out and met Gates.

"The pilots and Titans are inside. Good luck Gates!" Pathfinder waddled behind her

"YOU SOLD US OUT" Logan yelled from inside the ship

"Time to earn my pay grade" Gates shook her head and walked toward the ship.

When she walked into the ship she immediately spotted KP and SN hiding behind some crates. She climbed up on top of the crates and looked down at the two.

"You two. Out. You're surrounded. Just don't this time"

The two titans just looked at each other

"I do believe it's in our best interest that we both comply fellow titan" KP looked at SN

"Umm, no way" SN looked back at KP

"Either we comply or they dismantle us" KP rebutted.

SN looked at KP then back at Gates, who had her arms crossed.

She took a long sigh, then walked toward the walkway with KP in tow.

"Now to find the other two," Gates said. At the corner of her eye, she saw a silhouette of a grapple pilot making his way to the exit. She pulled out a wingman and fired in front of Logan. Logan made a full 180 and pointed his CAR at Gates. "Two can play this game, Gates"

"Cooper, don't son. I'm too old and you are outmanned." Gates said in a condescending voice.

He turned his head to see 100 grunts aiming at him, with KP and SN behind them. KP gave a weak nod and neurally saying "Don't waste your ammo, pilot"

He looked back at Gates and shook his head before lowering his gun.

"Shit" he whispered as he walked toward the two titans.

"Now to find the sneaky one" Gates whispered to herself

Cody walked toward the exit of the ship trying to make as little sound as possible. Gates was looking in the opposite direction and he saw his chance. He slowly crept down the panel. As he was slowly creeping down, Gates stood next to him. "Any idea where Pilot Griffin is?" she asked her grunts. They all shrugged. Cody's heart rate sped up.

"I don't think he could've gone far," Gates thought. The sound of a invisibility cloaked deactivating. "Speak of the devil".

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit" Cody rapidly tapping his wrist

The sound of a wingman's hammer being cocked back stopped Cody in his tracks.

The was a moment of high tension in the room. All of the grunts looked in anticipation of what's to come. Gates was the first to break the silence. She holstered the wingman and brought Cody into the hug.

"Cody, it's been too long" She smiled

"No, it hasn't" Cody tried to break away from the hug

"Why don't you visit anymore?" She hugged even tighter

"Because you get annoying" Cody managed to break away

"I'm not annoying" Gates protested

"You get more childish than SN when I visit, and that's really saying something" Cody looked at SN who was holding the middle finger at Cody. He received a neural message from Logan "and that posh British accent gets old fast"

"Whatever. You have the manilla folder?" Gates asked

"Yeah" Logan handed her the folder "What's it say anyways?"

"Well, it's a big deal" Gates answered

"I'm not surprised. I punched a suicide bot to get it" Logan seemed pissed "What's in it?"

"Well the IMC," Gates took a long pause "We have reason to believe that they have made another fold weapon."