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The ship violently shook as it entered the atmosphere. Logan tried his best to cover Cody's body from falling debris as KP held onto a handlebar on the roof of the ship.

"This is gonna hurt like a bitch," Logan said bracing for impact.

The ship crashed into the ground of a forest and started skidding across the dirt. Pieces of debris were flying everywhere inside the ship. The ship slowed down and eventually stopped by hitting a tree.

Logan popped his head up "I think we're good"

A piece of debris started falling from the roof and went towards Cody's head. Logan turned around and punched it, the metal shattering and falling forward.

"Alright let's get this piece of metal out of your stomach" Logan straddled Cody. The metal was about double the size of Logan, and probably three times the weight. Logan squatted down and held the base of the metal diamond and started lifting. Logan grunted a little then picked it up, taking it out of Cody's stomach. Logan returned to see Cody still laying down.

"KP, what's Cody's status" Logan examined

"He is currently unconscious, missing a leg, very low blood, close to death, and all internal and external bleeding has ceased," KP answered

"Well, at least ⅕ of that was positive" Logan stated "Any recommendations on how to make him conscious?"

"Water should work" KP answered.

"Now where to find water" Logan began looking around in the compartments that weren't in shambles. After some shifting, he found a bottle of dasoni water. He walked back over to Cody and took off his helmet.

"Christ your pale" Logan muttered. He uncapped the water bottle and splashed it on Cody's face. Cody's eyes open and flinched his head.

Logan took a sip of water then looked at Cody "How you feeling bud?"

"Like dog shit" Cody responded trying to get up, falling down from missing a leg. "I forgot about that"

Logan offered him a hand and Cody excepted "Up and Adams"

Cody grunted on his way up as he wrapped his arm around Logan's neck and hopped on his left leg.

"Maybe we can get that MRVN's leg on you" Logan suggested

Cody looked over to see a turned over MRVN unit that seemed lifeless "No it wouldn't fit"

Logan paused for a bit "You think anyone noticed us?"

"I sure hope not" Logan answered "Last thing I need is another missing leg"


Winston was eating a banana when Athena made a notification. "What is it, Athena?"

"High levels of space tear has been detected near Kings Row as well as footage of a ship crashing" She responded.

"May I see said footage?" Winston asked

Athena popped up a small screen showing CCTV footage. It was in black and white and had very low frames. Out of it, he managed to make out the ship that was crashing.

"Is there any better quality footage?" He ate a scoop of peanut butter.

"No, sir. This is the only footage of the incident" She answered

"None on social media?" he puzzled

"Not a single word" she responded

He inhaled very loudly then exhaled "Anyone nearby?"

"Tracer sir" she answered

"Bah, she's busy with the speech. Send in a special task force of 20 people" she ordered.

"Yes sir"


"Yeah that would be bad" Logan walked Cody to the co-pilot seat

Logan set Cody down on the chair and Cody grunted.

"I'm sure we didn't attract too much attention" Logan walked over to Cody's helmet and picked it up. He tossed it to Cody

"You know, crashing ship is pretty fucking loud dipshit" Cody caught the helmet and put it on.

"I'd imagine" Logan walked over the dead MRVN unit. He went and looked at the left leg, then looked back to Cody's missing leg. "You got a wrench?"

Cody put his right hand behind his back and shuffled around in a pocket. He pulled out a wrench and handed it to Logan. Logan took it and started unbolting the MRVN's leg. He got it off and tried putting it on Cody's left stub. It was too big.

"I told you it was too big" Cody scoffed.

"Yeah that's fair" Logan tossed it away "KP, how are we looking? Anything heading our direction?"

"So far, no pilot" KP looked out the window and scanned around.

"That's good" Logan relieved.

"Wait…" KP squinted his single sensor

"What" Logan looked at KP

"We have a ship incoming" KP answered

"IMC or Militia?"

"Unknown. It has a white circle as well as having a white cross."

"Maybe their medics" Logan said, "How far out are they?"

"2000 meters and closing fast" KP answered

"Alright," Logan thought "You two stay hidden, I'll go confront them"

"Bitch I'm coming with you" Cody tried to get up.

"The fuck you're not" Logan pushed him back down "You are on the verge of death. A measly 7.62 x 19 could end your existence"

"I'll dodge it" Cody contested

"With one leg?" Logan seemed dumbfounded "Just stay down. KP, where are they now?"

"Their troops landed 100 meters out, heavily armed. Are you sure pilot?" KP asked walking out of sight

"I want my first interaction to be positive," Logan said bouncing on his feet. He opened the door and prepared to mate his fate. Logan immediately noticed their force size. "Only 20?" he thought. Logan closed the ship door and leaned against it.

"HANDS UP" The overwatch officer walked out of the tree line.

"Now, now, let's be friends here" Logan held his friends up.


"Existing" Logan snarkily replied lowering his hands.

"KEEP YOUR HANDS UP" This time more guns pointed at him

"No need to be hostile." Logan kept his hands down.

"WHO ARE YOU" the commander yelled

"Could ask you the same" Logan answered

The commander shot above Logan's head.

"Pilot, do you need assistance?" KP asked

"Nah, I got this" Logan said through the neural link

"Pilot Logan Cooper, assigned KP-2303 vanguard class" Logan answered "Now you"

"Commander John Pellon of Overwatch" He answered

"Overwatch? Never heard of them" Logan answered honestly

"Have you been living under a rock?" John lowered his weapon

"Can't say that I have" Logan answered

John was about to reply but was interrupted by the ship door opening.

"Shit, KP why is the door opening," Logan said through a neural link.

"I couldn't stop pilot Griffin" KP answered

"Goddammit. Just stay hidden" Logan shook his head

All of Overwatch's weapons went from Logan to Cody in an instant.

"Cody, what the fuck are you doing?" Logan asked

"You needed help" Cody hobbled out

"I don't need hel-" Logan watched Cody fall to the ground, a bullet ripping through his helmet

"TALON" John yelled firing at a group of solider that were hiding in the tree line

"Shit, not again" Logan put Cody on his shoulders and ran into the ship. He closed the door and laid Cody down.

"Shit shit shit shit" Logan panicked. Logan took off Cody's helmet off and started tearing behind his helmet. There was a bullet hole on his left cheek and another on next his right eye.

"No, no, no, no" Logan looked through the hole "KP, what are his vitals?"

"His heart rate is slow. His blood is very low. Pilot, he's near-death"

"Shit" Logan threw off his helmet and started searching the nearby cabinets for extra blood

"Logan" Cody weakly croaked

"Hang in there buddy" Logan began throwing items around, not finding blood.

"Hoe, I ain't got much time" Cody croaked even weaker "Just get over here"

Logan walked over and bent down "I can patch you up, I just need some time"

"My nanites won't heal me fast enough" Cody stated "I not making blood fast enough. I'm. going. to. Die."

"The hell you are" Logan was about to leave until Cody weakly grabbed his wrist and pulled him close

"I will die," Cody said louder "That's inevitable"

"Not, it's not" Logan teared up

"Take my cloak module and my wingman elite" Cody reached around his back and pulled out a hexagon-shaped item and a revolver.

"No, you keep them cause you're living" Logan put a hand on them both

Cody put it in his palm and wrapped his hand around it "Logan, stop being a bitch and take it. "

Logan had a single tear and reluctantly took it. He put the wingman on his lower back hips and the hexagon on his right peck, the hexagon absorbed itself in the armor.

"You should be completely invisible to the naked eye" Cody added "Also, make sure these assholes suffer"

Logan nodded and took his helmet and put it back on. He went to the door then looked back to Cody. "I'll be back for you. KP, stay hidden. This is personal" Logan slammed the button to open the door and inhaled, trying to get himself to stop crying. "This is very personal," he whispered.

The door slowly opened, revealing a battlefield with bullets going back in forth. The people he talked with were on the right of the ship taking cover behind some rock while "Talon" was at the left tree line and slowly advancing.

Logan cloaked and ran towards his left, noting the 30 off soldiers. He ran past the grunts in the front and targeted a lone troop in the back. Logan ran behind him and uncloaked. He took the grunts pistol out of his holster and shot the grunt in the leg making him take a knee. Logan then pointed the handgun at the grunts head firing five shots at point-blank into the grunts head. Several talon soldiers turned around and started firing at Logan. Logan sprinted toward cover behind a tree. Once he got there he released a hologram that kept running past the trees. Five talon soldiers kept firing at the hologram, missing almost every shot. Logan sprinted towards the closest soldier who was still firing at the hologram. Logan grabbed the barrel of the rifle with his right hand and turned the grunt around putting him into a rear-naked choke with his left hand. Using the grunt as a body shield, Logan hosed down three grunts before rushing the last one. The last grunt turned around and started firing at Logan. Logan sided stepped most of his bullets and reached the grunts. Logan lifted his rifle up and grabbed the side of the grunts head. Logan pushed the grunt back into a branch, stabbing through the body of the grunt. The grunt let go of his rifle and looked down to see a branch going through his chest. Logan pulled out a firestar and dragged it across his gloves, igniting it. Logan violently shoved the firestar into the grunts stomach, setting him on fire. The grunt started flailing about, trying to put the fire out, but only worsened the stab wound from the branch. He screamed in agony as the fire started burning away his flesh and clothes, the smell filling the air. Logan pulled his fist back then violently punched the head of the talon grunt. Bits of his head and brain flew everywhere.

Logan stared at the lifeless body of the grunt before turning away. Logan walked a little bit further away to see the rest of the talon soldiers clueless of what transpired behind them. Logan pulled out his, or Cody's, Wingman elite and aimed it at a grunt firing upon the group his conversed with earlier. He pulled the hammer back with his thumb, and without a second guess, pulled the trigger. The grunts head exploded, catching the attention of others. Logan quickly changed targets and fired upon some more grunts. Every shot Logan took, a bullet went through a body. They were dropping like flies. Logan whittled their numbers down to three before the Talon grunts caught wind of his position. Logan wall ran onto a tree and jumped off, doing a 360 back kick onto a grunt sending him backward. The grunt landed near the other two and didn't get back up. The other two tried firing at Logan but their mags were empty. They both dropped their rifles and pulled out knives, charging Logan. Logan smiled at this. The grunt on the left swung his knife out wide. Logan middle blocked the stab and responded with a pushed elbow to the solar plexus causing the grunt to stumble backwards. The other grunt tried to do an overhead stab. Logan caught it and threw him over his shoulder. While holding the grunts knife hand with his left hand, Logan pulled back his fist and punched the grunt, his fist going straight through his body. Logan stood up and looked at the body. Logan turned around and blocked a knife swing from the last grunt. Logan put his foot behind the leg of the grunt and shoved him back, disarming him and causing him to fall. Logan flipped the knife and threw it at the grunts head, nailing him right between the eyes.

"Now the other half" Logan grimaced. "Second verse, same as the first" Logan threw a grenade at his feet and took two steps back.

"Sir," One of the overwatch troops said, "I think they're dead"

"You think s-" a loud boom cut off a reply. They all looked at the forest to see Logan flying right at them. The private that was speaking raised his weapons only to have a sonar blade go right in his head. Logan landed at the private's feet and rolled. When he recovered his took the knife out of the private's head and stabbed another recruit in the head. A nearby soldier fired at Logan only for him to disappear into hexagons. The soldier looked around only to feel legs on top of his shoulders. Logan drove the sonar blade into the soldier head the hopped off.

"HE'S TO OUR SIX, OPEN FIRE" John yelled as he started firing at Logan. Logan stimmed and ran at the soldiers to his left. He was going to leave John for last. Logan slid under the legs of a soldier and grabbed his leg, swinging it into the air. The grunt fell onto his face and was met with a wingman shot to the head. A grunt nearby charged Logan with the buttstock of his rifle. When the grunt swung down, Logan sidestepped it and put the grunt into a guillotine choke. Logan explosively leaned back causing the spine of grunt to pop out. Logan turned the grunt around and used the grunt as a body shield as he charged a group of grunts.

Never in his career in the Military has John Pellon seen anything like this before. This, guy, who seemed like a jokester was massacring his men with ease. One by one, his troops fell. He did it in such unconventional ways. Using people as body shields, charging his men at such high speeds, god the list could go on. As bodies dropped, he soon realized that he was the last alive. Logan turned and faced John and charged him except now there was four of him. John quickly shot three of them only to disappear into blue hexagons. The last one was closing in. John fired only to hear a click. He tossed his rifle aside and pulled out a pistol, firing shots as Logan got closer. One bullet nailed Logan, but that one too disappeared into hexagons. Soon Logan uncloaked right in front of John only to disarm him of his pistol and deliver a punch. The punch sent John flying back into a tree. Logan pulled out a knife and flipped it in his hands. Logan cocked back his hand and threw the knife, only for it to hit John in the shoulder. John tried to get up but the knife stopped him. The knife penetrated his shoulder and the tree. Logan walked and faced John up close. They both stared at each other. The staring was soon ended as Logan delivered a right hook, followed by a flurry of punches. John's face was now severely bruised and was coughing up blood.

Logan took several steps back and crossed his arms. John's head was down with blood splattered all over his face.

"Hey dickhead," Logan loudly said "I know you're awake"

"Fuc-" John coughed up some blood "Fuck you"

"That's the spirit," Logan said straight-faced "Now, I'm sure you know the whole ordeal. Answer some questions and you will get to live"

John simply grunted in response.

"Question 1" Logan held up his pointer finger "Who were those guys"

"They" John spat more blood, slowly dying "They were Talon"

"Are they like a Non-funded organization?" Logan raised an eyebrow behind his helmet "They like PETA or something?"

"They're a terrorist organization" John responded

"So they're all sunshine and rainbows" Logan sarcastically said, "Alright, question 2, do you have any medical supplies on you?"

"No" John answered

"See how easy this is?" Logan sarcastically asked "Now for the big question"

John tensed.

"Who do you work for?" Logan asked

"I'm not telling you" John answered

"Now you see, I don't think you have the position to say no" Logan walked up to john and pressed his foot against the knife, moving it around. John yelped in pain. Logan took some steps back.

"You have a family John" Logan

"I'm a lone man" John replied

A hand appeared over John's shoulder and went into his vest, pulling out a picture of him posing with his wife and a little girl. Logan walked back in front of John and the hologram dissipated.

"I took you for many things John" Logan sighed "And a liar was not one of them"

"KP, identify these two in the picture," Logan said through the neural link.

"Processing," KP said "They are Ashley Pellon and Sarah Pellon. Sarah is alive and married to Joh Pellon and has a child named Ashley Pellon. They live in Birmingham, England in a small town called The Bluffs"

"Thank you KP" Logan responded, "So John, you would do anything for your family, correct?"

"Where is this going" John grew fearful.

"All I'm saying is if you don't answer my question, your wife and little girl might be six feet under by next week"

"You wouldn't dare you bastard" John tried getting up but was held in place by the knife "You don't even know where they live"

"While Ashley and Sarah are common names, the Bluffs has a relatively small population. Finding them wouldn't be THAT hard" Logan smirked

"How,- how do you know?" John sat back wide-eyed.

"I asked the question first" Logan held the picture and pointed to the two women.

"Shit" John weighed his options. "I, I work for overwatch"

Logan paused for a bit. "Now that wasn't too hard now was it. Now I want you to hear this. I'm going to burn your little, piece of shit organization to the fucking ground and everyone involved will meet the same fate as everyone here today"

"Why" John stuttered "Why are you telling me this?"

"Oh, I'm not telling YOU" Logan replied. He pointed to John's body cam. "I'm telling the dickhead behind the screen"

John paused for a bit "B-but I get to live, right?"

"Oh yeah, yeah" Logan began walking away. John sighed and put his head down then looked at Logan. He was walking against a tree. The sound of a click was heard from behind the tree. The Logan john was looking at turned to hexagons.

"I'm coming home" John started to cry "I'm coming home girls"

Logan pulled the trigger of his wingman from behind the tree as John body went lifeless. Logan had a straight face as he walked back to John's body. Logan took out the picture and looked at it before tearing it to shred and dumping it over John's body. Logan took his knife out of John's shoulder and flipped it for a bit. Logan then went to the body-cam on John's chest armor.

"Your little organization" Logan made a motion with his hands "Is going to fucking burn big man. This is a statement. Prepare for your doomsday. This shit is now personal. For Cody. For SN"


Winston inhaled "Athena, who is that?"

"I do not know sir. His armor block any distinct features" she answered

"Well, can you find out what that armor is and what the hell kind of fighting style that is?" Winston asked

"In a moment sir" Athena waited "Sir, I can't identify any of his armor or his fighting style"

"Winston inhaled. "Just who are you?"