It was a dark and stormy night, 30-year old Kimmy Schmidt was walking down the sidewalk on her way home skipping and jumping in each puddle. She hummed a song in her head. "Don't worry Kimmy, you're almost home.",she said to herself with determination.

While walking pass an empty alley, she heard crying!

Kimmy paused. Her smiling face turned into a worried look. She tried to detect where the crying is coming from.

"It's coming from that alley.",she thought to herself.

She walked in the alley step by step. The further she went, the crying became louder. There was a box on the ground near a dumpster.

Kimmy had reached into the box and opened it. It was a little baby crying and wailing in the box! Kimmy's eyes widened.

"Oh my gosh!",she shouted.

She picked the baby up and hurried up. She brought it back to her house in the heavy rain.

At The Apartment~

Titus was minding his own business. Until he heard a door open and shut. He realized his roommate and best friend, Kimmy, was home. Everything had changed when Kimmy moved in. What was boring had become fun. She always looked for the good in everything. He jumped out of his seat to greet Kimmy. Titus hand flew to the side of his face. He was shocked to see a little baby in Kimmy's arms!

"Kimmy! Who is THIS!?", askedTitus as he looked at the baby.

"I found him! He was in a small box in an alley.",said Kimmy.

.Kimmy realized that the baby had stopped crying which is a good thing.

"Oh that's so sad! Poor little guy!",said Titus.

He tickled the child's chin, making him laugh! That made Kimmy almost smile as well!

"So what are you going to name it? Is it a boy or a girl?", asked Titus.

He clapped his hands joyfully.

"Only one way to find out.",Kimmy said, as she walked towards the counter bringing the baby with her.

"Uuuh..Kimmy! Whar are you doing?" asked Titus.